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  1. Book 5 general release

    Isn't the book due for general release end of Sept? No idea regarding the digital version sorry, I always pick up the physical copy.
  2. Cheers for clarifying
  3. Malifaux video game

    An RPG game would be brilliant, developing characters etc. I also think an action/adventure game would be great. Going through various areas of the world facing a variety of enemies.
  4. Demo day @ Stormforge games, Warrington 29th July

    The demo day was an absolute success with a lot of new players getting involved. Are you a new but you couldn't make it? Get in touch and I will arrange a demo
  5. Demo/Intro games in Preston @ Harlequins

    Into August and I am still available for demos (up until August 28th when I go on holiday). Still Mondays and Wednesdays (the stores miniature based days) however unfortunately I am no longer available over the weekend. I have a double demo arranged for Monday 7th so feel free to pop in, alternatively message me on here, FB or twitter to arrange. Cheers,
  6. Pretty sure I have a spare version of that marshal, built but unpainted. DM or comment a link the one just to confirm and I will check and let you know based in Widnes, UK
  7. @PanzerHarris If a model is under it's relevant faction and is available as a merc does it still count for the fluff board? Presuming not but just want to clarify
  8. Cheers bro for paying your debts
  9. Sold

    Any pics?
  10. As Kev said we will have four coming down from Liverpool, will pay up on payday.
  11. Broken Promises teaser

    Regarding tournaments it is pretty much down to the event organiser. if I recall correctly here in the UK any models from the Ripples of Fate book were not eligible for tourney use until the book was available on general sale. This IMO was the fairest way to do it because some and not all of the UK community didn't decide to purchase the book and get it shipped from the US etc. As for this book, I love the cover art. It is good to see my favourite Perdita getting some shine. I am hopeful that the upgrades will be positive for the game and bring some masters back in rotation. I think equally I am looking forward to seeing what happens next in the fluff. I am really enjoying the background content for Malifaux. Lastly I would lean towards the suggestion that these representations go some distance to suggest the change since has had an affect on the masters of Malifaux. More than ready to see some shiny new alt sculpts floating around
  12. Bonescon (Smogcon) 2018 Ideas

    Sounds perfect to me, I would probably take time off work on the Friday to make a weekend of it. Probably play every Malifaux event on offer.
  13. Demo/Intro games in Preston @ Harlequins

    A new month and as always more opportunities to be introduced to the world of Malifaux, availability is still the same so get in touch and we can get it sorted
  14. Demo day @ Stormforge games, Warrington 29th July

    Don't forget to book your slot via the link above, there will be plenty of demos to be had and models on show along with all the current books available to browse. If the world of Malifaux takes you then Stormforge have a good selection of Malifaux available in store too. It should be a great day for beginners and those with game experience as well. (Book a slot just for a henchman hardcore game against me or a friend even) Cheers, Carl