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  1. Condition Removal: A Luxury?

    Being neither a Spirit nor an Undead model you're taking her purely for her kit, that to be fair is amazing for 6ss. I also played her very extensively while new to Ressurs but nowadays play her far less. I agree with OP that she often doesn't make the cut at 6ss or 7ss if I don't 100% need her Condition removal. There's so many good options like our Emissary, Phillip and the Nanny and by the sounds, Asura, and cheap scheme runners that a 6ss or 7ss cost can be awkward sometimes in the crew composition. Looking at Condition Removal there's also the Johan question for us to answer. I can't see him replacing Chiaki unless we're desperate for some more hitting power (especially since his ss cost increase). There might be some weird scheme pool and opponent that makes us reach for both Chiaki AND Johan but that'd be rare. My meta doesn't generally make Condition Removal a must-have for me but Chiaki will still be high on the priority list for games of Public Executions and Ply For Info.
  2. Tournament on the 25th of February 2018, run out of Hobbymaster Ellerslie. $20 entry buys 3 rounds of 50ss Fixed Faction GG2018 goodness and an entry into a random raffle draw. Prizes included for top 3 and Best painted. Further details are available here.
  3. Reva, where to start for purchases

    Glad to have helped. First things first, I'll preface my suggestions by saying that I don't rate Mei Feng in Arcanists very highly, but Mei Feng in Thunders can be very strong especially if the player is good. The match up will depend heavily which faction she's playing. Either way, Ressurs do have all the tools required to deal with her. Carrion Emissary with Carrion Conflux pays off big time vs Mei Feng as the to nearby Minion Attacks means she can't just Vent Steam once just to deny your Lures - she needs to Vent Steam twice just to keep you on negative flips, so 2/3 of her activation is wasted just trying to stop you, and even then you could decide to just Focus -> Lure for a straight flip anyway. His wall can also be crucial for separating Mei Feng from other models that she wants to protect. A few things in general when hiring other models or picking masters vs Mei: - Impossible to Wound is worth a lot in this match up as it is very annoying for Mei Feng - a lot of her common picks (Shadow Emissary, Rail Workers) as well as herself have trash Min damage. - Bring multiple models that ignore Armour or can summon models that ignore Armour. - Mei is permanently immune to Slow and Paralyze and Kang is always an option to completely deny Horror duels, so don't invest heavily in Terrifying-based play styles. - Students' Lecture Notes are incredibly powerful against Mei Feng, both offensively and defensively. - She's very fragile without her Df trigger and her attacks are terrible if they can't combo into multiple additional attacks through their triggers, and Lecture Notes stops all of this.
  4. Reva, where to start for purchases

    Here's my thoughts on 35ss with Reva: Don't bother with Kentauroi. One of their greatest abilities is ferrying masters around so they don't have to waste AP or card walking, and Reva is the only master they can't do this for since she's HT3. They're also insanely easy to kill for their price, and when one dies in a 35ss game, which it will, you're really going to feel it. You're right that our Emissary can seem steep at 35s; anything at 10ss would. Even so, it's worth considering if you're going minion-heavy. If you commit to something like 1-2 Belles and 2 Shieldbearers as your core, then Emissary+Carrion Conflux is still amazing for all the buffs he hands out. On that note, either commit to multiple Shieldbearers or take none. Their ability to gain Fast for discarding or using SS nearby is very underrated if you have lots of them. I would basically say, bring 2 or 3 of them + the Emissary or leave all of them out. I rate Vincent very highly, he's really infuriating to deal with for your opponent if you position him well (with his upgrade this is almost every game) and his basic attack comes with 3 really useful triggers. There's a lot of people saying there's little need to play him with Reva though, since they do similar tasks - pressuring at range. I find space from him in some Reva crews - usually ones where the board lets him abuse his From The Shadows and free push mechanics. Your preferences matter a lot, of course, but I personally reckon he's the tits. Admittedly at 35ss you're really stretched for SS, so he might not make the cut all the time. But he's definitely a good model to at least consider and to practice with. I found this list relatively straightforward to work with for 35ss: Reva with Decaying Aura, Beyond Death. Carrion Emissary with Carrion Conflux Rotten Belle Rotten Belle Shieldbearer Shieldbearer This list was also a lot of fun - though it is a bit risky and highly dependent on terrain: Reva with Litany of the Fallen, Decaying Aura, Guises of Death. Vincent with MLH+DWD Bete Noire Friekorps Trapper Crooligan
  5. Errata hopes and dreams?

    Aesthetics are always subjective I suppose. Personally I think his model is fine; not the best Wyrd has done but hardly the worst - put him next to Night Terrors and he looks terrific in my books. You may feel the opposite and that's ok too. I would say that there's heaps of conversion opportunity with the model if you're dissatisfied with him visually - but rulewise he's as solid as far as 6ss models go.
  6. Archie

    Were I to hire him and buy MLH, I would be so inclined, in fact. There's definitely merit to considering buying it on Archie if you've decided to hire him as it does give him quite a lot, though the decision whether or not to actually hire him in the first place at 13ss + upgrades is a different consideration entirely.
  7. Errata hopes and dreams?

    Maybe the stars just aligned for me, I'm not sure. He just felt really powerful at it. The easyish access to hitting Severe with that Aura made it tough to deny him ripping it off enemies, while his high mobility with that (0) 6" place for 2 Vitality let him fly in, Ply and place out to a safe place twice in the same game.
  8. Errata hopes and dreams?

    Oh, you're right he's still 9ss. I was told that he was going to see a price decrease with the rest but obviously I have been deceived :/. Hayreddin is still a god for 6ss. Tonight he made Ply for Information look like a joke.
  9. Archie

    Tonight I tried MLH on Archie see what happens... and it's actually not too bad. Turns out Min 4 with effectively better than Disguised for a turn is amazing. His prohibitive cost means it's unlikely you can afford him and two other must-take-MLH models anyway. I'm undecided in it's true value but I'm glad to have given it a spin at least.
  10. Errata hopes and dreams?

    I've been overall very happy with the changes. Shikome should probably have stayed 8ss but I'm not exactly complaining I've found a spot for Hayreddin in many lists now. Even though he still suffers the same amount of lack of synergy and in some cases even anti-synergy as he always has, at 6ss he's a much more reasonable pick for a flanker or dedicated scheme hunter. His mobility and damage make him more than a match for any Scheme Runner (or in fact for most model of comparative points cost) and that Min 4 shotgun (if you don't need the blasts) is painful for even the toughest of models out there. The change from 7ss to 6ss was massive for this guy. Also: stand near Mortimer (who's also looking much nicer at 8ss) Turn 1 when he sheds his spleen for the free point of Vitality and then fly off as a solo operative for the rest of the game.
  11. Educate me on Molly

    If you're ever unsure, there's no reason you can't hire both Necropunk(s) AND Crooligan(s). They go about Scheming in very different ways but they're both capable and expendable in equal measure. 9ss is hardly breaking the bank. Molly-wise, I played her rounds 4 and 5 in a recent tournament; a narrow 5-4 win on Spirits and a 7-7 draw on Horrors respectively. It was definitely useful trying both options out on the same day and comparing results. With Spirits I pressured the enemy master (Asami) quite early, ate her hand and most of her wounds, and then finished her off and swamped the board by turn 3. With Horrors I only summoned twice so I focused more on attacking and debuffings to help my hired models do work, before running Molly away so she didn't give up VP. I still reckon the Horror summoning pool and playstyle is a bit easier to get the hang of, but I also think that with Spirits, once you know what you're doing, have more mobility and raw damage. It feels like Spirits get progressively better as you become more proficient with Molly, like they have a much higher skill ceiling. I will also add that I've found Back On The Job to be every bit as strong as I had hoped and it will be stapled permanently to Molly for me. The knowledge of which Schemes your opponent has taken gives you a huge edge. The active is also surprisingly useful; especially since you already know exactly which of your opponent's Scheme Markers actually matter since they're already revealed. Now Molly has a simple way to remove one at decent range without even needing to flip a card, plus you get to draw a card. Yes, Master AP to remove a Scheme Marker isn't very efficient, and it's not really what you want to do, but if it denies the opponent a VP it's definitely worth it so it's a great Action to add to her toolkit in my opinion.
  12. Archie

    Eh, it's ok on the Emissary. I really, really love generic Carrion Conflux since it makes Belles, Nurses, Hanged etc disgusting. For me MLH is close to auto take on any of: Vincent, Phillip, Datsue Ba, Toshiro, Mortimer (if with Corpse Bloat+Nico) - to the point where I'd take it with them 100% if they don't already have 2 upgrades. For me it's also a very strong pick on Anna, Rogue Necromancy (similar to Archie in the sense you don't actually care about double (0) but the protection is still amazing for him and he's much cheaper and more accurate than Archie) and Yin - to the point where I'd take it on them 100% if I have a spare SS I'm not sure what to do with after a full 7 cache.
  13. Archie

    It's not a bad idea, actually. Seems really cute on Close Deployment or possible Flank. I think the biggest drawback would be that MLH is Rare 2 and oftens shows up twice in my lists and I'm not sure if Archie's playstyle always deserves one of those copies. He doesn't have great (0)s compared with other models that may want to hold MLH. Sure, you can try Leap twice, but you still need to flip or cheat two 8+ cards to jump 3" (admittedly about 5" after abusing the placement mechanic) so it seems a little lacklustre. It might well be worth it if you're running an elite killy crew.
  14. Schemes & Stones Pre-Jan 2018 Errata (Arcanists)

    Very well surmised. Kaeris has been knocked down several notches with recent releases and she wasn't in a great place to start with anyway. The biggest niche she has (which is still a small niche, make no mistake) of using Wings of Fire with cheap models for mass delivery of Scheme Markers. To be fair, this is actually slightly more viable now that Colette has also been gradually weakened to the point of being awful but it's still a tiny niche. Outside of that Kaeris is outshone by Sandeep alone almost categorically let alone the other 5 masters she must compete with. Flaming Halo and Immolation are interestingly designed but you always have to pick damage or burning/utility, and usually be underwhelmed with whatever choice you make (think about the filth that other masters bring - compare the utility on her attacks to Collodi). I wonder if she would be better served by a single simple attack Action that did a few points of damage, added Burning +1, and then had some triggers to exploit or spread further Burning. I haven't used her new Limited upgrade enough yet to really know if it really makes her a force to be reckoned with, again it feels like she is forced to use multiple actions achieving what other masters can do in only 1 action, or even in someone else's action if we're still talking about Sandeep. I also think you're right that it's not just her but also her 'thematic models' that generally are a bit lacklustre but I don't think Fire Gamin are true of that label. In fact I don't think Fire Gamin 'struggle' as you put it at all. Their damage is exceptionally good for their price of 4ss. They don't share Kaeris' issues - in fact if she was more like Fire Gamin she'd be more well received - in the sense that if her attacks or abilities offered regular damage and Burning/utility at the same time, rather than one or the other. Again, my point about having to always choose between Flaming Halo and Immolation comes to mind. Just my observations. I think you're spot on with so many of your notes.
  15. How do we deal with the Viktorias ?

    I agree - bring Decaying Aura... somewhere. It's just really good against them since their main ways to survive are SS and healing. It feels expensive on Izamu at 12ss just for one attack but it could work. I think Bette Noire is a decent carrier as she has a nice big DF stat that might even make them miss her once in a while and she keeps coming back. Seamus and Reva are good carriers for it too. I've had good success with Nicodem too. I focused on slowing them down with constant 'Undress' pressure from Belles and using Doxy pushes to keep away from the important stuff, while throwing a few Mindless Zombies in their way to keep them tied down. I put most of my good cards elsewhere, getting board presence and achieving Schemes while I try tie them down. If you see a chance to go after them you can summon in a decent attacking model like a Kentauroi or Shikome and just go nuts. Whatever master you bring attack their hand, and force as many simple duels (Terrifying or Manipulative are decent) as you can. If they bring their new Burying upgrade it requires 2 discards already so if you can make them discard cards that can really adds up fast.