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  1. I prefer @MeatAndFauxtatoes way of teaming him up with the Chihuahua bc it's simply more reliable than letting Autopsies shot (with Sh 5) at the stuff I want to be dead. With Rafkin's threat range of 7", a double walk of the Chihuahua is enough to ensure the enemy gets +2 poison.
  2. Like the ppl before me already said, from what you've posted I'd clearly advice you to play Yan Lo. He is hard to master but definitely fun to play Looking at his box, Chiaki is a model you want to have for a lot of Resser crews anyway, so that's a top purchase. The Carrion Emissary, Izamu, Datsu Ba and Bete Noire are models I field in a lot of crews. Night Terrors go well with Yan Lo and so does Izamu and Datsu Ba. For a start I'd get Yan Lo's box and Izamu. From here on ppl will most likely recommend you different things. Imho you should look at the Rotten Belles (either try to get one from someone, buy the box or if you might wanna start Seamus get his box right away (Sybelle can be ridiculous good)), Nurses and Yin. Play around with that for a couple of months and see how you like it. See what type of model you're missing in game and purchase accordingly. There is a very good Resser starting guide and also a excellent Yan Lo tactica thread here in the forum. Good Luck!
  3. @10T Simon doesn't that already answer your question?
  4. yep, Ancestral Visage and Blind Sacrifice It was more meant to be a general FYI, talking about Corpse Candles and their The Essence Remains action. Was theorycrafting a few weeks ago and did run into that.
  5. @Kogan Style as a general FYI the Corpse Candle can target itself with The Essence Remain bc it's a tactical action and due to the way actions get resolved.
  6. So far I found Rafkin often in a position where he charged off guard models and didn't had much around he could have healed of from / the 0 to do more dmg was situationally better. But this could potentially also just come down to my play style and I should look out more to try healing him and keeping him longer in game to gain more from his points.
  7. Like @Fetid Strumpet already said Rafkin kills stuff, passing around poison with him is a byproduct of trying to kill something (and failing to put it down in 1 turn ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). Rafkin can hand out a lot of dmg especially if you target already poisoned models (1 AP charge). He is squishy, true. Him dying in a game for me is almost standard. So I always try to hand out as much as dmg as possible before he goes down. Also preparing a model for the doc to then simply expunge right away is something I use him for.
  8. Poison +2 on a grp of enemy models, opens up 1AP charges for dogs and Rafkin, even if the model doesn't to withstands a lot it's an activation you have, it's cheap, you can bind models (mine tends for whatever reasons to flip high cards if models like the peacekeeper attack or wanna leave combat ;)). What sometimes also causes for some nice surprise is activating him late in the turn, having put Sebastian in a good spot before and let the Chihuahua run into a grp of models
  9. As the faction name implies we do mainly bring dead bodies back to life, meaning avoiding zombies could get quiet difficult. Why don't you just go through Wyrds shop and look at what you like and come back with that info and we can give you further advice on what would fit these models?
  10. @benjoewoo reading your last post again I think it comes down to play style(which is great). A built in movement restricting trigger on her casts, a possible trigger to change placement of your opponents model with the second trigger (not built in) (enemy models get neg flips against Yin, so leaving that close combat again is relatively easy) a possible double 0 for neg flips on Ca/Wp with MLH, and the terrifying all(12) makes her to one of my core pieces. But then again I rarely play Reva with only 5 hand cards so your mileage may vary. @all To not make this whole post only about Yin (even though she's so pretty :P) I love to have good ol Philip and the Nanny in my ranks. Card cycling, her 0 upgrade shooting (again against wp, looking at you Yin), walk of 6", Manipulative 13, has the spirit characteristic (synergises well with Revas Bloodmark), ... etc. I could go on her why that model is so great but just look at her card
  11. No Escape: After damaging, the target gains the following Condition until the end of the Turn: "No Escape: This model may not take Walk or Charge Actions." @benjoewoo This one is built in on her Ca.
  12. I was super excited to be able to play them bc of the models. So far I wasn't very impressed. The point you make with putting HtW on things like the Carrion Emissary does sound interesting tho. I love fielding the Emissary with Reva but struggle to keep him alive. Trying this in a McMournings crew with a lawyer is something I will try. Won't help me with Reva but with clarifying some things Thanks!
  13. The card of the Carrion Emissary specifically states: Thanks for writing all that down. I have to disagree on Yin not being helpful to Reva except her 0 action. Yin is an unbelievably good control model. Terrifying all(12), minus flip on attack and dmg against Yin herself, slow trigger on her melee and both triggers on the cast. Especially the built in trigger can lock down a model(yes not completely but it limits the options quite a bit) close to one or multiple corpse markers which can lead to increased dmg with Reva or Mindles Zombies popping up next to the locked down model to further keep it in position or out of other locations. Also outside of Reva, may it be McMourning, YanLo or Molly, Yin is definitely a model worth buying.
  14. Thanks for another unboxing @Memnaelar will field mine the first time on Wednesday. Will report back in the Hayreddin thread.
  15. I have to go with @Fetid Strumpet. I can see this work(and I like such shenanigans) in a casual game but as soon as you build more towards a competitive game / tournament I think these points / AP are spend better elsewhere.