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  1. So monster hunter doesn't deal +1 damage against masters? (that sounds stupidly, they deal +1 against modelst stronger than they are, but not against masters who definitely stronger) Does it mean that I can't note enemy master for vendetta?
  2. Speeding up Lady J

    Rotten Belle with lure
  3. Critique my public executions list

    If you are outactivated by 2+ models the best scenario you can expect is to do one shot from every hunter, I think it's not enough to stop alpha
  4. Critique my public executions list

    6 models without lure... If your opponent have 1-2 fast hard-hitters you will lose 1-2 Rogue Necromancy at first turn, in such crew it would be painfull
  5. New Hoffman

    Chance to see df 7 in your opponent's crew not so high to spend so much CC for MI7
  6. New Hoffman

    it's ignoring all kinds of damage reductions
  7. New Hoffman

    Only new what cyborgs can give to constructs - it's SH 7. I don't think it is a great advantage, cool but not great. And Rostislav is right, Power loop condition doesn't work properly on cyborgs. So, now I'm thinking about how to play without Power loop . Creates 2-3 cyborgs and spend all AP's to Machine Puppet. Use Power loop only on one model from Hoffman's ability to buff this stats.
  8. New Hoffman

    I've tried Cyborg Sidir with promises + Ryle + Guardian. It look interesting Ryle with Sh 7 with inbuild or MI 7 with under promises but very expensive and slow. You needs two 2CC ups (for Cyborg and for Modifications) plus you need to take (1)AP to loop all them. P.S. promises + new hofman's jump looks very interesting, his mi attack have good damage thanks to power loop and promises it can have MI 7 with . It looks pretty tough
  9. Can you choose to paralyze a model with immunity?

    I've just left it here page 36
  10. Trixiebelle vs Flurry

    Flurry targets nobody, It just gives ability to do 3 attacks to single model. Attacks targets...
  11. Jury's An Honest Trial

    Hm... Befor I thought that only for triggers. But I checked rulebook, page 25 So, first you adds a mask to duel total, and only then determine who have won. So yes, you can use this ability to pass obey's TN.
  12. Ortega and Criid can survive in GG18?

    only def trigger
  13. Ortega and Criid can survive in GG18?

    It's not a regular companion or accomplice. Its 12" range, and works only on witch hunters in both way. If witch hunters end activation you can activate only another witch hunters.
  14. Ortega and Criid can survive in GG18?

    No range)
  15. Ortega and Criid can survive in GG18?

    YEP! )