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  1. Argh! This month is being quite a pain, between weddings and bacherlor parties I'm struggling to paint. My submit this month will be Leveticus (if I recall correctly, masters count as 15SS) and I'll try to add Mercury (a performer from the Dark Carnival crew).
  2. Hi there! Now that summer has arrived in full mode to Madrid there is no better way to escape from the heat than going for a walk in Malifaux, so I'll be running demos this Friday 16th of June at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7), so feel free to drop by or to contact me to schedule a demo on your own!
  3. In the end the misprinted ones will be stuff for collectors, you'll see!
  4. I wanted to be in your thoughts... . So, Wendigo (3SS) + 2 Acolytes (2*7 = 14SS) + 2 cannon fodd... I mean, Freikorpsmen (2*5 = 10 SS) for a total of 27 SS.
  5. My pledge for May! As always, sorry for the pictures!
  6. Hey Wyrdos! I'm happy to announce our new Malifaux tournament, "La vida es una tómbola" ("Life is a fair") at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (c/Marqués de Lema 7) this 10th of June. * 50 SS. * Fixed faction, multiple masters. * GG 2017. Schemes and strategies will be published a couple of days before the tournament. * Fee: 10 euros; depending on the amount of players we will play in the cafeteria or in the bunker. If it's in the cafeteria, 50% of the fee will be used to get a two drinks or one hamburguer for each player, and the other 50% will be for prizes. If it's in the bunker everything goes for prizes. * Painting prize will be awarded to the most outstanding miniature. * Apart from the raffle, there will be two special events: - It's showtime!: at the beginning of each round a special event will be announced, the first person to fulfill it will gain a prize. - Double dare: the last item to be raffled comes with a rule; everybody is elegible for this item, in case you already received anything you'll have to choose if play safe and keep what you already have, or play risky, discard what you have (which would be raffled again) and receive the last item. In any case nobody will know what the last item until it finds a new owner. And yes, since bad things happen it doesn't mean this is a good prize.
  7. Hi Wyrdos! I'll be running demos tomorrow Friday the 19th of May in GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid), so feel free to drop by and schedule a game or just chat!
  8. Love everything about the model, especially the hat in the werewolf, stay classy my friend!
  9. Here are my models for May: The two freikorps I didn't paint in April (2 x 5 SS) + 2 December Acolytes (2 x 7 SS) + Wendigo (3 SS) = 27 SS. If there is time left I'll squish Leveticus in May, if not he'll wait until June.
  10. It's a Battle Base from Micro Art Studio, I really suck at basing so I try to get this bases and pin them there.
  11. Here are my models for April, personally I'm not satisfied neither with the outcome nor with the amount of minis since the two freikorpsmen were in the original planning...oh well. 11 SS from the Snow Storm + 9 SS from the Blessed + 15 SS from Raspu + 8 SS from the specialist = 43 SS @Burnin' Coal outstanding job!!
  12. Hi there! Tomorrow, Saturday 29th of April, I'll be running demos at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (c/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid), so feel free to drop by and schedule one for you, or just to have a Malifaux chat! Also, although the especifics will be detailed in its own thread, I just wanted to announce that the 10th of June we will be running a tournament called "La vida es una tómbola" (Life is a fair) with surprises, so keep an eye on it! (and since we haven't scheduled anything for May it could be that another tournament pops up out of nowhere, I'll keep you informed!).
  13. Me too! the transitions to the fists in the emissary are amazing!
  14. Thank you very much @drear_squid! I'm drowning in SS, oh yeah!!
  15. Here are my models for April! Sorry I didn't take a picture of the Blessed before painting it. The cost in SS is as follows: * Snow Storm = 11 SS * Blessed of December = 9 SS * Vintage Rasputina = 3 SS (cache) * Freikorpsmann (x2) = 10 SS (5x2) * Freikorps Specialist = 8 SS For a total of 34 SS, or at least that's the goal. Next model will be the Snow Storm. And here is another pic of the Blessed, I'm having second thoughts about adding some blood effect to the mouth and claws: