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  1. anencephalous

    My thoughts on Torakage & the 5-6ss minions

    I played the Lotus Eater's pretty extensively during the beta. I just could not find a way to use a six point scheme runner who needs at least a 10 (!!!) to get any extra movement, and even then it is conditional. Billed as a anti-scheme runner style scheme runner, this model really doesn't have anything useful left printed on the card. There is probably a card drop crew that uses Threaten, but outside of something niche like that I would never reach for this model. I won't buy them. Charm Warders are good, no doubts about that. Although some of that is due to the dubious wording of the Charm of Hiding. If and when that is fixed it will help tone them down. But at six points, I don't know, I just cannot see them as being worthwhile. I was comparing 6 point TT and six point Charm Warders to Yamaziko, because that was the original post. I thought Yamaziko was good even at seven, and I frequently stack her with Smoke Grenades, making her eight (now seven). In our meta, lures and snipers are pretty common, and so a model that can ignore pretty much all lures, while also taking a full five point sniper severe and still running schemes is great. She is mobile, she can put down two scheme markers in a turn, her engagement range is useful, and once in a while her attacks are devastating. Min 3 damage on a six point model? With an AoE attached? So good. At the very least she wins duels verses other scheme runners. She is in all ways the model Lotus Eaters dream of being in their drug fuelled euphoric haze.
  2. anencephalous

    My thoughts on Torakage & the 5-6ss minions

    I have pretty much stopped taking Terracotta at six. Even 10T bros at five, who are awesome at that price, are usually too expensive for my tastes. Because our faction is so tied around well supported, Recalled Trained models, I find that the difference between two five point models, and two four point models, is far outweighed by a two point cost increase in the second beater (or support or whatever). It just doesnt really matter who the low models are, they need to run objectives, tar pit and be an activation. Most turns they dont get cards, so the abilities on them just are not that relevant. I will not buy Lotus Eaters at six, because I know I will never find a spot for them. Charm Warders are pretty good, but if/when the disguised gets nurfed back to what was intended, I wouldnt buy one at six cost. The only six cost model I really go for in TT is Yamaziko. Compare her card to a 10T bro or a Charm Warden and tell me they should cost the same? However, I am a fan of changes to Tengu, which are terribad. The advantage of dropping them to three is that there is no risk of someone spamming them, like Guild Guard.
  3. anencephalous

    Sandeep: Considerations for Errata

    I voted for his ItW. It is neither fluff thematic nor tactically fair. If you are going to have a do everything master (of which we have several, like, for example, the Dreamer), you need to make it eminently killable. Now I am not going to suggest he go down to 6 wounds, but I would suggest that ItW combined with Arcane Shield is too damn good. Ideally he would go to 10 wounds with no ItW. That way he can still do lots of stuff, but you are going to need to think hard about his placement on the field.
  4. anencephalous

    Censorship and the Wyrd Forums

    I am glad you found it funny. Oddly enough, the moderator who deleted it said they found it comedic as well! I believe you if you say the moderation here is light, I really don’t have much to compare it to. I also missed the soapbox controversy, whatever that is. I certainly don’t think this is some civil liberties thing, where I have a right to post or something. Obviously this is a private company's forum and they can do whatever they please with it. The question for me is whether or not the community is generally okay with censoring this kind of thing or not. For me, it seemed heavy handed, but I interested in what other people have to say.
  5. An interesting thing happened to me this week on the forums. I made a post about the way people respond to queries about power imbalances in the game. It was designed to be taken in jest. It was a satire, but not a particularly damning one. It wasn't directed at anyone in particular, and I didn't think it was trolly or in poor taste. Within a day it was taken down. I did get a polite note from the forum moderator, explaining why. The note, ironically, started with “The Wyrd forums are intended to be inclusive and somewhere people can come to discuss issues” - well, some issues but not others, I guess. Or perhaps, discuss but not in jest. The key identified problem was “Whilst the thread may have been intended as a harmless joke, it was viewed as too likely to head towards trolling and rudeness and so was removed.”. In the exchange, in a further note, the moderator clarified “I couldn't think of a way to preserve the humour that you had put in without leaving the whole thread turning to the trolling that was starting.” I went to bed shortly after I posted, and woke up to it gone, so I cannot comment on what was later added to the thread. My question for the community is this, how do we feel about this kind of censorship? I am all for deleting offensive, lewd or insulting posts. Everyone here should have a good time, but is it ideal forum policy to delete posts because they are “likely to head towards trolling and rudeness”? One of the things that particularly worried me is that it seemed like the moderator was implying not that the original post was not problematic (or not as problematic), but the thread had started down a bad path. Is it not normal in this instance to lock a thread, if it has come unproductive, rather than deleting it all together? I find a precedent of deleting posts due to problematic responses concerning, because it seems to let the trolls win. If you don’t like a post, enough trolling in the thread and the whole thing goes away. I probably look like I am brewing a storm in a teacup here, and I don't want to make out like this is some huge event. But I am interested in what our diverse community feels is an appropriate response to these sorts of situations.
  6. anencephalous

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    Over time some of our weaknesses have been reduced, which is nice. We now (sort of) have a summoner master. We now (sort of) have a blaster master. We are slowly collecting bits and bobs of armour penentration, even if the wave 5 one is pretty iffy. Our biggest weakness is still a lack of cheap scheme runners. We do now have Low River Monks who are excellent for their cost and the Akaname have a small but useful role. So with the already good Effigy, we now have enough useful four point models, which is nice. But Tengu are still the worst of all seven faction's scheme runners, and we sorely lack for a four point schemer who does not evaporate, or who can move quickly, or both. Since guild and outcasts both scored a three pointer, it appears that anyone is allowed to swarm (16 guild guard lists are all the rage I hear). We are now the only faction without a three point model - accepting of course that the quality of those three point models varies significantly - but even so, every one is an activation at the very least. I dont think it would break the faction flavour for us to get a three point chaff model of our own. I imagine some sort of oppressed worker or down trodden drug mule.
  7. anencephalous

    The big guys of neverborn

    Having come late to NB from TT, I have been amazed at how good the Mature Nephilim is. 4 min damage is nice, especially with Zorida, where you can get a charge on her turn, then a flurry in the Nephilim's. His walk 6 is just bonkers for getting into position, more so when combined with obeys from Zorida or lures from Beckoners. But it is the armour, terrifying and black blood that makes him so useful. Killing this model is usually just too expensive to be worth it unless it can be engaged by some other heavy beater. If you put him next to a normal small model, they are more likely to turtle with defensive than attack back, because min damage 2 against armour and black blood is suicidal. I usually charge him to a flank, away from the opponents heavy hitters, and with his good engagement range, he can usually get to, and delete a medium sized model from the table every turn or second turn.
  8. anencephalous

    What kind of help does Colette need?

    I think Colette has the reverse problem to TT. TT has such good support that the beaters cannot be too good. Yasunori is statistically weaker than any of the heavy hitters in other factions. But with Recalled Training, fast, damage immunity and many pushes, he becomes a monster. On the other hand, Colette, who has a similar role to Shenlong - a utility support master, cannot be too strong because the elite models in Arcanists are so good. Imagine Shenlong with Joss and Howard packing Recalled Training, it would be outrageous. Colette's nurf would not have been needed had she been a TT master. No one would have been complaining if she was 3x Prompting min 2-3 damage models (well, not as much). In many ways Howard et al are the problem, not Colette. I can think of several ways to make Colette more fun as a support master, but they are always going to be force multipliers, and with such good elite models, it makes her hard to balance. In the short term, the simplest quality of life change would be to make Now You See Me reworded as "After suffering damage, sacrifice a scheme marker within 1" to prevent all damage, then place this model within 6". This trigger may always be declared." That will give her significantly more survivability without just being unkillable. Having a defensive trigger she can always use, like Hoffman getting armour that always works, is such a key part of her kit identity I think it makes sense.
  9. anencephalous

    Your ideas how to play vs unstopable crew

    One of the reasons I think people are flippantly theory-countering this list is they have never played against that many cards. I play a few variations of huge card draw crew in TT and NB, and it is hard for people who have not played against it to understand how difficult it is to play against. It gets to a point where all or most of the duels go one way. Most things you do fail, and most things your opponent does succeed. The only way to get around this is to alpha early before all the cards are picked up. Depending on table terrain, starting hands and deck flips, it seems possible (although not probable) that several Guild line ups can alpha one of the pigs off the table in the first few activations. That isn't a win, because there still plenty of kill on the table with good cards, but the game should at least be playable from that point. It is unfortunate that this is another crew to which alpha-or-go-home is the best answer, given that alpha-strikes are problem already.
  10. anencephalous

    I think it's time to do something with Sandeep...

    Well, let me take you up on that argument. Lynch has no inbuilt defence at all. None. Ten wounds, then back in the box. Yes, you can put some upgrades on him, but two of his three upgrades slots are filled with core function upgrades, so you wont see much defence squeezed in. In practice, he folds like... well, a house of cards, I suppose. Does he die every game? No. He sits at the back, is careful about positioning, and he lives in more than half my games. What he cannot do, is walk to the middle of the board and do his thing while laughing at people attacking him. I see zero reason why Sandeep could not have the same role. Only, of course, slightly tougher, because arcane shield is awesome. Especially on a summoner who can frequently win activation control. In many ways the Lynch-Sandeep is a good parallel, because they both rely on a reoccurring, heavy hitting off-siders to do half the work. I stand by my argument, 10 wounds and no impossible to wound is the easiest fix that does not mess with his core mechanics.
  11. anencephalous

    I think it's time to do something with Sandeep...

    First of all, I would like to commend Raderk for keeping cool during this discussion. The original post, whether you agree with it or not, was a legitmate opinion to express – that Sandeep is far too strong, based on personal and local experience. The response he has gotten from this expression of opinion has been both bellicose and histrionic, honestly it made me ashamed to be part of the Malifaux community. But moving on, my problem with Sandeep, and incidently Nico, is not that his kit is so diverse or powerful, but that he is so hard to remove from the table. The Dreamer has an astonishingly diverse and powerful kit, but the downside is he just seven wounds away from waking up fully and annoying his mum for an early breakfast (ie. leaving the game). The defence he does have – incorporeal, defensive triggers and burying, all have clear counter play. Conversely, Sandeep needs to do nothing to be unkillable, and his defenses can rarely be countered. Not only is this bad for balance, it doesnt make a lot of sense in the fluff. The guy is supposed to be a magical academic. He isn't a zombie, a steam-cyborg or an deity incarnate (I doubt he even lifts, bro) there is no reason in the game or in the fluff for him to be that tough. I would like to see his wounds dropped to 10, the default for non-combatant humans, think Hoffman, Lucias, Zorida, Asami and Lynch. I would also like his impossible to wound removed. Leave hard/impossible to wound for zombies and grizzled hard mofos, and leave him with arcane shield – the fitting defensive tool for a mage. At wounds 10 and sans impossible to wound, you would have to think about his safety and placement, rather than just plonking him down somewhere in the middle of the table with good line of sight.
  12. anencephalous

    Legal substitute fore mindless zombie

    I have used two railworkers heaps, occasionally three. Now High River Monks, they are perfect zombies. No one ever plays them. Everyone gets them with Shenlong.
  13. anencephalous

    Rank the TT starters

    I recommend against Misaki for demos. Her alpha-strike nature makes for one sided games. Which isn't great for demos. I like Lynch a bit more, but Huggy is hard to balance in low stone games. Mei Feng is good to demo, as long as you don't put her up against a gunline.
  14. anencephalous

    Does Illuminated have legs outside Jakob Lynch?

    I am a fan of them in Symbols of Authority, where there are six focus points on the map, and often a marker is taken or defended by just one model. The Illuminated is just the tool for the job, because they are reasonably manoeuvrable and usually kill an equivalent model in the same price range. In the middle, fighting multiple models, they fold too quickly.
  15. anencephalous

    Lynch in Neverborn.

    Oiran are not great, because the trigger is after damaging. That means Lust is taking a right pounding even at min damage 1. I do like the idea of the card farming from the Doppel, but she is so useful normally, I usually have her doing something turn one anyway. The multiple Final Debts could be revolting in the right situation.