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  1. Kyris

    picking pig's pigment?

    So, I finally got into gremlins and working on painting them, but the one thing that's bothering me is, I can't find any good methods for painting the pigs, the wild boars are easy enough but the pigs; old major, lenny's pig, etc are an issue. I can't find a good color for that off-white shade of pink that I' looking for. advice?
  2. Kyris

    Airbrushing malifaux?

    here's my advice to people who want to use airbrushes; Understand that an airbrush is a tool. it is not a replacement for a regular paint brush. just like you wouldn't use a base brush or dry brush to paint an entire miniature, do not think you can paint an entire miniature with an airbrush and expect it to look good; handled well, you can and will get some amazing, AMAZING effects with an airbrush. but airbrushed only minis always look awful IMO. that said; get a dual-action, gravity feed airbrush and an air compressor with both a pressure gauge and a pressure regulator valve-thingie..I'm not sure the technical term. with miniature painting you want a lot of control of the air pressure, nd you generally want a lower air pressure. that set up will give you the best result. edit: wow..aaand i just noticed how old this post is...
  3. Had to reschedule the day due to International Tabletop Day; everything in post is currently up-to-date for that.
  4. I'll be hosting a henchman hardcore tournament at Rune and Board in hillsboro Oregon on saturday May 5th, tournament will start be from 3 to 5:30 for a total of five rounds, assuming a good showing of people. The store opens at 1PM. Store is doing pre-registration so that we can get a rough idea of how many people will be showing up. All of the usual henchman hardcore and tournament rules apply Directions, store info, and event calendar can be found here: https://runeandboard.com https://www.facebook.com/events/2149782231713650/?ti=as edit: correction in the time, accidently put 6 to 8:30, meant to put 3 to 5:30; my mistake!
  5. Kyris

    Waldgiests, and Grootslang

    Oh yeah, absolutely okay. I usually just don't bother to clean up shit like that unless its work I plan on selling, or its for someone else.
  6. Kyris

    Waldgiests, and Grootslang

    Well, both models are based. just very subtly. I used the citadel mud texture paint, a bit of black wash, some glossy finish, and then a light dry brushing. I was hoping the glossy finish would show a bit more for a wet mud effect but, it's good enough.
  7. Haven't been as active around here as I'd like - mostly been busy with school and other things. - So I totally forgot to post these guys here! file sizes seem to be too large, so here are some imgur albums! https://imgur.com/a/Ku5mi https://imgur.com/a/HILFc
  8. Galaxy s6 edge. App says up to date, play store has no update.
  9. Yeah, I won't have any money for things for myself until just after the new year so I'd be kind of bummed if its a black friday sell only kinda deal.
  10. It says it'll be made available during the black friday sell, what are the odds of it being available after that?
  11. So, as the title kind of suggests, I'm looking for solutions to two different, distinct problems but I don't want to clutter the board with a thread for each, so here we are now. my first issue is character creation for both NPCs, and pre-genned player characters. I'm trying to run a campaign at a local game store and frequently have drop-in, drop-out players who aren't exactly the most reliable. so for those people I wanted to make a handful - 5-10 or so - pregenned characters that they can use rather then spending the time it takes to teach a new player character creation who're only going to be there for one session. So, does anyone know of any resources, anything, that function something similar to orcpub, but for TTB? you know, something that will randomize the cards drawn, fill in the destiny, and skills, etc for you, and just have you assign the skills/attributes to the numbers generated by the cards? just something so that I can bust out a ton of pregenned characters really quickly and on the fly without having to flip back and forth through my book. the second problem I have, is NPC tokens. while I have more than enough models to bring for NPCs, I'd rather not lug my models, and the game mat, and all the books, character sheets, etc around all day. it's just more hassle than I need. Does anyone know of any good resources for TTB? most of what I've found are more for fantasy games, like the pathfinder pawn NPC codex, bestiary box, etc. or the dozens and dozens of other dungeons and dragons token sets.
  12. I'm going to begin running a bi-weekly TTB campaign at Rune and Board in Hillsboro Oregon, starting saturday oct. 21st. the game is open to both new players and more experienced players. I'll try to have some pre-made characters ready to go, especially for the new players as we get deeper and deeper into the campaign to create a loose drop-in, drop-out system. I currently haven't decided what campaign I'm going to be running, although it'll probably be either Nythera or A Night in Rottenburg, with a few one shots thrown into the mix to spice things up week to week. Time/date: October 21st, 6PM to 9PM Location: Rune and Board Meetup.com RSVP: https://www.meetup.com/PDXers/events/lrqxpnywnbcc/
  13. Kyris

    The Latigo Posse

    you may or may not remember my Santiago that I posted a bit ago, well, here's my second attempt at him, as well as the rest of the crew.
  14. Kyris

    Santiago Ortega

    Was getting my minis painted and ready to play with, and Santiago turned out exceptional so I figured I'd show it off a bit.
  15. Hey, so I'm looking to start running a few campaigns for a few different groups, and I'll be honest here - I'm kind of shit at coming up with my own campaigns and plot threads. So I'm wondering, what are some of the better one-shots to string together to turn them into a full campaign? I know there are some penny dreadfuls that already *are* full campaigns, and I already bought defense of innocence and nythera, but I'd like to have a few more options.