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  1. Francisco is a sound addition for Justice just to make her WP near untouchable and her defense a lot better, he is also a sound beater model with a good (very good) damage spread. Austringers are great ranged support even after their range reduction if focused. If you have some death marshals in the mix then you cant go wrong with a recruiter, solid all round model with the ability to keep marshals standing. I think the lone marshal gets some mileage in a justice crew too, providing good range support but also pace and a solid combat ability. Field reporters are becoming the cheap minion of choice in the guild, unimpeded and manipulative makes them really good scheme runners. I also think from the Nellie box Phiona Gage could probably work well with Lady J, she has a really high charge distance/hard to kill and a good damage spread plus her look out ability means she can place into a combat which could be useful if anybody ends up in a sticky situation. Hope that helps slightly.
  2. I am waiting for my McTavish and Burt to arrive but so far I have been experimenting with Big Jake, Bishop and Sue. Big Jake was a star of the game I played on Saturday, he (alongside a reporter) held a scoring quarter for the entire game while the rest of my crew cleared the other section. I also used Sue with debt in this game who had a good turn of shooting and taking down a partly wounded brewmaster. Debt adding to his damage plus his inbuilt positive adding more chances for rams and being made fast by Nellie meant he had a good run of shots despite only being SH5 I chucked a few hand cards making it so the min dam was often 4 or 5 even when flipping negs/double negs. What was also nice about these two particular Mercs is Big Jake being able to see and reorder/discard the top two deck cards and Sue taking damage to draw a card.
  3. Perdita is one hell of a quick master, done right you barely ever have to walk with her so you can maximise AP for shooting (or shooting in combat) she will easily gun down a few models couple that with the brutal effigy and each kill will add to your hand and give you more options. Nellie kills but in a different way, she maximises AP so well it is untrue. She may not look like she is putting out massive damage but I often factor in that you are either adding a melee attack from one of your beaters in or adding an annoying condition. That being said against this particular list you wont have the range of Dita or the marker removal of Justice but you will have the AP manipulation.
  4. Now sold
  5. Good points on the engagement range I hadn't thought of that. Hopefully I will have some tales to tell with my list over the weekend/early next week
  6. Yea I keep hearing about the horrible Candy combo's. That Sensei gusting the lone sword was a neat little trick. Out of curiousity what was the thinking behind taking Queeg?
  7. Like I said this is complete theory so far and until I get a few games with it I wont know how viable it is. I should hopefully get some games in with it over the next week or so then I can report some feedback
  8. Bump, open to trade offers on the majority of foil/UV cards
  9. How come? Just not taking stuff down quick enough? I see Dade and Dashel being reasonably survivable. The rifles I wholly expect to at best get two turns of shooting out but they are expendable. Your experiences and thoughts here are most welcome though as mine is all theory so far.
  10. I should (hopefully) be getting in a day of HH games next week. So I am going to try a few little crew ideas then. Probably try Judge, Franc, Gage, Brutal (no upgrades, 20 on the dot - or switch brutal with a hound and take wade in on Franc) also going to try Dade, Dashel, 2x rifles. That being said I am tempted to try Sidir and see if I can work him into anything
  11. I was thinking of trying out Dade, Dashel and 2 riflemen. Dade utlising everyone being guardsmen for her 'one more question' also Dashel being a fairly solid all rounder and of course giving the riflemen the free focus' and flips the riflemen have good damage output (min 3 provided Dashel activates first). Also Dade can use investigation to cause further damage when the enemy attacks. I would like to use Franc with Dade for El Mayor making her harder to hit but I haven't thought what I would run with them yet. Rust, are you using the models without upgrades there to fit them in? Franc/Exec or Phiona and a hound are 20ss on the dot.
  12. Just stumbled across this and as I am starting to incorporate Dade into lists is this correct? Would the debt add an additional damage to the damage caused from discarding a marker/card? Thanks in advance.
  13. Happy June 1st Wyrdo's, A new month and a new opportunity for demos down at Harlequins Preston. Availability is still the same as in the original post. Please get in touch. I have a demo on Monday and on Wednesday so pop down for a chat and I can get you scheduled in. Cheers, Carl AKA Cleezy
  14. Make sure to take Nino and a good few family members, with a decent line of sight you will make it so that your opponent cannot pick up the heads the things you kill drop. Papa to some extent could help here as people wont want him getting in close and exploding. The nephilim is great for mobility, it is almost an auto include in my Dita lists.
  15. Papa is a great model and can be really useful if you keep him safe while Perdita is at optimum range then when things get him close let him go and blow up. With Obey from Perdita and Abuela's 0 action you can get passed his 4" WK quite well to position him ready for the boom. I just built up my Nellie crew over the weekend so looking forward to trying Dita with the reporters