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  1. I have to admit that i have this impression since of changes of Leveticus and Sonnia. Initially i thought these were balanced.. but over time i made a different opinion, especially about "channel" ability, instead about Sonnia,some users tried to explain me some cases why she was too dominant, i very much appreciate this. Last nerfs, most affect only ss costs.. are very important, but don't distort abilities of characters. On the other hand, i find great the changes at Lucius and Ironside and nerf of Rat-joy. Anyway, i'll try to reconsider my first impression, hoping that no one master become unplayable (or better saying: that there are no much better options) (sorry as always for my bad english) Thanks @Fetid Strumpet
  2. I believe (unlike you) wyrd's game devs have understood, what i' try to say with this topic. I thought i had argued well as regards what i asking. Most of folks of you speaking, don't try to provide any evidence, instead they just complained about some masters, if you don't believe me, try to read again Sandeep's Topic; it seems to me, that there are some profiles that don't post anything from since that discussion. (probably i think the worst?) i repeat: until there is evidence that sandeep and nico wins most tournaments, for me they should not be nerfed, if the problem is only drawing mechanics, there other masters that have same problem. (i don't speak about new models interactions) They were even able to complaints about myranda +ie!! Incredible.. Do you know what is my fear? Is that all these complaints about Sandeep/Nico bringing non-existing troubles at ears of developers. Sandeep is much more a year from his release and Nico from starting of m2e!! i believe, that you wanted to intervene in this discussion, in this way unkind, only because you became interested about gg2018 with your issues and point of views. just want to tell you that i like much new changes about gg2018, schemes and strategies. What i would criticise, are changes to masters, is a delicate thing, and should not be made only because a group of some people (or presumed) complaints about them! Only this. edit. all this makes this debate, boring and redundat for those who read it, i'm sorry, but i believe was correct to answer
  3. TeddyBear

    Mah is good

    Thanks! i'll take inspiration from them ๐Ÿ˜Ž Edit. But with Emissary i could take 2 benefits from "Chores"?
  4. TeddyBear

    Mah is good

    i'll be boring maybe, but what core list do you use generally with her? I don't have bushwackers..
  5. I understand and i've read all your opinions, one more thing that i feel to write and maybe i'm repetitive; it seem so strange to think of a master that "was born" in this way, from start of m2e.. after years will be changed.. isn't my case, but for people who have buy him in good faith, and all his models (and i know someone) will be really unfair.
  6. TeddyBear

    Monday Preview - Mystery Monkey Mischief

    King Louie? ๐Ÿ˜
  7. Keep in mind that as said before, Nicodem spends is most ap for summoning. Dreamer can do more thing imho. altough his crew must spend ap, as you say.
  8. Thanks Haagrum. Exactly. Hypothetycally speaking about dreamer, you can easily drawing from serena, playtime (2 times), and the thorn. For example.
  9. That's not the correct use of thousand faces for drawing.. If you see no problem, very well. Surely, i have nothing to explaining to you. If you want really looking and understand how this models can help to drawing, look at forum. I don't see the connection.. i was trying to explain you that drawing much aces are useful in some ways for Lynch's crew. I would like to see when you are against Lynch crew with 12 or more cards in hand. There is a lot of documentation about Somer, and Levi can also hire Philip, not mention about his abom. Thank for your opinion.
  10. Anyway i'm fairly convinced about one thing: if wyrd developers will choose to change only Sandeep and Nico, inevitably arise new discussion on other Masters ๐Ÿ˜ญ it's a vicious circle Anyway, probably it's not a right parameter, but i look at Logfaux , i'm choosing gg2018 then tournaments, i don't see neither Sandeep nor Nico.. i don't know.. We will see what happens..
  11. I don't want to go too long to explain every drawing synergies, i'm just saying, try to search in forum: serena bowman with thousand faces, the thorn, gwyneth maddox, yasunori. And think that there are other masters that drawing cards very well! You didn't say anything about Levi or Somer, do you know those? Yeah, so for example have all other crew models in defensive +2 for free is garbage..๐Ÿคจ Excuse me for saying so, but this is example when we saying that very often finger is pointed aginst other masters instead his own.. because what is you say, is applies for all masters.
  12. Almost all Neverborn, in particular Lynch and Dreamer then there are Somer, Leveticus, Asami.. Should i continue to list? Edit. And i say this against my interest, since i have all these masters, even at cost to change cards of all.
  13. I understand ,and partially i agree with your views, but maybe a model like Anna in many cases is no so different.. You have completely right.. damn at my bad attitude, thanks for advice.
  14. TeddyBear

    Investigators and guild sarge

    With Lucius.. tc is better then my options ๐Ÿ˜‰
  15. TeddyBear

    Investigators and guild sarge

    I guess, they may be protected by Phiona's Stone or El major.. and healed them back, by Nellie or (maybe Hoffman)? very good models anyway, i'll have consider to buy them, if i want to play again with guild.