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  1. Best Guild Beatsticks (without Masters)

    a bit, MI 7 and flurry compensate it
  2. Best Guild Beatsticks (without Masters)

    You can cast combat effectiveness on Judge ))) You still need a lot of cards/tomes/masks/SS and a miracle to cast/hit everything successfully, however
  3. Best Guild Beatsticks (without Masters)

    as for me Judge is not a hitter at all, he hits not so good as I want, but he is pretty resilient especially after errata when I can give him LLC and he will be cost the same 9cc. I think he will returns to my crews when I would need a model to soak up some damage.
  4. Best Guild Beatsticks (without Masters)

    Hopkins is a really beast) You can easily deal 15+ damage from shooting if take debt and found a burning enemy.
  5. Hoffman competitive

    When the Broke Promises book have been got to my hands, I was really excited of Cyborg Up. But when I've tried to play I've found It difficult to make a crew as competitive as with Harness on constructs exclusively. I see couple problems: 1) takes Pneumatic Upgrades and Field Mechanic isn't effective enough. It's very expansive and requires too many actions apply all ups, power loop. 2) as I found out at times when the Guild even didn't have a Emissary - Hoffman spend too many cards from a hand, so to attack is necessary as air. To fix first I decided to limite ups poll to next: Pneumatic Upgrades only and Harness and may be Arcanist Assets/OSA. To fix second exists couple ways: Arcanist Assets - you can take Mobile Toolkit that is extremely useful in general and can give to MI action. But I think it better to use it to give to damage to models like Thrall, Dr. Grimwell, Papa Loco, Abuela Ortega, Hoffman. Emissary's 0 cost up. It gives attack action for models with power loop. It's very strong ability because affect ANY attack action(sh, ca), with it you can use strong shooting crews based on models like Sidir, Papa Loco(especially if give him damage from Mobile Toolkit), Hopkins, Rider. But it require to spend master's AP to loop. Promises Up on Sidir/Queeg gives to MI and WP duels with and an up. So it works from the box with henchmen/enforces with ups or minions with cyborg up. So now I'm thinking how to combine this options the best. The most interesting I think Emissary + Papa + Mobile Toolkit and Queeg with Promises + Cisco to buff him + Minions(Thrall/Mounted Guard) + Mobile Toolkit.
  6. Hoffman competitive

    Why the Emissary is far away from the Toolkit? The Emissary moves up to 18" on first, you buff PK at first turn and move 10" forward in LOS block, and on second you can move 10" more and then buff. So Its 21" buff range
  7. Hoffman competitive

    No, If you lose the Peacekeeper and Emissary you will lose the game. While you have Em and Mobile toolkit you have + attack and + to damage so you can find a damage in Hoffman MI atack and EM SH atack
  8. Hoffman competitive

    hmm, for example Hoffman 5 + Mechanical Attendant 2 + Emissary 10 + Peacekeeper 12 + Mobile Toolkit 3 + Watcher 4 + Steam Arachnid 4 + Guardian 7 + hound 3 = 50. It's 9 activations and Emissary would have ++ def stance.
  9. Hoffman competitive

    It's sound interesting. What I like in Em+PK: you can give to PK to the damage flip, then bury him with puppet, and then taxi PK to 12-18"(that is 16"-22" danger rage for PK's flurry) and when PK would be unbury he will hit with to attack from Em aura and from mobile toolkit. It look like a bit harder alpha strike
  10. Hoffman competitive

    I don't know how competitive it is but I prefer similar to @trikk version but based on Guild beatsticks. Hoffman 5 - Harness - Field Mechanic - Arcanist Assets Mechanical Attendant 2 Emissary 10 Peacekeeper 12 - Numb to the World Mobile Toolkit 3 Watcher 4 Steam Arachnid 4 Thats 40SS , On rest you can add second Arachnid, Guardian, Warden, riot breakers
  11. Wyrd Chronicles Vol. 33 [SPOILERS]

    I (Aaron) have added spoiler tags to this post. Please, if you are going to post in here, use spoiler tags. Put [] around the word spoiler and [] around /spoiler to end it. If you can put some text before what you've written, it also offsets it for the quick summary on the main page. Thanks, all! -Aaron
  12. Does Nellie need mercs?

    Felt like a correct version of Santiago
  13. Does Nellie need mercs?

    I like gunslingers, with debt + Jury they looks interesting. But I rare use mercs up, in 99% I take Guilds Founds to get extra CC, Misleading Headlines to outactivate opponent, and Delegation and think that changing any of those to mercs one is not reasonable. (And to be honest I even don know is it reasonable to change any of this to some up from Broken Promises)
  14. So monster hunter doesn't deal +1 damage against masters? (that sounds stupidly, they deal +1 against modelst stronger than they are, but not against masters who definitely stronger) Does it mean that I can't note enemy master for vendetta?