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  1. Summer Showdown III - 30th July Wayland Games

    Got 2 tickets, Nick Kummer and Tom Payne
  2. April Faux's Day - 1st of April, 32 players, 50ss, GG17

    Can I be put on list? Should get money to you tomorrow. Thanks Tom Payne
  3. UK Nationals 2017

    Wow, that was quick Tom Payne for the reserve list please.
  4. Trouble in Paradice - 20 August - Bromley, London

    Sorry guys, I'm not going to be able to make this. Gutted. Want me to try to find someone to use my ticket?
  5. Trouble in Paradice - 20 August - Bromley, London

    Paid up (Tom payne)
  6. Heartfaux 3 Charity Tournament, 14th May, York SOLD OUT

    I want a shot at that Ironsides card. Paid up Should we bring terrain? PS. Tom Payne
  7. Sent the cash Great incentive to paint up my Colette crew. Edit: What's the deal with terrain? Some still needed?