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  1. Wildcard626

    Seize the Day @ The Outpost Sheffield 24/06/18

    Count me and my son's in Dan rumour has it we will be seeing some fun lists being fielded 😃
  2. Wildcard626

    Gremlins and GG18 - A new hope?!? (current state)

    I've just had my first 2 ranked tournaments and in the 1st i dabbled with certain combos and tactics that I'd read here and their but ended up coming last and didn't really have any fun Was kind of out of my comfort zone of how i usually play but so wanted to do well but got slaughtered with all the mistakes i was making trying to get certain combos and synergies off . So 2nd tournament that i didn't want to really do at the time after coming last in the one before (wooden spoon) i just went with my gut instincts and took lists like l normally play i tried wong for the 2nd time and took zip and ulix to mix it up a little as love the non slow pigs ulix summons and i came 2nd won all 3 matches and had a great time doing so .I would say gg18 and running gremlins is harder in some scenarios depending on what schemes you draw but still achievable and will leave the combo stuff to my opponents from now on
  3. Wildcard626

    Question about zipp

    You would take any damage coming from the initial attack but can then move/place yourself out of melee range or behind scenery etc if you get the def/wp trigger more or less canceling their charge shot or cast action you can just stone for the trigger too
  4. Wildcard626

    Tombstone Legacy Feb 24 - Mar 31

    Think the gremlins best show up again show you how is done 😁
  5. Wildcard626

    Tooth & Nail 21st January 2018

    The gremlins are coming to get yah !!!
  6. Wildcard626

    Crew Box Challenge 28th October 2017

    Can't see the gremlins getting any points for the last 3 . We like to cheat fate kill stuff and spend those perdy soul stones on bigga hats
  7. Wildcard626

    Gremlin Enforcer Brawl - Who??

    Enforcer brawls are great fun but Don't forget you can also take 1 upgrade (dirty cheater) burt is a great choice have run him before aswell as gracie and the lucky effigy just becareful if someone takes kiljoy he's a pain
  8. Wildcard626

    BACK to TOMBSTONE 31st July 2017

    Well count me in as i need to expand the gremlin shanty town so my gremlin boys can get some more stills and pig farms going......yea hah sueeeeeee
  9. Wildcard626

    Henchmen Hardcore 24/06/17

    I'm in should be a laugh
  10. Wildcard626

    Return to Tombstone 27th February 2017

    Count me in the gremlins need to feed their piggies
  11. Wildcard626

    How many warpigs with Ulix?

    You need at least 1 warpig as this can be summoned as can piglets . Had some good games using ulix and old major as for the wildboars they can be deadly if they charge from within 4 of old major as you get + to attack and damage flips
  12. Wildcard626

    Planning next buy!

    May i suggest one of these the lucky emissary Will buff all your leaders too
  13. Wildcard626

    Shifting loyalties using old major

    So game One is over i went with old major the sow a piglet and a wildboar we drew 7 all but scored 14 scrip with zero injuries and can now do a shoot action with one of the above thanks to getting the clockwork seeker equiptment upgrade ? should be fun . I'm thinking of putting in the warpig and another wildboar as will have 21scrip start of round 2 but screwed up on the bounty (hog wild) and am now kicking myself
  14. Wildcard626

    Shifting loyalties using old major

    Old major (corn husks) Wildboar Wildboar Piglet Piglet Piglet or old cranky ? (Help with any shooting coming my way) So this is what I'm thinking about running with just not 100% on the 3rd piglet or old cranky instead
  15. Wildcard626

    Shifting loyalties using old major

    I have got the sow gracie a warpig 5 wildboars 3 piglets 6 stuffed piglets the lovely pigapault and mechanical porkchops so plenty of pork to go at and just like the idea of running pigs as they won't be expecting it