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  1. Monday Preview - July 10th

    Oh God... Cats... Another Mad Hatter. Cheshire Cat. I need it, definitely.
  2. Broken Promises teaser

    That's a promising teaser!
  3. July demos at Geek Wars store

    Demos at Geek Wars Paveletskaya: July 8, Saturday, July 11, Tuesday, July 18, Tuesday, July 25, Tuesday. See you on demos!
  4. Everyone is welcome to the Henchman Hardcore tournament at Geek Wars Paveletskaya! All the details here: https://vk.com/geekwars?w=wall-88141179_10539 If you have any questions don't hesitate to write me here or on Facebook www.facebook.com/buntman See you on Saturday!
  5. Winners of Total Testosterone

    Fantastic! Thanks to everyone!
  6. Everyone is welcome at Malifaux demos at Geek Wars Paveletskaya on Wednesdays, 13 and 20 of June, from 14-00 till 20-00. Follow the news at vk.com/geekwars
  7. At the largest hobby convention in Russia we announce two big painting contests. First one is the Mint Dragon (https://www.facebook.com/mintdragonpainting/), and the second, which is more important for Wyrd fans is La Bande En Parade La Bande en Parade (Crew on Parade) Wyrd painting contest will be held on September 2nd and 3rd 2017 at the “Shtuka” convention at the Central House of Artists in Moscow city center. Wyrd painting contest will be a part of the “Mint Dragon”, the largest painting contest in Russia. The Contest consists of three categories. Each participant may subscribe only one work per each category. All the models must be manufactured by Wyrd Miniatures. All the conversions should consist by ⅔ of original Wyrd model. The participants are divided into two tiers during the registration process. These two tiers are Painters and Gamers. Each participant indicates which tier he would like to go to. Professional painters, members of painting studios and all those who took prize places at the miniatures contests or at the online contests by Wyrd — must sign up to the Painters tier. Categories: 1. Crew on Parade The Crew should be hired according the M2E Rules Manual. Crew size should be from 35 up to 50 Soulstones. Crew must have a Master (Wrath counts as a Master as well). The crew must have a shared base. 2. Enforcer Brawl In this category you can sign up any Enforcer model that eligible for Enforcer Brawl format. 3. Henchman Hardcore In this category you may sign up a Crew hired according the Henchman Hardcore tournament rules. Crew must consist of a leader (Henchman) and another three miniatures, no more no less. The cost of these three miniatures must not be more than 20 Soulstones. All the miniatures must fit Malifaux rules in terms of the appearance and base size, this will be controlled by Judges. Crews from the 1st and 3rd category must be represented on a common base. It can be a simple wooden base or a fully adorned diorama, but in the latter case please remember that the Judges will look mostly at the miniatures. Prize places: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category of each tier. Best of faction (one prize per faction) Best of Parade
  8. Shtuka 2017 will be the largest hobby convention ever held in Russia. More than 30000 expected visitors will gather on 2nd and 3rd of September at the Central House of Artists, so we'll make demos for several hundreds of people. More details coming soon.
  9. It's been a while since I last wrote here. Here are some photos of our latest Enforcer Brawl tournament at Geek Wars Paveletskaya, Moscow.
  10. Coming Soon

    Of course! This time I'll try to get to the Silver Tier at the beginning to have at least one chance to fail)
  11. Welcome a new team member!

    This art is awesome! Bravo, Alyssa!
  12. Everyone is welcome at the Malifaux Cup at Geek Wars Paveletskaya. Soon in all the Geek Wars stores you can pick up a special booklet with 4 achievements you will have to complete to have access to this amazing tournament. Tournament format: 50ss, GG2017, half of the models must be painted (bases as well). We'll inform you about the details at our vk.com page — vk.com/geekwars, so follow the news there. The prizes are going to be super awesome, so join us at Geek Wars stores! Together with me there will be another TO - @Gerzogh
  13. Everyone is welcome to the Enforcer Brawl tournament at Geek Wars Paveletskaya, right in the heart of Moscow. It will be a classic Enforcer brawl, but with a twist — some extra special scenarios are going to be randomly distributed. We start at 13:00, then we play one round of the enforcer brawl, and after that we play another one if the winners are tied by VP. Prizes: Wyrd prize pack. Number of participants: 20-32. Geek Wars Paveletskaya: 115054, 5-y Monetchikovskiy pereulok, 3c1, Moscow, Russia
  14. Everyone is welcome to the Malifaux demo games at Geek Wars Paveletskaya, in the heart of Moscow. We start at 11:00, end at 22:30. Geek Wars Paveletskaya: 115054, 5-y Monetchikovskiy pereulok, 3c1, Moscow, Russia
  15. Wyrd 'Sales' going forward ...

    As a Russian distributor representative I must say that I love you even more for that decision. Thank you very much!