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  1. Hey there! In the following link you can find the Schemes and strategies for the upcoming Nacional, so be sure to grab them and start preparing your crews! https://www.dropbox.com/s/arjx0htf6qf6bl2/Estrategias e Intrigas Nacional.pdf?dl=0
  2. Hi there! We have talked to our LGS and they granted us 10 more places for our First Malifaux National, so we'll have up to 60 players. We will follow strict order contacting those who were on the waiting line, but please bear in mind that once those 10 places are gone there won't be any new extra places. On another matter, we are very proud to annouce our sponsors so far: * Wyrd - the mothership itself! * GoblinTrader - our LGS, the most important hobby shops in Madrid, with presence also in Valencia, Barcelona, Mallorca and Zaragoza. http://www.goblintrader.es/ * Customeeple - specialists in terrain, tokens, playmats and markers, top quality! http://www.customeeple.com/ * Diacash - Wyrd's european distributor, and one of the most important hobby distributors in Europe (if not the most!). http://www.diacash.com/modelismo/catalogo.php * Scale 75 - a synonym for art and legenday models and paints! http://scale75.com/ * Plastcraft games - bringing the Malifaux tables alive with beautiful sceno! https://plastcraftgames.com/es/ * AK Interactive - the biggest company focused in solutions for modelers, products and publications! https://ak-interactive.com/ And we are still working on it!
  3. Chou

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    54 SS, yeeees!
  4. Chou

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    Here it is! Crappier pictures than usual but I'm working on it for the next badge.
  5. Chou

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    Thank you very much!! I like bright colours, and being dead - in another world - a mythical creature is no excuse to not shine!
  6. Hi there! On the 16th of June we will be having a Malifaux tournament at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid), so join us for our first summer Malifaux event! * Inscription: 10 euros, all for prizes. * GG 2018. Deployments, schemes and strategies will be published on June, the 11th. Two hours per match. * Fixed faction, multiple masters. * Three rounds; registering will start at 10:45 and the first round at 11:00. We will play two rounds, have lunch and then the final round. Wrap up around 18:45. More updates soon!
  7. Chou

    Monthly painting challenge - June

    Here is my pledge for june: 4 Abominations = 16 SS (I really don't like these models, so nothing fancy here) Marlena Webster = 8 SS Angelica = 6 SS Carlos Vázquez = 9 SS Myranda = 8 SS Jackalope = 2 SS For a total of 49 SS. Bonus model if there is time will be Cojo.
  8. Chou

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    I won't be at home this weekend, so I'll upload the pictures on Monday, sorry! Meanwhile I left here a couple of pictures of the last two models I painted in may.
  9. Chou

    ITC 2018 Feedback

    I'm with the general feeling, space and clocks were perfect so nothing to improve there, everything went smooth and on time so no room for improvement there. I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward repeating next year! My suggestions: * Painting / conversion contest as suggested by @Oligan06, being the referent team tournament there has to be an acknowledgement to those who put so much effort to the artistic part. * This might be very unpopular but... in the rules was stated that all models had to be painted, but we saw quite a few unpainted models (or just primecoated). Since it could be uncomfortable telling somebody to remove a model for not being pinted as the rules said, and bearing in mind what Trikk said about the bonus points, maybe it could be changed so you get those bonus points if all the models are painted (although it would require the staff to check it). * including a sheet each round so players would note down the schemes they chose.
  10. Here is the list of players so far. The goal is 50 players top, once we reach that number no more places will be available. 1. Víctor Tena 2. Noelia García 3. Noel Menéndez 4. Illán Menéndez 5. Andréz González 6. Carlos Jarava 7. Antonio Montenegro 8. Francisco de Borja Segovia 9. Ángel Sáinz González 10. Jorge Sanz Viñuales 11. Víctor Ballarín Ibort 12. Roberto Cabañas 13. Arlet Espinosa Martínez 14. Manuel Martín Fernández 15. Raúl Babiano 16. Víctor Fito 17. Carlos Aguade 18. Luís Díaz Picón 19. Diego Allende Peña 20. Saio Hernández 21. Imad Nached 22. Daniel Taylor 23. Jon Ortiz 24. Iván Castresana 25. Ekaitz Mentxaka 26. Juan Manuel Vazquez 27. Sebastián Barceló 28. Luis Clemente Morera 29. Asier Antón 30. Juan Luís Mena 31. Carlos Alonso 32. Félix Porras 33. Álex Corredera 34. Álvaro Cronazos 35. Gonzalo Ramos Castro 36. Javi González Martínez 37. Daniel Nebrera 38. Rafael Sánchez Arroyo 39. Víctor Salso 40. Daniel Lardón 41. Jaime Sigüenza 42. Daniel Arroyo 43. José Carlos Andrés 44. Moisés Ronda Ferrer 45. Diego Paredes 46. Antonio Chuzo Gallego 47. Jack Notley 48. Iván (colega Asmita) 49. Borja Losa 50. Sergio Iglesias Chapero 51. Daniel Díaz 52. Javier Fernández Martínez 53. Alejandro Fernández Asensio 54. Steven Lance 55. José Luque 56. Jorge García Lorenzo 57. Álvaro Prieto 58. Juan Sanz Rodríguez 59. Miguel Vega Piniella 60. Israel Pujagut
  11. Hey there! Last Saturday we had our Malifaux tournament at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte. 14 players played through three rounds to see who was the one to take home the final victory... and in the end, as usual, was Linar. Happily for all the players, all of them got something by the end of the tournament. The top three players received a voucher with money to spend in our LGS, 5 more players got a 10 euros vouche for the LGS and six players got a model from a pool with the Pandora Vintage model, Francisco Ortega alt., Miss Step, Johanna, Miss Ery and Dr. Dufresne. And now ready to prepare our next tournament, on the 16th of June!
  12. Chou

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    hahahah the thing is that my girlfriend is the one playing TT in the upcoming ITC tournament and with the Yasunori I finished the models she needed (she paints most of her models but with this one I lent a hand). Thanks! And yes, I totally agree with you. My original thoughts were using a different colour for the chest scales, maybe green, but when I showed her the model she liked it that way so I didn't change it. Shouldn't have asked! 😄
  13. Chou

    Monthly painting challenge - May

    Hi there! I just wanted to show you how the Yasunori turned out. The missing sword must be in the same place as those missing socks from my washing machine, I'll try to fix it somehow. I have finished so far the desperate mercenary and a Katanaka Sniper, the yokai is almost there but I'll make some changes in the models for this month since the ten thunders models are no longer needed for the ITC. My final pledge (if completed) will be 54 SS.
  14. I personally like the idea of the ezine since several times when looking at press stands I've thought that it would be amazing having a physical Wyrd magazine, but whatever format is fine with me... so choose the one that makes your life easier so you can keep the high quality showed so far!
  15. Chou

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    In the end I wasn't able to finish the last two models, so my final pledge is: two jorogumos (18 SS) + hodgepodge emissary (10 SS) + Ama no Zako (9 SS) = 37 SS. I need to get back one of the jorogumos (the red one) to take the final picture, once I get it I'll update the pictures I showed you last week.