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    Honeypot Casino or Sybelle's Saloon :P
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    Malifaux, Painting miniatures (learning) , Combat Sports, Nature, Animals, Cooking, 80's and 90's years, Videogames (a little), Travel...and Others (Now they don't come to my mind)

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  1. I found this:
  2. but in this way maybe considering also the crew.. most powerful base crew are those have greater ss costs..like ramos for example (imo)
  3. If we talk only about masters, and what they can do (without its crew) i say Marcus. Marcus is a swiss knife. I don't know about weakest..
  4. 1 all gremlins 2 wind and ice gamin 3 iggy 4 zoraida and her dolls 5 aeslin 6 death marshal on coffin I'm waiting yan lo.. in next days
  5. Hello! I was wondering: why hide and seek, the dreamer's box is impossible to find in stores in europe? I have already it, but i'm looking for another one, because my gw white primer, unfortunately loose plastic at smaller areas of mini. I imagine that "the dreamer" is most popular malifaux crew..so for don't have people that play only with it, wyrd has limited (dreamer) sales? Possible? Sorry for all language mistakes
  6. Hello friends, i read contrasting views about how many damages jack daw can do with "the bigger they are" upgrade.. Could i ask you if there is an "official version"? I always used Jack in this way: (1) Noose (Ca 7/Rst: Df / Rg 2): Target suffers 2/3/4 damage. Remember Injustice: After damaging a target with Cursed Upgrade attacched which started the game attacched to this model, the target suffers 2 damage. Reattach the Cursed Upg. to this model, face down. Firing Squad Injustice Upg: "Death by Firing Squad": When this model declares an attack action it suffers 2 dmg which may not be reduced. When this model suffers damage from an attack action, it suffers +1 dmg. 2/3/4 base dmg + 1 from firing squad = 3/4/5 3/4/5 + 1 of bigger they are = 4/5/6 plus eventually +2 of remember injustice... is it correct? Many many thanks
  7. Marcus. Remember, with marcus and raptor all of your pieces will become beasts
  8. Thanks Dog. for your always fast and clear answers! Only i don't find the rule of shooting; both in big and in small book.. is it possible that is only in errata?
  9. Sorry for this repetitive question. When a friendly model is over 2" from an enemy; models that are friendly with first can shooting (without randomize) is correct? Where can i find this rule? only on errata? is it true that in all miniatures games "within" means that the model can add the lenght of his base? for example: place this model "within" 4" it could be 4 plus his base? then a model on a 50 base is placed at 6" approximately? thanks
  10. How do you see her in gg2017?
  11. The second, i think the first is impossile.. I ask this, because from previous posts i understand that actually Sonnia don't use many pieces: Malifaux child Francisco Stalkers Emissary Brutal Abuela Handlers And rarely Pathfinder Freikorps specialist Samael (someone say no) Now is it possible, with only this pool to be competitive in every strat or schemes? Thanks
  12. In tournaments, is it possible with Sonnia use a fixed list? If yes, do you share your lists? Or your "core" of lists?
  13. you're good at guessing
  14. anyway what about goryo please?
  15. By chance someone know the list of winning dreamer (by Mark Elwood) of last biggest tournament in uk?