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  1. @Paddywhack i did use the Instinctual upgrade a lot of it was swapping around upgrades with the terracatta's The Emissary had Fast after i applied an Ascension Upgrade to Yan Lo
  2. Hi All, Game size: 50SS Strategies and Schemes: Claim Jump, Buried Treasure, Collect Evidence,Hold Up Their Forces, Challenge Deployment zones: Standard Crews -Ironsides+ Wave 5 upgrades +Warding Runes -Mouse -Union Steamfitter -3 Oxfordian Mages with respective Upgrades -Shastar Vidya Guard -Union Miner -Gunsmith -Yan Lo -Soul Porter -Clockwork Trap -Chiaki -Yin -Lust -Shadow Emissary - 2 Terracotta Warriors Turn 1 Our respective crews built up their thematic conditions and moved into a position. Shadow Emissary (Me) would lay down Scheme Marker in out of the way location to both deny Collect Evidence and score Buried Treasure later. He had no way to prevent me from scoring and no opportunity to score off this Scheme Marker, ever. Turn 2 Yan Lo Wins Initiative. Yan Lo engages the majority of Ironsides Crew. The Blood Ward Oxfordian will move out of position allowing me the only chance i have to not instantly lose against Ironsides next turn as she will have accumulated Adrenaline +8 by the end of turn. Emissary Kills Blood Ward. Ironsides attacks Yan Lo doing 16 damage before modifiers (Impossible to Wound, Incorporeal) to Yan Lo Ironsides puts up Challenge. This was confusing because that was also the name of the Scheme. Yin applies Gnawing Fears to Ironsides. Ironsides is neutralized, but the Steamfitter has not only applied Armor +1 and Reinforced Sheet Armor +2, but Ironsides will heal continuously, Ironsides is now unkillable. Yin scores Hold up their Forces Turn 3 Ironsides announces Challenge on Yan Lo. Ironsides wins Initiative. Fast Gunsmith kills Yan Lo (4 wounds left) Chiaki Removes Adrenaline +7 from Ironsides. Ironsides attempts to kill Yin and fails puts up Challenge Aura my crew can no longer function. Yin Score Hold up their Forces. Ironsides flips challenge down after being forced to keep 2 cards in hand Turn 4 Ironsides announces Soul Porter as Challenger. 10T wins initiative Soul Porter walks 12" away. Yin Score Hold up their Forces, Ironside ran out of cards so player could not flip Challenge (scheme) face down. Turn 5 Arcanists wins Initiative. Ironsides kills Soul Porter. Lust moves Ironsides back next to Yin and walks into the deployment zone because I misread the strategy. 10T wins 3 for Hold up Their Forces, 2 for Buried Treasure 1 for Strategy Arcanists gain 3 for strategy 1 for Challenge. 6-4 Game Summary: My Emissary could not use it's thematic Condition because the Strategies were at end of game. The name Challenge is confusing because there is an action called Challenge. 2 Cards to flip the scheme face down won me the game. Buried Treasure is a slightly more difficult version Protect Territory a medium to good player will score all 3 points every time. the reason I scored 2 was that I treated it like Break through and laid scheme markers on my opponents half of the board. Collect Evidence is Impossible to score off of. The opponent can literally negate it with passingly. Hold Up Their Forces was satisfying being both difficult to complete and to counter. Ironsides built up Adrenaline +8 over 1 Turn and could have had even more had I had any Ml attacks in the crew. She also managed to deliver 16 damage in 1 Turn, while buffing her own crew, setting up a 8" TN14 Challenge aura that destroyed my crews ability to act and did not even allow me to affect my own crew meanwhile being immortal.
  3. @yanlosbeard having played against Yan Lo and Played Yan Lo (in both factions) I found this. Yan Lo is incredibly good at anything that does not require killing, especially Armor. So if you are looking for an compliment for Yan Lo's Schemes you need look no further than Reva (who doesn't care what you take in your crew) or Seamus who gains the benefits of many of the spirits available and Chiaki and Yin. (Datsue Bae. Hanged etc) If your are looking for a Crew overlap. Kirai would be your best choice as she makes use of Izamu (as you said) and Chiaki.
  4. Stalking Bistento Tournament

    Hi All, Kihraxz here I will be hosting a Tournament in San Bruno, Ca detail bellow. Tournament: Stalking Bisento GG17 Date: 6/24/17 Location: Heretic Games 442 San Mateo Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066 Start Time: 11:00 am Estimated End Time: 8:00 I hope to see all the locals and as many new faces as possible. Thanks, Kihraxz
  5. Demos Availability in the Bay Area

    Hi All, This is my monthly update to inform you that the first post is still in effect.
  6. Unappreciated but effective

    I also think a lot of our models are undervalued and like to find interesting ways to use them. Units that I find are undervalued. Oiran: Oiran provide amazing road blocks and Wp support. I always take 2 against Neverborn and Outcasts who charge a lot and Where Wp tests are prevalent Fermented River Monks w/ Brewmaster or Shenlong; the ability to reactivate every turn deal 4 min damage and attack Df and Wp is crushing. and shenlong and Brewmaster make this plus healing possible add in a Performer and you can kill anything in the game Fuhatsu: I only use him with Close, Flank Deployment but he can hold an entire area down by himself Tengu are great flankers or great at playing the mid field when you play super aggresive crews. Archers are great in Guard the Stash where they can hide and screw with your opponents day or with Mei who can take metal gamin to make them Df 6 Yamaziko is a good back up for crews with to cover the rest of the crew in a similary way. Torakage: Ideal for flanking where they can "Intercept" any give Scheme Runner and run their own schemes. I have not fouind a use for High River Monks or Bunraku as they don't do anything another unit can't do better.
  7. Demos Availability in the Bay Area

    Hi All, This is my monthly update to inform you that the first post is still in effect.
  8. Hello All, There will be Demo's at Heretic Games in San Bruno Every Tuesday After 6:00PM to 9:00PM Games Kastle Santa Clara every Monday after 7:00 PM to 9:30PM and Game Kastle Fremont will be hosting impromptu Demo's on Sundays
  9. Help with the Viks

    If they're spending AP to kill Seishin. I'm okay with that.
  10. Help with the Viks

    Yo, These may appeared already but these are great ways to Shut Down Viks Specific Answers: McCabe and Guild Riflemen Yan Lo and Ashigaru Disquised Misaki and Oiran Asami and Obisidian Oni Remember to Take Anna Lovelace. She Provides 2 things that shut down Viks a Tie up Model and preventing Places which is the way Viks leave engagement This was the Lists I made to Counter Outcasts to a high success (3-1 win ratio). Swapping out Aionus for Anna or Sloth would also work. 50 SS Ten Thunders CrewMisaki + 5 Pool- Disguise (2)- Misdirection (2)- Recalled Training (1)Shang (3)Aionus (13)- Hidden Agenda (0)- Equality (1)Samurai (8)- Favor Of Jigoku (0)Katanaka Sniper (7)Oiran (5)Oiran (5) General Plan Against Viks. Kill Vikki B with Misaki (using Recalled Training) and then enjoy your day.
  11. Hivemind, I have recently run into some trouble with the Guild. Prominently against Lady Justice (probably something to do with Yan Lo). My standard tactics of tying up key models and cutting down the rest have not been working as well. So I write this both to learn and to share what are the Guild's strengths? What are their weaknesses? Here is what I have so far; Guild Strengths: High damage output, Cheap Armor +x, Lots of Shooting Guild Weakness: Elite crews, Guild Keywords: Critical Strike +x, Armor +x, Bury
  12. January 2017 Errata

    The Date is incorrect on the Errata. It says 11/1/16 M2E+FAQ+and+Errata+(Jan+2017+PF).pdf
  13. Ten Thunders Combos and Synergies

    I love all of these. I have not used Yan Lo yet but this makes a lot of sense. I had not thought of the Austringer one. That's crazy. I love using Izamu as a missile. Do you use it in certain situations or just when you want something dead? Largely I agree Samurai definitely has more use with Misaki overall and agree Tannen is a place and time kinda guy. So do you not use Misaki in Turf War/Extraction?
  14. Hi Everyone, I am compiling a list of combinations and synergies for the Ten Thunder and was hoping you of the Forums would have some input. Please only list 2 models in the Ten Thunders Faction and explain how they interact. Include any upgrades, or specific scenarios where the combo would be useful. Thanks