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  1. Mike Wallace

    Carry on My Ten Thunders Son

    I've got that stupid song stuck in my head now. What? Who's leaving? Lindsey? She left months ago. Yeah, I miss her too. Don't you cry no more... DANGIT.
  2. Mike Wallace

    Alt Lazarus Arrives!

    Dude, that McMourning model. Sinister.
  3. Mike Wallace

    Monday Preview - A Mysterious Surprise

    Aaron's weekend trip to Gatorworld photos!
  4. Mike Wallace

    Monday Preview - The Obsidian Gate

    "Wait'll they get a load oni." /Joker laugh
  5. Mike Wallace

    Friday Preview - Egg Clutch

    You've got egg on your face now.
  6. Mike Wallace

    March Newsletter

    Bob Moss. His name is Bob Moss. And he paints happy little pigs and "happy accident" explosions. And he is so calm. And then he beat the Neverborn out of it.
  7. Mike Wallace

    TTB Worldwide Campaign

    You will wake from a nightmare, sitting bolt upright in bed and screaming into the cold, dark air. You will not remember the dream, or why it make you scream, but the realized fear will linger, longing for an unrealized memory. If you sleep next to a loved one, they will question you, gently. You will not be able to articulate it with words. They will insist it was nothing, that you should return to sleep. They will think otherwise. You will not realize this, and assume you are alone in your confusion and fear for a future undetermined. The face from the closet will grin, quietly rolling a fat gold coin over its spidery fingers. A coin you would recognize. A coin from your dream. A coin the smiling face offered to you. "Heads, or tails?" It asked, in a voice that was not human, not reptilian, not in your ears but in your mind. "Why?" Your dream-self asked. It did not know the stakes, though you were aware there were stakes. And they were high, indeed. The smiling face flipped the coin. End over end it turned in the air, glinting in pitch dark light. "Call it." In a panic you respond, "Tails, no heads!" Too late. The coin had already landed on heads and you had merely called what you had seen. The grinning face plucked up the coin. "Too bad," it said. "But you didn't really need this, did you?" You scream, silent in your dream but audible in the waking world, as he reached into your chest and pulled- Absently you rub your chest, unable to know why. The grinning man is no longer in the closet, but you did not know this. You attempt to withdraw, seeking the solitude and comfort of unconsciousness, even as you are vaguely aware that dreams are not a safe place. When the sun rises, you check the Wyrd forums. Someone is responding to your question about when you will know if you get to participate. He does not answer your question. You rub your chest. The grinning face hits SEND
  8. Mike Wallace

    Friday Preview - Immolated Rhino

    The answer to the unasked question; "What's worse than an angry rhino?"
  9. Gonna burn it all up! Burn it up! Gonna get drunk in the Bayou and burn it all down to the ground...
  10. Mike Wallace

    Friday Preview - Kassa Okoye

    I'm not sorry.
  11. Mike Wallace

    Friday Preview - Kassa Okoye

    She's got a Titanic hair... cut- YOU STOLE ALL THE GOOD PUNS YOU GUYS.
  12. Mike Wallace

    Friday Preview - Devouring Eel

    This why, when I'm at the beach and I feel a piece of seaweed graze my ankle, I scream like a child.
  13. Mike Wallace

    Monday Preview - Grave Golem

    "I didn't have time to empty a graveyard, so I brought it with me."
  14. Mike Wallace

    Can anyone tell me about Edge Point?

    Through The Breach's Into the Bayou has a lot about Edge Point, but I can give you summary. It's south of Malifaux City, literally sitting on the edge of the Bayou. It has a large railroad, serving as a hub for the towns in the south, and (until recently, perhaps) had a large number of mercenaries who guard trains against Neverborn attacks. Edge Point is actually pretty sleepy; the folk are friendlier and the Guild guardsmen aren't so pushy; the Arcanists and Ressers don't have much interest in it, the Neverborn stick to the badlands, and the Gremlins... well, Gremlins are allowed in Edge Point, provided they behave themselves. They're curiosities to the wealthy and tolerable (if erratic) neighbors to everyone else. The biggest problems in Edge Point are the insects and smell of the swamp, so everything seems to have insect netting.
  15. Mike Wallace

    Broken Promises Fluff Discussion

    When Wyrd sent the story my way I was giddy to write it and got it done in a weekend. It still needed a bit of editing though.