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  1. There are spaces. Sorting out lists later. Paypal as Pere player pack and first post. Real name to please.
  2. Cheers for running the event Red it was a good day.
  3. Timings updated
  4. player pack added to second post
  5. vote on twitter for S&S in advance or on the day @wargamerconor
  6. Ian nothing received, you still interested?
  7. Yeah just ask them to put your name in the notes.
  8. Guys tickets go first come first served close of play today. Need to get prizes and pay deposits on event.
  9. Dave,

    Sent money for COW wars, also to confirm you address that Tim gave:

    57 Lilly Hill,


    MK46 5EZ


    my pack will here by tomorrow. fingers crossed.



  10. Your on the reserve list, after Sunday it's first come first served on tickets. Reserved spaces have been held for a few weeks now.
  11. guy can you start getting payments in! after this weekend its first come first served on payment.
  12. roger, there are a few adjustments to be made. we noticed 2 proper dud spaces (one under the speaker and one in a corner) will speak to chip about spreading further towards the bar next time.
  13. Cheers everyone who made the first event a success.
  14. The prize support is still stuck in customs :'(, however there will be a raffle and items will be shipped post event. there will be guilders provided.