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  1. Viks_Masamune


    Sue. Definitely Sue.
  2. Viks_Masamune

    New Outcast Master upgrades?

    Well, she is a dual-faction master, can hire Outcast models, and use Outcast upgrades...so that's pretty 'Outcast'.
  3. Viks_Masamune

    New Outcast Master upgrades?

    Her upgrades are still dual-faction, correct? *Rubs hands gleefully*
  4. Viks_Masamune

    New Outcast Master upgrades?

    Viks got a new movement ability, Parker can ignore Armor. Today was a good day. Although I'm curious to know what Misaki's upgrades were.
  5. Viks_Masamune

    Outcast Broken Promises upgrade speculation

    While I would also like to see the Viks be a little tougher to bring down, I'm afraid that would almost make them a little too good. I'd be ok with an option that focuses less on them killing stuff, and more with synergy for the rest of the crew, or more movement shenanigans.
  6. Viks_Masamune

    Parker plays

    I'll just assume that its considered 1 continuous terrain feature then.
  7. Viks_Masamune

    Parker plays

    You could be right. I took it to mean that you could only be damaged once on the given piece of terrain that you traveled thru. I was under the assumption that you took damage since they are separate HT. I've always understood it to mean that you cannot do: Example-Model is paralyzed, and is lured down a long strand of barbed wire. Model makes one damage flip since he/she is continuously traveling thru said HT. But that you could do: Example-Model walks thru barbed wire, takes a damage flip. Model then walks thru fire, takes another damage flips since its a separate HT feature. It's been a minute since I've played so I very well could be mistaken.
  8. Viks_Masamune

    Parker plays

    @beergod Thanks, I didn't have the card in front of me so I couldn't remember.
  9. Viks_Masamune

    Parker plays

    Parker activates and drops Hail of Bullets (back to back) behind enemy model. Once Mad Dog activates he can then rapid fire and use the built in trigger to push the enemy model backwards into HoB. I think Parker has an upgrade that will allow him to "prompt" a model to make a 1AP action, so this might be able to be done on just Parkers activation. It's a simple combo but can work if you pull it off. Mad Dog has a pretty decent damage spread, so if you rapid fire and hit them twice, then thats a minimum 6 damage, plus being pushed thru HoB twice for minimum 4 more.
  10. Viks_Masamune

    Misaki upgrade combos

    I'm inclined to agree with @thatlatinspeakingguy. Stalking Bisento has gotten me far further than the disguised upgrade, though the latter upgrade does have some uses. In my own experience, without Bisento, Misaki is more a nuisance than anything. Shes capable of hunting down some scheme runners, or knocking off some previously injured models here and there, but she definitely lacks the knockdown power that alot of the other combat-oriented masters have. Assassinate is too random to reliably count on when it comes to putting down the bigger beasties, and people know to expect it anyway. With Bisento, Recalled Training, and Oath Keeper, Misaki can easily dispatch most models within a turn and since she has a few options to push out of combat already on her card, I find that she is capable of being slippery should I need her to be. I've had minor moments where Disguised has come in handy, but I don't feel its better 90% of the time. Edit-Recalled Training is only for TT faction. When I run her in Outcasts, I usually add Survivalist to make her a little tougher for melee brawling, or Tally Sheet to help fish for Crows.
  11. Viks_Masamune

    August LGS Promotion

    I have always gravitated more towards Outcasts, but some of these newer models are making me want to branch out a little more. That model render is classy and creepy at the same time, so it might give me an excuse to get the Red Chapel box now. I don't suppose my purchase for a terrain mat on Etsy counts towards the $60? My FLGS does not carry them at this time unfortunately.
  12. Viks_Masamune

    Malifaux tarot

    This is really cool. I don't practice Tarot, but have always found it interesting.
  13. Viks_Masamune

    Malifaux Novels

    I would definitely be interested in seeing all the fluff from the rule books condensed into a single, paper back format.
  14. Viks_Masamune

    Viktorias - beginner questions

    The Viks have the best synergy with the Student and Vanessa, but I've found that you can run a crew without them and still be competitive. I don't own Tara, so I can't really help you there. 9/10 I run the box crew, sans Taelor. I believe that Taelor is a good model; hits hard, good flips against constructs and tyrants, and has great defenses. That being said, she has a terrible walk value, and is usually getting into the fight by no earlier than round 2. While her attacks are good against certain crews, I find her to be situational at best. Since a fully buffed Blood is capable of killing off models quicker and more reliable, I find her to unnecessary most of the time in the Vik crew. The Viks really benefit from some ranged support. I'll second the opinion on Sue, and even Hans has his benefits. Vanessa obviously can heal all the sisters regardless of range or line of sight. Her Arcane staff has a solid attack value, with triggers to draw a card and get blasts. Getting her on the certain line buff's it to a damn near guarantee. One thing that gets overlooked from time to time is that she (as well as the Student) also benefits from Ashes' melee expert when shes in line of sight. While she shouldn't be in melee all that often, it really comes in handy when its applicable. I've always had great luck with Ronin. Can't be charged, Hard to Kill, Defensive Stance without a discard and being fairly quick means I'm getting scheme markers down by turn 2, and you have to waste the AP to get me off that scheme marker. Seppuku is a rather comical action. Let the opponent whittle them down to HTK, on your activation, try and give them a good smack with the Daito, and then commit Sepuku, and collect your cards/soul stones to use on the Viks. The Student is a pretty good model. She can give Fast once a turn to a model in 3 inches, and can use S-in-S as well if the situation dictates it. While I have never used the Malifaux Child, I've heard nothing but great things about him in the crew. That being said, I still find the Student to synergize well, and adds to the fluffiness, if your'e into that too. Hopefully that helps.
  15. Viks_Masamune

    LGBT characters?

    In my personal opinion, eh kinda. I believe that the artist holds carte blanche on the final outcome of his or her work. They created it to reflect what they felt at the moment of its inception, and I personally feel that its "wrong" per se, to demand that they change what they do to better fit my particular taste or way of thinking. I personally find the Gremlins faction to be a little too humorous for a gritty, and dark world. To me, it takes away the overall serious tone of the game, and it comes off to me as a comic relief faction. But I have never said to change it, or anything else they have made for that matter. Someone at Wyrd felt that it fit, and added an extra layer to the game. They worked incredibly hard to come up with characters and plot lines for them, and really put their all into making them. Who am I to demand that they replace them? What if they decided, due to my complaints, to not have the Gremlin faction; would it alter the final product that we are looking at here and now? Would a character I love from the Outcasts not have been created or be radically different since they had some over-arch into the Gremlin story, and I asked for them to ditch it? All cheesey movie jokes aside, I am a firm believer in the 'Butterfly effect'. I've always felt that if you force creators to make changes on something that didn't intend to, then it starts to become a vicious cycle where they have to start taking away from what they want to create, in order to make room for the other. And when that creator isn't in the natural flow of personal creativity because we're making demands, then shit gets shoe horned in, and the overall quality starts to slip. I readily accept that I will never love everything that a actor, musician, or creator does. Its a fact. But they're the creative genius, and I am not. They have an overall plan on how their art will come together in the end, how it relates to one another, and a way to make it happen. I do not. I love Wyrd and their products. I love this community. I think we can all agree that Wyrd does an awesome job at doing what they do. So with that being said, I want Wyrd to have complete artistic freedom to carry out their vision of the game, when they feel they're ready to do it, and not because they were forced to. Btw, that was an awesome question. Thanks for asking it, and for giving me a chance to better explain my position.