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  1. More details!
  2. Maybe "M2e Rasputina" then for the purpose of uniformity?
  3. You're right it's not simple. Bit if you force your opponent's Belles move twice before they'll see nice target (without warding runes) via wind walls/pyre markers and blocking terrain - your goal is achieved. Just because you spend less resources for hide than belles for lure. P.S. And, of course, if you absolutely sure opponent will bring NicoBelles - hire Raspy crew! =) More Pillars and Storm Teleport work fine.
  4. Can you tell how do you use Changelings on practice? Do you hire them or only summon? Which actions you usually copy?
  5. If enemy lures is only thing that prevent you from scoring VP - try to place your crew in order which force opponent to target close range of models. Ideally - henchman with Warding Runes. Sue with anti-caster aura, Captain and Vasques with 50mm markers also can help.
  6. Hi, wyrdos! It's announce for our regular tournament, which'll be held in Rarog club, Bolshevistskaya st, 48, Novosibirsk, Russia. Classic 50ss format, GG 2017. We'll start at 10:00, 20th of May. Welcome to our community http://vk.com/malifaux__nsk for pre-registration. Any questions you can send in PM directly to me or via LofTrixter(at)gmail.com .
  7. Still, in my opinion a Big (not "best";)) Three is a great idea. Some masters may be able to cover all strat/schemes, but none is able to handle with any competitive matchup (in my local group Pandora shine vs any Gremlins but not vs Raspy). Moreover, even if you do not care about the crew's theme, - different masters offer a different playstyle. When I started with the Arcanists, I applied exactly this idea of Big 3. And it was successful. At the same time I wondering "what does this master and his crew do on the table?". Alfa-strike on wings? Table control via misery bubble? Out-activations via puppets? Successful gunline with swampfiends, etc. Also some crews can use the same pool of effective models. And some are less useful to others (Lucius, Zoraida and Collody)... So simply put, you choose to your taste not only the master and the appearance of his starter, but also his playstyle on the table and the flexibility in the use of factional models. You can start with one or two, and then cover with the third master a gap in confronting specific matches or dilute your game with a fresh idea. Personally, I choose Lilith, Zoraida and Titania. Good luck to you! =)
  8. In addition to what @spooky_squirrel advised, I recommend as a "gunline" alternative: Rasputina box + arcane effigy + Silent Ones + Arcane Emissary. Raspy loves mobility, Colette loves good minions =) In the future, you can dive deeper with Snow Storm and/or Blessed and/or December Acolytes.
  9. 1. Lilith box, Titania box, Doppleganger, Nekima, Waldgeist, Insidious. 2. Zoraida box + McTavish + Will'o Wisps or Dreamer box + Teddy + Stitched Together or Collodi + 4 Effigies 3. Johan, Lelu & Lilitu, Myst Emissary.
  10. Any suspicion when we'll see him awake?
  11. Has anyone tried to use McTavish together with Waldgeists and/or Silurid in Marcus crew? Was it more useful than the Necro?
  12. Hi all! I have Performers and Mannequins from Dark Carnival box (well painted); Pandora's Avatar (NOS) and M1e Pandora's Crew Box (assembled) I want to trade for both Nightmare Edition Coryphees: 1 Performer+1 Mannequin or other stuff. I'm also ready to buy for reasonable price. PM if interested.