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  1. Some questions about markers.

    This is exactly what I thought about it. That FAQ clarification is not to explain the meaning of contact base but the spirit is just to avoid model with medium-large base to place markers hiding under their base, encoraging polite games. So you can't overlapping marker while placing (hiding), but you can remove enemy markers while overlapping. OK! That's have sense. I think the same. Anyway I can't find where this sentence is wrote Is it wrote somewhere? I also suppose I can't move terrain, so I suppose I can hide markers inside/under becouse I can't place without moving. OK! I suppose I can't try to put a mark "on the void" near a roof board because the marker "can't stay on place". OK! I also want suppose I can' try to put mark "in equilibrium" on instable places. (I hope so) Thank you! But still have a couple of questions... Yes I read that definition as a sort of virtual marker for position (and this is one of the reasons for our group "place in strange location" doubts). Anyway the vertical position does matter while placing (due the base contact rule) and also for removing with standard interact. Right? So there's a bit of difference if the mark should be considered at definite or indefinite height position. For example: My opponents drop a marker inside a building at the first floor. At the second floor I think i can go at distance 0'' (distance measurements are only in 2D) but I think I can't remove it because I'm not in contact base due in not in the same height position (different floor) of the marker. Is this sentence right? I'm not sure. Anyway If I create a terrain over a marker the height position of the mark changes putting it "on top" of the terrain? Or is it considered at the older h and "putting on top" is just to make it more visible to both players? (Yes I know this is a very borderline case).
  2. Rising Sun Vs. Cheating Bastard

    I'm not an expert Lynch player but this week I finally tried him with the new Cheating Bastard. I had a very strange game, with horribles control hand for 3 turns despite mulligans+Woke Up With a Hand+Emissary card cycling trigger from (0)push. In any case I liked the upgrade. Really. I think is really good for his 1SS cost if you are not much scared about Huggy death before turn 3. 1. Cheaper than others limited. 2. Huggy charge under fast + recalled can be really annoing when your opponent have always to cheat first. He probably wastes a lot of high cards early in the turn if he want to win duels. 3. Huggy can sometimes survive attacks for the same reason. 4. Huggy can be also played as support for your crew (he still a good option for a 0SS activation). 5. Same for Lynch. Great buff for offensive duel and a bit more survability. 6. The buff is spread to every model near him and huggy, this is very good option for models who really want to enable nasty triggers (lone swordsman, oiran's lure, Ama No Zako...) because you can cheat when you're are sure the duel is alreay won. 7. Show mask to do something. A free "under the influence" is great, free markers in base contact to huggy and lynch is really good too. This saves Lynch APs and make Huggy a good (fast, incorporeal) scheme runner, healing 2WD is hardest to trigger but still really good. You can still draw 2 with Woke Up and then chose show mask due the same timing. I think I'll make other games with Lynch with this upgrade soon. Very versatile.
  3. Inside my play community we're discussing a lot about markers placement rules. I check the rules / faq and forum answers but still some doubts. - A model with (1) interact can place marker generally in contact base, from FAQ marker can't be overlapped. -A model with (1) interact can remove any enemy marker in contact base, Does the "marker and model base can't be overlapped faq" apply also for removing? - A model is in base contact with a terrain with H not zero (for example an impassable house wall), for some reasons player have to place a marker "in the wall". Can models place markers UNDER/INSIDE an impassable terrain? Marks is still in base contact, and LOS is not necessary. I found anything about this case to say "you can't" but I'm not sure this is polite at all. In this case will marker stay under the terrain? Rules clarify that markers will moved vertically over terrains only if the terrain trait will be placed/moved over marker later (for example for effect of a terrain marker). If a terrain trait blast marker is placed (for example blocking H5) over a scheme marker, the scheme marker is placed on the top of the new terrain, so is the scheme marker located at H5 now? -A model is over a house roof (for example H2), with the base in contact to the edge. Player chose to place a marker, further the house roof border, Is placement still legal? In this case will the markers be still at H2 or will it "fall down" same as models do? Down here the rules parts I found. I found nothing about markers and terrain behaviour. Mannequins tactical ability "marker within 6" specify you have to place markers in LOS and not inside terrain, I suppose these conditions do not apply normally. Thank you in advance for any clarifications. ------------------------------------------------------------ Markers[rules pg7]: Malifaux uses various Markers to track different game effects. Some of the rules require standard sizes for Markers and other types of templates, including 30mm and 50mm circles. Wyrd Miniatures sells 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm model bases which work perfectly for Markers and templates. also [rules pg56]: Markers are placed on the table during an Encounter to represent objectives or other game events based on the Marker’s description, such as a pile of scrap metal or a bloody and maligned corpse. By default, Markers simply denote a position on the table, and are ignored most of the time. A Marker’s default size is a 30mm base, unless otherwise noted in the Marker’s description. All Markers have the following common rules: •Markers do not count as terrain and have no Ht unless otherwise noted. •If terrain would be created or moved on top of a Marker, the Marker is placed on top of the terrain without changing the Marker’s position on the table’s horizontal surface (the Marker simply moves up). •Models can move over and stop on Markers. A Marker is ignored for movement purposes (but terrain below the Marker is not). •Markers cannot be moved from their position on the table or destroyed unless an effect states otherwise. Markers are commonly dropped by models that die, or as part of a Scheme. Sometimes a model will drop multiple Markers. It is perfectly acceptable for two Markers to be on top of each other; both have their effects, it doesn’t matter which one is placed on top. Markers Placing[rules pg39]: Placing Scheme Markers A model may take a (1) Interact Action to place a Scheme Marker in base contact with itself and not within 4” of another friendly Scheme Marker. Scheme Markers help achieve certain Schemes (see pg. 84). This Scheme Marker is always considered friendly to the crew of the model that placed it, regardless of who controlled the Interact Action. A model may take this Action even if its Crew has not selected any Schemes which require Scheme Markers. A model may take a (1) Interact Action to remove all enemy Scheme Markers in base contact with it. For more information about Scheme Markers, see page 57. and Interact [rules pg39]: (#) Interact: This Action is performed as part of another rule (usually a Strategy or Scheme). The effects of the Action are listed in the individual rule descriptions. A model may not declare this Action if it is engaged, unless the Interact Action targets an enemy model. and scheme markers (I don't copy&paste text about corpse and scrap because they're are simply placed in base contact before removing model): Scheme Markers Models may place a Scheme Marker in base contact with themselves and not within 4” of another friendly Scheme Marker by taking the (1) Interact Action (see pg. 39). These Markers are used as part of Schemes (see pg. 84); they play a role in a Crew attempting to earn Victory Points during an Encounter. However, models may take this Action even if their Crew has not taken any Schemes which require Scheme Markers. Scheme Markers are Crew specific, and players will need to track which Crew placed each Scheme Marker. Some players might take this opportunity to craft unique Scheme Markers for their crew, or simply paint their Markers a unique color or pattern. Models may take a (1) Interact Action to remove every enemy Scheme Marker that is in base contact with the model. from FAQ: If a model is placing a Marker in base contact with itself and the Marker is Ht 0, can the Marker be placed underneath the model’s base? No. The Marker must be placed touching the model’s base, but not overlapping it. If a model on a 30mm base is positioned perfectly on top of a 30mm Scheme Marker (or similar) such that the Marker is completely covered, can other models draw LoS to the Marker? Yes. A model on a 40mm base or larger would be able to block LoS to the Marker, but a 30mm base does not block LoS (nor can it stop another model from being in base contact with the Marker). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Maulwurfmanns World of Malifaux

    really nice works Lust is my favourite one.
  5. Shen Long help please

    uhm... ok.. so if Shenlong takes Defensive+1 from the LR upgrade he keep the condition value up untill the end of turn or untill he takes Defensive+x from a source that is defining the time the condition ends. I'm not sure this is fair but rules&faq telling that. Low river upgrade is really strong at this point (virtually if you are atleast in defence+1 and you have the LR upgrade on shenlong, if you succed a duel generated from an enemy before activating the defence raise (+1) and stay, then you can spent all 3 action to heal for 2+2 (eventually take +1 during activation). 12 point of heal it's really huge. Thank you @Nikodemus for the explanation.
  6. Shen Long help please

    Defence condition on a model goes away at the beginning of that model activation. Does't care about source.
  7. Shen Long help please

    @generalbear Shenlong can keep burn, focus and poison on after unkeep, but defensive still goes out at the beginning of his activation, he has no special rules about def. condition.
  8. Best Crew Structure for Full Demos

    When I'm doing demo in game-fair I generally avoid to use masters for the first game, and I explain how SS works starting from 2nd turn. I often include some pieces to explain push / lure / place / entomb / horror / fast / condition and the use of SS to enable triggers. I use 3-4 models including 1 enchman (atleast 1 Ml beater, 1 ranged, 1 support). for example francisco+santiago+death marshal VS kang+archer+torakage I think people have to understand that they don't have to simply pew-pew-pew but they have to interact with something to do victory points, so I tipically ask them to "kill the leader" and "drop and keep marks on the centerline" to score victory points. They have to learn the importance of / and when they can use their control hand to influence the duel or damage. If you want to use masters I suggest something simple to learn, avoid "all faction" ressers (kaeris, perdita, mei feng, ophelia/wong, lilith, jack daw, yanlo/seamus)
  9. TT Model range and competitive play.

    last Sunday I won a small 3 turns tournament, probably my last before wave5 upgrades, and (most important thing) I finally received my Broken Promises book. I played 2 times "summoning" Mei Feng (interference and guard the stash). I think emissary, Toshiro and Sun Quiang are almost auto-inclusive with her, Sun is really really strong at guard the stash and makes komainus really tanky. I also finally played my lovely "stalker" Misaki (old but gold Reckoning) in the second game, with Emissary, Kang and Sensei. Enchmen/enforcers: Emissary 3 games, Toshiro 2 games, Sun Quang 2 games, Kang 2 games (my opponents got resser and archanist), Sensei 1 game. Non-totem minions played: 1+2 katanakas, 1 pathfinder, many summoned komainu. I put in play an archer in the first game but his presence on board was not relevant. About new book: I really like Gwyneth, I want play her and a couple of Illuminates also out of Jakob's crew, perhaps with Brewmaster or McCabe, I also want to try the new Brewmaster with the selfbuilt obey on poisoned, Tanukis and a reactivating Whisky. .
  10. Monday Preview - Bayou Smuggler

    Ceci n'est pas une pipe
  11. MFX Global Campaign - Homefront

    Draw seems not submittable on the form.
  12. If you were to make the errata...

    Emissary can have 2 marker at the same time. With 2 marker dropped in turn 1&2 in the right place in some strategies (guard the stash/extraction) usually you have to waste your control hand just to let your crew survive while moving near marker to take position for the strategy, don't forget marker is also a severe terrain and has a 3'' range too, so If you are near 2 mark you have to test 2 time, one for mark (you suffer hazardous one time each turn but for the same terrain, they're 2 different). In addiction NVB has a lot of built-in push triggers / lure /obey to increase the effect of markers and can also cheat initiative at the beginning of turn 2 if necessary to drop the 2nd marker in front of enemy crew.
  13. If you were to make the errata...

    Why not nerf Nekima to Ml6 or min damage at 3 istead 4 ? or limit to 1 the emissary hazardous terrains?.
  14. TT Model range and competitive play.

    @Mrbedlam for the same LoneSwordsMan's stones I take Jebsen usually: weak 2damage, totally random triggers, 2 cards needed to reactivate VS 3 ap always, better Ml damage output (selfbuild critical), nice Sh and tactical, more defensive tricks, higher WP. Imho SwordsMan is fine only under recalled training turn(1 more SS) if you are lucky and you don't flip any black joker. Bettari for the same SS is often better in many situations (ignoring trigger, damage always cheatable, ignoring terrain while charging). I sometimes still play LSM as a expensive scheme runner if I think my opponent plays many Sh models, but if I want a solid hitter I go for Kang. Yes Komainu are great, I like summon them with Toshi inside Mei Feng crew. Almost everything is playable for sure on "normal game", but my feeling is about tournament competitive games when you have recruits the best crew. Any good reason to pay 7ss for archers over Snipers? @Ludvig I think you're right, sometimes the problem is the balance between waves and every faction has some almost "autoinclusive" models and some out-dated, but I think other factions still have no-so-overpowered models that can still synergize well with the right master, this is my idea of playable model. For istance would be nice to have burning arrows option on archers to help with Mei claw, or some buff for last blossom while inside Misaki crew (advanced deployment for torakage/yorogumo?, ...), +1damage track on monks attack while in shenlong crew... just to write down some ideas. I don't think the Wave5 master upgrades will change much our games except to auto-include atleast 1 terracotta in many crews. What I like about this game is the possibility to build the best crew concerning schemes&strategies and opponent faction, but at the moment, with GG17 schemes&strat and with "6 is the new 5" my competitive options are sadly very restricted on few models. I would like to chose models that can open tricks and options istead just evaluating stats, damage track and SS cost. I hope something will change in 2018.
  15. Well, everyone knows we have many dual faction master with the capability to infiltrate many out of faction models, so we should be able to play many different model in function of battleground, opponent and scheme pool. Nevertheless since GG2017 schemes are pubblished to nowaday, I noticed that the list of model I choose in my crew composition is now more limited than before. I play a couple of master more often than others, I recruit certain enchmen/enforcer more often than others, same for minions, some models alway stay in the sponge or on the shelf. I feel more often the necessity to include mercenaries or specialized models to help against certain master/faction in specific scheme pool. This is fine and this is normal becouse the meta. But it take me SS. Some model as the emissary are really solid and make some things more easy then they're in play, anyway they take out SS and force you to make some choices. For example everytime I play the emissary it demands to me to include much henchmen/enforcers I can, to be sure I have always someone in range of it to be fasted. So I realized I often I have no free space to include atleast one "thematic 5-6SS minion activation" that can do something different that simply be efficent scheme runners. My most ricorrent minion choices are terracotta / katanaka snipers / low river monk / tt brothers while listing for a tournament match. I sometime recruit a wandering river monk or a pathfinder to take the table sides (but katanakas often can do the same), a torakage (and dogs) with mc-cabe, Emberling/Effige as a cheap activation with mei feng. Katanakas are all around (good ranged, good melee, resilient and advanced deployable scheme runners), terracotta w. are cheap supports, increaseing a lot the survability of our enforcers beater and the upgrade switching during game is really strong, low river is also a cheap good card draw engine with shenlong emissary upgrade and a cheap healer/condition removal, tt bro often tell me "pay me 5SS, I promise I will score alone claim jump". During a crew composition I never feel a reason to chose anyone from high river/fermented, rail workers, archers, illuminated, wrastels, oiran, komainu, oni.... -) high river m. is nice with mc-cabe because 3 attacks on charge in exchange of one card discard, but torakage is still a better option, I can say the same for rail worker, that are more durable (and this is ok) but very slow and also eats a card to gain . -)archers are generally worst than katanakas (no melee engagement, ridicolous wounds, no resilence, less range, and the no-los shoting is very situational cos needs 2ap and still considering cover). I think they're uplayable model atleast the battleground is made "ad hoc" for them. -)illuminated are not bad at all and for sure very good in lynch crew, but they are already in the same range point of enchmen/enforcers (that can receive buff from emissary, while illuminated generally not), they should tank but def5 is not so safe when the standard ml now is shifted to 6. I often still prefer yin or jebsen with smoke / equality as a resilient beater. -)wrastel are slow and fragile as scheme runners (they were maybe ok with MCCabe support untill wave 2 but I think they're really out of date now). -)oiran are still too much situational, +1wp for 5 points don't help (more) so much to be safe against nerverborn (many models with Ca7 and our wp is 5-6 so we still generally lose duel also with oiran buff), poor melee damage, lure is really hard to trigger. I think they could be an interesting option if atleast they will have -don't mind me- (they could be annoing under fast from they'r 0SS upgrade). -)komainu and oni are great, but only as summon, I never pay SS for deploy them. Obviously this judgment is related to my experience and can be wrong for sure. Something similar can be perhaps extended to enchmen/enforcer range (I can't remember the time I wanted to play Ototo, Fuhatzu or Lust) except that some of them can works really better with the right master (ama no zaku with asami is an example) or against the right faction. But I feel no reason to not choose Kang over Ototo as high cost enchmen. Is it just my fealing (the range of playable model is now expanded but the range of (competitive) playable model is istead restricted) or happened something similar also in your experience?