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  1. I would absolutely pick up this new Lazarus as a purchase or monthly promotion reward. Guilders aren't an option for me, so I hope it doesn't go that way.
  2. This is so cool. The bases really tell a story and are something to be proud of. Honestly... I'd be too afraid to actually game with them! lol. Well done sir, well done indeed.
  3. How many rats and rat kings do you guys typically use at one time in a game? Right now I have 12 rats and 2 rat kings. Is that enough? Also... wouldn't Hannah be a good option to add to the army? Aside from the obvious thematic issues, she seems like a good option because she can copy Bleeding Disease from either Nix or the Obedient Wretch if Nix is out of range?
  4. So I have a Perdita team that I have played a couple games with, but thats it. I took advantage the other day of a flu season special at one of my local LGS and picked up The Plague Cometh and Brotherhood of the Rat as a combo deal. I also just added on Winged Plague because they look like they go together. As I'm building these up.... there are 12 rats total that I now have, but only 4 sculpts and 4 unique card images (3 of each). Has anyone figured out a good way to differentiate the rats and cards so that if you have multiples of one sculpt on the board, that you dont get confused between which rat goes to which card? Best I can think of now is do 4 rats in grey, 4 in dark brown, etc or sometjing like that, but I would still have to mark the cards.... not sure how much I like that yet. Any good ideas?
  5. ohhhh.... ok I had no idea. Thanks
  6. Am I missing something here? I can't find any of the Ripples of Fate new faction upgrades (like Arrest Him and Temporary Shielding) on WarGameVault for print on demand. I also dont know of any box they come in. Is there any way to get these cards right now?
  7. I'm happy with these changes overall. Very excited for Toni, since she is my first and favorite. Good Shot, My Turn being built in.. fantastic. Im really happy to see the clean up on the El Mayor/Hold This pinebox shenanigans.
  8. Street Shark totally needs a little lever on the tail or the arm that makes the mouth open and close.
  9. When I first did the gremlin models I used Biel-tan Green shade from GW, and the results are decent if you like that more aggressive GW style of shading/highlighting. The biggest issue is that it will lack any warmth which usually really helps skin shadows (even green). I think Vallejo model washes are nice too but havent tried any of the greens. The Gremlins tend to be pretty tiny, so any wash should be targeted unless you dont mind tinting the bright skin. Honestly though nowadays I would really recommend checking out some basic videos on doing flesh with layering instead of using washes... It really does look a lot nicer in my opinion, and was fun to learn. Good luck!
  10. I have a basic No Shelter Here set. All models built carefully, mold lines cleaned. Poltergeist & Sorrows attached to bases, Pandora/Baby K/Candy not yet attached to bases. Nothing primed yet, so clean slate. **I also have an extra blister of Sorrows, NIB I will throw in because Im that kinda guy, and I believe nobody can ever have too many Sorrows. I want one of these listed box sets. Any one will do. I strongly prefer NIB because Im very particular in my modelling and I hate sloppy glue joints and uncleaned mold lines... but if you have assembled then let me know to what extent and we shall see. Nothing undercoated please. - Torch & Blade - Claw & Fang - Body of Evidence
  11. I got one of the illuminated models as bonus from the black blood shaman special. Hes the one getting eaten from above by the big malifaux squig thing. He is assembled, mold lines cleaned, undercoated black, but not yet attached to a base. He did NOT come with a stat card in that box, so I only have the mosel. If you are interested in it let me know.
  12. What color did you prime the oiran, and with what primer?
  13. I will be backing the kickstarter in the name of King and Country! To blazes with all the other bedeviled monstrosities. Hold steady, chaps, we shall win the day through superior discipline and firepower.
  14. The submission form for the December LGS promotion isnt quite right, the selection box only shows October LGS. Im a bit nervous to submit with October selected. Any feedback on this?
  15. Mine may have gone to the back of the line because of a change/fix I asked for to customer service. That being said, I have not yet seen any shipment notifications, so there is certainly still some backlog.