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  1. What list would you take..

    The stuff of legends.
  2. Playing vs another resurrect

    Another option if you positively know you're up vs Nicedem would be to go Kirai with some anti-Corpse tech. Gaki, Goryo, Onryo, Seishin and Ikiryo... none of your incidental summons will drop Corpses when they die. Due to Gaki actively eating them up and being cheap as chips you could even hire some. Supplement this with Sebastian holding Those Are Not Ours to sacrifice any of your own Shikome/Hanged/Drowned that you summon before they give die and opportunistically use a Corpse to summon a dog. Bring in Phillip And The Nanny to feed you cards and for Scheme Marker control. These utility pieces should be able to deny Nicodem all his best toys and let you come out ahead. Another great thing is that Kirai isn't usually upgrade-heavy from what I hear, so you should have space to sneak in a Maniacal Laugh of your own to try pinch his Corpse Markers.
  3. Playing vs another resurrect

    Seamus has always been solid for me in the mirror match. With Sinister Rep, Corpse Bloat, Do you know who I am? He can easily get where needed and lock down Nico's stuff with high WP duels after he's spent his good cards summoning. Corpse Bloat can do a lot of work against his horde too. Reva seems like a pretty good pick as well. Your own Mindless Zombies and Candles can provide you with ways to get at his important henchmen and enforcers. You might even get some work out of her new Sky Riders upgrade to blow up every corpse on the board at once.
  4. Nicodem Starting Guide / Tactics

    It really depends how much the opponent can threaten him. If they can't do much, he can play relatively close to the action, and he wants to since his auras and buffs are why you play him. Be careful of high min damage, mobile, models - they can easily squash him if you don't control the pace of the game. Nicodem projects multiple bubbles of support and threat. Important ranges to know are 6" & 8" for his Aura's and (0)s, while his raw spells have longer reach. Once you know what enemy models you have to look out for you can position him accordingly, but you do want those auras benefiting as much as possible. If you're unsure which 3rd upgrade to take, remember you don't have to take 3. Love Thy Master is good. Buzzards has some decent potential, Their Last Breath is super dependent on your crew. He operates relatively well with just Undertaker and Maniacal Laugh though so only take something you think you'll actually use. Necrotic King, you usually want it when you have lots of big damage tracks or important spells in the crew. Datsue Ba loves it. Archie? Meh. It tends to also be even more crew dependent than TLB.
  5. Rail Crew, Metal Gamin, Rail Golem, then what?

    They're Sh 5 (and their is Ml 5) I can't think of many 4ss models that output as much damage per average AP as a Fire Gamin. Does any other 4ss model in the game even have access to ? Do any come as close as Fire Gamin do to a min 3 attack?
  6. What about Ten Thunders erratas ?

    There's as many opinions on how Yasunori could be adjusted as there are opponents of Ten Thunders. He's the Thunder's version of the Riders, sharing their stat line, cost and their Stubborn ability. However, unlike them he doesn't take 4 turns to be worth his price. He's worth 12ss from turn 1, so he outshines all of them. If anything needs changing, 2 fewer Wounds and removing Stubborn seems fair to me.
  7. THE tank

    Well Warding Runes itself that Carlos buys strips all suits, so no Lures are getting through anyway?
  8. Rail Crew, Metal Gamin, Rail Golem, then what?

    Agreed. I've been pondering the uses of these specific models with Mei recently. Her new rail walking upgrade lets her reposition Lazarus with ease. Tying him up in Melee is usually the easiest way for your opponent to stop him blowing up their entire crew... But now Mei Feng can easily save him from Melee. Sparks and Mobile Toolkit give him Fast, an extra to his damage spread if I recall correctly, and to damage flips. Lazarus' (0) can steal another nearby Construct's action, which could be one of Mei Feng's actions if Sparks makes her a Construct, so Lazarus himself can use Railwalker too as long as if I've interpreted things correctly? I also second @retnab's comment about Fire Gamin. I think they're far better than most people on this forum would have you believe. Their low stats and relatively empty card space can be off-putting at first, but they are 4ss Minions with an 10" ranged attack that is often essentially minimum damage 3 (with a potential for good measure). Sometimes your opponent is Immune to burning but in 95% of cases your opponent will take the extra point of damage or spend resources removing it - both of which are good for me since I've only used 1AP from a 4ss Minion. My Mei Feng core has Effigy, Mechanised Porkchop and at least one other 50mm construct; Mech Rider, Langston, Coryphee. I'll be trialling Mobile Toolkit, Lazarus & Sparks extensively soon. I also think Carlos is very interesting with Mei Feng, in particular because the Emberling stops Burning from removing at end of turn to nearby models. If it's near Carlos, he can hold onto all his stacks of Burning between turns. By mid game he'd be permanently Armour +2 and automatically healing for obscene amounts each turn.
  9. What master do you take into each faction.

    Oh you're probably right. I can't remember the last time that interaction actually came into play - as I say, Hanged die like flies to Arcanists so I don't even bother summoning them. A Carrion Effigy can strip immunity to Paralysis if I recall correctly, that might be worth gunning down in a hurry.
  10. What master do you take into each faction.

    When I play Arcanists, I feel very comfortable with Kaeris in most match ups. Having Flight and Ca7 Attacks vs either Df or Wp gives her enough flexibility to always be a nuisance, and her upgrade choices can drastically her role and give her some extremely unique functions. Mei comes in when I want to hold ground and endure lots of ranged attacks. Her new upgrades should let her either go even more rambo on one key turn or to move and protect a key model of your choice but in my traditional usage she's there mainly to deny the opponent their best attacks. I basically only take Ramos when I have to. He's just not a very appealing playstyle for me. If it's Reconnoiter/Interference he's in, if it's not he's out.
  11. What master do you take into each faction.

    Speaking as a Ressur, I can confirm this 100%. Our meta has 2 or 3 Raspy players, and a well played Raspy is a nightmare to face as a Ressur on most boards. I especially agree with her being able to get at the support models from an absurd distance. Losing Carrion Emissary, a Necropunk and half my master's wounds turn 1 makes things really bleak, let alone easily blocking off sections of the board. Even if we bring Hanged to balance out Frozen Heart, Raspy can one or two shot them. I know Raspy players are littered with good upgrades so a lot of players avoid December's Pawn, but it really is one of the single most scary upgrades in the game when most of your core crew has Hard to Wound.
  12. Spam of “that damage cannot be reduced”

    Ok so that's another thing that Leveticus is definitely better at - hunting Hard to Kill models. It really sucks losing Necropunks in one shot.
  13. Spam of “that damage cannot be reduced”

    To be fair that's not just Reva; all Wave 4 masters were Cache 4 and a lot of people reckon most of them should probably have a smaller Cache. Parker's 4 is fine, Titania would be sweet with 3 I think. But Nellie, Sandeep, Zipp, Reva and Asami would all still be powerful and popular Masters even with a Cache of 2. Also I thought the Death Touches All trigger doesn't get around Hard to Kill? Is there an FAQ for that?
  14. Steamfitter. Is there an “s”?

    Utility models very seldomly show up in multiples (especially when they cost 6ss). It's just Malifaux's thing: if it's a utility model, buy the box, pick the best sculpt and sell the other two. I'm pretty sure the only utility models I see more than one of are Rotten Belles.
  15. Wave 5 Upgrade scoop

    (Btw how many Impossible to Wound models do Ten Thunders have?)