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  1. Vladivostok- 08.10.2017- GG18 50 pts.

    22.09 10am at Armiya na Ladoni club (Tungusskaya, 24) Version of GG18 published the week before tournament is in force. Achievements, challenges, no fixed fraction rule.
  2. Cherufe's parting gift

    Chain activation usually needs to be linked with previously activated model, hence the confusion.
  3. Cherufe's parting gift

    So, a question arose due to wording of this upgrade. It gives an ability, follow the flames: after a friendly Witch Hunter ends its activation, another within 12" and LoS activates as a chain activation. Does this mean within 12/LoS of Sonnia as an ability owner or within 12/LoS of activated Witch Hunter? Thanks in advance!
  4. Kandara and Banasuva- blessings in flame

    Oops, my bad. Still, even a theoretical Obey instills fear of this combo. Thanks for an answer!
  5. So, a question popped up reading a new book. Banasuva with an upgrade activates, uses his (0) to copy Kandara's The Dancing Flames. It reads: ...this model discards an Upgrade and then chooses and attaches a Limited upgrade with the Restriction of Kandara to itself. Does this allow to put Kandara's upgrades on Banasuva? I am a bit confused. Ther is no usual "ignoring all restrictions" in the text, but the word usage seems clear-cut.
  6. Post GenCon Update

    Any news on Lady's fate?
  7. 10T - ALT MODEL

    Honestly, you don't need them. All is self-explanatory.
  8. 10T - ALT MODEL

    Brewmaster as russian moonshiners- samogon'shiki. Cult short film

    An alt Sabertooth is really needed. There should't be the only one.

    Clockwork Orange Dreamer!

    Alt Students/remake. Current are not to high Wyrd standard.
  12. Vladivostok, Russia- 06.08 35 pts.

    06.08.17- 35 pts tournament at the Armiya Na Ladoni club (Tungusskaya, 24), 9/30 AM. GG17, 16+ players 06.08.17- турнир на 35 очков, клуб "Армия на Ладони" (Тунгусская, 24), 9.30. ГГ17, 16+ игроков. Внимание! На турнире используются сюжетные сценарии. Список- в приложении. https://vk.com/malifaux_dv Миссии.docx
  13. Divided/Zero: Bewitch+Obey+Shastar Vidiya

    Ex. Silurid talons do 1 dmg low and have a maul-like trigger. That's +12 cards from Wicked Doll via six Rams which is quite plausible. Doll is df1, so it's a good bet.
  14. Dear sirs, I think we broke the game. Ex. two crews- one led by Zoraida, another contains Shastar Vidiya. Zoraida has Doll in play, ex. two Gupps and a JuJu She then Bewitches Vidiya and Obeys it- not difficult. Obeyed Vidiya shoots Wicked Doll (df1). Zoraida draws two cards. Now the magic- as Vidiya is not Activated by Obey, prohibition of shooting already targeted models does not work. So, we shoot Wicked Doll again via trigger for 2 cards. And again. Then we proceed to JuJu, having got cards enough that only BJ stops us- and we draw 2 cards for each flipped one. JuJu dies. Now we have got a lot of cards and a Gupps- we kill him (continuing drawing) and JuJu comes back. We kill it again. We now have drawn a total of 32 cards and have lost one replenishable Gupps, free Doll and an immortal JuJu. Shall we proceed? Please correct me, if I am wrong, but this seems incredibly evil. P.S. same goes with Maul, but it is more difficult.