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  1. Only a couple of days to go and still a few tickets left for this if anybody wants to jump in - trophies are here (check twitter @thecleez or the facebook event page) one for the winner, best painted, most sporting and a special wooden spoon alternative, prizes (translucent dreamer crew, Miss Terious etc.) 3 rounds of Malifaux goodness, food is included and on site parking. Should be a blast, see you all Sunday
  2. 14 players signed up so far, we still have space for a few more so feel free to get involved. I was thinking afterwards of grabbing a bite to eat at a local Chinese restaurant - I know some people will have long journeys to make but I am trying to gauge a little interest The restaurant is https://mrlaus.com/ Let me know and I can look to book a table
  3. So your encounters for the are as follows Round 1 Standard deployment Headhunter Eliminate the leadership Covert breakthrough Show of force Vendetta Take prisoner Round 2 Flank deployment Guard the stash Guarded treasure Hold up their forces Take on for the team Recover evidence Search the ruins Round 3 Corner deployment Symbols of authority Punish the weak Covert breakthrough Undercover entourage Dig their graves Set up Some spaces left for any late comers
  4. Cheers mate, good to have you on board. Schemes and strats will be up in the next few days
  5. Any scope for another team? Having five may make it a little janky pairings wise
  6. Pretty much as above. Looking for a Chiaki model, ideally unbuilt but if it is built then to a good standard. Have a bunch of foils/alts and cash. UK based. Help me out please
  7. Ok folks coming up to the last week ish of the tickets being £10, we have some people who have confirmed and paid, then a few more who will be laying on payday. This shiyld put us at around 10 or so with others interested but no confirmation solidified. would be great to get as many people on board and make it my biggest event yet (surpassing the 16 players of the first event)
  8. Welcome to the scene, I recall you being st cow wars but don’t think we met. awesome cheers Craig, be class if you can make it
  9. Awesome Glad to have you on board.
  10. Hi Wyrdo's, Once again it is time to host the next installment of the Faux at the Forge tournament. As always this will be held at Stormforge Hobbies and Games in Warrington (Unit 6, Linerva House, Milner Street, Warrington WA5 1AD) on the 24th of June. There is free parking on site and previously the car park has been reasonably empty on a Sunday, if it is busy there is parking available next to the location that is also free. The event will be a 3 round, fixed faction, 50ss event using the gaining grounds 18 schemes and strategies. The event will be ranked so if you wish to be removed from the rankings please let me know. We will be providing the usual trophies for the tournament winner, best painted, best opponent and a wooden spoon for the loser. Guilders will be provided for each participant. Prizes are in hand and will be revealed closer to the time. Included in the ticket price will be lunch - if you have any dietary requirements please get in touch with myself through here or with the store directly. Proxies are allowed but please run them by me prior to the event or during the registration period on the day of the event. After registration any non-queried proxies will be refused. Tickets are on offer for a reduced price during May and will cost £10, after May the ticket cost will increase to £15 tickets are available through eventbrite and the Facebook The schedule for the day is currently looking like:10-10:30 - Registration/welcome10:30-12:45 - Round 112:45-1:15 - Lunch/Best painted vote1:15-3:15 - Round 23:30-5:45 - Round 36 - Awards/raffle and goodbyes Entrants 1. Kevin Gillett (paid) 2. Dave Allen (paid) 3. Cai Bird (paid) 4. Jonathan Cooper (paid) 5. Luke Cocksedge (paid) 6. Alison Whitfield (paid) 7. Gemma Stevenson (paid) 8. Emma Newham (paid) 9. Alyx Drake (paid) 10. John Jordan 11. Paul Butler (paid) 12. Craig Colley (paid) 13. Mark Chennell (paid) 14. Mike Raines 15. 16. 17. 18. Any questions just ask and I hope to see you on June 24th
  11. Cleezy

    Merseyfaux 3 , Sunday 29th April

    Same really as the last event regarding feedback and that would be to see if the venue could provide more space between those playing in the tournament and those playing card games. The first two banks of tables were fine but the third (around the middle of the store) were really tight in terms of space and throughout the last game I was bumped into by card gamers moving around numerous times and their level of volume made it really difficult to discuss things with my opponent. Aside from that all was good with the day
  12. Cleezy

    Tales of Malifaux Podcast

    Unsubscribed and it has solved the issue... 9 to catch up on, happy, happy, happy
  13. Cleezy

    Tales of Malifaux Podcast

    Oddly it has stopped at the end of 2017 and displays no episodes from 2018. I have checked all my settings but nothing which is odd