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  1. Hello there! I'll be running demos this Thursday 19th of January and Friday the 20th, both days at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7) so feel free to drop by or schedule your own demo! And just a reminder, we will be having a tournament the 28th of January!
  2. Superb! I'd love to see the whole crew together, are you planning to do a big base to place all the models together? (a saloon would be nice)
  3. Wyrdos! The first demo of the year has been scheduled today the 3rd of January at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7), so if you want to drop by and say hi and talk about your new models feel free! And if you want your own demo feel free to reach me or the green guys at GoblinTrader!
  4. Definitely... I finally succeded and stopped buying Outcast models, but mainly 'cos I have almost all of them (I have a problem). Oh, hello there, Arcanist faction...
  5. It's in the Henchman section of the forum, right at the bottom.
  6. So... Christmas is coming, and this means new Malifaux toys are coming to houses both sides of the Breach! And what better way to test them than with a tournament! The 28th of January we will be hosting a tournament at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (c/Marqués de Lema 7), the "Avatar or the Black Joker" tournament! Test your new recruits and at the same time keep track of all the black jokers you flip, the player with the highest amount of black jokers by the end of the tournament will get a especial prize! * 50 SS * Fixed faction, several masters * GG 2016 * Three rounds starting at 11:00. Lunch will be included with the inscription (hamburguers, because who keeps tracks of the calories after Christmas) * Painting prize to the most impressive miniature * Avatar of the Black Joker prize * Strategies and Schemes will be published on Wednesday, 25th of January
  7. Also, A&D with a on the trigger can create more abominations when reducing an enemy to 0 wounds... a couple of hits and you can summon a Desolation engine!
  8. Wow, brilliant crew!! I especially love Huggy, can't wait to see them finished! Keep 'em coming!
  9. Definitely my Lazarus needs an updgrade!
  10. Hey there! Back to demoing! This Friday I'll be running demos at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (c/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid). As always, if you are interested please let me know so we can schedule one, especially know with the Holidays coming!
  11. The face...amazing!! Beautiful mini!!
  12. Would be funnier if you use a Black Joker for the instructions of the pre-release models... there you are, looking for the Wokou pirates instructions and blam! Black Joker! It would match perfectly with my game style
  13. I pronounce it "the fourth one"
  14. Where can I find this? This really peaks my interest if it is just more than a one sentence blurb. Yes, we definitely have an undead problem here. For instance, this Saturday we have the Barcelona vs Real Madrid match and you will be able to see hordes of zombies watching open mouthed the match, drooling expected too! Back to topic, sooo excited with the Kickstarter!! Seems my Christmas gift have been decided! I'll let my LGS know so they are aware, maybe we can get several factions (four will do, yep) so I can demo it!