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  1. Sold

    Sorry all sold
  2. Sold

    All sold
  3. The Puppets of Justice

    Its been slow going but i have painted mcmourning and his nurse. Just waiting for the bases to arrive.
  4. I did. Thanks a lot for the recommendation.
  5. Selling some surplus limited edition models. Prices are in USD and dont include postage from sydney. All models are new on sprue. Alt Nicodem $30 Alt Joss $35 Miss fire $20 Vintage Rasputina $25 Alt Kaeris $25
  6. The Puppets of Justice

    A gremlin taxidermist
  7. The Puppets of Justice

    I love this crew so much that i have decided to expand it and do a whole puppet guild faction. First up is Mcmourning and his nurses. Other models i am going to add are: Zombie Chihuahua Sebastian Fransisco Guils hounds Witchling stalker Death Marshal Recruiter Nino
  8. Thanks alot. I agree lucius is the holy grail but i can live in hope.
  9. Help me expand my from a puppet lady j crew to a whole puppet guild faction. I am looking for the metal puppet wars multiplayer expansion box. Plus the following puppet wars models: Lucius Zombie Chihuahua Guild hound Help me make it a reality.
  10. My new lady j crew. Just need to convert up a few more puppets and try to track down puppet lucius. The bases are from customeeple with 4ground furniture and wyrd orphanage accessories.
  11. I went a bit crazy buying outcast models so I need to clear out a few models from the stash. All models are new on sprue. Alt Barbarous $25 Alt Kaeris $25 Vintage Sonnia $25
  12. All sold

    Nothing more to see
  13. Let It Faux - rapid growth campaign Good Games Town Hall - Clarence St Sydney CBD 4 rounds in total with 1 round each fortnight starting on the 27th of March. You have to play one game per round. There will be a gaming night at good games at the start of each round. $20 entry fee. All entry fees go to prizes. There will be prizes for the winner of each round and the overall top 3. No one can win more than 1 round. Round 1: 26ss master led Round 2: 30ss master led Round 3: 40ss master led Round 4: 50ss master led Email me at roydiprose@hotmail.com to enter or for more details.
  14. My collection of unpainted models is getting out if hand. Help me clear some space for new crews. Shipping is from Sydney Australia. All prices are in USD Limited Edition Models lady justice avatar 30.00 Assembled and undercoated black. With current cards hodgepodge effigy 5.00 Old metal models. No cards lady justice 8.00 alternative nicodem 8.00 hoffman 8.00 hanged 5.00 hodgepodge effigy 5.00 dead justice undead marshal (the one full of arrows) 10.00 Cards gremlin arsenal deck 1 8.00 gremlin arsenal deck 2 missing burt jepson card 6.00 Me1 Purple fate deck 12.00 Wants university of transmortis box Alt Rafkin taelor - metal or plastic Francois lacroix - metal or plastic 1 gaki orphange base accessories Hamelin crew