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  1. Schemes & Stones Pre-Jan 2018 Errata (Outcasts)

    Oh, no, by that I meant that I have also never played Nix - I guess that was a bit roundabout!
  2. Schemes & Stones Pre-Jan 2018 Errata (Outcasts)

    Oh yeah, I mean APART from that. It would be nice, of course, if she had an extra wound or two, could furious cast the healing, or had a (0) action to teleport, but I think the 2" range is enough to make her a totally good 7SS model (which she already is to be honest, it just totally sucks when she gets engaged by a 2" model).
  3. Schemes & Stones Pre-Jan 2018 Errata (Outcasts)

    I think there were a bunch of great suggestions here. Starting with the Friekorps models (I love the Friekorps). Making Von Schill cache 4, giving him a built in on his knife, and making friekorpsmann 4SS would, all together, be fantastic. I think that way a player is encouraged to play a friekorps theme, which VS supports with his aura, without being hamstrung on model count. Excellent suggestions! A cheaper, Wk5 specialist would also be superb, but I think that AND the suggested trigger to spread burning might be a bit much? Perhaps the trigger, and the walk, and keep the cost would all add up to be pretty great. The suggestions for the librarian are nice too, but I think aside from a 2" range not much needs to change there! As for Parker, having no upgrade limit is obviously a benefit, but I am not it would go that far to fixing him. Dropping the target number for his push, and letting changing plans cascade into other (0) actions is exactly the right way to fix Parker I think, whilst maintaining his playstyle. With no upgrade limit I can see that leading to a game spent building up upgrades, rather than choosing the right one for the right situation, and then him blasting something off the board, or buying a lot of upgrades at the start so that Parker can take one massive shot at the start of the game with, for example, min damage 7 or something like that. I don't know if that would be that good for anyone... Making the gunslinger a bandit would also be great, and especially increasing it to a 21" range. It would not only give Parker more mid-cost bandit options (which I think he needs), but also make the convict gunslinger hireable in it's own right. At the moment I can almost never see a reason not to just pay 1SS more to hire Sue instead of a convict gunslinger - he is a stat point less accurate, but in return you get card draw, great auras, better damage and some other random utility - he's basically the same but better in every way. As with the friekorpsmann, reducing the cost of the guilty is a good plan for sure. They DEFINITELY feel like a tax, to the point where I don't even bother with tormented Jack lists anymore - and that's problematic since then Jack Daw becomes another one of those masters that, more or less, heads up the same crew of generic outcast good stuff. I would also go a bit further and make them do SOMETHING other than just woo-woo around the battlefield being spooky and doing almost nothing after they have tormented something - even at 4SS they would still be extremely bland. Allowing them to torment a friendly model, but also be able to have one enemy tormented at the same time? Or perhaps give them a front-of-card ability to torment a friendly model when deployed so that they can also use their Share Guilt ability on enemy models? I think there is some fun play in Jack with using tormented as an offensive condition to increase his control game, but it rarely gets used since, outside of his curses, it's functionally impossible to torment an enemy model (and Jack is normally killing what he curses). In keeping with that theme, I think the horror duel trigger on Montressor would be flavourful, and powerful in making him the tarpit he is meant to be. The big problem with Jack at the moment is the increasing number of natural flips that are spreading through all factions - his main defensive ability is randomly hosed all the time, and the old adage of "don't take Jack into Ten Thunders" is starting to apply to a lot more factions... I haven't played Hamelin, and I have also never hired Taelor - but perhaps with the suggested change I might do? The same applies to Ama No Zako, but even with some errata I don't think I'd buy her - I just don't like the model... I feel like in addition to the mentioned models Bishop could do with a bit of love - despite his flexibility and potential power, he just dies WAY to easily for the SS investment. I think a simple fix of giving him a 2" range might help, or perhaps hard to kill or something like that.
  4. Von Schill

    I've had similar experience - taking both puts a weird two-way pull on VS's AP. As for GG2018 I hope you're right - I can't wait to play Von Schill other than just for fun.
  5. Competitive Leveticus lists

    A good way to think about models like Johan is to just pretend that there are no M&SU-based abilities on his card at all, and then think "would I hire this guy for 6SS?" The answer is clearly "hells yes I would" - he's a 6SS model with a 3" attack, a min damage of 3, flurry, hard to kill and condition removal. That is a GREAT deal for 6SS. And sure, when he's hired into Arcanists and the M&SU stuff kicks in he is even better, but the fact is even without those on his card at all he would be great. Essentially, don't let potential synergies hide the basic facts of a card! e/g. Imagine a 3SS model with an unsuited leap, and when it is within 4" of, say, a friendly beast it gives that beast +2" and +1 damage. Obviously that model would be insane in a Marcus crew, or a crew with Beasts, but you would also 100% hire it to run schemes in ANY crew, regardless of whether it had beasts or not!
  6. Competitive Leveticus lists

    You take the (1) action "To Dust" and then if you remove more markers than there are Waifs n play you get o take the (2) action "Connect Soul" for free without spending AP (since it is during the resolution of the "To Dust" action).
  7. Competitive Leveticus lists

    Anna is Ca6, 3/3/4 at base - which will be 4/4/5 if the statue marker is nearby - pretty tasty!
  8. Soulstone use for Parker

    I use most of them to keep Parker alive when he's in the shit, since that's about the only defensive capabilities he has and he generates them pretty freely. Other than that, I stone for cards or flips for whatever henchman I have in the crew. Between the soultone generation and Parker's other little draw abilities here and there I find you can cultivate a pretty good hand most turns.
  9. Soaring Dragon or oath-keeper

    I haven't had a chance to play with Soaring Dragon yet, but I think this is the key - the playstyle changes to using Blood Vik as more of a hard-hitting harrier than a throw-away alpha strike. That's how I plan to try it at first anyway...
  10. Is anyone doing well with Talos?

    OH - I see what you mean, yeah.
  11. Is anyone doing well with Talos?

    The void marker goes in base contact with the target, but it's still just the single target that gets buried. She can only bury one model on a turn, since the action cannot be taken if there is a friendly Void Marker in play, which there will be after the first one goes off...
  12. Video Battle report 50ss Zoraida vs Leveticus

    A very enjoyable video! I particularly liked the way it was shot, the visible fate decks, and the discussion at the end (in fact, the discussion at the end is what made it for me). If I had to give some constructive criticism I would say that you could strip out some of the extra detail (e.g. the suit and value of every simple duel flip) and just mention the outcome and focus on the narrative - the same is also true of opposed duels that aren't crucial to the game, or very swingy. For example "Model x attacked model y, and cheated to win" vs "model x attacked model y, flipping a 10 for attack. Model y flipped an 11 for defence, meaning the duel was tied. Model x cheated in a 12 and model y didn't cheat, making the attack succesful". Often that stuff is obvious from the (extremely useful!) fate-deck cam, and it makes the narrative a little confusing at times! Definitely one of the best formats for a battle report on youtube that I have seen though!
  13. Is anyone doing well with Talos?

    Yeah - those are all good points actually! I haven't used Hannah in a Tara crew, let alone with the new upgrade for the Void Wretches attacks...
  14. Is anyone doing well with Talos?

    Don't you find the requirement for a for Hannah's bury to be a bit too restrictive to make use of it reliably? I can imagine that she just eats stones to get the bury off every turn, and then it also puts pressure on activation order as well since the model comes back at the end of the turn. On the other hand, stomping a big base over the void record marker is always pretty fun...
  15. Schill is amaaaaaaaaazinnnnggggg!!!!

    The 7 attacks is not something it would be sensible to plan for though... it needs 3 masks in duels that are successful, and the old man has a pretty sparse cache... The place on clockwork arm is amazing though - punching things out of cover is a particularly good use for it given how a Von Schill crew can be quite ranged-heavy (if you build it that way). It can also be used to clump dudes up for Lazarus!