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  1. Azkral

    Zoraida Must Buy Models

    Big beaters to be obeyed are also useful with Powerful Control
  2. Azkral

    Alpha Strike Titania

    Most Titania's attacks have 8" range. You can throw up a beater and support it attacking from the centre of the board.
  3. Azkral

    Supply Wagons

    I think he gives the hooded rider warped reality to make him nightmare, not to deploy from the shadows
  4. Azkral

    Titania Pounce Crew

    I only tried it once. Ir was very effective, with barbaros pushing and Lilith and Rougarou killing things.
  5. Azkral

    Titania Pounce Crew

    Barbaros is also a good addition if you want to push enemies. With nimble, he can position himself to push enemies to the rest of your crew. I tried a pounce list with Lilith with Living Blade, barbaros, Rougarou, Hinamatsu and terror tots.
  6. Azkral

    Primordial Magic Conversions?

    Maybe an alien look? Like a baby alien emerging from a body. Pd.I use a razorspine rattler from Puppet Wars.
  7. Azkral

    GG18 Official Master Tier List

    Hoffman is tier 1.5, if not tier 1. Cyborg upgrade, combined with cheaper henchmen un Guild, are an important buff.
  8. Azkral


  9. Azkral

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    Zoraida can obey the pigs to destroy old major. I think thats the best counter.
  10. Azkral

    Malifaux Provides Upgrade: Where to Find?

    Generalist upgrade deck waves 3 and 4
  11. Azkral

    Creature Feature Clarification

    Nekima? Mature Nephilim? Young Nephilim?
  12. Azkral

    Creature Feature Begins

    Mature nephilim falls under fantástical person? And Nekima?
  13. Azkral

    Vasilisa + AFTTT +Collodi's My Will

    Yes. Collodi can use My Will on Vasilisa, Vasilisa moves Collodi, then collodi attacks. Finally he accomplices to Vasilisa and Vasilisa puts him out of trouble.
  14. Has anyone tried Fae illuminated with Titania?
  15. Azkral

    Terrain Lilith Crew Thoughts

    You can also add the new Lilith's upgrade that gives you hazardous terrain