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  1. Hi all! I want to trade or buy for reasonable price two Nightmare Edition Coryphees. I have Miss Ery (NOS), Miss Fire (NOS), Performers and Mannequins from Dark Carnival box (well painted). I'm ready to trade one Performer + one Mannequin or one Miss for both Coryphees. PM if interested.
  2. I expect fast MI crew or maybe condition-heavy crew (Lynch / Brewmaster). I'm afraid Sh a bit (McCabe), and FFM not in the pool, so I choose: Rasputina + 3 Pool - Shattered Heart (3) - Cold Nights (1) Wendigo (3) -- table control, Claim Jump Snow Storm (11) -- movement tricks, Extraction, Bullet proof - Imbued Protection (2) Arcane Emissary (10) -- movement tricks, Extraction, scheme denying. - Elemental Conflux (0) Silent One (6) -- heal Ice Dancer (6) -- Dig their Graves, Claim Jump Ice Gamin (4) -- buff, 7th activation Arcane Effigy (4) -- condition removal, Radiance buff, 8th activation I'm going to place 2-3 markers within 3" of the center via Dancer and Emissary on 1st turn (for DtG setup) and send Wendigo on far corner (for CJ). After that I'll just sit with fishing rod and wait =)
  3. Rasputina + 5 Pool - Shattered Heart (3) - Cold Nights (1) Wendigo (3) - table control, devour paralized beater, Set Up Snow Storm (11) - bullet proof, Guard the Stash Cassandra (8) - LyM, Claim Jump/ Set Up - Practiced Production (1) - Smoke And Mirrors (1) December Acolyte (7) - range threat, AP control Silent One (6) - heal, Storm covering Ice Gamin (4) - 7th activation, dmg buff Malifaux Raptor (3) - 8th activation, LyM, sniper obstruction I'll choose Set Up if I'll see Hoffman with Peacekeeper or Howard. In other cases - Leave your Mark (Cassy+Raptor) and Claim Jump (Cassy+Wendigo). I'm going to deny strat points from opponent by Ice Pillars and high range threats. 5ss with healing should be enough for both henchman surviving.
  4. Hi, folks! It's announce for our regular tournament, which'll be held in Rarog club, Bolshevistskaya st, 48, Novosibirsk, Russia. Classic 50ss format, GG 2017. We'll start at 10:00, 15th of April. Welcome to our community http://vk.com/malifaux__nsk for pre-registration. Any questions you can send in PM directly to me or via LofTrixter(at)gmail.com .
  5. I was faced with a serious issue. I'll need to deal with experienced Guild player (Sonnia/Perdita/Lady J) in typical GG matchup. I expect enough LOS blocking and different cover terrain. But really worry about durability which isn't strong side of Colette crew. I'm ready to loose one / two models per turn. But I still don't realize how to score 10 VP before 4th turn end (after which I assume I'll have no models to score). If we only talk about scheme pool (without strategy) - which two is the best for Colette under Guild's pressure? What models you'll suggest and with which roles?
  6. Can you tell how did you do that? Or web-link maybe?
  7. Dancater tell completely right things except this one. In my experience Ramos can do without 7+ spiders. 6 at the start of turn 3 is more than enough for common Ramo's tasks. And if before turn 4 my opponent didn't kill even one spider.. so ok, Ramos can still shooting and cast aura. Additional spiders box is good but not necessary =) As for the rest, he's describe all correct. I can only try to summarize: Colette for fun, Raspy for power =)
  8. I never used upgrade for ECreation summoning so I advice get mobile toolkit instead (for now at least). A bit less mobility in 1st turn but +1 soulstone.
  9. I voted for Ramos. In tournaments his box cover two aspects: you got most tanky henchman in faction and access to really easy Interference score. All other aspects you already covered. Exactly this three masters I choose for tourneys =)
  10. I had very pleasant experience from trading with @Saduhem . Fast payment and constructive communication
  11. Thanks for answers guys!
  12. It is really rare thing. In most cases armor+2, magnetism, autoheal then construct near died and def-trigger is enough to survive. Hire metal gamin only for bump Ramo's def don't cost 4ss I think. Generally, Ramos crew lack three things which you should cover in competitive game: ¤ Range damage. Dec.acolyte, Silent one, Rail golem, Lazarus, Envy. ¤ Mobility. Angelica, Captain, Cassandra. ¤ Protection from Ca. Sue, Hannah. When I started with Ramos crew, my first small boxes was Sue, Acolytes, Angelica. And if I know that NB is my opponent, I'll hire such crew: (4) Ramos +4SS Pool - Field Generator - Under Pressure (4) Brass Arachnid - excellent reactivates (11) Joss - tanking - Warding Runes (13) Howard - FFM + reactivate target - IE (10) Sue - anti-casting aura - Well Rehearsed (4) Arcane Effigy - claim jump + condition removal (3) Mobile Toolkit - scrap engine 10+ activation after 2nd turn, Ramos under Sue's aura and reactivated Howard - enjoy!
  13. If you going to get profit from this collection you have two ways. 1. Make some lots like "Lucius crew with extras". List it here or through E-bay with detailed photos. And you get $30-60 for each, especially via auction. 2. Make detailed roster of all models with one photo of model+card and price for each. Then you get at least $250 but probably 'll sell only 80% of collection and not so fast. For both ways you need competitive player which will agree to structure lists and advice you about prices. Such person almost certainly can be found in local game store of your city.