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  1. Chou

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    @Franchute not by any means! I've finished Ama no Zako, two jorogumos and the hodepodge emissary, but I only have pictures from the WIPs (except from Ama no Zako). I'll try to do the third jorogumo or the desperate mercenary before the deadline. I'm not a big fan of showing unfinished models but well, here are some pictures of those models (I'll update them by the end of the month with more crappy pictures):
  2. Updated with information packages both in English and Spanish. In these documents you may find how to reach the venue, hotels nearby and places to eat close to GoblinTrader.
  3. Chou

    Updated Release Schedule

    I just checked and it's updated.
  4. Chou

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    @Joachim man, that free hand on the hat it's crazy skill! Can't wait to see the model completed! And @Shock & Awe that's a beautiful Misaki, great job!!
  5. Chou

    [SPAIN] Demos at GT Norte, Madrid

    Hey! It's demo time! This Wednesday, 11th of April, I'll be running demos at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid) so feel free to dop by and join us! And remember, if you want a demo on your own contact me! On another matter, we just opened the inscription to the First Spain Nationals so come and get your ticket!
  6. Updated the first post with the bases, both in English and Spanish.
  7. Chou

    How do you feel about Hans?

    I like him for Vendetta in GG2018; apart from that I've gotten mixed results in the last few matches playing him (all of them with standard deployment, haven't had the luck to play him with close deployment). The best output I got from Hans required having the master with I pay better so I could get two focused shoots during the first turn, the second turn it's hard to get more than one focused shot, and even then with his meh damage... On the other hand I find it amazing how people deploy when they know you have Hans.
  8. I can see the likes in everybody's posts... except those I get. I see the notification that somebody like my post but then I can see that in the post itself.
  9. Chou

    Monthly painting challenge - April

    For April, my models will be (or at least, that's what I'd love to see finished): * Three jorogumos (3 x 9 = 27 SS) * The hodgepodge emissary (10 SS) * Ama no Zako (9 SS) * Desperate Mercenary (3 SS) for a total of 49 SS.
  10. Chou

    Monthly Painting Challenge - March

    Hello! Sorry for the delay, but here are my pics for March for a total of 56 SS: * Dead bandit (6 SS) * Hannah (10 SS): originally she wasn't planned for March; for Christmas my girlfriend got me an airbrush but until recently I haven't started using it. Hannah's armour was my guinea pig, it's a pity that the ilumination sucks that much but well... Hannah herself was painted with brush. * Aionus (12 SS) * Two wokou riders (16 SS): * Bishop (9 SS): * Desperate mercernary (3 SS):
  11. Chou

    March Newsletter

    If not even pepperoni pizza, the most perfect creation this universe has ever seen it's not complain-free, it was no surprise metal models would generate a bit of a discussion. As long as the quality it's the same as all other Wyrd's models, I'm fine with it. My only concern is that I couldn't refer any more to my Viks as glass cannons, because you know, metal and stuff...
  12. Chou

    [SPAIN] Demos at GT Norte, Madrid

    Hi there! This week we have a double demo session in GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid). The first one will be this very same evening, the second one this Friday 23th of March. If you want a demo on your own please reach me and we will schedule it! And just a reminder, this weekend we have our first tag team tournament, so feel free to dop by and see teammates at each other throat!
  13. Sorry but I quite don't get it being this our first time, but I don't see the problem. Could it be that in previous years teams did the match ups regardless of points? I thought that pairing depending on each player's points was a standard (at least it has been this way in the Bloodbowl world cups, my biggest team tournaments experience).
  14. I Nacional de Malifaux – GoblinTrader Madrid Norte – 29 y 30 de Septiembre 2018. Desde GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid) es un placer anunciar el primer Nacional de Malifaux! A este y al otro lado de la Brecha los más peligrosos líderes y las más letales jefas están escuchando la llamada para ver quién se alza con la victoria en este primer torneo nacional! · Estrategias e intrigas del GG2018. · Facción única, máster variable. · 3 partidas el sábado 29 (registro a las 10:45 y primera partida a las 11:00) y 2 el domingo 30 (primera partida a las 10:00, fecha estimada de clausura a las 15:00). · 2 horas por partida + 20 minutos para la confección de la banda. · Premio de pintura para la banda más espectacular. · Premio de pintura para la miniatura más espectacular. · Inscripción: 15 euros · Aforo: 40 jugadores (llegado el caso se gestionaría una posible ampliación). · Sábado por la noche: el favorito del Brewmaster! · Muchas sorpresas! Los detalles para el pago se irán actualizando esta semana. I SPAIN NATIONALS – Malifaux – GoblinTrader Madrid Norte – 29/30th September 2018. In GoblinTrader we are more than proud to announce the First Malifaux SPAIN Nationals! Crew leaders from both sides of the Breach are being summoned to find out who obtains the honor of winning the first National Tournament in Spain! · Schemes and strategies from GG2018. · Unique faction, multiple master. · 3 rounds on Saturday the 29th of September (checking at 10:45, first match at 11:00) y 2 rounds on Sunday the 30th (first round at 10:00 to be finished by 15:00). · 2 hours per match + 20 minutes per round to hire the crew. · Special prize for the most spectacular crew. · Special prize for the most spectacular model. · 15 euros fee. · 40 players (if needed we would study opening more places). · Saturday night: The Brewmaster’s choosen one! (fancy name for pub crawling!). · And many surprises! Payment details will be added this week! *************** UPTADE - 9TH OF APRIL *************** Inscription is now open! You can all the information in the following documents, including how to purchase your ticket: English: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q5703rx86e2u0n7/Spain National Malifaux.pdf?dl=0 Spanish: https://www.dropbox.com/s/11tm5u0260nysk4/Nacional Malifaux.pdf?dl=0 We hope to include during this week another document with information regarding where to stay, eat and stuff like that near the venue. *************** UPTADE - 23rd OF APRIL *************** Updated with information packages both in English and Spanish. In these documents you may find how to reach the venue, hotels nearby and places to eat close to GoblinTrader. English: https://www.dropbox.com/s/54f4r1v7gjmp16j/GUIA INGLES.pdf?dl=0 Spanish: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tb1tsfdk4evjqfg/GUIA ESPAÑOL.pdf?dl=0
  15. Hi there! Any update on the rules? I have this teammate who keeps nagging me asking whether there is a painting prize or not and I'm already thinking of giving him one myself so he'll stop bothering.