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  1. 23.04.17- Enforcer Brawl Same place, GG16-altformats as-is 12+ players 23 апреля- энфорсер бравл Играем по текущей версии альтформата без изменений. 12+ игроков, те же, там же.
  2. 26.03.17- 50 pts. tournament. Same place, GG17. 14-16 players. 26 марта- турнир на 50 очков. Те же, там же.
  3. 19.02.17- 50 pts. tournament. Same place, GG17 !6+ players 19 февраля- турнир на 50 очков, там же, где и всегда. ГГ17
  4. 22.01- first 2017 tourney. 35 pts., GG17 22 января- первый турнир 2017 г. 35 очков, ГГ17
  5. And what of Black Friday sale?
  6. Thank you very much! We will be preparing a chandelier for someone tonight...
  7. The point is the timing of choosing/not choosing and the fact that such choosing occurs due to an Ability that resolves after the Trigger
  8. Good day! Here is the question asked by my good friend the Russian rules lawyer. Imagine the following. Lone Freikorpsmann is hit by a stray blast from Sonnia flameburst (with trigger "afre damaging, take Burning 1"). Duel resolves into after step 5, where damage is assigned. His position is as such: 1) freikorps suit is an ability 2) its wording contains "may" therefore it is an activated ability (may/may not) 3) if it is an activated ability, it is activated after triggers, as per general timing rules 4) therefore, damade from blast is flipped and assigned, THEN the trigger occurs and burning is assigned THEN ability is chosen to activate and damage is prevented BUT not the burning 1 As I am a real-life lawyer, I see the worth in his position, but it is mightily suspicious to me. Please help us solve this problem.
  9. There gonna be one heck of a Black Friday with such bonuses flying already.
  10. Maybe, just maybe, there could be something more than a crew boxes on Black Friday?
  11. Current events plan: 20.11- 50 points tournament in Vladivostok. GG16, 1-day, full prize support. Estimated players- 18-20, two cities combined. Maybe more. 11.12- end-of-the-year friendly tag team tournament. Bury your hatchet of war, buy a new one! About the same players as above, with new grudges to settle. Текущий план мероприятий: 20.11- турнир на 50 очков во Владивостоке. ГГ16, один день, с призами. Примерно 18-20 игроков из Владивостока и Находки. 11.12- командник на конец года. Зарываем топор войны, покупаем новый.
  12. Come on, a short flight, it won't be costly at all
  13. First official tournаment in Nakhodka. When? 17.09, 10AM Where? Nakhodka, Boksitogorskaya 3a How? 50 pts., GG16, not painted Первый официальный турнир в Находке. Когда? 17.09 10 утрв. Где? Находка, Бокситогорская 3а Как? 50 очков, GG16, непокрас https://vk.com/club125625714
  14. Also, take something fast and nasty like Hayreddin and slap Little Helper on him. If enemy kills him that eans one walking corpse marker and one laying down ready to spot for Reva. If not, then Hayreddin kills.