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  1. Hi there! Tomorrow, Saturday 29th of April, I'll be running demos at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (c/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid), so feel free to drop by and schedule one for you, or just to have a Malifaux chat! Also, although the especifics will be detailed in its own thread, I just wanted to announce that the 10th of June we will be running a tournament called "La vida es una tómbola" (Life is a fair) with surprises, so keep an eye on it! (and since we haven't scheduled anything for May it could be that another tournament pops up out of nowhere, I'll keep you informed!).
  2. Me too! the transitions to the fists in the emissary are amazing!
  3. Thank you very much @drear_squid! I'm drowning in SS, oh yeah!!
  4. Here are my models for April! Sorry I didn't take a picture of the Blessed before painting it. The cost in SS is as follows: * Snow Storm = 11 SS * Blessed of December = 9 SS * Vintage Rasputina = 3 SS (cache) * Freikorpsmann (x2) = 10 SS (5x2) * Freikorps Specialist = 8 SS For a total of 34 SS, or at least that's the goal. Next model will be the Snow Storm. And here is another pic of the Blessed, I'm having second thoughts about adding some blood effect to the mouth and claws:
  5. Yo Wyrdos! I'll be running demos this Friday the 7th of April in GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid) so feel free to come by to have a chat and maybe schedule a demo for you. By the way, just a reminder we will be running a tournament at the same venue the 22nd of April!
  6. jajajajaa muchas gracias @Franchute!! I thought that painting it completely blue would be quite boring for the eye, and white seemed like the only choice. By the way, love your Ramos! The expression in his face, the basing, outstanding work!!
  7. Three ice gamin (4 each) + one ice golem (10) + librarian (7) + strongarm (10) + steam trunk (3) = 42 SS in March.
  8. Hey guys! Here is the steam trunk which was my last model for this month and some friends I managed to get done too which wasn't considered at the beginning of March. Sorry for the pics, I'll try to take some better ones!
  9. Hey Wyrdos! The 22nd of April we will be running a new tournament at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid), so sharpen your brushes during Easter and come to play with us with fully painted crews! * 50 SS * 2 hours per round * GG 2017 * Fixed faction, variable master * Schemes and strategies will be published the 19th of April * 10 euros fee, all money will be destined to prizes. We will have a tournament kit from Wyrd plus prizes from our LGS
  10. Amazing! the inside of the robe it's insane!!
  11. Hello! I'll be running demos today 23rd of March and tomorrow 24th of March at GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7), so you can join me and cry together about not being able to go to the Adepticon while learning how to play Malifaux!
  12. Thanks @iamfanboy! You are right, I should add a touch of white, I thought it was ok but the more I see it the more convinced I am that I didn't highlighted it enough. Now it itches me and I want to fix it right now but I'm still at work...argh...
  13. Hi there! I'll be running demos this Friday, 10th of March, in GoblinTrader Madrid Norte (C/Marqués de Lema 7, Madrid) as a warm up for the upcoming tournament in our sister store, GoblinTrader Sur. If you want to schedule your own demo just let me know or contact the guys at GoblinTrader!
  14. Hey there! This is so far my progress for March. I'm still missing the steam trunk to finish the models I said; as I have enough time I'll paint the ice golem plus three ice gamins, pictures will be posted! Comments and critics are more than welcome!
  15. Only one possible answer! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjyZKfdwlng