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  1. Following to tournaments I am back to focusing on intros and trying to arrange a league. If your in west and near to Swindon or Cheltenham send me a message and I'll get you involved.
  2. I'm keen so James Henley will be too
  3. something has come up and i may need to drop, @Clousseau I'll keep you informed. also means James henley may not be able to make it as im his lift.
  4. you may be right but but as @codingCaptor said we have some excellent models which stops many of us looking 'outside the box'. back to the gators, people complain that a lot of models cant keep up with Mah and are too slow to get use out of her and she ends up left out on a limb. now 3 from the shadow gators are excellent support for her (they are insignificant anyway so lose nothing from from the shadows) McTavish has such threat he can still influence the board around Mah. now I'm not saying I'm a ninja list builder or synergy finder but if I automatically dismissed the gators for lightning bugs I would never have tried this list to find out how effective it is against a lot of opponents due to the high amount of pressure. now outside of this list the wild boars would be better but I think the 3 AP and the fact most opponents have never encountered gators makes up for the requirement for a 1ss upgrade on McTavish. on a different note I think this is a good debate to have to work out what models need changing to gain a unique selling point as MyhticFox talks about on a number of podcasts. and finally I really need to try the emissary as I don't own him yet.
  5. I have found uses for both whiskey golemn (a great scheme runner and flank holder( and 3 gators with Mctavish in Mah tucket (at ml6 they become a real threat) I can not see a need for moon shinobi, they are sub optimal in every-way. the other issue i faction has is some undercosted models such as Burt that skew gremlin players thinking. My final point is we are in my experience the worst faction for group thinking in accepting what models are good and what models are bad.
  6. Kai can you put me down for the meal please. if you don't have troy Ashdown for the meal i imagine he'll be up for it as he is with me and Mark
  7. Dave I will be playing grmelins and just bought a ticket for James Henley
  8. There are spaces. Sorting out lists later. Paypal as Pere player pack and first post. Real name to please.
  9. Cheers for running the event Red it was a good day.
  10. Timings updated
  11. player pack added to second post
  12. vote on twitter for S&S in advance or on the day @wargamerconor
  13. Ian nothing received, you still interested?
  14. Yeah just ask them to put your name in the notes.
  15. Guys tickets go first come first served close of play today. Need to get prizes and pay deposits on event.