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  1. I'm not sure why the designers would want to eliminate summoning. It's one of the most unique things about Malifaux when compared with other games. Waves 4 & 5 have almost doubled the number of models capable of summoning so it doesn't appear to be their strategy anytime soon. Even if a new Ressurectionist player decides to only ever play one or two masters, they will still (currently) feel obligated to buy at least some of their available summon options, Mindless Zombies (My Little Helper alone is just that good), our Emissary, and something decent for its (0) March of the Dead. Our intimate connection (some would say reliance) with summoning surely makes Ressurs the most profitable faction. How would you make a Mindless Zombie ever worth hiring if it couldn't be summoned? How would you inspire a new player to buy 5 of them? If summoning were to be removed outright Wyrd would sell far fewer Ressurectionist models, outright. Keyword wise I agree with OP some work could be done but I can't see any easy fixes that don't drastically impact Shikome and Hanged, especially as far as summoning is concerned- do you make them exclusively one keyword or another? Shikome are already juggling 3 keywords...
  2. Which heavy hitter?

    You have to divide the list between summons and non-summons to get a better feel for it. Archie and Izamu can be rock solid on the offense, though Ml 6 without any buffs can be awful, even with Melee Expert. You have to be more careful what they attack. They output good damage if you hoard cards or pick on low Df targets, and Archie's enormous push trigger can be game changing. Izamu is vastly better when Yan Lo is your master and is decent with Nicodem. Archie is ok with Nicodem but I think his real niche is with Molly. However, anything that ignores Hard to Wound or Armour respectively will shred them in no time. Rogue Necromancy has a good ranged attack so it can deal damage earlier and more often. Ml 7 makes it more accurate in general, and doubly so when Three Headed is up. Cheating damage is easy since you have Three Headed as well as a potential trigger adding yet another +; you can even cheat damage after tying their score. Smell Fear can be just as good as Melee Expert if you design your list with it in mind, his own Terrifying 13 alone can trigger it easily late in the turn. It can be good with Nicodem but where it really thrives is in aggressive Molly lists. You can also summon them easily enough late in the game if you aren't using Corpses with Spare Parts. Some Reva crews even take Spare Parts and aim for a turn 1 or 2 RN summon. I've never seen Students, Punk Zombies or Goryo hired but they're both very popular summons. Shikomes are pretty much the same though occasionally get hired too. They can all perform well under the right circumstances but you need to set them up - reposition the Punk Zombie and burn a card to Flurry, hold a key suite for your Student and maybe also a high card to force through Lecture Notes, or put Adversary on something for Goryo, or Poison on a Shikome's target (she ideally wants Adversary to be there too). My summon MVPs are Shikomes. Their Flight, great triggers, access to targeting WP and potential min 3 makes them superb all rounder beaters. They can almost always get through your opponent's main defensive ability. If one is allowed to Charge something thing with Adversary and Poison it really is a thing of beauty. Nicodem can also summon a Kentauroi in for the same 12+ card so they have some competition now, but when powerful Df triggers, Hard to Wound or Armour show up, I know I can always rely on Shikomes to get the job done. I don't know enough about the Valedictorian or Rafkin to comment on them but some people swear by these guys.
  3. Mah the best hand advantage master!

    There's no rule requiring a totem be hired. I run at least half my masters without a one. However Malifaux Child is always worth considering if you have at least one decent Ca Action on your master worth copying. It's only 3ss and you could always opt to take Sammy and the Malifaux Child.
  4. Wave 5 and "New Resurrectionists Meta"

    So I played Nicodem with one hired Kentauroi last night, and I am confident in my assertion that it was a good choice. It didn't disappoint whatsoever and I could see myself hiring one most games with him in addition to summoning as many as required. Early on, my hired one repositioned Nico, and charged to give me a Corpse Marker and Head Marker. Before it could activate again though, it was debuffed heavily by Brewmaster and co. So it just Walked, barely more than a few cm, shifting Phillip and the Nanny over 5" with that tasty Zombie Steed ability, positioning them for a 3VP Set Up later in the turn, and picked up the Head marker it produced earlier. A turn later of failing to do anything (thanks Drinking Contest) was lame, and eventually it died to poison (that new Brewmaster Barkeep upgrade is painful and does a great Sebastian impression) but all the same it had a great first outing. A summoned Kentauroi (12crow and a Corpse feels very affordable for them) later picked Nico up over the heads of 3 other models, taking him out of Brewie's Drinking Contest Aura. That Ht3 is super useful for rescuing key models. Again this one only nudged a few cm in total but that was enough to essentially place Nico 4" out of harm's way. Later it (0)'d to charge out of the scrum and take out a Tanuki to give me access to my third Head marker. Thoughts on Kentauroi? Well before actually playing them I thought they'd be heavy cavalry that want to keep charging all game. Maybe use Zombie Steed once and then just galavant around killing as much as possible and then dying. After this game I realised their charges, while decent, are only the tip of the iceberg. There's so much value to be had from their Zombie Steed ability. At its most basic function it can place almost any friendly model up to 8" + the size of their base without asking you to perform any flips or make any discards, and you can do this every time you Walk. Their abilities to either create Corpses for other models to use, or use up surplus Corpses to heal, can be invaluable. Having access to a summonable 3" Melee reach Minion is great for Nico and probably Horror Molly too though she is still likely going to favour Punk Zombies. I had high hopes and they exceeded them. I'll say two thumbs up from me, and thanks to Wyrd for giving us these wonderful things!
  5. Arcanist crew sizes.

    Arcanists have lots of expensive models that are so good you're happy paying for their enormous price tags. This means it's usually rare to see more than 8 models per crew. But sometimes, extreme scheme pools call for extreme crews. When there's lots of Scheme Marker based schemes in the pool, particularly Set Up, Search the Ruins or Covert Breakthrough, I'll happily crack out a 10 model crew with Kaeris. 2 Malifaux Raptors, Malifaux Child or Eternal Flame, Arcane Effigy, Gamin, Performer, Large Arachnid, Firestarter with IE, Carlos with PP & SD. There's 3 or 4 SS left for Kaeris to take her upgrade. Grab and Drop + Flaming Angel enables the entire team to drop Schemes wherever they're needed with minimal effort. Carlos can isolate or delete problem enemy models all on his own, while the Arachnid and Performer can actively eat enemy Scheme Markers to deny them VP, or help to get rid of your own Scheme Markers if they get in the wrong place by accident.
  6. Wave 5 and "New Resurrectionists Meta"

    Yan Lo and Seamus got the biggest 'buffs'. Their new upgrades substantially increase what they can bring to the table. Aside from them, there aren't any auto include upgrades in the wave for us, and none of them drastically change a master. Our upgrades overall weren't enormous compared to what some other factions got, and I think it's because we're in a pretty good spot overall. We don't have any Collodis or Sandeeps or Nellies blotting out competition. I'm not even sure we have a tier list of masters anymore. I've found it kind of difficult to transition from playing Ressurectionists to another faction if you enjoy the 'balanced' feel that we have. I'm very excited to try our new models, but I kind of hate it too because my wallet is going to suffer. Asura is huge. We definitely won big when we scored her. She's going to shake up our meta a lot, particularly with Nicodem & the Emissary. The Bone Pile is a bit of a niche pick but could function perfectly fine as a more mobile and more durable Big Jake with better faction synergies. I don't see it drastically changing much. Little Gasser just seems really efficient at his job for his soulstone cost, and if you were going to hire 2 or 3 Canine Remains or Autopsies as McMourning you may as well make at least some of them Little Gassers instead. He might see some hire or summon play with Nico as well. People are ranting and raving about hiring Academics and Beasts with McMourning, and I'm thinking, well yes those are interesting, but this little undead Gremlin you've just been offered is amazing with him and he doesn't require upgrade slots either. Lampads are a bit weird, but also have a really appealing set of abilities and actions. I look forward to trying to make them work. They could be especially cool with Kirai since, if I recall correctly, they're both Spirit and Undead. She can reposition them as required, and Malevolence will make them quite tricky for the opponent since they're always gonna be high priority targets. I don't see them shifting our meta all that much, though. Kentauroi on the other hand... In my humble opinion they're the single most impactful addition our faction received from Wave 5. Not only are they quick, they significantly boost the speed of other models without using cards, including 7 of our 8 masters. They have a huge threat range, they can use Corpses or produce Corpses as you see fit, they can't be tied down as easily as usual hitters. My Nicodem will now feature Love Thy Master for the express purpose of summoning them as long ranged, corpse producing missiles. I'm hiring at least out 1 with him for movement purposes too, and Molly is probably hiring between 2 and 3 every game in the near future. As for the discussion on Nicodem? Their Last Breath is viable and if you build the crew correctly, it could be a perfect fit. I don't think it's anywhere near auto pick. We don't really have any powerhouse Living models that can categorically abuse it, and since it stipulates Living Ressurectionist model we can't bring something in from another faction to faceroll. Rafkin is probably a good, but I think bringing back Lovelace could be amazing in the right circumstances. Circling Buzzards... I don't know. 2 cards for a Corpse or 4 cards for 2 Corpses once per game seems a niche sell for the upgrade slot and SS. If the active didn't require me to kill Graveyard Spirit or Malifaux Child I'd be more inclined to like it. Vulture is nice, but I prefer both other totems for the same price, when I bother with a totem at all.
  7. Tara in Rezzers?

    I think Tara's usually perceived as better in Outcasts, but she's carved some niches for herself in Ressurs. She can still deliver a potent alpha strike, which arguably will catch more people off guard than Outcast Tara since alpha strikes are usually not common in our faction. Her beast bomb thing seems especially good since Tara herself can benefit from Kentauroi's Undead Steed or Mortimers Fresh Meat push to get even further up the board, and Archie is one of the best resource-draining things in the game once he arrives. Her thematic crews can be some of the best in the business at AP denial, and in Ressurs she adds lure and paralyse access to her already potent offensive bury options to negate the worst threats our opponent can project, Slow down everything else then run schemes with relative impunity. Bringing in Void Wretches and Guild Marshalls is a big deal.
  8. Tara in Rezzers?

    Does Tara really want to spend AP trying to summon though? None of her Void models drop Corpses and many of her synergies want you to actively get rid of your control hand. I suppose you could ignore her bury mechanics and void synergies, hire some Corpse generation tech and regular Undead to try get your 4 corpses... by that point you're ignoring half her card and you may as well take Nicodem. His 3 AP is probably worth more than her 6 in this capacity since his auras and (0)s are way better than 3 extra AP spent just walking around. We already have good summoners, so why settle for a mediocre one?
  9. Viktoria obliteration

    All this said, it's hard to know what master you're against. Outcasts have so many powerful masters and diverse playstyles that while tailored list building might help out vs Viks, it could very easily be kind of wasted vs anyone else. If you build Reva with a more 'generic' crew to handle schemes and strats that Reva is typically good at, and only see that they've declared Viks afterwards... you need to work with what you have hired rather than what is ideal. Perhaps one option is to play super cagey the first turn, deploying very far back with the most important pieces, holding onto any My Little Helper actives for turn 2, with Emissary and Reva going last to put your first Corpse Candle in a spot that will be helpful next turn, and so that your Shards of Kythera can do the maximum to close off the Viks's players optimal route.
  10. Viktoria obliteration

    Actually, yeah you're right about Yin taking a charge, I was thinking of the 3 minimum damage, but it's possibly Vik's at 5 instead! If charged (though depending on My Little Helper usage this might be impossible) Yin could easily die if 2 hits connect. Still, I think the trade-off is worth it. All Yin is here for against Viks is to buy time for Reva to murder them. Mass of Viscera and Terrifying (12) are just tiny extra hurdles for them to go through. The Ashigaru would ideally be standing about 4-5" ahead of the crew. I wouldn't try protect others with his aura so much as putting a painful model out front to either take the charge or block off the area around him. Also his (1) Charge(s) make him a reasonably valid threat even to a full wound Vik if they do manage to get past him.
  11. To Flurry With a Peacekeeper?

    If you focus you could still just as easily lose the flip if the opponent flips a high or cheats high to avoid the attack or even just to equal your total (and deny you the straight damage flip anyway), and then you've spent both AP. If you Flurry you have to lose 3 duels to do nothing. That's a lot of duels to lose, and despite your apparent bad luck, you should be winning at least some of them. I know jokers can suck, but if the worst case occurs and your peacekeeper draw black jokers out of your deck and red jokers out of theirs every activation, well that's still only 1-2 of your 3 attacks accounted for, and now both decks are devoid of the jokers you don't want to see. Also if you do Flurry (especially if you're getting +s from somewhere) you're seeing more cards overall so you have more chances of randomly hitting a ram.
  12. Getting off my Alpha Strike Crutch

    Omfg <3
  13. Getting off my Alpha Strike Crutch

    Can you post the list you used? I've heard of the infamous double rogue necro, but triple rogue necro.... ooooh Archie is good at soaking resources but I agree with @mojopin - he just doesn't have the killy factor to one-man it. Ml 6 really sucks on a 13ss model if your purpose is to explicitly murder things. With Molly, a Rogue Necro and Mortimer+Crooligan though, that gets pretty close to an alpha strike. It's still more about tying the enemy crew up for a few turns than just killing keys models. Until recently I've firmly believed Ressurs (Molly aside) were pretty feeble at alpha striking, but with Kentauroi I think this will change substantially. Guild? Eh, I feel like a Guild player can play Lucius or Nellie and win through tricks and good micro without resorting to alpha striking? Assuming you want a slightly more challenging game, that is?
  14. Long Time Malifaux player, new Arcanist

    I like it. In particular I rate Anna very highly, good to see someone getting some value from her in Arcanists.
  15. Kaeris in Wave 5

    Though Carlos is undoubtedly a fantastic choice for Kaeris, I don't think it's a fair assessment to say he is 'nigh unkillable". Somewhere between Armour+1 and Armour +2 and self healing at turn's end if he's got Burning? He's as prone as the rest of our faction to models that ignore armour, which usually show up in abundance once we declare Arcanists. Condition removal also looks like it'd absolutely ruin him near the end of a turn. I'll be trying out Kaeris with both new upgrades tonight, if anything interesting eventuates I'll post the details.