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    Just picked up Nellie

    I am personally of the opinion that both Francisco Ortega and Phiona Gage should be stapled into Nellie lists (along with their own stapled on upgrades, Wade in and Wrath of the Guild respectively). This gives you two models that are incredibly hard to kill combined with Assignments People! to give them fast and heal 2 damage. Francisco being able to Enfréntate a Mi! to evacuate your models from combat, then drop 3 MI7 attacks with built in rams is absurdly good. Being able to follow up on a different target with a Phiona with :+twist: to attack and damage. Do not underestimate positive damage twists, they mean instead of having to beat your opponent's duel total by 6 to cheat you need to beat them by 1, and that is a HUGE difference when it comes to being able to able to consistently cheat damage through. The reporters and Printing Press in the box have pretty solid synergy with Nellie, that being said, she is pretty good at buffing most models on their own, whether they are beaters or schemers (fast and evidence pushing is a wonderful). Things like Executioners, Peacekeepers and the Watcher all have extremely good synergy with Nellie as the Executioners and Peacekeepers are pretty powerful models on their own, but lack reliable movement tricks to get around, giving them an extra AP, or healing them or even just having them beat face with the trigger off Propaganda is very good, not to mention the watcher can let Nellie gain huge amounts of evidence. That's my (somewhat long-winded) $0.02
  2. Krellnus

    Echoes of the Void and Myranda

    Of course it's right under my nose, thanks for the quick reply.
  3. Scenario for that popped up today in a game, Tara uses Echoes of the Void on Myranda allowing her to activate it, if she uses Myranda's 0 to summon, who controls the summoned beast, I would say the Tara player as they controlled the activation to summon it, I've trawled the FAQ and couldn't find anything, cheers in advance for the answer.
  4. Krellnus

    Love Thy Master

    Looking forward to this one, really enjoyed the last one you had.
  5. Krellnus

    CanCon 2017: Jan 27th-28th

    Yep, all good was able to get a ticket for both days, so I'll see you there in a couple of weeks.
  6. Krellnus

    New Lucius tactica

    My problem with Terracotta warriors is that Lucius is still pretty hard on your hand, and Terracotta warriors attack your own hand (although their ability is still amazeballs). I do think the nice thing they can do is swap out Debt once it's been used, although could you swap it for Debt (effectively using the Terracotta's 0 to refresh the ability). Regardless, swapping debt out late game (once it's been used) for something like curfew or numb is quite powerful.
  7. Krellnus

    New Lucius tactica

    Happens to the best of us What do we think of the scribe now? I think at 2 points for a +1 def aura it's pretty damn amazing, stacking Franc and Phiona with it for Def 10 is hilarious and could be good in turf war, but I think our out of faction models like Graves, and Tannen are much better off getting the +1 def themselves, and now Lucius can let Tannen block soulstone use out of activation and Graves can show a friend the door without having to spend his precious AP, which is nice, especially since he's going to be in the thick of it where you can't complain about getting +1 def for free.
  8. Krellnus

    New Lucius tactica

    That's what I'm saying though I'm saying Killjoy isn't immune to the duel, so Lucius can donate a potential 2 AP a turn to Killjoy (1 from the free 1 Action, 2 from the Onlsaught trigger to his melee attack). Because models like Killjoy and Bishop are absolute powerhouses and the last thing anyone wants is to easily be able to give them extra AP like say Lucius or Nellie can.
  9. Krellnus

    New Lucius tactica

    A fun thing to point out, Killjoy isn't immune to horror duels, and can now be moved around by Lucius, any way we can capitalise on this lads?
  10. Krellnus

    CanCon 2017: Jan 27th-28th

    Just went to pay and I noticed that ticketing is temporarily closed, any word on when I'm able to pay?
  11. Krellnus

    Hoffman: which Christmas gift for him?

    Out of that list I would probably get the Emissary, Joss and Hoffman will love the looped in Df 6 and Joss will love the from the emissary's conflux as well.
  12. Krellnus

    A Wicked Little Christmas

    Awesome, thank you! I look forward to bringing the might of the Guild up to Parramatta in a couple of weeks .
  13. Krellnus

    A Wicked Little Christmas

    The Players Pack says fixed Master and Faction, your post above states only fixed Faction, which is correct?
  14. Krellnus


    See I find myself making the same amount of MI attacks in a turn (in a melee list) but of those I usually only need 1-4 to actually hit their target, any other hits are a bonus and the models I need to hit, might not necessarily have upgrades. I notice people keep listing scenarios where Promises is good, I never denied that it was good, I question why it was a must-take in most guild lists. Is it just one of those things you either swear by or swear off? Because that is starting to seem like the case to me.
  15. Krellnus


    I have used the upgrade a couple of times, with both McCabe (who I still can't quite 'get') and Nellie, but not yet with The Hoff (just can't quite fit in another 8 stone model). I won't speak on McCabe since I haven't figured him out yet, but with Nellie I was less than impressed. The way I see it the ability to cheat in the card you want is what wins duels, not since in my experience you can usually hold the cards you need, if promises was to damage I could see a lot more use for it. Maybe it's just as you say, I see things different to most others (so I should stick around the forums a bit more :P). I was not aware of that, I will consider it more often when I play against ressers or neverborn, thanks.