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  1. Viktorias - beginner questions

    That's really interesting - how has it been working out? I assume that you're still using Sisters in Fury for the extra damage? Do you try to maintain LoS for the melee expert on blood? I assume that you're using each Vik more tactically to take out key pieces rather than just launching in in a blur of blades.
  2. Von Schill typo

    That card is covered in typos - it also says he has a 1" range with Ml6 on that big knife, wielded by a legendary fighter and tactician.
  3. Von Schill Question

    All he does REALLY is be pretty resilient, and bring a pretty resilient crew. And then some opportunistic killing. Which in the current scheme pool that has very little to do with killing, that resilience isn't really doing a lot! Add to that the fact that staying in a pretty fixed location and not dying doesn't do much outside of scoring Extraction, and even less in terms of denying opposing schemes, and it's clear that the current iteration of Malifaux really is No Country For Old Men. I really hope the new upgrade(s) manage to address that without simply being auto-take patch upgrades! I won't stop taking Von Schill, so it would be nice to know that when I do it's not a more or less automatic game loss!
  4. Help w a limited model pool

    I feel like a blood wretch HAS to be better than Karina with nothing to summon? Blood wretches are not bad at all when they're fast, since they can power up and charge, and with Tara and Aionus to help give that out I think there's a lot more mileage in a blood wretch than a 5SS totem that doesn't do anything at all really... It would put you to min cache, but you could drop the Scramble on Aionus to go to 6SS cache (he's plenty mobile as it is), or give Aionus The Bigger They Are and go to 5SS cache to give him a bit more of a punch against upgraded models? You could also probably drop Dead of Winter, you DO have 4 Void models though, so perhaps it's good here.
  5. Schemes & Stones Crew Spotlight - Void Spam

    I really like the new format - the run down of the models at the start is nice, since it means that the discussion of the list isn't hampered by having to state what the abilities are. I also really liked the discussion of what schemes and strats your guest would choose from a given pool, knowing what faction he was up against. That part reminded me of the podcast Before We Begin, where a guest builds two lists for a scheme pool and discusses them with the host. It's a shame that podcast hasn't updated lately - I always found that type of discussion very useful in improving my own list building. Perhaps if it wouldn't be treading on anyones toes that might be a nice episode to do once in a while? I feel like the current podcasts on offer focus on either master spotlights, tournament reports, or other discussions of single models, but list building is a bit neglected. Since it's such a central component of the game it would be nice to see some more content about it!
  6. Big Jake, a Big Impact?

    I always like Big Jake. He isn't really GREAT at anything, but he has abilities that make so many schemes and strats a little bit easier. Counting as two models is excellent when you're in extraction, interference, guard the stash etc., Don't Mind Me is an EXCELLENT ability in headhunter and other schemey pools, and since he's a 5SS enforcer he's a good way to squeeze an extra upgrade into a list. Also, since he comes back turn 5 you can sometimes get a "last chance" at a strategy point, or he can appear to remove a key marker (if your other models are set up right), or to kill an enemy minion at the top of turn five. All in all, he's a fantastically useful little dude who doesn't actually do much on his activation, but does a lot of good stuff just by being there.
  7. Bandidos Question

    Bandidos are totally OK/fine scheme runners, but they are not good dedicated shceme runners really. They have no real way to get through rough terrain other than run and gun, but after you run and gun you have no AP left to drop markers. Void Wretches and winged plagues are much much better for this role - they are cheaper, take about the same amount of AP to put down, and have ways to get where they need to be more efficiently than the bandidos. I often find a bandido in my list when I need a body that is kind of slippery, and needs to be a bit mobile. Run and gun makes them hard to keep locked down in melee, and the squeel trigger also helps with that. They die very easily though, and their scheme marker stealing has never done anything for me in the myriad games I have played bandidos in - either because they are dead at the end of the game, or not where they want to be to use the ability. On top of that, a lot of schemes don't score at the end of the game now either... I would say that their advantages over a friekorpsmann are negligable in a von schill list, since the friekorps characteristic confers a few strong benefits. Combined with unimpeded and I don't think I'd take a bandido over a korpsmann with Von Schill. Just to add to that - I would say that it's definitely not worth buying the bandidos individually. Firstly, I don't think you'll get much use out of them without Parker (unless you just want to hire them because they're cool, regardless of their role etc.) and secondly if/when you DO get Parker you'll have 6 bandidos, and there's no way you'd want to hire even more than two I would say... I mean you COULD, but it wouldn't be that good...
  8. Papa Loco is the one model I haven't tried yet - mostly since I have no interest in buying a Perdita box for the card and model! He seems really good if the right sets of schemes/strats come up though - the pushes and fast seem so good for that crazy guy!
  9. I would say that top of the list for expanding beyond what you have is a Nurse, and Jaakuna Ubume. They are both excellent models, and cheap enough (in terms of soulstones) that they can squeeze into most lists. The Drowned are sturdy little dudes, but the interaction with Jaakuna is too unreliable in my opinion (it's fun when it works though!) I would honestly say that the Crossroads Seven are about the last thing on the list when thinking about expanding a Jack Daw crew. Lust is really good, and they are all kind of fun in the right circumstances, but I hardly ever take any of them except occasionally Lust or Greed, and it's a pretty spendy box... After Jaakuna and Nurses, Dead Outlaws are great as well. But looking outside of Tormented models there are some pretty great pickups for Jack. Ashes and Dust is great, and has nice synergy with the Nurse, Sue is excellent (draws some cards, protects against casting attacks, has a good gun - he does it all!), Johan is just a solid 6SS hire (min damage three, three inch engagement range, condition removal - nice with Nurse). And remember, hiring just one The Guilty and putting Twist and Turn on Jack means you can make two non-tormented models tormented for the game, which means that any of these good Outcast models can fit into the tormented synergy. SO - in terms of a buying order... I would look at Jaakuna, Nurses, Sue, Johan in the first tier, and then Ashes and Dust (I put this second as it's a fairly spendy box for a big model), Drowned, Dead Outlaws, Crooked Men (not to be underestimated!), Hodgepodge Emissary (great model, but sometimes hard to fit into a list) and Strongarm Suit (or, if you prefer shooting to punching, Lazarus) in the second tier. After that there are all kinds of fun and quirky crews you can build with Jack using other models in the Outcasts (Jack Daw - PRISON RULES), but I would say that for synergy and flexibility these models will have you covered!
  10. Von Schill Question

    Yeah, but Ht 3 and a 50mm base does a much better job of it!
  11. Von Schill Question

    I've often subbed in Anna for Strongarm/Lazarus when playing into extraction or guard the stash with less killy schemes - she can really mess with the board centre, and the big bubble that shuts down pushes tends to result in your opponent having to about as ap inefficient as you! I've thought about swapping out Hannah for Anna and keeping the suit/Lazarus, but I haven't tried it yet. It feels wrong not to take Hannah to hold I Pay Better (which is, really, the only source of free AP for the crew...)
  12. Takung Outcasts in a campaign

    It's really hard to build into Jack since a) you can't hire any key tormented pieces until AFTER you get Jack, and b ) you have to buy each curse for 2scrip, and then if you also want to play with the tormented theme (Twist and Turn and Writhing Torment) then you have to buy those too. That means that the outlay for playing tormented Jack is 12 scrip just in upgrades (2 scrip each for the three curses, and 4 scrip each of twist and turn and writhing torment). Basically that means if you want to play Jack you either have to save a whopping 22 script until you get a master, and then spend it all at once (which, in turn, makes it harder to get the two bounties that you need to hire a master, since eventually you are playing at quite a disadvantage thanks to banked scrip), or you have to spend spare scrip here and there on the curses and pieces after you hire him, which means that for a fairly long while after getting him he isn't really firing on all cylinders (in fact, without a couple of curses and a tormented model or two he is not that good...) Parker, on the other hand, is much easier to build toward, since he can attach his upgrades during the game, so all you need is something like an oathkeeper and a scout the field (or if you start with mad dog and get crate of dynamite before you get parker) and you can start messing around with his upgrades in-game like normal.
  13. Von Schill Question

    @CapnBloodbeard has it spot on I think. With GG2017 the game is more about ap efficiency than ever, and the friekorps crew is perhaps the let so efficient crew in the game - it's things like obeys, marker manipulation and pushes that generate ap efficiency, and they have none of it.
  14. Misaki's niche?

    How does he get to six? Isn't it 2 +1 (Bigger they are) +1 (firing squad I justice)? E: ah, and remember injustice.
  15. Misaki's niche?

    How does he get to six? Isn't it 2 +1 (Bigger they are) +1 (firing squad I justice)?