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  1. I think that if you're going to do a YouTube bit on it, you should focus on what the visual aspect brings that a podcast cannot. Specifically, set the table, bring out the models, and walk through how the different 'tricks' play out for each master. Show the Viks helicopter, the Rat engine at work, how to squeeze the extra utility out of Levi and A&D combo, why the emissary is one of the best scheme runners in faction, etc. Focus on the ranges, distances, and required setups that are easy to see in a video and hard to communicate on a podcast.
  2. For extra hilarity, run in a Mei Fang crew with Mechanical Porkchop. If RG starts near MP, walking rage machine can give you an additional + to attacks for the duration of your locomotion activation...
  3. Recently got started with Levi myself, although I've already got the Arcanist faction at 100% and Rezzers at about 75%. I've found that I can make a decent crew with Levi, Waifs, Alyce, Ashes & Dust, Lazarus, and a Trapper. A little weak on marker schemes, until you figure out that you'll just kill things and make them into Abominations anyways. That said, even if you can't make abominations for some reason, Levi and Ashes and Dust can run schemes if you need them to - that third AP lets them drop a scheme, move, and drop another scheme. Expensive for a scheme runner, but rather durable, and Levi can easily run around one turn to do the schemes then resurrect back into the thick of things to lend a hand in combat the next turn.
  4. I think Ironsides is the way to go here - the Oxfordian mages are now a real steal at 15ss for 3, and when you throw Warding Runes on Firestarter with the 3 Oxfordians' upgrades, you end up with a Firestarter that goes reckless every turn, and then regenerates the damage. The Oxfordians also have the ability to throw around some burning, so even better for Kaeris to immolate or do other tricks with. Second choice is probably Mei Fang or Ramos. Ramos box is kind of a 'must have' for the two staples - Joss and Howard - who can work some powered by flame or bleeding edge tech with your gamin and/or any spiders that you hire. So really, think about which master you want to play next, and just get that box.
  5. KAERIS! I think she's the only one not mentioned yet. Of course, her box set is only of questionable utility (although Firestarter is an amazing cheap henchman). Kaeris doesn't line up the best for working with Colette now, but there's that new Firedancer Carlos coming...... But if I'm not shilling for my favorite, I'd say you can't go wrong owning Ramos when you play Arcanist.
  6. So, without the card in front of me, I believe that the stat is something like Ca 8 (Tome) - so that if you want to summon you need to use the following: 1 Spider - Any 5 or higher 2 Spiders - An 8 or higher of Tomes (or any 8 or higher if you use a soulstone for the second tome) 3 Spiders - an 11 of Tomes AND use a soulstone to add the third tome Hope that makes it clearer!