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  1. Well count me in as i need to expand the gremlin shanty town so my gremlin boys can get some more stills and pig farms going......yea hah sueeeeeee
  2. I'm in should be a laugh
  3. Count me in the gremlins need to feed their piggies
  4. You need at least 1 warpig as this can be summoned as can piglets . Had some good games using ulix and old major as for the wildboars they can be deadly if they charge from within 4 of old major as you get + to attack and damage flips
  5. May i suggest one of these the lucky emissary Will buff all your leaders too
  6. So game One is over i went with old major the sow a piglet and a wildboar we drew 7 all but scored 14 scrip with zero injuries and can now do a shoot action with one of the above thanks to getting the clockwork seeker equiptment upgrade 😁 should be fun . I'm thinking of putting in the warpig and another wildboar as will have 21scrip start of round 2 but screwed up on the bounty (hog wild) and am now kicking myself
  7. Old major (corn husks) Wildboar Wildboar Piglet Piglet Piglet or old cranky ? (Help with any shooting coming my way) So this is what I'm thinking about running with just not 100% on the 3rd piglet or old cranky instead
  8. I have got the sow gracie a warpig 5 wildboars 3 piglets 6 stuffed piglets the lovely pigapault and mechanical porkchops so plenty of pork to go at and just like the idea of running pigs as they won't be expecting it
  9. So I'm delving into a 6 week shifting loyalties campaign and I'm seriously thinking of starting with "old major" as my henchman/leader this being said should i go piglets wildboars n stuffed piglets just for the sheer fun and to benefit from his capabilities or should i pad out the starting crew with francois merris old cranky etc ??? I have just about everything except for trixiebelle and some bushwackers . want it to be fun but worried I'm short changing myself in the beginning by having little or no shooting capabilities . thoughts anyone ?
  10. Im definately in on this one ......can feel the hogs getting excited
  11. I used all 3 the other day with my ulix crew and activating them near old major for the + to attack and damage flips prooved lethal i would suggest dropping the sow and summon piglets to bolster and out activate your opponent instead was one of my best games ever as i even managed to summon the warpig
  12. Im not away this time so count me in
  13. Try and get the 1st somer box you get 4 metal gremlins totally different to the others and a war pig
  14. Don't forget the gremlins we need some payback
  15. OK I'm/the gremlins will be attending this one