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  1. SkyCon will be the host of a 50ss Tournament on Saturday October 28th, 2017. Con entry is $40 for the weekend, $25 for the day. No additional fee to join the Malifaux Tournament. Please see: https://tabletop.events/conventions/skycon-2017 For more informaion: https://www.facebook.com/SkyConGames/
  2. Hello all! I will be at BroadSword 4 in Hamiltion: https://www.facebook.com/events/218082365366004/?acontext={"action_history"%3A"null"} I will be running Recruitment Drive 1 shot once earlier in the day and again later in the day for those who are interested in joining. Only 6 slots available for each play through and I'll bring everything needed to play. I'll be running Malifaux Demonstrations throughout the day using my starter box and some other models I'll bring along for variantion. TTB: 10am - 12pm Demo 12pm - 3pm TTB: 3pm - 5pm
  3. Achievement League

    Forbes Hobbies is kicking of Malifaux Acheivment league! Please joing KWC Malifaux on FB to see our achievement options, and the prize support for the league. $10 entry. Prizes for best painted, sportsmanship, placement, and more! https://m.facebook.com/groups/463935953790370 https://www.facebook.com/events/1416704355074136??ti=ia July 31st to September 3rd. Forbes Hobbies is located 1600 Industrial Rd. Cambridge, ON
  4. Through the Breach session

    https://www.facebook.com/events/1587360431335801/?ti=icl the link is for KWC Malifaux, a FB group. Please feel free to join our group to keep up with what's happening. TTB session at Forbes Hobbies July 31st 7-9. Act I of Northern Aggression. 1600 Industrial Rd Cambridge, ON.
  5. Malifaux Demo from 12-4 on May 22nd @ Forbes Hobbies. 1600 Industrial in Cambridge, ON. Tell your friends!
  6. Running A Through the Breach adventure at Forbes Hobbies in Cambridge, ON Starts at 7pm EST at 1600 Industrial Rd unit 16 Cambridge, ON. Through the Breach will be run June 5th, 2017. Space is limited.
  7. Face Your Sins

    I only suggested posting it there as there is a section for the Henchman to discuss rules. Was just looking for something more difinitive is all.
  8. Face Your Sins

    See, I thought about this too. I'm wondering if it was just bad authoring, if that was supposed to be included. I'd suggest they worded like they did to save space but there's plenty of room on her card.
  9. Face Your Sins

    I too am a Henchman. I thought perhaps getting other Henchman involved might offer some clarity as while we do volunteer our time, at a tournament it's not up to a rules savvy player to make the call, but the TO/Henchman.
  10. Face your sins

    Opponent kills Datsu Ba and has only 1 card in hand. Face your Sins says "must discard 2 cards if able." What happens in this scenario?
  11. Face Your Sins

    So, that's the toss up here. It can be interpreted either way. But let's consider the wording. They wouldn't say "up to two cards", as that would imply one or two. "Discards two cards." So without "if able", I don't have two cards, I only have one... So if you wait until you have only 1 card in hand to kill Datsu Ba you'll not suffer any penalty? That's so situational. I'm not able to discard two cards, but I am able to discard 1 card. Im wondering if I should get this posted up in the Henchman forums.
  12. Face Your Sins

    Opponent kills Datsu Ba and has only 1 card in hand. Face your Sins says "must discard 2 cards if able." What happens in this scenario?
  13. Through the Breach

    Through the Breach session. We will be doing the brotherhood of the rat story. Space is limited! Bring a Fate deck if you have one. when: May 1st 7pm-10pm where: Forbes Hobbies 1600 Industrial Rd.
  14. 50ss GG2017 3 Round Tournament

    When: Saturday May 13th. Where: Forbes Hobbies 1600 Industrial Rd Cambridge, ON. Details: Entry $10. There will be mystery boxes and guilder. Registration will start at 10am. First Round schemes will be announced at 10:30am and the first round will begin at 10:50 sharp. Rounds will last for 2 hours. We will break for lunch after round 1 for 30 minutes. Round 2 schemes will be announced at 1:20 and will start at 1:40 sharp. Round 3 schemes will be announced at 3:40 and the final round will start at 4:00 sharp. 1st place is awarded 3 guilder. Every other participant will receive 1 guilder. All participants who are in attendance for the full tournament will be entered for a chance to win a mystery box. 2 small mystery boxes to be won. This is still a young community. Painted models are encouraged but not required. Round 1 Corner Deployment // Extraction Round 2 Flank Deployment // Interference Round 3 Close Deployment // Head Hunter
  15. Shifting Loyalties Campaign

    Where: Forbes Hobbies @ 1600 Industrial Rd in Cambridge, ON. When: March 20th, kicking off at 8pm a 6 week campaign (Max two games per week) ending April 30th! There will be prizes!