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  1. Cancelled

    It was until 20 mins ago. been warned of for deployment and my pre-deployment training is over this period. event will be caceblled and chip is refunding the tickets.
  2. Wave 5 Upgrade scoop

    sounds like my afternoons travelling listening has been decided.
  3. Wave 5 Upgrade Hoedown

    I am pretty sure Wong gets another upgrade that effects models with magical condition they gain don't mind me and something else. second one gives him a 3 AP attacks that lightning kicks everyone (like von Schill but better)
  4. I assume not, but to confirm is wave 5 legal?
  5. Cancelled

    Tickets are now available. I have heard rumours that GG18 may be released early and this event will use the rulespack that is current at the time and/or the pack used at Masters.
  6. BoarFaux 2: The Boars are Back in Town - 2 September

    I'm in will grab a ticket later
  7. Cancelled

    Field Marshal Fat Fingers strikes again!
  8. Sphere's Given Form: Tinker, Taelor, Soldier, Spy - 19th August 17

    I'm in, conor McNama
  9. Cancelled

    List of attendees (paid): Mark Elwood Reserves:
  10. Cancelled

    Due to pending military deployment and pre deployment training the event On the 25th November 2017 Has been cancelled
  11. Demos and open gaming Cheltenham

    Ran a Few Games down at Swindon and District (SAD) Wargamers and at Cheltenham Warchiefs this month. Currently scoping dates for next tournament in a few months and hoping to do a build up campaign to it. If you are in the Swindon or Cotswolds and fancy a game let me know. always up for demoing.
  12. Wong learning crew help?

    I've Run this list to 2 tournamnet wins and 2 decent finishes in UK. Wong, Ooo Glowy, Do Over Old Cranky Burt Gracie, Saddle Iron skeeter swine cursed Bayou gremlin x 2 stuffed piglet x3 12 activations (including reactive gracie), drop fast burt (5+ of tomes, you see 1 on average if you cranky, stone for cards and drop do over) and swine curse into opponents deployment zone turn 1. It is obnoxious. spoke about it on arcane reservoir 48. Wong is a glorified scheme runner scoring claim jump on his own every game.
  13. ITC 2017 Feedback

    Mike good event as always, admin was spot on, Venue was good and information must have been clear because John seemed to know. (He managed tipairbus up against opponents so guess he did it right ) played 5 great games against 5 great opponents but can you please ban oxfordian mages? Played 12 over the course of the weekend More seriously the space matts at the bottom of the hall would have been better as just masking tape on boards. I didn't play on them but they hurt my eyes when I looked at them between breaks. baring my game against Larry I finished all my games... sorry @Bane but I think the booze had the better of me. I think 150 mins all up was spot on. as @PanzerHarris said good luck pleasing everyone the pairing system. I thought it was fine. Each version has pros and cons. I like the only 1 faction and master per round per team, think that should stay. too much of infaux will be in training for next year, losing 6-4 to the eventual winners who were deffo the better team and yorkfaux putting us back in place and destroying hopes of best UK; yorkfaux were also the better team i'd like to add.
  14. ITC 2017 Feedback

    Larry I am glad to hear you guys are a club and it shows good plays hanging out and playing together makes people better at the game they love. Will be hosting more games with my club to up our game in response ;). sportsmanship - You guys were a great team to play, Too much infaux enjoyed our game .... sorry we didn't finish, it wasn't through lack of trying I promise :p. good job on winning and people may be being disingenuous and looking for reasons as to why you did better than them, its natural but also unfair on you guys. UK teams just need more practice. also blaming the 'weaker' members of our teams doesn't help. Look forward to seeing you guys next year, getting another beer and closing the 9-0 gap. Conor
  15. Demos and open gaming Cheltenham

    Following to tournaments I am back to focusing on intros and trying to arrange a league. If your in west and near to Swindon or Cheltenham send me a message and I'll get you involved.