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  1. Hey y'all, we're happy to announce the 2nd 50ss tournament 2017 for Berlin. Currently there is only a Facebook event which can be found here https://www.facebook.com/events/1867689496805243/. An event on T3 and more information in general will follow soon. The venue and date (Sat 22nd April) are confirmed and we're looking forward to hear from anyone interested. Stay tuned! Host: me Co-Host: @Evilbleachman (Henchman Berlin)
  2. This costs you 1 AP on two models + two moderate cards (a 6 is what you need to summon) you have to have on your hand. Additionally it forces you to activate both Goryo before Yan Lo. It actually sounds more reliable than what I did with the Night Terror. The only thing I do not like is that it forces me to activate these model in a certain order but it is what it is Thanks for that!
  3. You could take a look at the Night Terror(3SS htk). It might serve you purpose and is quite cheap. I've done actual test flips (not including Hayreddin). The idea here was getting one severe on it and then kill it so you gain 2 Chi from. The data isn't overwhelming tho. # Gaining Chi Turn 1 Yan Love – Night Terror ✅ = 2 Chi turn 1 01. ✅ 4 cards left - 3 attacks needed 02. ✅ 3 cards left - 2 attacks needed 03. ✅ 4 cards left - 2 attacks needed 04. ✅ 3 cards left - 3 attacks needed 05. ✅ 3 cards left - 2 attacks needed 06. ✅ 5 cards left - 2 attacks needed 07. ✅ 4 cards left - 3 attacks needed 08. ✅ 4 cards left - 2 attacks needed 09. ✅ 3 cards left - 3 attacks needed 10. ✅ 4 cards left - 2 attacks needed 11. ✅ 4 cards left - 3 attacks needed 12. ✅ 3 cards left - 2 attacks needed 13. ✅ 3 cards left - 3 attacks needed 14. ✅ 3 cards left - 2 attacks needed 15. ✅ 2 cards left - 3 attacks needed 16. ✅ 2 cards left - 3 attacks needed 17. ❌ 4 cards left - 3 attacks spent (lowest card on initial hand 6) 18. ✅ 4 cards left – 2 attacks needed 19. ❌ 5 cards left – 2 attacks spent (no severe card on initial hand) 20. ✅ 2 cards left – 2 attacks needed This of course isn't perfect in any way but gave me a good insight. You could then add "ditching 1 card for Chi" to it to end up with 3 Chi turn 1. Note: you have to ditch that card first so it will affect the choice of available cards for the following attack flips. The question is: is spending that many cards and AP on that really worth what you get. I haven't answer it for myself yet bc my experience with Yan Love is to little atm.
  4. So apparently this issue got raised before by @solkan without any final satisfying result =/
  5. But don't you just add an "area" being terrain so it makes sense for granting cover to 1" apart models? Same goes the other way around with me leaving out that it doesn't specifically say models in this area. What I want to say is we've dissected this as far as possible and probably just found something which should be clarified.
  6. That's the angle I was looking at it (eventually poorly explained, if so I'm sorry). So with the assumption that Wyrd doesn't print meaningless rules where do we end up?
  7. Geeez Luise, ok! My intension wasn't pinning anything on anyone. I get where you're coming from but this then would only make sense if you count "area" as terrain, doesn't it? @Bengt
  8. I get the point that you wanna build up your collection to be able to pick from the best models available, but how about you try and play / learn the models you have first, before you add more stuff you don't know how to play in various situations? Just bc I now tell you to buy the Emissary (okay dang, the Emissary is probably a bad example :P) doesn't necessarily mean you need it / it suits your play style. I don't mean it offensively in any way, just as an advice You already have a pretty good collection which will keep you busy for quite some time.
  9. Specific rules printed on model / upgrade cards > general rules. C'mon that's nothing new. You don't really wanna argue about that now, want you? No matter where you put the emphasis, the word "within" will still be in there. All Actions that create terrain which then grants cover etc. do have specific wording for it on the cards. This one does not. I get the visual, there's a cloud of mist and even a person standing closely behind it should get cover from it. But often enough going the way of imagining how this would make sense did not reflect the rule intention.
  10. The FAQ talks about Markers with terrain aka. Lilith forest, Waldgeists trees, etc. how do you drawn a conclusion from that? And it is spelled out in the rule book as follows: Also the Crooligan's cast:
  11. Yup, that! As you stated earlier, without the specified Ht3 it would only be Ht1 bc auras have the same height as the model from which it radiates and this wouldn't benefit a lot of models in Resser.
  12. LoS drawn through terrain with the soft cover traits. The Crooligan doesn't create terrain with its cast The Mist.
  13. The Mist doesn't create terrain granting the soft cover, only the area around him is consider soft cover. Therefore the model 5" behind the Crooligan doesn't get any bonus from it (also the wording "within" ...).
  14. The Transmortis box is a kinda case to case thingy. If then I'd take the Valedictorian bc she's simply awesome. Also you might want to take a closer look at Madame Sybelle
  15. I prefer @MeatAndFauxtatoes way of teaming him up with the Chihuahua bc it's simply more reliable than letting Autopsies shot (with Sh 5) at the stuff I want to be dead. With Rafkin's threat range of 7", a double walk of the Chihuahua is enough to ensure the enemy gets +2 poison.