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  1. Is it sure? (It reducing utility of all "push in BTB" from pretty ability to hell one time in a year it will work good )
  2. This disclaimers make me no sure that "After resolving" from rulebook is the same as "After resolving an enemy Attack which targeted this model" Why are you sure that after step 5?
  3. Just found another confusing for me thing. Mysterious Effigy can give "Rapid Acceleration" condition by (0) action. It says "After resolving an enemy Attack which targeted this model, this model may end this Condition to push up to 3" in any direction". At what step this ability applies?
  4. So, only the direct spelling of key phrase in descriptions mean delay otherwise trigger applies immediately. From this it follows that Rasputina’s Sub Zero Trigger(And maybe some else. It's just first that I have recalled.) should applies at step 5. So what would be with attacker's "After damaging" trigger that should be applies after step 5 while the attacker was forced to end his activation at step 5?
  5. Hey everyone, Last days I've been reading rulebook and FAQ last says and saw one confusing thing. Rulebook page 25 says: Rulebook page 26 says: So as I understand if I have a Attack Action which deal 2/3/4 damage and have "After succeeding" trigger I have to declare "After succeeding" on step 4 then deal damage on step 5 and only after that all to apply the trigger's effect. Correct? But FAQ says: And this mean that Dreamer applies his trigger's effect on step 4. Why?!? Why on step 4 instead after step 5 as usual?
  6. Hi everyone, GG17 bring us "Dig Their Graves" what says: We have some "unkillable" in game, and It confusing me do I get VP for this kills? For example we have Levi and Hungering Darkness with "The rising sun" app in this case all is clear - I definitely do not get VPs becode the warnings says that "It is not killed". Next - Lord Chompy Bits, if I kill him it triggers "Dreamt" ability what says: So would it be me who have sacrificed him and in this case I'll get 1 VP or He would be sacrificed by himself and I got nothing? And last: Wind Gamin, he have "to the sky" ability which says: It should be the easiest one. In first look it just would not be killed so not VPs, but the fact that there is no clear warning(like in Levis ability - 'It is not killed') is confusing me. Draw a line: I have 2 easy questions If I kill Lord Chompy Bits within 4" from my marker do I get 1 VP and why? If I kill Wind Gamin within 4" from my marker do I get 1 VP and why?
  7. I don't see that Puke-worm is much better Cherub. Cherub is ideal for mark of death which Lilith can do easily. It fast and have DF6 + have a push for punch and slow all that with not bad sh5
  8. You can't looks to the master's totems separately. I think question "Does this totem need a buff?" mean "Does this master need a buff?".
  9. Thanks
  10. Hello all Lilith have Tangle Shadows action, It says: "Select a friendly model within 6" of this model and place it into base contact with the target model. If the friendly model can be placed, then place the target model in bae contact with this model" Question: Can Lilith select herself as a "a friendly model within 6" of this model" and place herself in btb with the target?
  11. Burn them to the ground! That is the guild playstyle) To be honest old guild masters are pure damage dealers - Sonia, Perdita, Lady J. This masters are not easy to play in GG17, but id easy to deal damage) I love Perdita. She's a bit straightforward but have some trumps in the sleeve like obey and good mobility. Sonia is even more straightforward, but she is good in the meta with 10+ activations. MacCabe and Hoffman are buffers. MacCabe is flexible, can buff the crew or can hit or both and very fast. Hoffman buffs in 99%. Lucius and Nelly is good choise if you need many interacts. But in general they are more complicated. More tricks - less damage and pretty solid.
  12. Hi all, In last game I've ran into strange explanation of Arcane effigy's "Radiance" Condition. The Condition says: "Models which are damaged by one of this model's Attack Action must discard a cart after a current Action is resolved or gain the Burning +1 Condition." My opponent said that if my model damaged by attack action with this condition If I have any cards in a hand I MUST discard a card i.e I cant choose gain burning or not I MUST discard a card. I think It's wrong and I CAN decide to discard a card or not and gain burning. Am I right?
  13. Rulebook says if it is impassable or сlimble you can not push through it, but if it impassable you can't even move through it without flight or incorporeal ability. If it сlimble you should have ability to stay on the top of this fence(which is silly). If this severe terrain you can push through it. So the Rulebook does not answer to this question directly. Now we use a home rule, models can push through a fence if they are higher then a fence, but if a model move through 1Ht fence it gets penalty 1" if it is 2Ht, 2" if 1Ht and no penalty for 3Ht
  14. The heal works only on minions and as I don't know guild HtK minions so it isn't a cool feature it's good but a focus is better