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    Malifaux, Miniatures, Pathfinder, Roleplaying Games, Video Games, Wargaming, Warhammer, Writing

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  1. Brilliance. Not even once.
  2. Here's a question; if the Bone Pile buries (as per "Give Up The Ghost") and the field is free of Corpse Markers, but the opposing Crew has a Gravedigger who has the Corpsebarrow condition, does the Gravedigger count as a Corpse Marker for the purposes of determining if the Bone Pile can unbury? I'm going to assume that because Corpsebarrow is different from there being a Corpse Marker on the field, the Bone Pile is out of luck.
  3. Did it sound good? Did it sound natural? Do you have any recommendations for how I can get the foot taste out of my mouth?
  4. I probably wouldn't take this guy for mobility. Despite his cost I'd probably use him to fill up an engagement with corpse markers and then start summoning.
  5. Well, he doesn't necessarily have to be part of Levi's crew to benefit him. Kill your rival's Gravedigger and spill a bunch of corpses in one place..?
  6. If you're careful with it, you could build a Crew focused on Lampads, creating the Resser equivalent of a wildfire, which I think is the point; fire creating more fire.
  7. At first I was concerned the Gravedigger would only be useful for someone like Leveticus to make Desolate Engines, but the more I look at it the more I like it as a true Resser support model. Granted, it's use is fairly limited--get it close to the fight, hope it grabs up a few corpse markers, and then run like heck--but that benefit can make or break a battle, especially if it's in combat with a Crew that also uses corpse markers as a resource. Try him with Nicodem or other summon-heavy Ressers, and you might like what happens.
  8. My Safe Space!
  9. The Chatroom is closed until we get Kowal's skidmarks off the couches.
  10. I like the bees. Bees are my friends. But these spiders man. All under my skin. They aren't welcome. They need to go away. Before my skin comes off.
  11. Yeah, I'm getting itchy, man.
  12. No one's contacted me about anything, and it wasn't mentioned in the newest Chronicler. I'd say the decision is still in the air.
  13. Sad to see you leave Lindsey. I hope your new path brings you a lot of joy.
  14. Welcome to the party!
  15. Wow, been a while since this thread has been used. So you know Chuck E. Cheese, right? What about Grubb E. Gremlin? Grubb E. is an alternate Zipp, dressed up in a barber shop singer's outfit. He's joined by Cap'n Clamp, the animatronic Silurid (the First Mate) who plays a mean banjo. And finally Burt the Ticket Man who sells the tokens for Grubb E.'s games and exchanges tickets for cheap nick-knacks, and is way too ugly, dirty, and leering to be legally employed at a theme-park restaurant for children. Other ideas include a ball pit containing a gator, a crazed chef selling pig-snout pizzas, and a pack of screaming gremlin children hypercharged on sugar, cheap pizza, and distracting games.