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  1. 10T Simon

    Jorugumo Outside of Asami

    @Mutter Thanks so much, will check them out!
  2. 10T Simon

    Jorugumo Outside of Asami

    Hi all Have you been able to fit our big spider demons into any lists outside of Asami (where I summon rather than hire them). With so many great models around the 9 SS mark I find it hard to see where they might fit in... I've put together a list with Misaki which I'm keen to try out. Have you had any luck with them in any other crews. (Bare in mind I don't have Mcabe or Lynch yet) here is my list I;m ken to try Misaki Stalking Bisento, Misdirection and Recalled Training. 4SS Cache Shang Yamaziko Smoke Grenades, Smoke and Shadows Shadow Emissary Conflux of Thunder Upgrade Graves Peaceful Waters Jorogumo Monk of Low River
  3. 10T Simon

    What is the current year

    Thank you! When was the plague and Hamelin's story in all that?
  4. 10T Simon

    Reva and Her Upgrades

    Oh right, I missed that, thanks @verpixelt!
  5. 10T Simon

    Reva and Her Upgrades

    So @Kogan Style what upgrades do you actually take on her then, besides Guises? Do you have any auto includes? I can see the value with Litany vs Arcanists, I had thought about that. I'd also never bother both Litany and Decaying Aura. I've had some luck with decaying Aura in the first few games, especially coupled with focus, but it's certainly situational... I'll give Bloodmark a go next game if the schemes and strats pan out for it and see what value I get out of that... Just figure I'd rather be attacking 9 times out of 10...
  6. 10T Simon

    What is the current year

    Anyone know what year is in TtB or perhaps the year of the Ripples of Fate book? After reading into the steam Recently it seems it has now been some years since the Breach reopened?
  7. 10T Simon

    Reva and Her Upgrades

    Hi All! I've recently started playing Ressers after about a year Playing my Ten Thunders. I've started with Reva and I'm really enjoying her play style. I've got two 50ss games in and they've been a lot of fun (1 draw and 1 win last night)! One thing that I've been struggling to figure out is how to get the best of Reva's upgrades. At the moment most of her Reva specific ones are coming across a little underwhelmingly... Firstly LITANY OF THE FALLEN vs DECAYING AURA I've been running her with DECAYING AURA and I've been happy with it. For me it's gonna be one or the other and I kind of like the min damage 4 that I'm getting quite often on the crow trigger. Is there a solid case for Litany over Decaying Aura? In my last game I used GUISES OF DEATH and with Bette the Corpse far up the field was a great disruption. We were playing guard the stash. Not sure it;s gonna be super useful all the time but I reckon it's one I'll certainly consider. The extra activation or AP drain on my opponents makes sense for me and seems good value for 1SS. I'm struggling to see value in Beyond Death. Reva is generally in my backfield while Yin, Bete and the shield bearers keep my opponent buys in the midfield. BLOOD MARK looks nice but it just always seems like I'll have better things to use Reva's AP for and with the carrion Emissary my crew is not too slow. It could be quite useful to push my fresh corpse candles up field but it seems pretty corner case. I've been predominantly going into games with only a cache of 4 and I usually have room for 3SS of upgrades on Reva due to the rest of my crew generally coming out at 47SS Please let me know your thoughts on the upgrades and their value/usefulness and if there are maybe any tactical nuances I'm totally missing out on... Best
  8. I'm about to start running a campaign in TTB for the first time. I've played other RPGs for years and years and I've been playing Malifaux for almost 2 so I feel ready to go. One of the things that stands out for me in TTB is that it seems characters gain experience and therefor advancement quite quickly - basically a level every session (which I see as kind of chapters of a game). Do you find this is too fast or works just fine? If you find your players growing in power too fast how do you control the dolling out of XP and advancement? I'm using the "In Defence of Innocence" Penny Dreadful as a starting point for my campaign and it seems that the characters won't need to go through too much to get 4 advances and at least 4 XP... Is this correct?
  9. How does Yu's Disciple work when he takes Yan Lo's instill Youth ability? Does it work off his cast of 6 and TN 11 - so that anything beyond 11 is what is healed? Or does he first cast disciple and then cast Yan Lo's Instill youth on a new flip? In which case what is the cast at? It's a bit confusing...
  10. Played my first Shen Long game yesterday now that I've got him painted up. Was a lot of fun! I've been using Yu in quite a lot in other crews too. I was wondering though - would you ever take Shen Long without Yu?
  11. 10T Simon

    Oiran vs Performer

    Yeah I kind of feel in most situations TT Bros or Performers can do what the Oiran do a bit better... Will run them a few more time to see, I've only run them the once...
  12. 10T Simon

    10t Mcabe - Any guild models I should pick up?

    Yeah the Oiran Idea is very nice, thanks Peon!
  13. 10T Simon

    Oiran vs Performer

    Thanks guys! I used two in a Misaki Crew (With Hidden Agenda on Misaki) vs a Lady J guild crew. I played Misaki (Hidden Agenda, Recalled Training, Disguise) Yamaziko (Smoke & Shadows, Smoke Bombs) Sniper Shang Shadow Effigy 2x Oiran 2 x Torakage We were playing old strats and schemes and We got Squatters rights. I also took Line in the Sand and distract. I thought with fast Oiran I could use distract, take a focused strike and then go defensive. My opponent played Lady J, A peacekeeper, 2x Executioners, Governors Proxy, 2 x Austringers. I think he wanted to use the peace keeper and executioners abilities to disrupt my scheming. I obviously out activated my opponent. I ended up winning 7-3 with no points for distract haha. My sniper and Torkage were the MVPs and I used Misaki to take out his softer targets and run schemes. I managed to avoid lady J who got a bit held up by my Oiran and shadow effigy but with her ability to remove conditions and with me not aloud to leave her engagement area the Oiran were quite useless even with the Fast and Focussed they were getting most turns. AAlso the fact the defensive condition comes off at the end of the turn didn't help... They both died, they did suck AP from Lady J and her cronies but I felt the Shadow Effigy was better and I feel there job could have been better served by other models. Their +1 WP helped against all the terrifying a little but maybe guild just isn't the opponent for them. I think I prefer the look of the TT Bros, who seem somewhat more reliable, especially in an interact heavy strat and scheme pool... In the end I feel like 10 SS and an upgrade slot could have been spent more effectively...
  14. 10T Simon

    Iron Painter 2016

    Count me in, lets give this a go!