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  1. I admit that I feel less optimistic about him than I did at first. He's so full of flavour that I fell in love with him, but now I'm scratching my head thinking of instances I'd hire him. The more I think about it, the more I believe that the primary role he performs (purely collecting corpses and transporting them) is simply a role that no one wants to pay 7ss for. Maniacal Laugh is 1ss, and will always be available. If providing mobility and protection to existing Corpses is to be his main role, he could cost as low as 5ss, and still not be as useful as Maniacal Laugh. Here's some rambling brainstorming ideas, in no particular order. After all, Wyrd does say start big in playtesting and chip away at it until it's good. Currently, as much as I adore the fluff, this model is small. If we want compelling reasons to hire him, we need consider what's he's meant to be doing: Firstly, he's literally, a gravedigger, so why don't we start with, "oughtn't he dig some graves?" Can the tried and tested (2) Found a Bone find a place on his card? If a 4ss Dog is able to do it, I don't think he would baulk at the task. His TN could either be around 6 or 10-11 unsuited. I understand that this runs the risk of just replacing Mortimer, and earlier I was worried providing corpse generation might just end up invalidating Mortimer entirely. However, I think there's a big enough difference between a regenerating 11w model that can also take Corpse Bloat, and a 7w model that can't, that they'd each have their place. Another risk is that it could be kind of boring to release a model that does something 2 other models already do. But if he isn't digging up corpses with his shovel, let him do something else useful with it. Can he reposition scheme markers with it? That would make him good at some schemes, such as, wait for it, "Dig Their Graves." Can he put scheme markers onto his wheelbarrow and walk them into position? Well, why not? He needs something potent and unique to invite people to hire him, that can be toned if it turns out to be too much. The current (2) Wheelbarrow Ram he has is very flavourful, but I agree that it is ultimately too clunky. Could the concept be explored in other ways? - Perhaps parts of it could be worked into a trigger on his regular Ml attack, as long as he charges? Instead of additional raw damage, like his existing trigger and like Kentauroi, this trigger could push the opponent away, or force a simple duel to the opponent like it current does. - Perhaps it could be an ability on the front of his card. "When Gravedigger performs a Wk action that ends within 1" of an enemy model, x occurs." The front is currently cluttered, but a lot of it could be reworded into smaller text. In line with the first set of feedback for him, there was talk of a unique upgrade he could take to give him something more personal. A simple upgrade for 0ss that changes his Living to Undead characteristic and adds the +1 Corpsebarrow Condition to him at the start of the game is something to work with as a baseline I think. Perhaps it could be expanded to giving him some means of reducing damage, or spending the Corpses, not unlike Hayreddin who spends Vitality, to regain lost wounds. I would say battle reports mean more than what I've just typed... But as others have commented, there have been literally no battle reports with him in it... so here we are.
  2. I was also thinking 'meh' about this guy after first glance, but yeah I agree he's absolutely worth a spin. What strikes me most is how many different ways he can deal damage. Four separate ways, in fact, for four soulstones. He's also quite tough to shift - 6Wd+HtW means he doesn't fold in the one good swing like a Crooligan. I think Bloated Stench is great on a disposable model like this and adds more durability, kind of. Most beatsticks (assuming melee minimum damage 3) will still spend 2 AP and suffer 2 damage to remove them. Terrible Odor... I agree with you guys that he seems exceptional for McMourning. In a way it's kind of like having another Zombie Chihuahua that actually does other things. One thing that I really like is that landing killing blow on something means McMourning still gets a dog with that trigger. Both triggers on the attack are good at denying Frame for Murder too. I'm particularly interested in hiring one for Nicodem. I sometimes bring an Autopsy to prime models with Poison, but he's just not very reliable with Sh5 . Applying Poison without having to flip any cards, on the other, is exactly what I'm looking for when I want to summon Shikome. Little Gasser itself also seems like a serviceable summon for Nicodem if you are stuck with a bad control hand - 3 Wds instead of 2Wds like other 4ss summons. You'll never be happy settling for a 4ss summon, but most of the time you may as well make it this guy, I think? Has anyone actually had a chance to try him out?
  3. I concur that Mei's an excellent starting master. Good stats, good mobility, immunity to slow and paralyze, fantastic counter shooting or casting crews, plus in ideal circumstances she can combo multiple attacks into enemy models... I didn't know much about Malifaux when I picked her up, but I found her really good to learn with. Kang and Railworkers are admittedly quite slow, but they're tough as nails and pack a punch. Mei makes up for their relative lack of speed all by herself, and her Emberling is quick enough to get wherever you need it. If you start with Mei Feng, decide you like her, and decide you like the game after all. You can then pick up Yan Lo as your second or third master. There's sufficient crossover between them to share a pool of models, and he'd feel smoother to operate as you'd have a better feel for the game. He's a bit finicky for brand new players. You can play 35ss games with her box alone if you include upgrades (I suggest downloading or ordering the generic upgrade as the same time as the crew).
  4. If you're after condition removal for friendlies, the Effigy is getting hired every time. I see MA's attack as purely an opportunistic option of removing one specific condition from an enemy model (which is something the Effigy can't do) and at that stage, minimum 2 on a Ml5 is better than minimum 1 on a Ca4. If you desperately need MA to remove something from a mate, the biggest limiting factor is the requirement anyway. How about pricing him at 4ss, and adding the M&SU tag? One could also add a rule that he says can't be hired out of Arcanists (covers Levi/Hoffman filth) and can't be summoned (covers Mech Rider summoning a healer with tonnes of utility). There's heaps of space on the front of his card after all. Perhaps Bedtime Manner could be adjusted if it's revealed to be too good at 4ss. This is playtesting after all.
  5. It's a bit sad seeing a construct not having the M&SU tag in this faction. It cuts down on synergies with models such as Johan, who would enjoy a mobile M&SU healer and buffer standing back to back with him. I wonder how much on it's card it could be allowed to keep if it cost 4ss instead. Opening up the option of being summoned by Mech Rider would instantly increase it's appeal and at 4ss it would no longer compete with Mages etc for being hired. Suppose being 5ss is deliberate so that Mech Rider can't summon it though. Maybe it needs better healing? If a 1/2/3 healing flip on other models was impressive, people wouldn't rate the Eternal Flame as badly as they do. As it stands, MA's heal is more expensive card-wise and hiring cost-wise than the heal on Eternal Flame.
  6. I was super stoked to read the changes here. Cheers Aaron, I think this adds plenty for Gravedigger and will stimulate further playtesting! The automatic for Shovel makes him decidedly nasty in combat if you're prepared to pay up in Corpses. I appreciate the trigger doesn't ask you to discard the corpses until you know that you've hit. Minimum 3/4/5 or 4/5/6 damage tracks are kind of amazing, but losing your hard earned Corpse stacks could be a very big price to pay, so I think it leads to some interesting decision making. It's also only a Ml5 attack on a 7ss model that neuters it's own Ch range by having Corpses in the first place, so I don't think it's going to start crushing everything in sight. Bring Out Your Dead seems alright now. It it doesn't work on sacrificing models so it can't be abused, and it still competes with his other (0) so again it encourages the player to make decisions. It can be blocked by LoS and the Gravedigger can die quick if your opponent desperately wants it gone (unlike Nicodem with Undertaker for example). It seems like it's in a reasonable spot, but more play testing will tell. (2) Wheelbarrow Ram. Now we're talking! This adds a bit of diversity to this model. If you couldn't get any Corpses in the first place (looking at you, Oni), now it's not all doom and gloom. It seems especially useful as a follow-up in the late game once you've spend all the corpses you're carrying around. This guy goes from ferrying Corpses around for his master to suicidal charges into enemies when he ditches his stock. I absolutely love it. I couldn't help but notice this guy's height is 2, and there doesn't appear to be anything prohibiting him from pairing up with Kentauroi's new Undead Steed ability. It seems hilarious when you imagine it, but also devastating to an out activated opponent. You can now expressly delivery a full 6" Wheelbarrow Ram from over 20" away in only two activations. Maybe this needs toning down, then again, maybe this is exactly what Ressurs needed xD
  7. One issue is that she needs a mid level for the summon to work. That's fine on the turns you have a 6-8, but when we have anything higher, that could feels like a waste of an otherwise good card. Yes she is a Henchman, so she's able to stone for it, but Nicodem is reasonably stone hungry as it is for summoning, suits and maybe cards. One thing in Asura's favour is that you get a Mindless Zombie BEFORE Nicodem goes on turn 1, so you get to waste an extra activation (that can threaten Hands from Below!), and it gives you a free card when you summon from it (Undertaker) without the need to cast Mwuhahaha first. But obviously, if you have a good hand and want to summon stuff, 2 or 3 Corpses is better than 1 Mindless Zombie. More playtesting and time will reveal if/when the trade off is worth it. I can't imagine there's space in the average 50ss list to fit two expensive Living Henchman models. You're right (in my opinion) that the generic upgrade buff that the Emissary provides is worth more than Nicodem's specific one most of the time.
  8. Aha, but what if that cart is carrying undead arms groping out and holding you in place while it connects!? I suppose it's actual size, how many corpses there are and how athletic the person being squished adds a lot to whether or not it could be dodged.
  9. Interesting idea. I think it has some merit. But I think increasing the difficulty of the simple duel based on the number of Corpses he's carrying is a better option, similar to Sebastian's and Shenlong's (drunk-style) actions, rather than outright increasing the damage. 5-6 damage from a utility model that is literally doing it's job hauling Corpses is too strong if they have no hand to pass the duel. Perhaps, Push Gravedigger up to 5" in any direction. Any model in base contact with this model at the end of this push suffers flat damage or an uncheatable x/x/y damage flip. (it seems like if you ram a cart into someone, they can't actually dodge it; you shouldn't be able to 'miss' the attack, especially since you're using 2AP). Then all models within 2" must pass a TN x simple duel (WP?/Wk?) or suffer 1 Damage and gain the Poison +1 / Slow? Condition. The TN of the simple duel is increased by each Corpse Gravedigger is carrying.
  10. Mortimer has to spend 2ss extra on upgrades, use 3 of his own wounds and all his AP to produce 2 Corpses. There's no comparison whatsoever. If you really want Chatty, then take a good model like Phillip and the Nanny, (who ALSO has a way to generate Corpses). Mortimer is tax for Nicodem (sadly). Yes he does a few other things, but he costs 12-13ss and uses his own Wounds up. Making Gravedigger so good that he replaces Mortimer (which your 2+ Corpses for free does) doesn't solve poor Morty's issues.
  11. It seems flavorful, but it essentially invalidates Mortimer as a model. Perhaps a unique upgrade or an ability that adds a single extra corpse marker stack at the start of the game is the safer way to go
  12. Interesting idea, but by securing the kill to spawn another Lampad, you might end up outnumbering or equaling your opponent's model count and thus negate Last Stand in the first place. Also, the enemy could voluntarily walk wounded models into the Lampad's 3" to kill themselves on purpose to tip the model count scale further in your direction, denying you your VP. As an aside, I agree that Last Stand is really awkward, but it's doable with Yan Lo. I've scored full points for Last Stand all 3 times I've taken it with him. If the scheme pool is not too killy, and if the strategy favours an elite crew, hire multiple Ancestors, Soul Porter, and Reliquary. Crew size should have a minimum of 4 Enforcers/Henchman, and a maximum of 6-7 models total. I get where you're coming from @Bengt, and you're absolutely right that you won't always get the full 3VP if you Frame them, but I think Lampads are attractive options for FFM pools even if you have no intention of Framing them. Your opponent will probably be nervous that the Lampad could be your FFM target, especially since it's Immune to any Burning they might bring. I really like how it can (0) through a few models and stand in the middle of their crew, annoying the opponent and daring them to risk attacking it. Even if they disable it with Conditions, the abilities on it's front-of-card still forces them to take damage or play around it. Handing out Burning of it's own is superb too. I can't wait to try this thing out.
  13. Perhaps summoned Kentauroi should be compared to Shikome rather than to Punk Zombies. They have a more comparable damage track and cost the same card to summon. Punk Zombies are great all rounders for the 11, and Hard to Kill is really appreciated on a summon, but if I want something with good damage output and a decent reach, I usually spring for Shikome or Hanged depending on the target, but now, maybe these guys. I think the long ranged Charge coupled with automatic Corpse adds a lot to Nicodem's summoning arsenal. There's certainly a case to be made for them at the 12 slot, especially against a non Living, non Undead crews (Rats, Oni); I usually find myself starved for Corpses there. As mentioned, Reva might also enjoy the extra node of attack given with the free Corpse, especially on a model with such a big Charge range as this. Hiring a potentially self-harming Minion with Df4 and an 8ss price tag is a risky venture, but it could pay off.
  14. It says Nb Minions or Nb Enforcers, doesn't it?
  15. Oh, I missed that! That's kinda lame. I think some people might put them in a similar basket to Hayreddin; that kind of strange 7ss Enforcer with few synergies with the faction, though at least these guys will get benefits from having the Undead and Spirit tags. My Little Helper could be interesting, but being a Rare 2 upgrade, I'm not sure I'd use both copies on these guys. The fact their (0) requires a 7+ just to work means they'd tax your hand a lot just to add Burning +2 to some things. Dark Protection part of the upgrade could make them extremely frustrating for that one turn they go in and attempt to propagate additional Lampads. Definitely worth exploring. One thing I respect is their damage. I kind of glossed over it the first read, but it's quite impressive for 7ss. Both attacks can be minimum 3 if the Burning damage connects. If you win on a on Burn With Me it gets Burning +3, which sort of means you've got good odds of spawning additional Lampads if you pick your targets well. It's also amazing to see a double in our faction, and the fact it also hands out automatic Burning as well. This attack would gel really nicely with Undead Crowning if you go that route with Nicodem. I don't think they have an easily identified role, but Wk6 + their (0) is nice to see. It's enough to scheme with if you need them to do that, and enough that they can probably get to juicy, low wound targets, if you want to attack them. It's also quirky that the (0) TN duel itself works off their Wk stat. Again, I think their kit is superb for Frame for Murder. I think in their current iteration, I would take them into Frame for Murder pools quite happily.