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  1. Monday Preview - July 17th

    It's Jim Sterling?
  2. Broken Promises teaser

    *Gasp!* They were all Gremlins the whole time!
  3. Broken Promises teaser

    The beauty of this cover is how it pulls focus onto the characters, you can see all that raw emotion and get a sense of what they're thinking (more or very, very less).
  4. May 22nd - Divergent Path The Trickster

    Brilliance. Not even once.
  5. The chat room is not presently available?

    My Safe Space!
  6. The chat room is not presently available?

    The Chatroom is closed until we get Kowal's skidmarks off the couches.
  7. The chat room is not presently available?

    I like the bees. Bees are my friends. But these spiders man. All under my skin. They aren't welcome. They need to go away. Before my skin comes off.
  8. The chat room is not presently available?

    Yeah, I'm getting itchy, man.
  9. Storied Soundtracks

    No one's contacted me about anything, and it wasn't mentioned in the newest Chronicler. I'd say the decision is still in the air.
  10. A Wyrd Goodbye

    Sad to see you leave Lindsey. I hope your new path brings you a lot of joy.
  11. Welcome a new team member!

    Welcome to the party!
  12. Well ...crap ..

    Wow, been a while since this thread has been used. So you know Chuck E. Cheese, right? What about Grubb E. Gremlin? Grubb E. is an alternate Zipp, dressed up in a barber shop singer's outfit. He's joined by Cap'n Clamp, the animatronic Silurid (the First Mate) who plays a mean banjo. And finally Burt the Ticket Man who sells the tokens for Grubb E.'s games and exchanges tickets for cheap nick-knacks, and is way too ugly, dirty, and leering to be legally employed at a theme-park restaurant for children. Other ideas include a ball pit containing a gator, a crazed chef selling pig-snout pizzas, and a pack of screaming gremlin children hypercharged on sugar, cheap pizza, and distracting games.
  13. Malifaux Playtesting Callout

    Is this taking any more applicants? Because I sent mine in days ago.
  14. Out of the Office

    All the single ladies, all the single ladies...
  15. Humans in the Bayou and Gremlins in human areas

    There are probably a fair amount of humans in the Bayou; especially in the town of Edgepoint (from the TTB "Into the Bayou" book) which is nominally held by the Guild. Explorers, hunters, smugglers... there's a meat distributor in Malifaux who receives and sells Bayou pig in secret (Peregrine's Porcine Products), so he's likely got connections to the Gremlins and men to act as envoys. Through The Breach also has Bayou Born who seem to be human kids kidnapped from the city and raised in the swamps?