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  1. No Love for TTB Core?

    I, for one, am dying to get my hands on it!
  2. Yes... I know EXACTLY who - and what - she is!!!
  3. Let him breed 'em... and then you can mention off-handedly that Mama gators are fiercely, TREMENDOUSLY defensive of their young... just as he steps in there to look at 'em all up-close like... TN 16 Husbandry challenge for keeping Mama Gator tame when The Young'uns are approached, anyone...?
  4. Into The Bayou - Questions

    @soulThe mentions of Nythera are just typos: they should also say "Kythera." If a character actually wants to use the Magia and Immuto of the grimoire gained with the Forgotten Lore Talent and they didn't already have a Magical Theory, they would need to choose a Magical Theory at that point. (I have a player whose character collects grimoires but never actually uses them; he sells them to "interested parties" instead. Since the character doesn't use magic - at least for now - he has no need to choose a Magical Theory.)
  5. Working on the Railroad

    I don't automatically try to have every single session be aimed a completing a Destiny step. My players enjoy side-excursions and lead-up adventures, and they really get into role-playing social interactions, so we tend to have several evenings of gaming between the ones that have a character directly facing their next choice to fulfill or deny their Destiny.
  6. TTB 2E Info Request

    It was Zathras. "Zathras is used to being beast of burden to other people's needs. Very sad life. Probably have very sad death. But, at least there is symmetry." Sounds like he's got quite the proper outlook for Malifaux, as well...
  7. TTB 2E Info Request

    "Cannot say. Saying, I would know. Do not know, so cannot say." - Zathras
  8. "If the gaming was fun, it means that you won!" Sounds like you did just fine with the DM/GM/Keeper/FM's primary role: run a session that the players enjoy! Not to worry too much about the rules fumbles... you'll get that dialed in as you get more time using the system. Keep on keepin' on!
  9. Handling Player Combat Frustration

    I'd like to add just a suggestion for Fatemasters, especially the relatively newer FMs, based on my own experiences across many years game-mastering many different RPGs (and yes: I'm much older than dirt, I freely admit): If you feel like that last injury probably should've killed that NPC Boss Guy/Gal/Critter/Thing.... then just declare it dead, and let the players game on!
  10. Unauthorized Peacebringer

    Yep, the Peacebringer is a Guild weapon - although it's commonly associated with the Death Marshals, other Guild personnel do use them. Being a "Made by the Guild for the Guild" weapon, it's illegal for non-Guild personnel to have them... which doesn't stop non-Guild folks from getting hold of them on occasion, of course! If you've got a non-Guild character who comes into possession of a Peacebringer and doesn't want to risk getting strung up if caught with it, might I suggest looking into the services of a good forger? (I might even be able to make a referral...)
  11. Longer games

    I've been doing something similar to the method zeeblee describes, with the added restriction that "session" doesn't equal "a night of gaming" in our group's case. My crew tend to get really into the role-playing aspect of things: we've had four-hour game evenings that only covered an afternoon of in-game time talking to people in the Little Kingdom or the Northern NCZ or somesuch! I typically review a new adventure before starting them on it, to decide where the logical "mid-points" exist for experience points and Pursuit steps. The TtB "Penny Dreadfuls" published by Wyrd are typically already arranged in a way that makes this fairly easy to do.
  12. Humans in the Bayou and Gremlins in human areas

    "Into the Bayou" supplement is well worth having, btw, just for the background material.... 'course, I say that about all of the TtB supplements!
  13. Iconic Fate Deck?

    The original run had some mis-prints in it (I've got one of these), so they've had them re-done. I imagine it's taken a while because this had to be worked into the existing schedule of product runs.
  14. Any thoughts on Enchanting?

    I think the Mage Pursuit is your best bet if you want to add Enchantment Magia of your choice to the character. Adding them as Manifested Powers per that Pursuit seems to me to tie in pretty well with the concept you have in mind.
  15. What to do while waiting for TTB2E?

    See if you can get them to listen to the "Breachside Broadcast - Tales of Malifaux" audios.... those are great! Reading any of the available background material on either the TtB or the Malifaux skirmish game pages on the Wyrd web pages can be helpful. The free downloadable Wyrd Chronicles E-zines always have in-setting stories in them, as well as all kinds of other stuff. These are well worth getting!