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  1. The Dreamer’s Playroom

    awesome idea and realization.
  2. Nico counter

    I don't think Misaki will counter an Impossible to wound model.
  3. Sandmanns painted stuff

    The student skintone seems yellow-white mainly and missing by the red part, atleast judging by pictures. Probably a shadow under the cheekbone would help to balance the overall. Also perdita skin seems very "cadaverous" white judging from the picture.
  4. The death of dual faction

    Dual faction is the Jedi mind trick to buy more models and begin collecting new factions! I dubt Wyrd will make the marketing mistake to change the dual faction mechanics
  5. Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Chiaki + 1 tt brother (11)
  6. Monthly painting challenge - February

    finished! 6x3 = 18SS better pictures as soon as possibile.
  7. Sandmanns painted stuff

    Miss deed and Jury are really nice, original color scheme and good overall. I like Big Jake too. You painting is nice and clean but in some models the skintone is too much unreal (ie. the student of conflict, but the rest of the model is ok), I think it's your Achilles' heel.
  8. Serpentarium's Malifaux Mondays - HEAVY PICS

    very clean work on metals. the zombie skin is great and the black nails makes me laughing
  9. Shenlong Sniper Crew

    Was the old "protect territory" in the pool? I think if you can win just stay and shooting something is going wrong. a ) maybe the terrain displacement are totally wrong and lacks of cover / los cut b ) maybe players are still beginners, for example they own only the starter crews or maybe they don't have enough knowledge about enemy crew and game mechanics. One time my opponent moved yamaziko (DF4) just out of cover but near his yasunori and another model, at 10inces from my fast Lazarus with the recalled training upgrade, I take out about 25SS just with one activation. Another time my opponent dropped a scheme marker near 2 his models at 10 inces from Envy. Fortunately there are many way to manage the lack of covers when the table will suggest you the opponent probably will take a shooting crew.
  10. Monthly painting challenge - February

    Terracotta 2 / 3 almost done... I made some experiments with preshading tecnique, I tryed to give an idea of rust and ancient paint but I'm not totally satisfied concerning the result. I think I'll add cracks and scrapes when the third is done.
  11. When I started Mlx I didn't read the "minion" part too. I wrongly used that upgrade on Misaki for a couple of mounths. Kill then disappear as a ninja.
  12. Monthly painting challenge - February

    yokai 3x5 = 15 or terracotta warriors 3x6 = 18
  13. Monthly painting challenge - January

    lovely stitcheds! @Franchute There's the zombie. I'm doing some experiments trying to fastpainting the skin, anyway I think it's almost done.
  14. Monthly painting challenge - January

    @Franchute 11SS (9 for Anna, 2 for a mindless zombie)
  15. Monthly painting challenge - January

    still some details to fix (hair, book, crown, face front, weapon and the (probably) red shoes, but Anna is almost done. I spent about 15 hours on her but I'm quite happy about the result. I have 3 day for start and finish a 2SS model to end succesfully my monthy projects! pant pa(i)nt!