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  1. [SPAIN] Demos at GT Norte, Madrid

    Hey Wyrdos! Christmas is coming fast, which means presents and also money to spent in the hobby, so I'll be running several demos in the following days trying to bring more players to the fun side of the breach. I'll be demoing at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (c/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid) today 13th of December and also this Saturday 16th of December. I'll update this thread this week as holidays bring more public to the store. If you want a demo please contact me or anybody at GoblinTrader!
  2. Monthly painting challenge -- December

    I can't believe it has been a year already! For this last month I'm going to get a few of the big boys: * Talos - 8 SS * Ashes and dust - 13 SS * Ashes Core - 5 SS * Dust - 5 SS * Wokou pirate - 8 SS * Malifaux Child - 2 SS For a total of 41 SS. I'll update this post tonight with the proper pictures.
  3. 2018 monthly painting challenge

    Count me in!! I've enjoyed the 2017 challenge, it pushed me to paint lots of models and there are still planty more waiting to be painted! I'm going to go big, Emissary level for me!
  4. Monthly painting challenge -- November

    Thank you guys! In that case the total would be 10 SS (Bishop) + 15 SS (Hamelin) + 8 SS (Wokou pirate) + 8 SS (Sue) + 5 SS (The carver, I just read the thread for 2018 and assumed that since the Carver is 0 SS it translates to 5 SS) + 12 SS (3 x 4 SS from the Changellings) + 18 (3 x 6SS from the Stitch Togethers) for a total of 76 SS... this must be my absolute personal record!
  5. Monthly painting challenge -- November

    These are the models I painted for the "A nightmare before Malifaux" tournament which made me skip some models from my schedule. These were given away on each round, I don't want them to count for this month, just wanted to share them with you guys so you can see I'm not that lazy!
  6. Monthly painting challenge -- November

    Hi! These are my models from november, not as many as I want edición but I had to paint other models for a tournament. Hamelin for 15 ss, Sue for 8 ss, Bishop for 10 ss and one wokou pirate for 8 ss, 41 ss.
  7. Homefront - Block 5

    Hum... for gremlins it would be twisted to see them dressed properly, so I'd go for an alt. Ophelia crew with a victorian look, maybe called "The Vicporkians" and with these fancy clothers Of course shooting with the pinky finger raised, as educated people do.
  8. Yep, we really need to start travelling and creating some rivalry and grudges to be decided either on the table or in the bar!
  9. Hahaha, this is all @Ikiwith 's (Víctor) merit who contacted the people in charge and added us, I'll ask him to post it in the Spanish Henchmen FB group.
  10. The results have been uploaded to the ranking! Please note that the only results uploaded are from those people who agreed to share their data, leaving out those who didn't want to appear or didn't feel comfortable sharing their personal data. http://esp.malifaux-rankings.com/#/
  11. Winter Wonderland issue

    Thanks for the heads up, and thanks for taking care of the matter in such a classy way. Not only do we get a high quality model instead of a "Ups, sorry" that we get a new sweet model, can't wait to see the render!
  12. Homefront - Block 5

    Can't wait to see the nightmare gremlin crew... mostly because I can't come up with anything worthy in my mind!
  13. [SPAIN] Demos at GT Norte, Madrid

    Hi there! Our last tournament held on Saturday the 25th of November acted as a bait to bring more players to our community, so I'll be running a couple of demos tomorrow the 28th of November at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid). Feel free to drop by and join us or schedule a demo on your own!
  14. Black Friday Sale

    There I was, thinking "no, just grab what you need to complete the crazy lady band"... and somehow the wild ones, the alt. Rasputina and a purple teddy also ended up in my cart and I had to buy them. Must be a virus or something
  15. Black Friday Sale

    From the Monday preview: "** Beast in a Box counts as Wendigo" As if you pile up the three boxes to make the beast. And from the Newsletter: "Wendigo (the Presents)" Again Wendigo in singular, presents in plural as in the three presents make the Wendigo. But better if somebody confirms it.