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  1. TeddyBear

    Molly's Revelation

    This attack inflicts slow (if moderate damages are flipped) and paralyzed (in case of severe) so, regardless if the model takes damage? Thanks
  2. For example Cardstock Markers and Simple Plastic-Insert like these:
  3. Hi All! I was thinking, why Wyrd never thought about 7 boundles (each for faction) with some own markers maybe made by good material (not plastic, also card) like that which find in any modern boardgame? (with generics , blasts, terrains, conditions etc) If they were made of cardstock (like any boardgame) could be more cheaper (also for it's producer, but also for us!) compared with plastic markers (of wyrd's partners). At the beggining, i cut faction symbol from crew box.. (they are 30 mm) to use them like generic faction markers. But they never accurate.. instead about base-insert, already exist some (wyrd) insert but metal and it seems to me, are out of production.. currently there are also superb new round bases.. but i think are better for artist then players.. it would be nice if there were some simple basic plastic base-inserts (also similar between them) Kind of like the base of Jaakuna ubume, but with more less details. Sorry for Language mistakes (i hope you understand what i write) What do you think?
  4. TeddyBear

    Som'er and/or Zipp in new "Ours"

    Which pieces would you reccomend? Which are better? (probably these masters are not better than Brewmaster) I thought about: Francois Lacroix, Burt, Gracie, Trixie and Sammy? I also thought about a dread pirate Zipp's list with buried Killjoy..to remove as many enemies as possible in first turns, but i believe is not resilent... I'm wrong? Any suggestions? Thank you! =))
  5. TeddyBear

    behavior in tournament

    hahaha after all, i have a teddy as image..what did you expect? no, actually, i got that doubt, because i thought about "anna's cruel rule" and i'd read in this forum, that (models wich would be illegaly pushed or moved into stop at its edge) someone explain that if this push or movement was "an action" the action fail in tournament, is wasted and generally you don't remind to your opponent this thing. i thought, was the same thing in my case, but i having always done like you said and so i said to myself "maybe i'm wrong?" Thanks for all replies!
  6. TeddyBear

    behavior in tournament

    Sounds banal, but, for example: in tournament my oppo don't know my master x that have impossible to wound; with his model y he attack my master with focus, as a result of duel my oppo will flip with + on dmg. And he choose to spend his Red Joker from his hand. Does he wasted his Rj? I should tell him that he's makes a mistake for sportsmanship? What Happened? Often in little meta happen to play with same people, and often we all know each. Thanks
  7. TeddyBear

    Need more survivor cards.

    any news about survivors b/c And bunraku b/c ? i'd like to report also that pandora card on wgv is wrong =(( i bought it but there is an error..
  8. TeddyBear

    Faction rankings?

    Could i ask you which faction?
  9. TeddyBear

    neverborn nemesis

    Others maybe? What do you think about Zipp? And Anna lovelace?
  10. TeddyBear

    Faction rankings?

    oh Thanks! i will seek his podcast. I like much Nellie! (but i'm waiting monster hunter to try her)
  11. TeddyBear

    Faction rankings?

    Sorry who is Travis?
  12. TeddyBear

    Som'er and Zipp Tactics?

    They seems to me, more effective masters in gremlins.. (at least on paper, but still i have to try some others) Since even though PullmyFinger is a great asset for all non-anglophone players like me, but hasn't been updated for along time and tactics part's missing; Can some thoughtful soul, maybe spoiling some tactics and tricks, also in view of gg18, with these two superb masters please? i swear that after i'll read and translate all 20 pages of zipp. Thanks in advance!
  13. TeddyBear

    neverborn nemesis

    Just curious, only for nb players: what are in you opinion hardest masters from other factions to face and why?
  14. TeddyBear

    Monday Preview - The Undying Pt. 2

    these models are aesthetically more similar at the last wave..compared to the ress. side of the box. anyway i can't wait to try them with levi! great job guys!
  15. TeddyBear

    Monday Preview - The Undying

    (in my imaginations ) the two ladies in black could be inspired by victorians hidden mothers photographs.. disturbing