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  1. LGBT characters?

    @Astrella "Can" and "should" by who's measurements and decisions? Popular consensus of a society? Fallible and prone to horrific excesses. If little Jimmy Klansman wants to spew ignorance, he's permitted, and has every right to do it. One must recall, in nearly every case any given position, right or wrong, popular or unpopular, will have an opposite opinion - and which one holds dominance at any given time can transform abruptly. Censorship and condemnation of any form of artistic expression or creative endeavor only empowers social regression. Whether by 'moral imperative' or any other principle. The tool that is used for 'progress' today to squash regression and bigotry can all too easily turn on its wielder when the definitions of 'social acceptability' are changed. Precedent is a dangerous thing. All expression is free, or none is - and again, those supporting the stifling of free expression, no matter how vile, are traditionally not good people. @Dogmantra Ah, see I agree on that point. Free expression does not mean 'free from consequence' and yes, in that regard I agree. Apologies for the misunderstanding. But criticism and demanding suppression are two separate things - just as criticism and persecution are two separate things, yeah?
  2. LGBT characters?

    @Dogmantra I utterly disagree. One does not get to tell others what they can or cannot create, based on your prejudices, sensibilities, or beliefs. Maybe your society does, but that is not universal. No one forces you to read any given creators' work, and if that creator relies on that work for a living eventually they will choose between belief or payday. Is that diatribe "in-character"? If so, the author is not speaking, the character is, and just because some folks are too fragile to even read a very real viewpoint because they find t troubling or disagree with it -even when it deserves to be disagreed with - does not mean an author is at all obliged to humor their delicate sensibilities. All expression is free and absolute, or none is. And those arguing for the latter in any form? Historically, not great people.
  3. Malifaux suits concepts and triggers

    Agreed, Ressers really love those
  4. LGBT characters?

    Biig thread, but has anyone mentioned Emeline Bellerose yet? She's very explicitly lesbian, or at least bisexual - and she's obviously the model for new alt-Sybelle.
  5. Magic! Also, I love how Vogel's look turned out. So very much do I love the entire aesthetic.
  6. So, hello fellow Wyrdos! I entered a story in the Storied Soundtracks contest - Debts Unpaid . I am releasing my first novel tomorrow, available for preorder now on Amazon. Children of Babylon is the novel in question, and while not in the same steam/dieselpunk-horror-western vein as Malifaux, it does share some common genetics in Dystopia and the use and responsibility of power, and perhaps a note or two of black humor and snark. It is my love note to the science fiction and pulp post-apocalyptica of my youth, an my attempt to turn my craft into a living. So if you enjoyed Debts Unpaid and want to see what my writing is like when I'm not rushing a deadline, or enjoy super-powers, dystopia, post-apocalyptica, snarky protagonists, and/or the struggle of finding a place in society as an outcast within it? I would be exceptionally grateful if you would give Children of Babylon a chance.
  7. Next Errata --> Totems?

    The only downside to the Vulture I see is that my usual opponent has realized what it does and wants that bird dead as soon as possible when the game starts.
  8. Build Me a Buy List

    Yes, but the connected blog is relevant here, more so than the podcast: https://schemesandstones.wordpress.com/ And specifically, these two articles: https://schemesandstones.wordpress.com/2016/10/11/quick-reference-neverborn-v1/ https://schemesandstones.wordpress.com/2016/08/21/building-on-a-budget-neverborn/
  9. Build Me a Buy List

    Mother of Monsters (Lilith) - $50 The Queen's Return (Titania) - $50 Dark Debts (Lynch) - $40 Doppelganger - $11 Lelu & Lilitu - $18 Mr. Graves -$11 Primordial Magic- $11 Teddy - $18 Stitched Together - $21 Nekima - $25 $255 USD, Wyrd Store prices - you can likely find lower from other vendors. Titania likes Barbaros, Lilith and Lynch are both recommended as accents to her on S&S. You want a Dopper. You just do. You also want Mr. Graves - how I played Neverborn so long without him I willnever know. Primordial Magic is great with Lilith and honestly, the GOrar (Tania's totem) is.. not impressive. The rest of the way is filled with generally useful models. The two Upgrade Decks come to $28.00 USD store price, and are also worth having.
  10. Nothing quite as sweet as a six-stone Johan and an eight-stone Sue, is there?
  11. Trying to convince my friend to play

    Which is honestly one of the best parts of the setting. Fairy-tale black-and-white morality is for fairy tales. The rich moral ambiguity and good people fighting for bad causes and groups and bad people fighting for good causes and groups is a good part of what makes Malifaux a fantastic setting.
  12. Trying to convince my friend to play

    Actually, all this talk of souls.. I can't think of any actual major lore examples of Neverborn using soulstones... gameplay/story segregation aside. Seriously, the Guild are literally invading, slaving soul-merchant war-profiteer fascists. But what's worse? They're also comically inefficient and compromised - Lucius and his Mimics have infested the ranks, every horror McMourning lets loose can be blamed on them putting him to studying necromancy, arguably the most powerful necromancer is the city undertaker, the Acanists are operating right under their nose and the can't stop them due to P.R. nightmares because they've made themselves so utterly despised by everyone. So while the Neverborn are rather vicious - though not nearly to the mustache-twirling level you want to suggest - the basic fact is that for everything they do, the Guild and humanity does something equally heinous or worse. Factor in who the invaders are here.... And that being honest, the behavior humanity in the Malifaux-verse has demonstrated with industrial-level magic and the fact we've survived decently enough in ours without it shows 'but magic is dying on Earth" is a bit of a thin excuse for the cost - both to the invaded world and its denizens, and the human one. Plus, remember that the residents of Old Malifaux were, essentially, human as well - and that Neverborn do have humans in their ranks. 'Neverborn' being a pretty broad human-assigned label for several races.
  13. Trying to convince my friend to play

    Yeah, so there's no shame in backing the invading soul-stealing world-looters. I mean, some people just gotta root for the Empire
  14. Trying to convince my friend to play

    Yeah.. may want to read the lore a bit better. You're welcome to your opinion on who is in the right here.. but I suppose you rooted for the aliens in Independence Day, then?
  15. I love my outlaws and bandits... but if you like sneaky and flexible, yeah, you're best off picking up the Viks and Vanessa as a one-off and going Neverborn. I have (now!) seven - actually, I just realized 8 -Masters across four (five) factions - Lilith, Pandora, Lynch, Titania, Rasputina, Parker Barrows, and Nicodem / Amelia Bathory, and my arrived-today Titania box had Doc Dufresne in it so I'll be buying McMourning's box in the future. Of those Factions, I consider myself a "Neverrectionist" - A Neverborn / Resser player where Faction loyalties are concerned. I'll probablypick up Daw and Tara at some point, but Parker was a gods-send for me because I actually liked a lot of one-off Outcast models more than anyof the Masters until the Old West outlaw arrived to provide a cowboy Master. Rasputina is an even narrower case - the only other Arcanist I have any true interest in is Marcus, and he's not a high priority; both of them are their own sub-factions as well. With the Ressers, I decently like most of them, but its more that Nicodem wants almost the entire Faction and that I really have come to enjoy Nicodem / Amelia. If you like multiple Masters in a Faction, go with that Faction and ala-carte the Masters you like individually.