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    Prague - Czech Republic
  1. Hey, I'd like to invite all czech-based players to a tournament held in Prague as a part of the Masters of Malifaux series. Where? Saratovska 4 Praha 10 When? 22.4. 9:00 Fixed faction, 55ss, Gaining grounds 2017 schemes and strategies If you want to apply send me a mail to Sybok@seznam.cz
  2. Hi, I'd like to invite to the last Masters of Malifaux tournament, this time it will be a 55s one played with the gaining grounds 2016 schemes where: Husitska 44, Praha 3 The capacity of the venue is 20 people
  3. Hey, I'd like to invite you to a Malifaux tournament hosted as a part of WH40k Ogr Cubb 2016. When: 8.10 2016, 9:00 - 18:00 The event will be held at the usual place Saratovská 4/400, Praha 10. It will be a 50ss, Fixed Master, Fixed Faction tournament using the Gaining grounds 2016 schemes The event is limited to 16 players, so send your applications to Sybok@seznam.cz
  4. Hi, Id like to invite you to small 50ss, fixed faction and master tournament hosted by the Ogri Doupe gamign club in Prague When: 2.7. 2016, 10:00-18:00 Where:Ogri Doupe, Moravska 5 Praha 2 If you are interested send your application to Sybok@seznam.cz
  5. Lucius needs something to make him not totally suck. After playing him a lot of times, I think that the only that can actually make him playable is a total rewrite. His entire premise sucks, he hands out his AP to weak models so they could do more useless stuff. And guardsmen are a joke. Guild guards do nothing at all, Dashel is overpriced, riflemen are waay too squishy, Austringers are great, but have no synergy with Lucius and Dashel, Wardens work better with Hoff¨, Hounds work better with McCabe. I would really love to see Lucius as a summoner (Guardsmen if Guild and Mimics if Neverborn)
  6. She looks like a man with boobs..
  7. Is the one with the top hat a man or a woman?
  8. Yea, usually you dont need to loop more than Hoffmann and two or three other models. Hoffmanns AP can be used in a more efficent ways. On the first turn I usually give nimble and fast to Peacekeeper
  9. Lucius is the best character fluff-wise. Shame he is a kind of a crappy master
  10. Agreed, from my experince you usually just need to power loopa guardian and a peacekeeper. I sometimes also power loop a metal gamin, because Hoff with a CA10 is kinda cool
  11. I dont get all the hate all the hate for Hoff..
  12. Hey, Id like to invite you to a tournament hosted as a side-event to the usual WH40k Ogr Cubb tournament. It will be 50ss, Fixed Master, Fixed Faction Where: Saratovská 4/400, Praha 10 When: Saturday, 16. 4. 9:00 - 19:00
  13. Oh wait yeah, I mistook it for Issue command
  14. Doesnt "What Lackeys are for" work only on minions?
  15. Are you people sure you arent making up issues where there are none? I really thought wargaming hobby is a carefree enviroment where guys and maybe sometimes some girls get together and enjoy a shared hobby free of pointless social/political discussions..until I saw this thread.