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  1. Is the Criid still available? Would you ship to the UK?
  2. Hey Taffeh, I paid my entry on Wednesday, Carl Lee. Looking forward to this. Looks like a good prize pool too. Cheers Carl
  3. Cheers for running the event, was a good day despite my woeful performances. Thanks to my opponents for making the games enjoyable and thanks to McCabe for making me realise I need a lot more practice with him. Look forward to the next one
  4. Great event, definitely will make a return next year. Thanks for running it and thanks to everyone who I played. I had a top day and learned so much.
  5. Cheers for running it Dan, was a fun day and another good learning opportunity. My first guilder
  6. Hmmm... Love two of the three Pistolero's, the one with the sword is a little disappointing. Really like the brothers and the fermented monks, not quite sure on the guild sergeants. Quite torn on what to pick up now, think it may be monks/brothers/pistoleros and the handlers. Will see how I feel on the sergeants when I come to purchase.
  7. Great list of goodies to buy, I am quite new to Malifaux and dropped $300 for Black Friday and will likely spend another $100 at least (possibly even 200) as the easter list has a lot of things I want to add to my collection. For sure I will be adding the handlers, guild sergeants, 10T brothers and monks, the bad ink fate deck and the pistolero's plus a McCabe box and maybe some others to fill out the order. Keep up the great work Wyrd peeps
  8. Could you send me a pick of the guild deck? Is it the fate deck from starter set? Ta
  9. Miss Terious now acquired also. Cheers
  10. Looking great, roll on further updates
  11. Brief update I have Santana Ortega but still after Miss Terious. As well as cash I have Dr. Dufresne. Cheers
  12. I really wish the Santana and Miss terious were unpainted, I would have snapped them up in an instant. Great paint jobs mind.
  13. Hi all, Big guild fan looking to fatten out the collection with some exclusives, looking for Santana Ortega and Miss Terious. Have cash and a Dr. Dufresne. UK based. Cheers, Carl AKA Cleezy