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  1. doesn't even need to go reckless. place on one side of her base, walk 5 in opposite direction, drop marker for 0. 2 markers nearly 7 inches away from one another.
  2. Not sure how a random snap shot in time helps. also not sure how useful saying 2 of top 5 are gremlins, 3 of top 10 are ressers including UK master. given the smilies I guess it is in jest a little. gremlins have the second highest average player score but one of the lowest player counts as the skill requirement is high I would argue. glass cannons are not simple. neither of the top 2 UK players use stuffed piglet spam, think joel runs 2 normally and lukas seems to also run 2 and the third player is here questioning the validity and cheesiness. 3 is as many as i am happy to run. I think there is a consensus amongst the UK gremlin players that I have spoken to that activation spam is generally an NPE as is a pigapult with a summoner. The discussion here has helped me form my current opinion. my conclusion is more than 3 is chessie and starts to unhinge the game a little. cheers fellow fauxers!
  3. Jan, thanks for running the event but could you sort out my name on the submission please. I have tweeted Kai but no response. looking forward to attending your next event.
  4. Startius real name?
  5. On the 1st April south London legion will be holding it's first Malifaux tournament, 32 players, 4 rounds, 50SS and Gaining grounds 17. Ticket sales: £15 as friends and family to conor.mcnama@outlook.com I am using my personal PayPal to avoid confusing with the legion bank account as a 2 day AoS event is running at the same time. Please include faux, your name and any others you are getting tickets for. If toning pleas post here or on twitter. This will be my second Malifaux event and I will be working alongside @Gitli to bring you this event. He is my henchmen mentor after all. The event will be held at Croydon Conference centre, CR0 1RG. The venue of numerous WFB and AoS events before. Roughly 10 min walk from east Croydon. There will be trophies and a raffle. Extra raffle tickets will be given for using painted crews and for bringing 1 tables worth of terrain (max 1 per player). However rough outline of the event will be a 0900 registration for 0930 start, 2 hour rounds, 45 mins for lunch. Finish 1830-1930. the venue has a licensed bar which I will be taking advantage of and I hope you will join me! I hope to see some old and new faces there and I promise to give it my all. Player pack : to follow List of attendees (paid) 1. Nick Featherstone 2. Rich keeling 3. Troy Ashdown 4. Andy Bradshaw 5. Grant Dickenson 6. Dom O'Mera 7. Jerone Van Reil (paid) 8. Will Malcolm 9. John hill 10. Ben Sime (Ben Sime) 11. Conor Rooney (paid) 12. Snezzley 13. David Williamson 14. Marcus Rose (paid) 15. Ross baker (paid) 16. James Henley 17. Tobias Dracup (paid) 18. Johnny Von Wozzle 19. George Hollingdale (paid) 20. Jamie Matthew (paid) 21. Tom Thorpe (paid) 22. Peter shepherd (paid) 23. Ben Crowe 24. Arran Jones (paid) 25. Tom payne (paid) 26. Rich Walters (paid) 27. Chris bearman 28. Matt Lewis (paid) 29. Adrian Gibson (paid) 30. 31. 32. Reserves 1. 2. 3. ote Edit
  6. Ok I'll put it up as available. If I can't get I'll get you a refund from Chip.
  7. I used to use a wasteral in TT the charge distance is not to be ignored
  8. 2 goryo (never a bad shout with yan lo) summon 2 seshin. yan lo snaps the seshin to him when he acitvates, discards a card for +1 chi, hits them both, killing both generating 2 chi and 2 vitality. requires the cards to summon which is a 7 off the top of my head and a way to heal back the goryo (lots of options). do this in TT but should work for ressers just as well.
  9. cool idea but I am not sold, what 6 wound models are you killing to make back that 31 point investment? I'm generally not sold on Rami. if it works in practice let me know.
  10. thanks for the answers and quotes, couldn't find it in the rulebook yesterday. should have known it was FAQ'd.
  11. so wish there was a samurai master
  12. my question is how does ending activation triggers/abilities when doing an out activation action generated by something like hunting bow. if I have shot my gracie up the rear and she keeps charging until she fails to kill and I hit the crow trigger what happens? because it is not her activation and the trigger says end this models activation? separately can I eat my fill? how does that work? I assume I don't just keep charging as its not my activation. of note unlike obey you can still declare triggers with hunting bow which is part of the balance I believe.
  13. i've recently changed faction over to Gremlins but playing nioh is dragging me back in. the lone swordsman may need to come out to play!
  14. I hear taking bete noire to summon off as she comes back is a decent idea if you dont want to take a flesh construct.