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  1. you already have a good start for misaki (katanakas & sensei) kang/ototo can be heavy beaters for shenlong crew If you already have McCabe shenlong monks and misaki torakages works pretty well with him sword. anyway mei needs more construct. -)I suggest to take emissary + effige first. emissary is strong with every master, effige is a cheap scheme activation (and a construct for mei) -) then take toshiro and komainu (one box should be enough) and you will have all the best for mei (emissary+toshiro is a solid summoning duo). -) after that you can chose between izamu / bettari (izamu is a tarpit when healed if your opponent can't ignore armor, bettari is a tricky beater) if you go izamu you can then take yan-lo crew to have ashigaru (for toshiro) and another solid support / runner (chiaki). Emissary is really nice with YanLo (because it gains ancestor trait) Istead to make Asami crew work you will need Obsidian Oni and expecially Jorogumos. -) at this point I think you can take Yasunori and terracotta warriors to have more options. A single low river monk works fine with emissary+Shenlong (card draw engine) -------- others further options: Lynch: graves, samurai, emissary, tt brother, depleted, bechoners, yin... Mc Cabe: guilds dogs, dawn serpent, kamaitachi ------- tengu are good for regen +1 and scheming. ama no zaku is working well with asami or with yin sidir with promises can help in wp duel, oiran as well. lust if fine for pushing / repositioning yamaziko, willie, archers offer you blast tannen can help with asami summons ----- mercenary: I think I played succesfully jebsen, anna, lazarus. Maybe johan a couple of times. I think I never played m. child, snipers (you already have katakas) I'm sorry but I've no experience with brewmaster, anyway performers can "expunge poison" and dawn serpent can help stacking it, ama no zaku/yin can help with paralyze tactics.
  2. - if you use acrylic (i think so) remember to temper your colour with enough water, to check this you can try to make some lines on paper. - take some paint with the first third of your brush and then remove excess - now paint using the extremity, if the colour is ok and the brush is not too old you should be able to make a very thin lines with any brush. -a this point if you can control your paint on a plan surface, you can do also on a 3d surface.
  3. Hi, you can do skin tones mixing together white, yellow and red tones in different %. for example you can take for reference: titanium white / yellow ochre / red ochre (ochres are "hot" colour, so they are pretty naturals for skin tones, warmed by blood flow). when you have mixed the "basic mixture" you like (I suggest to take a base tone a bit darkest to the medium tone you desire for the skin) for lights add some white for shadow add a bit of red ochre or brown (for example you can use a van dyck brown) add a small part of blue/black if you need to desaturate the darkest shadows. remember that: - asian (male) skin generally has more red part than yellow. - female are generally paled, so you can add white to desaturate your base skin colour. as example this is my Lone Swordsman i painted some time ago, mixing theese 3 colours and adding a bit of brown when necessary.
  4. obviously crew always depends from scheme/strategy, in any case for my experience: Shenlong: always: peasant, jebsen often: bettari, emissary, katanaka, kang. Mei: always: emissary+toshiro, effiges often: porkchop, emberling. McCabe: always: - often: katanaka, high river monk, torakage, dawn serpent, chamaitachi, luna+dogs Misaki: always: - often: katanaka, sensei yu. Asami: always: bettari often: ama-no-zaku Yan Lo: always: soul porter often: izamu, emissary Lynch: always: hungering often: emissary, samurai, ten thunder brother, beckoner Brewmaster: (I have no match with him)
  5. I suggest to buy Shadow Emissary and Izamu. You can fill the 35 with Soul Porter & Chiaki. If you manage to ramp-up Chi fast you really need to hit a couple of times Izamu early turns (low def but armor and self heal to mitigate the damage). Shadow emissary can help scoring delivery the message (push+fast on Chiaki for example) in addiction to Lighting Dance placement, in any case help increasing crew moveability and giving ml6 to Yan Lo.
  6. For me it's autoinclusive with Shenlong. He can give to him push+fast and focus as 0 action = 4 AP + free focus, with 3 weak damage and ml 6. He also has a defensive trick to kill a near Shen's peon and get SS back. With recalled or equality (to enter and exit from htk) is still a cheaper option than many other TT stuff. He's also great as scheme runner.
  7. A part from Yasunori (yes is really good but not cheap) I think Bettari is our best hitter: You can almost cheat on damage for 6, nice positioning trick, terrain ignoring charge, ignoring defensive triggers she can take-away master with the right hand. High threat from enemy. She's cheap and sacrificable (tradable). She do her best with shen-long and asami obviously, but I played her succesfully with Mei charging from a Porkchop. Kang is also really good expecially vs resser/arcanis (+/+ bubble buff): ml 7 and 3weak, but need some support due his low Wk, he can also take the armor ignoring upgrade (hard worker). Ama is also well playable with asami (can charge flying for 1ap in +2focus and easy cheat for 7 if you exceed def (low ml5) ). For the same reason (+2Foc) Emissary with 6dmg Heavy (eventually with splash damage) is ok for a support role. Concerning minions Dawn Serpent has over average attack stats, Jorogumo hits hard but ml5, and some 6 points nijas becomes missiles with McCabe Sword. Due to recalled training and our fast/focus buff many mercenary as Jebsen, Lazarus, Joan, Anna works fine (but ok, we are just talking about TT in-faction model). While GG2016 I gave many chances to Ototo and lone Swordsman: Ototo have to be in frenzy to do something and his wp4 is annoying for horror/manipulative check, I think it's too much for his cost. My Swordman always flips pretty bad (atleast 1 black joker) on his recalled "big" turn, in any case 2 cards for reactivate are resources extensive if you don't play Lynch.
  8. -) effigy (cheap and tought construct, accomplice) -) toshiro (he can summon koimainu from scrap (created by emissary / emberling / porkchop / obsidian oni), he also got some sinergy with rail workers (they're both construct and living) so you can summon ashigaru or koimainu, he can benefit from emissary rite of strenght -) koimainu (medium base resilent constructs, free placement) -) mechanized porkchop (gremlin, foundry construct, ml boost in charge and scrap free drop) -) obsidian oni (can put burn and drop scrap, also healing support) -) rail golem (it works better with arca-mei but still thematic, willie and sparks are also foundry) -) perhaps high river monk if you want fire synergy. -) terracotta warriors (recalled training works pretty well on mei) -) katanaka and tengu are also staples minion for TT. Nice ranged damage and cheap scheme runners. Tengu can also stack regeneration on summoned koimainu
  9. How many SS Nekima costs? 4 more How many SS Langston costs? 3 more Francois is terribly cheap, but many 7points reckless gremlins are cheap. Nekima and Lengstone are beaters, really strong but beaters.. Ama is not only a beater, you can use her obey to help friendly model doing interact or just extra ap. Boil helps to avoid charges / cover objective. When far from 3/X/X damage enemies she is also quite tanky. Under recalled training with Ml6 you can cheat almost time for 7 damages, with Ml5 you have to waste cards also to hit. I played her with Asami a couple of time and she was good in couple with bettari, less offensive (while not under focus), but more survability and some trick. For my experience the main reason to consider her expensive out of Asami list is the seeds cost of tacticals, not Ml5.
  10. I'm agree... with ML6 she'd be broken. With Asami Ama can benefit from Focus+2 and charge (flying) spending just 1 ap. She has a good weak damage of 3 and a awesome heavy damage of 7, cheatable also if you hit with double negative due double focus. She uses SS and has some expensive but useful utilities as obey or azardous terrain. She also can self heal. I think her ML5 was a heavy weakness for sure before Asami but now this stat is balancing her (up to 2+1 attack in charge eventually under focus). If you kill something inside the charge attacks sometimes you can charge another times. If you need to damage something fat and low defence she works pretty well, otherwise at similar SS cost the choice is Bettari (ML6 and offensive abilities in her kit, but lower damage output and less tanky).
  11. @anencephalous Riccardo played Zipp almoust and Ulix in 1-2 match. He decided to go Gremlins because peoples said they were less competitive than other faction. We tested together Zipp a couple of times before Nationals. It's really solid avoiding you "doing things" forcing you to waste a lot of activations. Ulix is a pain for interference, Wong spread damage is ridicolous.
  12. Chiaki is a quite fast incorporeal/manipulative enforcer that's working also for scheming or eventually killing someone in hard to kill with minor buff for koimainu/ashigaru, low river is a cheap fragile healing minion who have to stay in melee to remove conditions. They simply have a different role and a different capability to do or concede victory point.
  13. Shenlong: what I like to play: jebsen, emissary, sidir, bettari, izamu, low river monk, tengu, katanaka, kang. You can also want to play a fire team crew with archers / samurai / sensei. MC Cabe: what I like to play kamaitachi (heal and card draw), torakage & shenlong box monks (cheap heavy hitter with sword and reactivate), katanaka, austringer (shooting support), dawn serpent, jorogumo (strong minion to reactivate), emissary, lone swordsman, sensei otherwise you can also want to try a dogs schemes list. Tengu / TT Brother / katanaka are also all around minions, they can take space in many TT crews.
  14. Talking about GG2016 and latest waves... (sorry in advance if my english is quite bad) I think my TT gameplan is recently changed a bit thanks to emissary and the new onis. - ) I think Shenlong is still often the best solution we have due his flexibility and free actions he can give to the crew. All his triggers have self-built simbols so you don't need any stone, he can push everything (friends, enemy, scheme, mark..) and do interaction as (0) ap, he can be a good hitter of a great healer just when needed. And all this is extremly cheap, paying only 2ss you have access to 4 strong limited. Including emissary you can fast+push 3 model each turn and draw extra cards. It's my first choice when I have to kill / drop schemes / do interaction on enemy. - ) When I don't need kills but board control istead I like to play Mei-Feng, with a summoning Toshiro list. Scrap are very easy to get starting wave3 with Emissary and the foundry-mechanical pork. She usually stay protecting with steam bubble and then go kicking asses under recalled training. - ) Asami too is an extremly solid choice, she can negate many schemes and cover the middle of the board summoning agressively, good cards draw, great tacticals kit. Weakness are the wp and enemy blastes (she's a launch ramp and you have to stay prettly close to her with your oni before charging). I still need to paint her crew so I haven't play yet on tournament, but my winning streak is quite confortable. -) I still play sometimes MC.Cabe but I think there are many schemes in the GG2016 when he's just similar to Shenlong but weakest due his mechanic. For example you can't sacrifice hisself for extra activations otherwise you concede free points in certain schemes. "Take this" is pretty good expecially when the target is still near promises / kamaitachi but I think fast + push + free focus on a good henchman/enforcer is often better than a push + reactivate / sword nimble on a minion. With MC I'm incouraged to play minion istead hench/enforcer, when hunting party is in the pool should be not a good choice, and then his upgrades don't help to score show of force. -) I started M2E with Misaki, i really liked her play-stile (a killing machine with great mobility some pushing tricks), had a lot of games with her but I have to admit I stopped her play in competitive match, this because she have no support for henchman/enforcer (often they have the job to "score points"), a killing-only-master doesn't help much scoring strategy/scheme, she lack of flexibility. -) Lynch, got only 3-4 game with him. I think his weeknes is the lack of mobility, yes he has a great damage-out on a single model, but I think is not the main TT weakness, I really don't know when I should prefer him on another master. -) Yan, is fun but I want to be sure I have 5 turn to play him, I like his concept and the 0 upgrade from emissary but I still think that is a less competitive than other master. -) Brew .... is TT too? really?
  15. I usually play her with Tannen (helping summoning but replaceable), her totem (usefull for stack flicker on summoned onis), Ama No Zaku and Bettari (they're both charging as 1ap near Asami and Ama can output 7 damage as heavy, expecially when in focus +2). Then I often play something who can remove conditions as paralyze/slow (Chiaki) because Asami weakness is wp5. With certain scheme in the pool you can also remove flicker from your summoned oni to negate interact scheme. Obviously you should have to buy all summonable oni too.