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  1. Thanks, I'm happy that my miniatures are to your linking. I tried a toothpick ones, but somehow I could not get the right feel for it, so I switched back to a good old brush. Maybe some time in the future, I'll write a little bit about my experience (If I'll find some time and motivation). But I'm a better painter, than player or writer, so don't expect to much.
  2. Thanks, the Printing Press is a very nice modell and paintig it was fun. I have some good news and some bad news (besides the fact that the union is a cruel gang of criminals, exploiting our honest workers). The bad news are: I did not manage to present some work in progress pics of nellie. The good news are: Instead I managed to finish her: The idea was to get a tweed-coat, loosely based on pictures of Nellie Bly (The obvious inspiration for Nellie Cochrane). It was a lot of fun to paint this and I'm very happy how it turned out. The red hat was more or less a succession of Greebo, who pointed out that with the overall grey-brown tweed she would need some more colour and I really like the accent this provides. The Base was designed to support the motion of her, running fowward, further, with some old news she left behind. While I was painting the face, the mad doctor, living in my brain stepped forward an whispered: Maybe it's possible to paint some freckles on this beautiful face, just like in the artwork After that he vanished back to the place where he came from in, with a hysterical laughter echoing through my brain. To cut a long story short. It was possible, with my finest brush and some very thin coats of her skintone, to smooth the dots out. I'm highly pleased how she looks now and I can't wait to get her on the table, to hunt new news and evil threats to the guild.
  3. To long I've forgotten to share my latest malifaux miniatures. To catch up on that, I want to start with a few Miniatures of my Reporter Crew, ready to hunt the 100% True News about criminal Arcanists, brutal Neverborn and abominable Necromancers. The Field Reporter I decided to give everyone a little theme to fit the three wave 1 Masters. Two of the three Field Reporters are finished, which are the Ortega Reporter and the one for Lady J. Ortega-Reporter Fearlessly standing in the middle of a gun fight, searching for her notepad to bring the news of the brave famlily. I tried to ad the feeling of a gunfight to the miniature, by sticking some flying bullets, made out of molten plastic and putty, onto the hair and the bag. It's not much and at first glance it may be overlooked, but I like it and think it turned out well. Justis-Reporter Whats working best against zombies ... of course, cutting of the head! ... and who do this better than Lady J herself. So sometimes it could happen that some zombie heads fly past, but our brave reporters take a step back and keep writing down Justice heroic actions The Printing Press I really like Nellies Totem. Its a very nice model and the rules are great. The best act of heroism was tying up Lazarus for a few rounds, whlle he tried desperately to suppress the free press. The adittional newspapers on the base, where made out of thin plasticcard bended with a little bit of heat. The newspaper text was quick fiddly, but I was worth it and turned out quite well. At the moment I'm working on Nellie herself. The next days I'll post some work in progress pics of her.
  4. Nellie + Marshals is something I want to try in the near future. I think push + bury (via angry mob) could be a nice way to play. I've done similar things in my last game with the emissary. I was very satisfying in extraction. Mabye next time when the schemes & strats fit, I'll build a crew based on that with a little bit more of distraction and denial. I'm curious how if it could work.
  5. Like promised I'll present my tragic episode of terrain making: Don't eat the green snow. A few days ago I finished the little hut, for the winter board. It looked very promising. But soon I discovered something strange. Some parts of the snow started turning green. First I thought I'll have to discard my snow-paste recipe, based on white acrylic, white glue, some backing soda and a tiny bit of glitter-particles. I was very disappointed, because I liked how the snow turned out. Except the green tint. But I realized not all terrain pieces turned green. So my detective-senses got triggered. After a while I caught the little crook. My old non-static grass, which I added to the earth-paste for a more organic texture, colourbleeded through several Layers of colour, glue and clear varnish. But the damage was mostly done, I'll tried a lot to get the green tint out of my finished pieces. I got better, but not perfect. Here are the pictures of the finished Winter terrain pieces. First the little hut: And a forest I made: The turned out okay, but if you watch closely, you could see the green tint. In my following snow pieces I avoided the grass and it turned out fine. They will be presented next.
  6. To much time has passed without posting my progress. I'll correct that piece by piece and show off the things I've done. First some finished Trees for the city-boards. I've thought about different ways to put some leafs onto them, but I somehow did not find a satisfying technique. All I've "leafs" tried kept falling of my test-tree. So I decided some old dead trees will fit into the malifaux-setting just fine. Next a few more parts of Greebos bought terrain, I've painted. Came out quite nice. The Squatter's Rights Marker got a little bit more paint and some Grass. in the top left you can see my first snow experiments (which contain some tragic episodes). I'll talk more about them in my next post.
  7. Today I finished the saloon. The Name is "Roads End" the Rusty part didn't realy fit. So I only applied it as a colour choice. The letters where made out of plastic card, glued onto some wires to get a little bit of space between them and the roof. I'm not shure how well it will hold, but it looks amazing and I couldn't resist doing this that way.
  8. Thanks, I'm pleased to hear that my work ist appreciated. And now to a little update of today's work. I've found another of Greebos bought buildings on one of my tables (tooo much terrain everywhere ^^). This time it was a laser-cut Saloon from Micro Art Studio. So i had to start painting it, to get some space to make more terrain some day in the future. But simple basecolor+drybrushing was to boring, so I experimented a bit, to get some old used looking wood. I brushed on different kinds of brown-grey mixes (following the direction of the wood) onto the terrain piece and got a realy nice chaotic and used looking wood surface. I very much like chaotic techniques with good looking chaotic results. Sure I took some time, but the results are great. At the moment some wash is drying, which I applied to mabye get back some of the seperate blanks. And after that I could imagine dry-brushing a light coat of white or light grey. At the front of the roof I will put some rusty old letters resembling the name of this lovely inn. I'll mabye name it "Rusty Roads End" and put a rusty metalic roof on top of it, to get an old dirty saloon in the middle of nowhere.
  9. Sadly I was a little bit camera-lazy last weak. But today I took a some shots of the things we've done. First the promised 40 markers for Squatter's Rights. First we thought about getting 40 Bases, but we discovered that the 32 mm hole cutter for my drill produced perfect 30mm bases. The Signs are made out of balsawood with the idea in mind to turn them to the direction, pointing to the controling player. Next I finished some rock formations for the desert board. They turned out okay. But I need to train my rock carving skills a bit to be completely satisfied. Greebo had a lot of bought, unpainted terrain. So we grabbed some brushes and started painting: Mabye I'll add some Seamus Lymerics to the sides of the walkways. But for now I'm happy to put them away. Drybrushing everything was such a boring work. And because it was so boring, I had to start something more interesting. A little log cabin for the upcomming winter board. But I couldn't stop myself and was forced to construct some furniture ... ... and a cute little stove The door of the cabin will be broken, so that some snow could come into the room. The windows will get some sort of Fabric or Leather to cover them from inside and the roof will be covered in Snow, with only a few little spots of earth/moos shining through. Mabye I'll try to get some Imprints of wolves (or other animals), when I apply the snow.
  10. This week I painted the city board. The little clumps of grass were a little bit tricky. I wanted to have a bit of vegetation, but messing around with static grass on a large board ist always so messy. Sure I could have bought finished clumps, but somehow I never liked spending money on such few clumps of gras. So I tried do make my own. Onto a smooth, non-sticky surface (here aluminium foil, but next time I'll use something like package tape or tesastrips) I applied some drops of white glue an static grass on of them. Because I do not own a electrical static grass applicator, I simply turned the whole piese upside down, to get some of the grass upright (with the help of my good friend: gravity). After all was dry, I applied a second layer of glue an grass, to get some more dense clumps. Furthermore I painted the rest of the cactus, this time I made the snake red-white-striped. I think this got me a little bit more contrast and a better visibility of the snakes.
  11. The last to evenings, Greebo and myself started the Cobblestone-/City-Board. Stone by Stone, we glued little cardboard pieces onto the board. It was hell of a lot of work, but it turned out quite nice. In the middle of the board is a little monument for all the workers who died while building this place ;-) We left some gaps an holes here an there. They will be filled with some earth-texture, to provide a old, broken, quarantine-zone like look. Although a while ago I thought about possibilities, to get a forest onto a City-Board, without looking strange. This is the prototype I made. I think the tiny wall will blend the forest quite nice into the city theme.
  12. Very nice! I like buildings with an inner courtyard. Mabye i'll have to try something similar soon. The roof looks somehow a little bit strange, in my opinion. Maybe it needs to be a little bit bigger to jut out over the walls.
  13. I wasn't lazy during the weekend, and cast a lot of cacti The Bases for my Cactus-Forest were made out of two layers of thin mdf. I cut a few circles out of the top layer and glued the cactus onto them with some hot glue. After that the Bases were covered in texture-paste. During all of that, one idea was itching in my head. So i had to sculpt a few little pits quickly: The first "forest" is already painted: The Earth was made similar to the board. The Cactus got a basecoat of dark green with some little (wet-in-wet) shadows, before drybrushing them with a mix of green and sand-color.
  14. Great, job. I've done some cactus myself, lately. But with normal wire armatures and only a few to cast them. The Screws are a nice Idea. They have a great Texture for the putty to hold onto. In my opinion, you cold try to smooth the surface a little more, before pressing the lines into them.
  15. Board building continues ... After the dry-earth-patches had been completly dry, i cut the excess bandages and glued them randomly onto the board. Next time I'll do that a bit differently and try to get something like a river bed. Next, I blendet the Edges with plaster and applied a mix of sand, glue and a little bit plaster onto the other parts of the board, to get a nice texture. I painted the board with some heavily diluted sand-colored paints in different brightness variations. This got me a nice natural looking base paint. In the End i drybrushed everything with a light sand color tone and an (almost) white color. I like the way it turned out. As mentioned, there are a few little things I will do different the next time, but overall I am happy with the way it looks. The cactus got a little love, too. I sculpt an additional one, bigger and with two arms. Furthermore I made 2-part molds for both catus.