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  1. Kihraxz

    Demos Availability in the Bay Area

    Hi All, This is my monthly update to inform you that the first post is still in effect
  2. Kihraxz

    So.. tanuki tricks

    They have a Df Trigger ("I'm a Teapot") to place 3" from the enemy. They heal themselves and others. And you feel like it, take Terracotta warriors for Ancient Protection. They have the definition of defensive tech.
  3. Kihraxz

    Oxfordian Mages: A Power Struggle

    (0) Ca 6 1/2/3 that gives SS or 2/4/5 dmg or assassinate vs (1) Ml 5 1/4/6+ Slow. with possible hide in shadow and as you said Mages will travel in groups so i'm getting at least 1 tome probably 2 tomes. The higher SS model is less accurate lower/same min dmg, same average damage and less options. In terms of speed; sandeep and collette and Kaeris and ironside all have movement tricks and their both ranged unit's its a moot point. The reason people take 3 is to min-max It is literally because they are powerful that they aren't taken only one at a time. As was discussed they are powerful together and have a multitude options and support play (which hasn't even been discussed). Worse still is that they are so comparable. A 7SS model should crush a 5(.5) SS model every time. And as has been noted. That is not what is happening here and this is compounded by looking at either subject in a group. And if mathematical fact isn't good enough for you then I guess we're done here.
  4. Kihraxz

    Demos Availability in the Bay Area

    Hi All, This is my monthly update to inform you that the first post is still in effect.
  5. Kihraxz

    Oxfordian Mages: A Power Struggle

    So to my understanding you're saying that the two models who are functionally 1.5 stone apart can fill the same slot have similar if not the same functions and one will work even better with 2 masters vs 1. Not accounting for the fact that mages get better with all M&SU SS users AND have have greater Close-Combat presence if only marginally, while Acolytes have the advantage in only specific situations.
  6. Hello Malifaux Community! Let me tell you about the wondrous, astounding, Bad Thingiest league you'll ever see! If you are the please stop by your local Games Kastle and tell them you would like to sign up for up coming Malifuax League or sign up on line at the Malifaux@Games Kastle Event Page (https://www.facebook.com/events/410680692708346/) Starting on March 21 and Ending on April 25. And Remember cheaters always prosper. Friendly League Packet.pdf
  7. Kihraxz

    Oxfordian Mages: A Power Struggle

    Why's that? Their shoot value isn't better. Acolytes aren't faster Wk. they both give out slow. and it's a 2" range difference and the acolyte is a pure independent while Mages boost each other and Warding Runes and are 5stone cheaper. I don't know the english ideology of Malifaux so I'm curious about this.
  8. @yanlosbeard having played against Yan Lo and Played Yan Lo (in both factions) I found this. Yan Lo is incredibly good at anything that does not require killing, especially Armor. So if you are looking for an compliment for Yan Lo's Schemes you need look no further than Reva (who doesn't care what you take in your crew) or Seamus who gains the benefits of many of the spirits available and Chiaki and Yin. (Datsue Bae. Hanged etc) If your are looking for a Crew overlap. Kirai would be your best choice as she makes use of Izamu (as you said) and Chiaki.
  9. Kihraxz

    Stalking Bistento Tournament

    Hi All, Kihraxz here I will be hosting a Tournament in San Bruno, Ca detail bellow. Tournament: Stalking Bisento GG17 Date: 6/24/17 Location: Heretic Games 442 San Mateo Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066 Start Time: 11:00 am Estimated End Time: 8:00 I hope to see all the locals and as many new faces as possible. Thanks, Kihraxz
  10. Kihraxz

    Demos Availability in the Bay Area

    Hi All, This is my monthly update to inform you that the first post is still in effect.
  11. Kihraxz

    Unappreciated but effective

    I also think a lot of our models are undervalued and like to find interesting ways to use them. Units that I find are undervalued. Oiran: Oiran provide amazing road blocks and Wp support. I always take 2 against Neverborn and Outcasts who charge a lot and Where Wp tests are prevalent Fermented River Monks w/ Brewmaster or Shenlong; the ability to reactivate every turn deal 4 min damage and attack Df and Wp is crushing. and shenlong and Brewmaster make this plus healing possible add in a Performer and you can kill anything in the game Fuhatsu: I only use him with Close, Flank Deployment but he can hold an entire area down by himself Tengu are great flankers or great at playing the mid field when you play super aggresive crews. Archers are great in Guard the Stash where they can hide and screw with your opponents day or with Mei who can take metal gamin to make them Df 6 Yamaziko is a good back up for crews with to cover the rest of the crew in a similary way. Torakage: Ideal for flanking where they can "Intercept" any give Scheme Runner and run their own schemes. I have not fouind a use for High River Monks or Bunraku as they don't do anything another unit can't do better.
  12. Kihraxz

    Demos Availability in the Bay Area

    Hi All, This is my monthly update to inform you that the first post is still in effect.
  13. Hello All, There will be Demo's at Heretic Games in San Bruno Every Tuesday After 6:00PM to 9:00PM Games Kastle Fremon every Monday after 7:00 PM to 9:30PM and Game Kastle Fremont will also be hosting impromptu Demo's on Sundays. For quickest contact please reach out out at any of the following Facebook pages. I am also happy to demo at Game Kastle- Santa Clara or Mountain View with 1 days notice. https://www.facebook.com/groups/148757625322037/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/345847638935041/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/1406604709577082/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/679190835520350/
  14. Kihraxz

    Help with the Viks

    If they're spending AP to kill Seishin. I'm okay with that.
  15. Kihraxz

    Help with the Viks

    Yo, These may appeared already but these are great ways to Shut Down Viks Specific Answers: McCabe and Guild Riflemen Yan Lo and Ashigaru Disquised Misaki and Oiran Asami and Obisidian Oni Remember to Take Anna Lovelace. She Provides 2 things that shut down Viks a Tie up Model and preventing Places which is the way Viks leave engagement This was the Lists I made to Counter Outcasts to a high success (3-1 win ratio). Swapping out Aionus for Anna or Sloth would also work. 50 SS Ten Thunders CrewMisaki + 5 Pool- Disguise (2)- Misdirection (2)- Recalled Training (1)Shang (3)Aionus (13)- Hidden Agenda (0)- Equality (1)Samurai (8)- Favor Of Jigoku (0)Katanaka Sniper (7)Oiran (5)Oiran (5) General Plan Against Viks. Kill Vikki B with Misaki (using Recalled Training) and then enjoy your day.