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    Honeypot Casino or Sybelle's Saloon :P
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    Malifaux, Painting miniatures (learning) , Combat Sports, Nature, Animals, Cooking, 80's and 90's years, Videogames (a little), Travel...and Others (Now they don't come to my mind)

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  1. I have a little problem with english language spoken fast
  2. These master are considering played only with res. pieces? Because i have played many times vs tara like res. (obviously with a mix with outcasts pieces) I think that she is a super versatile, and she can excel almost every schemes or strategies
  3. How do you use generally Som'er in tournament? Any advices are apprecciated!
  4. so for you, definitely in sonnia crew samael don't work well?
  5. Thank you so much codingCaptor! And thanks also for useful explanation of every single pieces that you list up! Somebody else has had experience with somer in tournament? and in tournament with pigapult?
  6. Hi all, some of you think that it is n.1 of gremlins master, others thinks differently.. in my opinion it could be the most fun master of the game.. i am evaluating if i add it to my "malifaux pieces pool" I have already asked to someone, but how would you play it in tournament? How pieces he need surely? I like pigapult very much.. it is a really strong piece.. it would be possible to use it in all schemes and strategies in tournament (gg2017)? sorry for my language mistakes Thank you so much!
  7. Thanks Daniel! What you'll play?
  8. I just have to be honest, lately i see only gremlins and arcanists at top of tournaments rankings, closely follow by Res. Hello Zipp, Hello Reva (for me actually tier 1 masters)
  9. No kidding, perhaps the emoticon made you misinterpret.. sorry I open this topic for looking for advices.. i don't know Sonnia..
  10. expert sleuth? (but need an enemy marker right?)
  11. Thanks Nikodemus!
  12. (sorry for this question but i don't know why i have a doubt now) Can ap from nimble be used for charge? (i always knew that charge is considering a tactical action and no movement action..) i had read in forum that howard langstone (for example) can make 4 attack sometimes.. how? thanks for all reply
  13. thanks for reply, in tournament samael is generally used? (he seem very strong, but he need more movement trick...maybe with austringers?) @wizuriel: how do you use ryle? thanks again
  14. Hi all, I'm considering whether to buy it.. Which pieces are definitely needed to play Sonnia in tournaments? (especially after papa disempowerment) Many thanks