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  1. Impact UK

    Lucius & His Must Have Mimic

    Well I was not thinking tournament lists but something you drop on the table on a game night to mess with people. Though it is hard to disagree with everything you said. I am however going to look into that Terracotta/Thralls combination (why not give people another reason to hate me LoL).
  2. Impact UK

    Lucius & His Must Have Mimic

    See that the sort of reason why I asked this question, I will look into these. Cheers, though you have made me want to get my hands on a model for Candy now (no one would ever expect her to turn up in a guild list).
  3. Impact UK

    Lucius & His Must Have Mimic

    So I have been playing a bit of Lucius in Guild and throw it would be nice to through in a couple of out of faction Mimic’s into the lists just for fun (ok maybe that’s a bit of a lie, probably looking more for models that look cool). Obviously you have the Doppelganger but I am rather underwhelmed with the model (any cool ideas on how to kit bash this would be appreciated) so what other things go well with the masked man.
  4. Impact UK

    Seize the Day @ The Outpost Sheffield 24/06/18

    Just paid for: Luke Mosley, Perry Dale, Glynn Skill, Mathew Brockbank, Rebecca Malkin & Trevor Malkin.
  5. Impact UK

    Malifaux @ Sanctuary-Flipped Out! 18th August Nottinghamshire

    Shame it is on a Saturday (I have to work), but I will see if some of our guys are interested in dropping down (if you have the event on Facebook send me the link and I will add them to it).
  6. Impact UK

    Made in Malifaux 5th August 2018

    I will be with you for this one.
  7. Impact UK

    Seize the Day @ The Outpost Sheffield 24/06/18

    I will sort the tickets out for me and the wife.
  8. Impact UK

    A fist full of Soulstones @ The Outpost Sheffield 20/05/18

    Told you to use the No More Nails for gluing your models together LoL.
  9. Impact UK

    A fist full of Soulstones @ The Outpost Sheffield 20/05/18

    Just paid for our tickets: Trev (me) Luke Mosley Mathew Brockbank Perry Dale Stuart Macmillan James Macmillan Jonathan Macmillan Phil Snead
  10. Impact UK

    Wickerfaux Saturday 9th June - CANCELLED

    I will be working but I will pass this info over to the rest of our gaming group and see who can get.
  11. Impact UK

    Fee Fi Fo Faux 6th May 2018

    I am all set for this.
  12. Impact UK

    Avatars Assemble 8th April 2018

    Count me in.
  13. Impact UK

    Attack on the Outpost @ The Outpost Sheffield 22/04/18

    My April is rather busy so I have not got a clue if I can get to this one, but I know a number of our guys are looking forward to this event coming up.
  14. Impact UK

    The Wyrd Bunch @ The Outpost Sheffield 25/03/18

    I will assemble the minions tomorrow evening and get the tickets booked, looking like we have Mat, Perry, Phil, Luke & myself. Hopefully we will also get Stu, Jon & James to drop down for this.
  15. Impact UK

    Mourning Belles 17th March 2018

    Sounds about right without checking.