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  1. What is the appeal of M3E?

    There is none, to me. Buying the books for new editions, new cards, etc. is a huge money-drain for the less-than-flush gamers among us.
  2. New Outcast Player - Is Parker competitive?

    Yeah, honestly he's a solid generalist. If your venue is 'pick one Master and stick with it".. as was said, that's arguably where he'd shine the most. He can shoot decently (he doesn't hit immensely hard, but he hits decently well with the built in ), he's decently resilient (especially at range and especially with his new Wave 5 upgrade), and his Totem is a cheap, decently effective healer. His entire thematic crew is fairly quick and he's no exception, and his upgrades (and Mad Dog) let him deal with terrain both creating and ignoring.
  3. Summoners into GG2018

    I still think this entire idea is terrible and needs the axe.
  4. Summoners into GG2018

    Sniper Bullet: Target the troublesome masters, or make this part of those specific Strategies' rules, for minions only so as to remove the absurd collateral. Or accept certain Masters do well on certain Strategies and poorly on others. You play Rasputina into a kill-heavy strat, but certainly don't consider her high-tier for ones involving getting your Master places, etc.
  5. Summoners into GG2018

    To be blunt, "fixes" to things that aren't universally seen as problems - or, I suspect, even seen as problems by a majority- that cause a lot of other problems? I've seen that kind of 'balance' before, and it leads nowhere good. Ever. Maybe throw this idea back into the pit of bad ideas where it belongs? Never apply a bomb where a sniper round will serve. Especially when you don't have solid consensus. And particularly when there will be appalling amounts of collateral.
  6. Summoners into GG2018

    I think punishing summons (and players, with more to worry about) is a poor idea overall. The fact that summoning usually needs a card to begin with makes this.. iffy. This just seems very poorly thought-out overall, and I maintain it needs scrapped. Kill the summoner, summons not an issue. In short, if a rule change requires a massive number of exceptions and corner-case exemptions.. it's a bad rule.
  7. Summoners into GG2018

    This is a terrible idea, for all the reasons stated above, and needs scrapped. It's a headache for bookeeping, has vast and obviously unplanned changes, Cuddles a ton of non-summoners... All for very little gain. Bad idea. Poor life choices. Abort.
  8. Wave 5 Master Upgrades: Arcanists

    Raspy's my only Arcanist Master.... but my gods, both of those upgrades sound glorious and I want them. Especially as I love her for her thematic crew...
  9. New Outcast Master upgrades?

    Those new Parker upgrades... I was intending to get this anyway, now I'm utterly sold. The fact that both are western video game references just makes it better...
  10. LGBT characters?

    @Astrella "Can" and "should" by who's measurements and decisions? Popular consensus of a society? Fallible and prone to horrific excesses. If little Jimmy Klansman wants to spew ignorance, he's permitted, and has every right to do it. One must recall, in nearly every case any given position, right or wrong, popular or unpopular, will have an opposite opinion - and which one holds dominance at any given time can transform abruptly. Censorship and condemnation of any form of artistic expression or creative endeavor only empowers social regression. Whether by 'moral imperative' or any other principle. The tool that is used for 'progress' today to squash regression and bigotry can all too easily turn on its wielder when the definitions of 'social acceptability' are changed. Precedent is a dangerous thing. All expression is free, or none is - and again, those supporting the stifling of free expression, no matter how vile, are traditionally not good people. @Dogmantra Ah, see I agree on that point. Free expression does not mean 'free from consequence' and yes, in that regard I agree. Apologies for the misunderstanding. But criticism and demanding suppression are two separate things - just as criticism and persecution are two separate things, yeah?
  11. LGBT characters?

    @Dogmantra I utterly disagree. One does not get to tell others what they can or cannot create, based on your prejudices, sensibilities, or beliefs. Maybe your society does, but that is not universal. No one forces you to read any given creators' work, and if that creator relies on that work for a living eventually they will choose between belief or payday. Is that diatribe "in-character"? If so, the author is not speaking, the character is, and just because some folks are too fragile to even read a very real viewpoint because they find t troubling or disagree with it -even when it deserves to be disagreed with - does not mean an author is at all obliged to humor their delicate sensibilities. All expression is free and absolute, or none is. And those arguing for the latter in any form? Historically, not great people.
  12. Malifaux suits concepts and triggers

    Agreed, Ressers really love those
  13. LGBT characters?

    Biig thread, but has anyone mentioned Emeline Bellerose yet? She's very explicitly lesbian, or at least bisexual - and she's obviously the model for new alt-Sybelle.
  14. Magic! Also, I love how Vogel's look turned out. So very much do I love the entire aesthetic.
  15. So, hello fellow Wyrdos! I entered a story in the Storied Soundtracks contest - Debts Unpaid . I am releasing my first novel tomorrow, available for preorder now on Amazon. Children of Babylon is the novel in question, and while not in the same steam/dieselpunk-horror-western vein as Malifaux, it does share some common genetics in Dystopia and the use and responsibility of power, and perhaps a note or two of black humor and snark. It is my love note to the science fiction and pulp post-apocalyptica of my youth, an my attempt to turn my craft into a living. So if you enjoyed Debts Unpaid and want to see what my writing is like when I'm not rushing a deadline, or enjoy super-powers, dystopia, post-apocalyptica, snarky protagonists, and/or the struggle of finding a place in society as an outcast within it? I would be exceptionally grateful if you would give Children of Babylon a chance.