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    Honeypot Casino or Sybelle's Saloon :P
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    Malifaux, Painting miniatures (learning) , Combat Sports, Nature, Animals, Cooking, 80's and 90's years, Videogames (a little), Travel...and Others (Now they don't come to my mind)

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  1. Marcus. Remember, with marcus and raptor all of your pieces will become beasts
  2. Thanks Dog. for your always fast and clear answers! Only i don't find the rule of shooting; both in big and in small book.. is it possible that is only in errata?
  3. Sorry for this repetitive question. When a friendly model is over 2" from an enemy; models that are friendly with first can shooting (without randomize) is correct? Where can i find this rule? only on errata? is it true that in all miniatures games "within" means that the model can add the lenght of his base? for example: place this model "within" 4" it could be 4 plus his base? then a model on a 50 base is placed at 6" approximately? thanks
  4. How do you see her in gg2017?
  5. The second, i think the first is impossile.. I ask this, because from previous posts i understand that actually Sonnia don't use many pieces: Malifaux child Francisco Stalkers Emissary Brutal Abuela Handlers And rarely Pathfinder Freikorps specialist Samael (someone say no) Now is it possible, with only this pool to be competitive in every strat or schemes? Thanks
  6. In tournaments, is it possible with Sonnia use a fixed list? If yes, do you share your lists? Or your "core" of lists?
  7. you're good at guessing
  8. anyway what about goryo please?
  9. By chance someone know the list of winning dreamer (by Mark Elwood) of last biggest tournament in uk?
  10. Many Thanks
  11. hi all! After resolving says: "these effects happen after Step 5, regardless of success or failure." But Step 5 says: Determine Succes.. now, my question is: if one model has a df trigger (after resolving) and fails an opposed duel, first entering the df trigger or first it take damages, and after apply the df trigger? sorry for mistakes
  12. I have a little problem with english language spoken fast
  13. These master are considering played only with res. pieces? Because i have played many times vs tara like res. (obviously with a mix with outcasts pieces) I think that she is a super versatile, and she can excel almost every schemes or strategies
  14. How do you use generally Som'er in tournament? Any advices are apprecciated!
  15. so for you, definitely in sonnia crew samael don't work well?