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  1. Making Pale Rider work

    I think to find a strong flanker who would be fast, resilient and able to kill someone is slight problem in guild. I've tried Judge for this role but his problem to get out of engagement and not fast enough. Tried The Lone Marshal he is quite good, fast, resilient especially from shooting and have ability to push out the engagement but he kills not so good as wanted. Tried Dr. Grimwell he is really fast, have great damage and good DF, as for me he is a good middle between Judge and Lone Marshal. But all those options are cheaper them Pale Rider and I not sure that worse that Pale Rider.
  2. Making Pale Rider work

    obvious choices are to take him with MacCabe to give him nimble/flask, to take with Nellie to give him fast and to take with Lucius to use "Commanding Presence" on him. Its obvious and not very strong way to take so expansive model. And It's sad. But I want to believe that new one "Domador de Cadaveres" with their 'Command corpse' may be will change the picture.
  3. Making Pale Rider work

    listening carefully every word))) I've tried him 1-2 times, he's very expensive and before 3-4 turn not very resilient. I see him only like all alone schemeruner/contr-schemeruner
  4. What makes other Factions jealous?

    Peacekeeper with numb to the word is a very good reason for jealous))) No special tricks, just pure brutal power) Brutal Emissary + frank with dept - usually others really surprised when emissary unbury some enemy model in btb and frank immediately activities for companion and declare flurry
  5. What makes other Factions jealous?

    Try to take MacCabe)
  6. Monday Preview - July 17th

    Am I the only one who see the automatic pistol in Malifaux?
  7. ophelia's "eyes closed"

    @Aaron I think that this issue not such to easy say that it is not ambiguous at all, the part of interpretation based on the thesis that game use "the attack action" and "the attack duel" interchangeably. But this Interchangeability is based on manual examples, not on the rules. For me It's enough but it leaves the space from manipulations. And this manipulations will be used not by all players, few сlever guys who rise this theme at the middle of a tournament and TO will not have enough time to find right answer could give + to damage flip to Ophelia which you have to admit would be a huge boost. What my point is - not only realy frequently questions worth to get to FAQ, but every what leave a space for manipulations. You only need to find out is there a space or not. Anyway, thanks a lot guys!
  8. ophelia's "eyes closed"

    It's not a problem to do a home-rule (unfortunately it will be a home-rule because "all not home-rules is in the manual and cards" ) and force to use its on tournament. But we have not big local community about 20 people, and an addition home-rule could be regarded as our whim and decrease the number of tournament participants. But the FAQ would clearly show that it is official rule interpretation.
  9. ophelia's "eyes closed"

    Is there any official and more direct channel to ask to do FAQ for this, because there will be local tournament in our club and there is a very small chance that the troublemakers will calm down?
  10. ophelia's "eyes closed"

    Some people cling to words "mention the damage flip" and say that "any action сontain the damage flip so it mentioned" and to prove self cleaver say: "if it would be true the TT's Recalled training which give " to all flips" won't affect damage flips because it is not mention directly the damage flip" P.S. I believe that (0) gives only to the Attack flip. I'm not trying to boring anyone, I've just trying to find words to prove it.
  11. ophelia's "eyes closed"

    Sorry to duplicate posts, but there is a greate argument in our club that is out of bounds of Gremlins theme. The start is there - http://themostexcellentandawesomeforumever-wyrd.com/topic/99573-ophelias-eyes-closed/ Ophelia's WIth My Eyes Closed! reads "For the rest of this model's activation, its Sh attack actions gain . ... " So we have 2 question: Does Ophelia get only to Attack flip on to Attack flip and Damage Flip? Does Ophelia get to "on declare" duels like terrify and so on?
  12. ophelia's "eyes closed"

    Unfortunately this issue create a big argument in our club and note on pg. 52 "Effects that modify the damage flip will state that they do so specifically." do not work in our case. It would great in someone from staff clears the picture.
  13. ophelia's "eyes closed"

    Hi, I want to reopen this question. There are guys in our club that think than "get + to SH Attack Action" means "get + to all flips". How prove that damage flip do not gait + ?
  14. Best setup for Nellie

    Hannah can copy Phiona's jump with her (0) action It's an addition atack for her + fast, so hannah can make 4 attack in one activation. Give to her Debt and you'll get 4 attacks with 3/5B/7BB damag line. If you have done all things right, it could easily destroy half of enemy crew))) (additionally +1 cart to the hand is a very good bonus)
  15. Best setup for Nellie

    The best setup is Nellie, Fiona, Print Press, Hannah, Sue + runners you like