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  1. Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    Just one clarification (for me :P), Collodi can share Focus condition when him take it from Envy??! How?
  2. Bad Things Happen - 11/13/17 Patch Notes

    Thanks for update!
  3. Pandora Tactica

    I find him one of best and versatile masters, (at least in gg 2017) Also he can easily remove conditions, and pandora (works well with conditions like many nb.) Certainly, first thing to do is kill emissary (to restrict shenlong draws synergies) or no? Other general advices?? Many thanks (and sorry for language mistakes)
  4. Pandora Tactica

    What do you do when in tournament you have deal with masters like Shenlong or Kirai?
  5. Pandora Tactica

    Yes and i thank you, i like much the idea of Pandora in one quarter and Nekima in another! Do you use terror tot with sprint for take another quarter (but without engage them)? i Know i'm little off-topic but it would be interesting how you do with Lilith.. i asked you only to just have your opinion on. i think that dreamer is the best master neverborn for interference..but pandora is my favorite nb master and i don't like much play with dreamer in tournaments; time is limited, i spend a lot of time to prepare models for summoning (sorry for mistakes)
  6. Pandora Tactica

    What could possibly be (where appropriate) a good core- list for interference? I was thinking about (i could be wrong) - Pandora Voices Depression Aether Conn. - Primordial Magic -Lilithu(????) What else??? You don't think that other NB masters are better (then Pandora) for interference?
  7. Pandora Tactica

    Worst strategy for Pandora is Reconnoitter/interf. How do you play this strat. with her? (Or do yo use directly, Dreamer??)
  8. Yu and Terracotta

    Come on, Dog! if not for you i don't know even half of rules and not just me..
  9. Yu and Terracotta

    Thanks!! in fact, it's just "when shelong discard".. so?!?
  10. Yu and Terracotta

    sorry, but that doesn't explain the trick.. how do you have Yu with 5 upgrades when terracotta attach an upgrade and discard another? probably i don't understand something..
  11. Yu and Terracotta

    From Pmf: (shenlong/Sensei Yu) However, there is another trick with the both of them. With the Promising Disciple upgrade, Sensei Yu can attach any upgrade that Shenlong discards, regardless of restrictions. Using Ancient Treasures on Shenlong to discard his starting upgrades and replace them with others allows Sensei Yu to pick up those starting upgrades, potentially running around with as many as 5 upgrade. Could someone pls explain to me this trick? I also don't understand "potentially running around with as many as 5 upgrade".. because from proming disciple upgrade: "if this model has more than one Limited upgrade attached, it must immediately discard one of them" but all upgrade are Limited unless words on the river?!? many thanks
  12. July Errata now available on WGV

    i sent you a pm. thank you
  13. July Errata now available on WGV

    Many Thanks Adran! (i want oly to tell you that, if i try to find these cards with "search" on Wgv; i don't find them, Others could have same problem..) For second question: i lost one arcanists upgrade, if i try to find it on wgv there isn't... how can i get one? Last question please: on Wgv there are only 4 hamelin's rats card (a,b,c and d) are there (on wgv) only 4 type? because i have 12 rats.
  14. July Errata now available on WGV

    (i only see wind gamin A) Are there B and C? If i needed another upgrade (without errata) where could i find it?
  15. Advices for choose the right faction.

    Many Thanks!