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  1. Yo, These may appeared already but these are great ways to Shut Down Viks Specific Answers: McCabe and Guild Riflemen Yan Lo and Ashigaru Disquised Misaki and Oiran Asami and Obisidian Oni Remember to Take Anna Lovelace. She Provides 2 things that shut down Viks a Tie up Model and preventing Places which is the way Viks leave engagement This was the Lists I made to Counter Outcasts to a high success (3-1 win ratio). Swapping out Aionus for Anna or Sloth would also work. 50 SS Ten Thunders CrewMisaki + 5 Pool- Disguise (2)- Misdirection (2)- Recalled Training (1)Shang (3)Aionus (13)- Hidden Agenda (0)- Equality (1)Samurai (8)- Favor Of Jigoku (0)Katanaka Sniper (7)Oiran (5)Oiran (5) General Plan Against Viks. Kill Vikki B with Misaki (using Recalled Training) and then enjoy your day.
  2. Hivemind, I have recently run into some trouble with the Guild. Prominently against Lady Justice (probably something to do with Yan Lo). My standard tactics of tying up key models and cutting down the rest have not been working as well. So I write this both to learn and to share what are the Guild's strengths? What are their weaknesses? Here is what I have so far; Guild Strengths: High damage output, Cheap Armor +x, Lots of Shooting Guild Weakness: Elite crews, Guild Keywords: Critical Strike +x, Armor +x, Bury
  3. The Date is incorrect on the Errata. It says 11/1/16 M2E+FAQ+and+Errata+(Jan+2017+PF).pdf
  4. ten thunders

    I love all of these. I have not used Yan Lo yet but this makes a lot of sense. I had not thought of the Austringer one. That's crazy. I love using Izamu as a missile. Do you use it in certain situations or just when you want something dead? Largely I agree Samurai definitely has more use with Misaki overall and agree Tannen is a place and time kinda guy. So do you not use Misaki in Turf War/Extraction?
  5. Hi Everyone, I am compiling a list of combinations and synergies for the Ten Thunder and was hoping you of the Forums would have some input. Please only list 2 models in the Ten Thunders Faction and explain how they interact. Include any upgrades, or specific scenarios where the combo would be useful. Thanks