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  1. I can only answer a few of your questions. Soulstones are so good. I personally always find use for surplus ones, so I seldom make any list without at least 6 in my cache. I think I'm biased towards this. I would suggest trying around 4-5 per non summoner, and 5-7 soulstones for a summoner. If you have henchman who likes soulstones, you should probably opt towards the higher end, though conversely, if you have models that generate soulstones in the game, such as Sebastian with his personal upgrade, you might opt to stick with only 4-5, even as a summoner. There's efficient crews that start with 6 models, and there's efficient crews that start with 12, but these are both extreme ends of the spectrum. I usually aim for 7-9 as a rule, and only veer outside of this if I feel like I desperately need to out activate the opponent. If your scheme pool is entirely around interacting and dropping markers, then your 10-12ss beatstick isn't as useful as 2 or 3 cheap Crooligans. If your scheme pool features at least a little bit of killing or holding ground, then by all means bring in a big swinger. If your scheme pool is exclusively killing and kill denial, stock up with the muscle and bring in support. Support model usually find their way into every Resser crew, simply because our support models are reasonablyc . Nurses Belles and Chiaki are all excellent value pieces. I bring in a Nurse in 90% of my games, a Belle about 80% of the time, and Chiaki, well she's just the sex. She's in 95% of the time. I find myself fine even with all 3 showing up, because I can still afford something hitty, some scheme runners and I tend to summon in a lot of my damage too.
  2. That's such a diverse range of questions, and you'll probably find a lot of unique answers. It's hard to ever give 'generic' advice for this game, because the terrain, scheme pool, opponent and opponent's faction plays an enormous (90% +) part of what crew to hire and what playstyle to adopt. Here's a resource you might find helpful when you're trying to get a quick understanding of what to look out for from your opponent's crew: https://schemesandstones.wordpress.com/category/quick-reference/ If you're interested in researching individual models and synergies in our faction, here's an unofficial site that will give you a rough understanding of what to consider with crews: https://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/M2E+Resurrectionists A lot of this game is intuition. You'll know in your heart if burning the soulstone makes sense for the initiative reflip. Do you desperately need an 11+ to make that one action work, but have a terrible hand? It's worth using a soulstone to cycle 2 cards. In my opinion, Malifaux is governed by local metas. You will quickly learn the ins and outs of your meta, and that, I find, is actually more important for a new player than learning about every single interaction and permutation you could possibly find in this game (they are almost infinite and you cannot prepare for absolutely everything)
  3. I always felt that McMourning's limited upgrades make perfect sense because they were a way to have one master able to explore two very different playstyles, in two completely different factions. Moonlighting unlocks half of his Resser-ness. He's currently working with his lab creations and assistants so he's liberally stitching up new undead monsters and going mad. On the Clock unlocks half of his Guild-ness. He's currently working with Guild executives and soldiers so he's deliberately keeping his fingers clean and ordering people about. Seamus on the other hand... is either a serial killer with a gun or a random human with a bag of random assorted items and gun. I'm unsure why exactly he's only a scary serial killer when he remembers to leave his bag at home.
  4. I agree with you there @Lord Malkom. It would be nice if in-game Seamus exemplified the themes that his fluff explores rather than sort of dipping a toe into them. As far as story Seamus goes, both limited upgrades are essential to him - he is an extremely feared serial killer who carries a bag full of questionable objects, so why does he have to choose between being feared OR carrying his stash of filth in an actual game? If changes were to be made with Seamus, I'd like the -2 WP from Sinister Reputation to be incorporated into Feast of Fear ability on the front of his card. His unique upgrades need to give the player more compelling choices rather than encouraging the extremely linear playstyle that he's currently known for. Distraction would be re-written as an ability on Red Chapel Killer rather than a (0) : At the start of Seamus' Activation, he may discard a friendly Scheme Marker or Corpse Marker within 3" . If he does, he may choose to count as being out of LoS to enemy models for any actions he takes for the rest of this Activation. I'd experiment with changing Back Alley thusly: (1) Back Alley (Ca 7 / TN 14 / Rg: -) Place Seamus anywhere within 8" that is also within 1" of any blocking terrain. If no enemy model can draw LoS to Seamus, place Seamus anywhere within 16" that is also within 1" of any blocking terrain instead. Seamus may not take Interact Actions for the remainder of this activation. Hat-trick: After succeeding, this model gains the Focus +1 Condition. --------------------- I think that Ressurectionist masters are mostly specialists. It's hard to rate them in order of effectiveness compared with each other since they seem to excel at very, very different things. That said, I believe the psychological edges that come with Ikiryo is enough to put Kirai head and shoulders above other masters as far as the opponent is concerned. It's overtly powerful, in your face, multiple times, and seemingly for free. A lot of the power in our other masters is expressed covertly; Molly's The One's Left Behind and Black Blood damage might even do more "incidental" damage to your opponent in an average game than Ikiryo does. However, her damage isn't manifested as a giant spirit monster sitting on the board, so it's easier to look past it. Coupling Ikiryo, her regular summoning, the "of pity and wind" shield, and the positioning tricks that Swirling Spirits and Into the Spirit World offer... I agree with many others that she's our best master when she's in experienced hands.
  5. Certainly, it would be worth the laughs. I find the most fun lists are the ones ridiculously skewed one way or the other. Disguised is an ability I personally have an affinity for (I wish my factions had it more frequently) and I would totally build a similar list to you for shits and gigs. On the real though, I think Misaki's Charge denial matters more than Hamelin's because she's actually in your opponent's face, stabbing them and making a nuisance of herself, while Hamelin is usually found kind of chilling in the back with an army of Minions and Peons (that you don't necessarily care about being Charged anyway). There are always some exceptions - perhaps you might run an extremely shooty list with Alyce, Sue, gunslingers, trappers etc, where Hamelin solely focuses on handing out AP and denying Charges - but for the most part I'd rather just have a highly accurate assassin master flinging herself this way and that, that the opponent really, really, wants to Charge, but can't. Also, I think the two best ways to say, "no you can't Charge", is to engage the model that most wants to Charge to deny it the opportunity, or even more simply to lop it's head off, and Misaki seems to excel at these two tasks. I think the list you made could be very good at this in some scheme pools but I would still cut one or both Oiran, depending on the faction you face, for something a little more... well, more.
  6. Agreed. I can't help but notice how essentially two of Ramos' 2ss upgrades are printed on the front of Nicodem's card. Corpse Conductor gives to Ml Actions and Df flips to all friendly Undead in 6 . It's a slightly shorter range, but it's otherwise like having Under Pressure and Field Generator (admittedly it doesn't protect Nicodem) permanently up, for free. Whenever I play Ramos, I feel like putting up Field Generator for that 8+ card and an AP seems so expensive. I do like Under Pressure, as it's innate and also has Counterspell attached, but I've veered away from Field Generator recently.
  7. I hadn't run more than 1 Belle with Yan Lo to be honest, but hearing how it worked for you... I actually really like that idea; 2-3 Belles to bring an enemy all the way to your deployment from theirs, then killing it near Yan Lo. It's a far more aggressive option for generating Chi on turn one and doesn't ask me to hurt my own models... so I'm keen to try. If Yan Lo gets Impossible to Wound early, it should calm Sonnia down a notch, at least as far as her attacking him directly. But yes, Lynch won't care one bit. It's all about positioning your tarpit models directly in front of him and limiting his options for getting LoS on Yan Lo. If you give him one decent opening, Lynch makes short work of Yan Lo.
  8. @mo11usq I find Corner Deployment in general good for Yan Lo, because it lets him build his Chi however you deem appropriate as there's less initial pressure. If you're a Yan Lo MUST get multiple Chi on turn one player (I am) then you have more time to attack your own stuff and acquire it. I might be over emphasizing this part of him though. My concern is the strategy. Even if he does get fully charged with equipment and/or Chi, he's not going to summon models like Nicodem or Kirai, or remove models like Reva and McMourning, thus I think they're all stronger than him at Recon or Interference for different reasons. If you absolutely had to make Yan Lo work for the strategy, I would hire 3-4 Night Terrors, Soul Porter and Izamu, and try maintain Chi +3 as quickly and as often as I could. I would get Izamu and/or Soul Porter into the middle of the board as fast as I could, then Lightning Dance as many models into them as possible. I'm essentially trying put them in a place they can't score and that they can't Walk away from. If they have movement tricks, well, they kind of get away from him, but at least they're using AP on tricks to move rather than AP on directly scheme VP. It's better in Interference as they don't necessarily need to be in the middle; so long as Izamu's engaging 2 or more models, it's kind of paying off and if Soul Porter engages even just 1 model, that's worth it since he himself is a Peon. The Night Terrors are there to just fly into whatever Corner matters most to contest or score. Since Yan Lo isn't a dedicated summoner or killer, I think he essentially HAS to have a bunch of super cheap minions to even have a chance of winning the strategy. Night Terrors are the cheapest we have, and they're quite mobile which is nice too. The rest of my SS are used for models that will secure schemes for me. A Necropunk has never let me down as far as marker laying or interacting goes, but he can only do one at a time and does need a mid card. I might supplement him with a Crooligan, or even just bring two Crooligans instead, if that suits the scheme pool better. Phillip and the Nanny comes in if I know where Scheme Markers are likely to be placed by my opponent, or if some of the schemes require that their Scheme Markers be near my models. As for killing schemes, I would avoid it as best I could, seeing as lots of our SS are dumped in Night Terrors and Izamu (he's not as killy as he looks). If there's multiple killing schemes and it's Interference / Recon, and for some reason you're still leaning towards Yan Lo, I think I'd opt for some radical Brutal Khrakarra (however it's spelled) build with a Carrion Emissary and Belles. The name of the game would be getting Bone Ascendant and using Hunpo Assault on Turn 2 against a clump of things as an absolute minimum.
  9. It's that sort of extremely corner case trigger that only actually makes sense every 1 game in 100... I almost think it's more there for the fluff quality than anything else. I suppose it might be valid if you want to deny your opponent VP and gain a 'bonus' at the same time - say, Accusation or Tail 'Em is on your master, or you suspect that Set Up is on your master. It's a very steep price to pay, but as far as VP are concerned, no price is too great if it's going to secure you the win.
  10. It could work if the VP pool is predominantly combat oriented. It's its interact or marker heavy, your Disguised is completely going to waste, and you're paying a fair amount of SS for that ability to be printed on the front of each of your cards. I'm not sure if 2 Oiran are a good fit either; I can't help but feel like you're hiring them just because they also happen to have Disguised. I think Oiran are an 0-1 hire, due to their aura not stacking (diminishing returns and all that). I could be wrong, but they seem so underwhelming. At least Ronin and Desperate Mercs have a way to give you a SS back if things go tits-up so you don't feel as bad hiring them. I wonder if Rusty Alyce is worth considering here. She is expensive, but she can protect herself AND nearby friendlies from being charged, so you could bring in more variety of models and still maintain a core that is immune to charges, rather than picking models literally on their ability to not be charged. Rusty Alyce holding the centre or one flank with whatever models you deem appropriate, with a Ronin and a Desperate Merc out on their own picking fights, while Misaki does Misaki-things. These 3 only cost you 20ss + upgrades so you'd have plenty to spend on whatever is going to earn you your VP and whatever wants to sit near Rusty for protection. At the very least it sounds like a tonne of fun.
  11. At first glance McMourning and Kirai are polar opposites in terms of aesthetic and playstyle, but I think there is some overlap between them in hiring pool. If these are two that appeal to you, go for it. Kirai-wise, Sebastian (and his upgrade) is integral to some of her builds, while the humble Flesh Construct is a cheap platform for her to summon off of. Nurses are always helpful in your pool, and there will be scenarios where even Kirai (notorious for have extremely tight lists as she wants to hire lots of expensive models), you might want to hire one. Even the Canine Remains is good in that specific Kirai build where she hires Sebastian, as he essentially recycles it endlessly to give you an activation, a new card and a soulstone. For McMourning's part, there will be some games where he may like to hire in some Shikome (a close fit with Kirai) as they naturally adore the poison that he and his crew administers. This type of crew would be very strong against Armour reliant crews - not only does poison ignore armour, but both McMourning and Shikome have ways of ignoring Armour on their attacks. If you were playing against an opponent that you know favours Armour, this is a good way to nullify their greatest defensive asset. The Onryo from Kirai's set could also be used as a means to give out poison at range, and also happens to have options to ignore Armour. I can't comment on Tara except to say that she's very... unique... She has very efficient ways of maximising AP. She's the only master in Ressers that can actually use the contents of her box set though, so from a new player perspective, that's really not a good place to start the faction. Reva is Reva. She's likely to be a feature in every Ressers' collection when she's released. If you like the look of her stuff, just go for it.
  12. I only use Corpse Bloat to actually create a Corpse a few times each game - early in the game after he Back Alleys into the enemy. It's not so much a question of how many people clump around the Corpse Marker - it's more a question of where do you want that very first Corpse marker to be, since you're coming in from 10" - 16" away the first time. You place it in areas where it's affecting 2-3 models or more. A perfectly positioned 3" reaches so much further than it sounds, and most crews naturally like to bubble together to support each other. If everything goes "well", I'm not looking at 9 damage, I'm reasonably looking at 5 damage across multiple models, or destroying their control hand, depending on how many models I catch. It's not uncommon to kill 2 or 3 models with a single explosion. I might use that third AP to shoot with the pistol and add 4 more damage, or I might use a Corpse generated by killing someone to start again. I also don't have to rely on cheating in Severe damage like you are for your 8 damage so I save a high card there. I presume you mean Decaying Aura, since you mentioned Soulstone users. No, of course I'm not taking Decaying Aura. Why would I ever shoot Soulstone users? 4 Damage to the average Henchman or Master is a joke. If I Focus they can just use a Soulstone to give themselves a on Def and put me a on any damage flip. That's such a waste of his AP. It can be extremely powerful against some factions. Against Gremlins, for example, their WP is generally so low and model count so high your initial Unforgiving Stench is going to be enormously game changing. Against another Resser player, low WP stats across the board means the TN15 WP duel is really hard to get away from, and it gets around Hard to Wound and Incorporeal with the flat 5 Damage. Almost any minion or peon would need to flip 11's or better to dodge the 5 Damage. If you have tried the build a few times and think it's still trash fair enough. In your meta, perhaps it is trash. If you haven't tried it, I'm wondering if you might try it once or twice with an open mind before claiming, essentially, that all Seamus can do is Back Alley, Focus and Shoot.
  13. I agree with @Adran's sentiment - take Corpse Bloat next time. It really opens up a new set of options for Seamus. He's no longer a model everyone wants to just tie up and ignore - if you're close to him you just make it easier for him to throw his spleen at you and then blow it up. Back Alley lets him position it perfectly for that 3" , he can automatically heal himself when your opponent fails duels, and Sinister Rep makes it harder for them to succeed those duels. I also agree that schemes are definitely what you look at when you consider him, not strategies. In most instances, the schemes in GG2017 don't encourage a Seamus Pick - Frame for Murder is more common than ever and it's terrible for him. However, there are a few schemes that are great for him - I think he's one of our best masters to deny Tail 'Em or Eliminate the Leadership, for example, and excels as he always has at Entourage. He's also decent at Hidden Trap / Set Up / Dig their Graves if he opts to go for Bag of Tools.
  14. I'm not sure you get 2 Chi from killing your trap unless you're shooting it twice. My interpretation is that you get exactly +1 Chi for hitting Severe OR for killing a model; it doesn't say you get +2 Chi if you fulfill both criteria. I thus assume your trigger applies only once even if you did hit Severe and kill the target, though I would love to be wrong. I also agree that trying to get 3 Chi on his first activation is often too costly in AP, cards and wounds/models, but at the same time, I also think that 1 Chi isn't enough if you need Yan Lo to actually do something productive on his first turn that isn't Walk actions. I think 2 Chi is a better option than both, since equipping a Turn 1 Spirit Ascendant has so many applications. It's reasonably affordable now that Goryo can summon an expendable Seishin on Turn 1 that Yan can kill even on weak damage for that second Chi (doing so also gives the Goryo itself Fast) Trading 2 AP for 3 AP can be very powerful, especially with the already mentioned Goryos, as 1AP charges stretches that 3 AP even further, and makes an already good model into an exceptional one. One of that 3 AP could be the Soul Porter pushing Yan Lo around as well, so it's not like he's getting completely left behind. I strongly consider this action every time Yan Lo activates. I admit that it's easier for Ressers (where I play Yan) to take advantage of the extra AP since there's more Spirits to exploit Fury of the Yomi and more ways to spread Adversary around for the Goryo, but I'm sure a single Onryo is all you'd need for Adversary purposes in Thunders if you time and position it well.
  15. Even if you pass all the TN's you're asking yourself to make, what do you do if your opponent asks you to pass duels from his stuff? A single model with Terrifying is kind of scary if you have no cards left. What do you do if @mojopin hires a crew full of Terrifying models? Your list could be quite fun and it could absolutely ruin someone's day, but it relies so heavily on an amazing control hand. I just don't see you getting that amazing control hand on Turn 1 to ensure everything succeeds. I find that the more actions and effects you can work with that don't ask you to flip cards, the better off you'll be in the long run. My personal opinion, is that if you are going to commit to the alpha strike, fully commit; drop the defensive upgrades on Ramos. You're never going to have cards for Force Generator or Combat Mechanic and if the game ever gets to a stage where you can afford to use them, you've probably already lost. Drop both these upgrades and take Arcane Reservoir and Seize the Day instead so that initiative is likely to be yours every round, and that every round you have an extra card; even if its just for Flurry, that's a really big step up from only 2 attacks with Langston. I would focus on buffing one big beater alone and bringing a more self-sufficient secondary beater. Trying to buff two big things every game will use too many resources. Whatever actually gets buffed will need to actually have some cards left to win attack duels with. I would choose Langston, because the Golem is only Ml5 and is hungry. Bring in a Mobile Toolkit and have him discard a card to give Langston a for 1AP, then walk 5" forward. Ramos can then Magnetise and Clockwork Fist it to death (this brings Ramos 5" closer to the front so Under Pressure is more likely to be in range of wherever Langston ends up, doesn't need to pass Electrical Fire's TN, and still gives him a scrap marker to summon from. Plus, the Steam Arachnids he's about to summon will be closer to the enemy, and Ramos would still have 1AP free to do whatever he wants). My secondary, self-sufficient beater of choice, would be Coryphee. They're getting on their attacks, and on their damage, if they're in range of Ramos. They also use up 3 activations while they Walk forward, merge and Charge, so if Ramos summons fewer Spiders its not such a big deal (because you're still delaying Langston's activation). Speaking of Langston, he has Reactivate, to his attack flips, but most importantly, he still has a few cards left to cheat fate with, depending on what your opponent has thrown at you so far. All this requires a single 10 for Reactivating Langston and a single 8 for summoning 2 Steam Arachnids. My activation order would be: - Mobile Toolkit does his thing. - Ramos does his thing. - His 2-3 arachnids do their thing. - Coryphee (1) places a scheme marker and Walks - Coryphee (2) Walks and merges with Coryphee (1) - Brass Arachnid Reactivates Langston, and potentially the Coryphee Duet if you DID draw a decent hand. - Angelica places a scheme marker forward with PP and pushes Coryphee Duet and Langston as usual. - Coryphee Duet Charges something and pushes away with it's built-in trigger on it's second attack. - Langston drops Imbued Energies and does some combination of Walking, Charging or Flurrying as appropriate, then does it a second time. - If you did get Reactivate on the Coryphee Duet, it can do some combination of attacking or Walking. That's my take on a Ramos Alpha Strike list. The Miner could stay since he's pretty good with PP after the errata, but he can go if you wanted to hire something else. I do like your list, I just think it's going to struggle a lot when you don't drop a god-tier control hand.