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  1. Wave 5 - GG 18 Tier List and Faction Standing

    I'm not an expert when it comes to Yan Lo, but having Instinctual is huge for him. Normally you'd "waste" 3 (0) actions on getting your upgrades, but now you suddenly get 3 turns where you can actually use a (0). Granted Turn 1 probably won't use another (0), you still have 2 Turns extra. Most of the time you'll probably be using that for a Lightning Dance, as he can cast it once as a (0). This frees up 1 AP already, just by being there. Then you have his new 4 SS upgrade that grants him a 4th AP and a better attack that can scale up to Ca 9 with 3/4/5 as damage track. If you kill something with it, you heal ALL Ancestors, including Yan Lo for a low-ish amount. The downside is this attack only has 2" range. Previously I would spend a Turn with Yan Lo with the following actions: Lightning Dance enemy into beater if possible Attack enemy with Ca 8 Lightning Dance back to safety (0) If the situation allowed it, I didn't use the second Lightning Dance and either used Terracotta Curse or just 2 attacks. Now I can do something like this: (0) Lightning Dance Spend 3 AP on an attack (Ca 8 if long-range, Ca 9 if enemy within 2") (1) Lightning Dance back to safety (0) You can get the 4 Chi rather easily on Turn 1, which means you can go crazy right from Turn 2. One of his upgrades, forgot which one, increases his Chi generation which allows him to get to critical mass faster instead of only Turn 4-5. Then he also got that upgrade that lets him swap upgrades for Chi and you can mold him for whatever you need him to becomes that Turn. I think anyone can see just howmuch more power those new upgrades have given Yan Lo. To comment on the "low" defenses of Yan Lo, it's true the stats aren't that great. He can however get Impossible to Wound AND Incorporeal from 2 of his cheapest Ancestor upgrades. This means his only weaknesses should be high minimum damage Ca attacks, such as Rasputina or defense-ignoring attacks. I've been maining Lynch for a couple of months now, which opened my eyes on how powerful he is. I'm planning to play some games with Yan Lo as soon as the Charm Warder comes out for that perma-Disguised combo he has.
  2. Lynch Tactica: The House always wins!

    I'll try to add some Neverborn combo's in this guide, but my main focus is Ten Thunders. I haven't really looked at the Neverborn since Wave 5 upgrades leaked, so I'm fairly rusty there. I also played him mostly themed in Neverborn, while my Ten Thunders lists are more focussed on winning. So I'll try, but it won't be complete
  3. Lynch Tactica: The House always wins!

    I haven't played with her yet, but I'll try her out as soon as she's released. You seem to be following the same train of thought and playstyle that I'm going for, namely bringing victims to you instead of pushing your models towards them. I do wonder who I'll drop as she fills a completely different role than the Beckoner, namely tarpit and short-range place vs long-range luring. Having 2 decently-priced non-combat models with Lynch hasn't worked out for me. I think I'll try Gwyn without Yasunori and with 1-2 Illuminated extra and see howmuch the Brilliance works out. But I'll cross that bridge when i actually have the model My main use for the Illuminated has been as anti-scheme runners. Their charge means they can come from quite far and they can pack quite a punch. Other scheme runners usually don't have the raw power to deal with them and an Illuminated generally needs 2 activations to kill the opponent. Once they have finished that job, I send them to the middle to flank or tarpit some beaters. My main picks right now are Lynch with Cheating Bastard and his 2 default upgrades, Huggy, Yasunori with Equality, Tannen, Beckoner and Terracotta Warrior. That's already 35 stones used up, but you have a really powerful crew that can bring the fight to multiple fronts. I usually complete the list with a combination of Illuminated, Effigy and Brothers. This brings me some very powerful scheming on top of having the ridiculous offensive power of Lynch and Yasunori. I go completely crazy on Turn 1 and 2 and try to reduce the opponents threats to my crew, even if I have to sacrifice Yasunori to get it done. I generally still have the upper hand in fights thanks to Huggy and Lynch, while my opponent will continue to lose more and more ground due to the beckoners luring models in range of the Card Dandy. It will be hard for your opponent to make a comeback if you then have a strong model such as Illuminated on the side pestering or outright killing his scheme runner. I'd like to highlight again that I have Tannen as a must-bring right now due to how crazy he is with Cheating Bastard. It forces very tough choices on your opponent on when and what to cheat, which adds an extra layer of complexity for the opponent, but not for you. You can take revenge for Tannen if he does manage to kill him because he'll have to spend some precious cards and AP on it while being close to either Lynch or Huggy. There hasn't been a model yet that I couldn't blow up in an activation with Lynch and Cheating Bastard's reveal Brilliance makes this even easier as you won't even lose a card to force Play for Blood. I would also like to thank you for the Death Contract clause you mentioned. It slipped my mind as I didn't check those cards on the app.
  4. Lynch Tactica: The House always wins!

    Checked the App just now and it only mentions it being non-leader within 6" with an Upgrade and not Revealed Upgrade. Regarding Death Contract/False target: in my current crew builds I don't use Emissary, so I won't spend the stones on those upgrades. They are a godsend, together with Hidden Agenda to space out as many upgrades as possible to keep your crew pushable. Death Contract does cost a stone, so it depends whether or not you want to pay that price and make the Emissary cost 11 stones to be perfecly usable. Also something to note it that you won't always be able to use The Rite of Strength as the target model needs to be within 6" of the Emissary and costs a 1 Action. I prefer to do a walk + double focussed attack vs the walk + push and fast any day.
  5. Lynch Tactica: The House always wins!

    Completely forgot that one exists. I don't have Oiran and it's been several months since I've last played the Emissary. Cut me some slack here instead of making such an aggressive comment
  6. Lynch Tactica: The House always wins!

    Thanks for the encouragement! I used to prefer him for Neverborn as well, even during Wave 4 with Yasunori. It did become a 50/50 for me there though. Ten Thunders is now quite superior after Wave 5 hit the shelves in my oponion due to the Terracotta Warrior giving an unprecedented amount of flexibility to Lynch. Being able to swap his limited upgrades is huge. I'll be adding the Samurai and the Emissary to the list. I've never used the Samurai though as I feel his only real value with Lynch is the flips he has and is quite limited in the rest. I prefer bringing a Sniper for board/deployment control or an extra Illuminated if I want to go for crazy damage. I used to bring the Emissary as a must-have, but that recently changed with me getting Yasunori. Bringing both is not really an option as they are extremely expensive. just the raw soulstone cost alone would bring them to 23 stones with a more realistic 28-29 stones if you bring Equality on Yasunori and a Terracotta Warrior. Since I bring 3 upgrades on Lynch for a cost of 4 stones, I only have 17 stones for rounding out my crew. I feel this is too little for my playstyle, but ymmv. A psuhed-up fast Huggy can be devastating, but you need to keep in mind he needs to hold an upgrade for it, which will cost you stones. I mostly recommend this if you're going a themed crew with a couple of Illuminated/Stitched and Beckoners. Thanks for the feedback! I'll agree with you that the Samurai can be great, but giving him the Emissary's Fast push feels like a waste to me. We have many models which can bring a lot more to the table than just a low amount of damage and card cycling. While this can force your opponent to burn cards, you should always keep in mind what you could also get instead of that Samurai. For a stone less you can get an Illuminated or a Beckoner and I value bringing at least 1 Beckoner/Lure model quite highly. Adding in 2 stones let's you bring in 2 extra Brothers or a Brother and Terracotta Warrior. Flipping many cards means you'll get Aces, that's true. There is such a thing as trying too hard to get them though and I feel like the Samurai fits this category in a Lynch Crew. Lynch is not dependant on his Aces, his crew is. Most of his crew only cares about 1 Ace. Once you have that, you're never letting go of it. The only exception could be the Ten Thunder Brothers who have a neat trick with the Ace of and any other random Ace to get free cards. Nowadays Lynch can use the Ace of for his Cheating Bastard, but any 3 cards are good enough to get going. I'll make sure to mention my pro's and contra's of the Emissary as he still seems to be quite popular among players. I personally stopped using him due to my playstyle, but that doesn't mean he's not good. I'll also add in the Samurai and I hope I do him justice even though I've never played him. I'm hoping to finish the third part this week, but writing this down takes a lot more time than one might imagine. Just the Darkened minions alone took me several hours. Then you paste it here and notice your formatting has gone to hell Still looking for a way to get proper indenting to have nice blocks of text here instead of restarting at the start of the next line for any description. The third part of my Tactica will cover models outside of the Darkened that work well with Lynch and the fourth part will be strategical advice, thought it might be a bit biased towards my playstyle. I'm still in doubt whether or not to include the Shuffle mentioned a couple of posts ago as I feel this is such a gimmicky list that it doesn't really have a place here. It plays completely opposite of what Lynch usually tries to achieve and is just plain bad in a lot of scenario's, while I'm trying to go more into general advice for my list here.
  7. Lynch Tactica: The House always wins!

    Added the Darkened minions to the list. Next up on my list will be general models that work well with Lynch. That list will most definitely include Yasunori, Ten Thunder Brothers, the Effigy and a Terracotta Warrior. I'm in doubt about using the Samurai as I've never used them and I don't see the need for them either. More suggestions are always welcome!
  8. Lynch Tactica: The House always wins!

    Added Gwyneth Maddox, Mr. Tannen and Mr. Graves. Here's to hoping I can finish the Darkened tomorrow!
  9. Lynch Tactica: The House always wins!

    I thought it was obvious as it's an end of the activation Ability not an Action. I'll add it though, since you were kind enough to write such a nice text I was in doubt whether or not to add a reference to the Terracotta Warrior here or not. My next post will be about the Darkened thematic crew for Lynch and the one after that will be about general models such as TW that fit nicely with Lynch. Since it's still a while before I actually get to writing the part about the TW, I'll get to figure out a way to credit him there without being too intrusive. I don't want to mention TW at this time as I only have Lynch and Hungering Darkness written down and nothing about the TW yet. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, keep them coming
  10. Lynch Tactica: The House always wins!

    Fixed it. Even had the card lying next to me while I was writing this, so I'm feeling rather ashamed right now Thanks for the feedback!
  11. Lynch Tactica: The House always wins!

    Reserved for later use! Feedback is welcome and please teach me how to format this properly
  12. Lynch Tactica: The House always wins!

  13. Lynch Tactica: The House always wins!

    Darkness lurks around every corner It’s time to move on now that we’ve seen Jakob Lynch and Hungering Darkness. Next up will be his thematic crew which all feature the keyword “Darkened”. As we’ve seen on Lynch’ card, he can bring them into any of either faction without paying a mercenary tax. I’ll divide the Darkened models depending on their station. Henchman Gwyneth Maddox – 8 SS A newer model that will come out during Wave 5 and remains largely untested at the time of writing. Luckily the new book and app show us the card so theoryfaux is possible! Stats Gwyneth has a decent Df 5 and WP 6 with a slightly higher-than-average 9 Wounds. This means it will take a couple of hits to bring her to her knew. A Walk of 5 is nothing special for the Ten Thunders, but is decent in Neverborn. A Charge of 6 is nothing special, but you probably won’t be using it that much. Abilities Luck Thief Enemy models treat all modifiers as modifiers when dueling or flipping damage against Gwyneth. If the Attack fails, you heal 2 damage after resolving. This ability allows you to become a good tarpit. Can’t win a duel? Cheat it down so the opponent wins with a modifier and it becomes a instead. Almost guaranteed minimum damage. This can also work wonders against focused attacks as you can turn it against them. If you feel like you need health, cheat and win the duel to heal. You’ll be burning a lot of AP with just this Ability. Also keep in mind that this can combo with Misdirection. You’ll suffer the damage flip, but Gwyneth probably won’t mind. Rigged Deck You may look at the top 3 cards of your deck at the beginning of Gwyneth’s Activation. Discard any of those cards and place the remaining cards in any order on top of the deck. Ever wanted that first action to go off? Here’s a free pass to getting that! The Party Never Ends Models within 3 may not remove Brilliance. Strong in thematic Lynch crews, but I’m not going to be banking on this that much. It does combo nicely with her Tactical Action, which we’ll discuss in a minute. Attack and Tactical Actions Hidden Pistol A shooting action that can both use 2” melee as well as 8” range. It does randomize when shooting into engagements. The damage track is rather weak with 2/3/4, but the Triggers make up for it. Coated Bullet built-in Trigger that gives Brilliance after damaging. Pretty standard for the Lynch crew. Pip the Ace Discard a card to place a scheme marker in base contact with the target. Great for setting up schemes such as Dig Their Graves or Set Up. You can also shoot one of your own models and use the marker for other schemes if you don’t mind taking the damage. Come Play At My Table The Tactical Action I mentioned with The Party Never Ends a bit before. On a 7 of any suit, you can force every enemy model within 6” to take a 13 Wp duel. If they fail, you can place them into base contact with Gwyneth. Brillianced models suffer on the duel. I’ll Deal gives Brilliance until the end of the Turn to every model placed by this Action. This is good on 2 fronts: YOU are the one placing the model and they can’t remove Brilliance while within 3” of you. This is pretty much the perfect setup for some attacks from an Illuminated, Hungering Darkness or even just as an extra target for Lynch. Hit Me Reveal the top card of your deck. If it’s an Ace, keep revealing cards until it’s not an Ace. Draw every card revealed into your hand. Free cards are always great and you can combine this with your Rigged Deck Ability to get even more than 1 free card. What’s not to like? Enforcers Mr. Tannen – 6 SS This creepy man/thing is one of the reasons Lynch is dual-faction lore-wise and he’s just annoying to play against. Lynch amps this up to 11 with the new Cheating Bastard upgrade from Wave 5 as you’ll soon figure out. Stats Starting off with a decent Df 5 and Wp 6, his Wounds are average at 6. His Walk is 4 and he has no charge, but he probably won’t be moving much anyway. His main job is to be annoying and he doesn’t really need to move to get that part done. Abilities Manipulative 12 Targetting Tannen with an Attack Action while he hasn’t activated yet slaps you with a TN 13 Wp duel. You’d better succeed or your Action automatically fails. This makes for a nice card drain combined with his next Ability, Cooler. Your opponent will likely have to cheat in order to get past this as 13 is a rather high number to succeed on. Cooler Probably the main reason you bring Tannen. Enemy models cheating Fate within 6 of him will have to discard a card before cheating or they may not cheat at all. Placing Tannen well means your opponent can most likely only cheat 3 times. He’ll be hard-pressed to decide on what to cheat. Go for Hungering Darkness, Tannen or something else? Do I really need my action to go through? Since it’s ANY Action that happens within 6” of Tannen, it also means they don’t have to target him to get the annoyance off. This also combines extremely well with Cheating Bastard as you cheat second and the opponent has to burn 2 cards. It brings a high risk for the opponent as you might even then still block his attack if he doesn’t cheat high enough. Unimpeded Tannen ignores penalties for severe terrain when moving. Attack and Tactical Actions Pocket Knife A last resort attack in case all else fails. Ml 4 with 1/3/4 damage track does mean it might be worthwhile to cheat a moderate damage. The chances of getting in a position to cheat damage are questionable though. Bore to Tears A decent Ca6 resisted by Wp on 10” range means you can cover quite some ground. A weak damage track of 1/2/3 is fortunately not the reason why you pick this attack. The secondary built-in effect grants the Bored condition to the target which reduces its Walk and Charge by 2 until the end of its next Activation. Yawn Disallows the target to use Soulstones until the end of the Turn, which can be great if you’re trying to kill a Henchman or Master. This One Is Yours… pushes a friendly Mr. Graves up to 5” towards the target. This helps Graves immensely and can save him a nice amount of AP for positioning. Leave it to Luck Requires a 7 to go off and ALL models withing 6 treat as +2 and as -2. Can be great if you have a lot of in hand, but I don’t count on this Action and find it too risky to use. It can turn the tide however if you have a lot of medium in hand and need the powerboost to go over your opponent. So, What Brings You To These Parts … ? Tannen gains the Chatty Condition which means enemy models withing 6 may not take Interaction Actions. Great for blocking Interact-based schemes! Mr. Graves – 8 SS The counterpart of Mr. Tannen who’s hands hit a lot harder. This is your thematic beatstick and he can do this job quite well. Graves is also on the tougher side thanks to several defensive Abilities, but that doesn’t mean he’s hard to take down. Stats A low Df 4 and Wp 5 are the reason why I mentioned he’s not hard to take down. If an enemy is trying to hit Graves, he will succeed. Luckily he has 9 Wounds to counterbalance his low stats, so he can take quite a beating. His Walk of 5 and Charge of 6 are nothing special, but his Height 3 can block a lot of models from Line of Sight. Hiding behind the man with the big stick can be comforting after all. Abilities Black Blood Models without this Ability within 1” suffer 1 damage when Graves takes damage. Not a real deterrent for attacking Graves, but at least it punishes melee models for daring to mess with him. Hard to Kill While Graves has 2 or more wounds remaining and he suffers damage, he remains on 1 Wound. An annoying Ability that makes sure the opponent needs to spent more AP to get rid of him than necessary. Armor +1 Reduce all damage suffered by 1 to a minimum of 1 damage taken. Combine this with Black Blood and those minimum 2 damage models are pretty much killing themselves by attacking him. Ruthless Graves is immune to Wp duels during his activation. Great for getting around Manipulative and Horror duels. Attack and Tactical Actions Fence Post An Ml6 2” range attack with a damage track of 3/4/6. This attack is worth cheating on for severe damage and you have a decent chance of being able to cheat. Crushing Strike gives you a on the damage flip for each in the duel total. If you want to cheat that severe, this is the way to go. Your Fight Is With Me is built-in and gives a friendly Mr. Tannen within Line of Sight a condition that his Manipulative works even when he has already activated this turn. Graves looks after his buddy at all times Show Ya the Door Ml 6 resist by Df and needs a 7 to succeed. Push the target up to 6” and then push Graves in base contact with the target. It allows for a slightly larger move than a Walk and can be great to get out of scary situations. You can only use it once per Turn on a friendly model though. And Stay Out! Let’s you take a Fence Post Attack Action on the target. Keeping The Peace Needs a 5 to succeed and forces enemy models within 6 to take a TN 13 Wp duel in order to take Charge Actions. Card burning and AP denial are always great to have. Minions Illuminated – 7 SS The poster boys of the Neverborn are available in Ten Thunders as well thanks to being dual-faction. They are sturdy and have some healing tricks, so they can come back after taking quite a beating. Their damage is also nothing to scoff at, especially after your opponent has some Brilliance on him. The Illuminated are considered to be some of the best minions of their cost, but I barely take them outside of Lynch. Perhaps Gwyneth Maddox can bring some change to this if I ever find the room in my lists to slap both of them in. Stats An average Df 5 and Wp 6 combined with 7 Wounds make this model rather average. It’s thanks to the Abilities that it becomes sturdy. A decent walk of 5 combined with a nice charge of 8 means they usually don’t have any problems getting into the thick of combat or can run schemes without much penalty. Abilities Armor + 1 Reduce all damage suffered by 1 to a minimum of 1 damage taken. This is what makes these guys decently tanky. Regeneration + 1 Heal 1 damage when you activate this model. Combining this with Armor is rather nasty against models with min damage 2. It means damage they take will stick less and you’ll have to burn more resources to get rid of these guys. Terrifying (Living) 10 Enemy Living models must take a TN 10 Horror duel if they end a Walk Action in your engagement range or target you with an Action. This is a rather easy TN to pass as most models only require a 5 or less to get to the 10. It can function as a card drain if they get an unlucky flip or just as a deterrent for attacking the Illuminated. Attack and Tactical Actions Hardened Brilliance A nice Ml6 means this attack will be fairly easy to hit with, but the damage track of 2/4/5 is holding it back. You’ll almost always get the 2 damage. Luckily this attack deals +2 damage against Brillianced models, which boosts it to the amazing 4/6/7 damage. This is crazy for a 7 SS minion! Flay means you can cheat the Damage Flip even on and it only costs a mask to pull off as the other one is built-in. Scintillating Cloud A ranged attack with a 2/4/5 damage track. Nothing special so far, until … Filled with Stars let’s you place a 30mm Brilliance Cloud Marker in base contact with the Target. Enemies within 1” of the Marker get Brilliance. Great as setup for a second Illuminated. Brillshaper A (0) Action that needs a 5 to go off and gives you a healing flip for 1/2/3 damage. Remember that tankiness I was talking about? This boy isn’t going down without a fight! Beckoner – 7 SS The girl that’s bringing all the customers to the casino. She likes luring enemies next to your beaters, while not liking to be too close to the fray. I mainly use her for her Lure action as it can save the trouble of having to come to my opponent and instead let him come to Lynch. There is quite a lot of discussion on whether or not to bring her into the Ten Thunders as they have a lot of push effects. I consider her to be a staple in my Thunders crew and used to substitute her with Lilitu in a Neverborn crew. I value having a single Lure model quite highly with Lynch as he likes getting enemies close to he can show them his hand and bury them in debt. Stats A weak Df 4 with an average Wp6 shows you she really doesn’t like being up close and personal with her clients. She does have 7 Wounds in case snipers decide to target her. A Walk of 5 is decent for repositioning and I still haven’t found a way to be allowed to use her Charge of 8 as she doesn’t have melee Actions. Abilities Don’t Bite the Hand Brillianced models attacking her receive to the Attack flip. A good AP burner, but you have to keep in mind that Focussed attacks are probably going to hit harder as well. The Sweetest Fare If a Brillianced model dies within 3 of her, she heals 1/2/3 damage. Never had to use this one yet, but it can come in handy if something managed to charge her. The Party Never Ends Enemies within 3 may not remove Brilliance. Combines great with the previous Ability and allows her to stand close to Lynch and make sure he has Brilliance targets to go after. Attack and Tactical Actions Lure Move the target it’s Walk stat and end as close as possible to this model. This is her bread-and-butter, het main use. It allows you to bring enemies to you, move your own models out of engagements or just reposition them and works around obey restrictions. Combining this with Hungering Darkness’ Heed My Voice has allowed me to get numerous kills without really moving Lynch at all on the first Turn. Not That Kind of Girl lets you push her up to 4” in any direction after succeeding. Great for repositioning or if the opposing model did get a bit too close to your liking. It also allows you to make the opposing model take a bit of a different route as this triggers before you move the target. Despicable Promises 10” Range non-randomizing 1/3/4 attack means it won’t see that much use. The main use ofr it is the Trigger. Sales Pitch is the built-in Trigger that gives Brilliance on succeeding. Don’t need the Lure or any repositioning? Use this! A Pleasant Distraction Enemy Brillianced models within Line of Sight of this model are not allowed to take Interact Actions until the end of the Turn. Use this if you’re spreading Brilliance like hotcakes and want to deny Interact-based schemes. Stitched Together – 6 SS Creepy things that give you nightmares with gambling moves. Can’t get any more Neverborn Lynch-themed than that. These guys are not durable, but they can pack quite a punch. They are a double-edged sword though, so be care on how and when you use them. Stats A low Df 4 and Wp 5 are complemented with a nice 7 Wounds to make it at least worth bringing. Easy to hit and take damage, but their attacks are worth the risk. A slow Walk 4 and Charge 6 means these guys are probably only going to be walking on Turn 1 and perhaps even Turn 2. Abilities Hard to Kill When this model has more than 1 Wound and suffers damage, it can’t go below 1 Wound. It’s an extra AP sink for you opponent, but also plays quite nicely with his next Ability. Eternal Nightmare When this model suffers damage from an Attack Action and goes to 1 Wound, you get Reactivate. Really strong Ability and it doesn’t stop the Reactivate even if you get healed from another source. Rotten Contents After suffering damage, flip a card. On all living models within 2” suffer 2 damage. Great if you’re standing in the middle of an enemy crew. Bad if you’re standing in your own crew. Double-edged indeed. Attack and Tactical Actions Hooks A low damage track of 1/2/4 with 1” melee range means you probably won’t be using this attack a lot. I haven’t used it so far. Gamble Your Life Probably the signature Attack of the Stitched Together and most-likely his most well-known Attack as well. A Ca 6 resisted by Df giving a 3/4/7 damage flip ignoring any Fate modifiers and can’t be cheated. Sounds great so far. The downside is that YOU have to take the damage if you lose the duel. Certainly a gamble for ones life. A Game of Chance Ca 5 against Wp means you probably won’t have a higher stat than the opponent, so activating this later in the Turn might prove beneficial. You can only use this once per Turn. The winner of the duel draws 2 cards and discard 1, but the Triggers can make this fairly risk-free. Heads, I Win forces your opponent to discard a card if you win the duel. You get to cycle 2 cards AND force a discard on your opponent. Tails, I Lose lets you draw a card if you lose the duel. This means you can make it equal to your opponent as you both get a card. Creepy Fog Requires a 7 and turns the area within 4 of the Stitched Together into Ht 3 soft cover. A defensive option in case they have a lot of snipers. The Depleted – 4 SS The best way to describe The Depleted would probably be something like an annoying blob of Brilliance. They have the very cheap price of only 4 soulstones and they bring a very tanky tarpit to the table for those 4 stones. They are in direct competition with the Effigy when it comes to this role and I feel like they lose this trade-off unless you go for specific scenarios. Their tankiness comes from their huge amount of Wounds for their cost and 2 defensive Abilities. They have double the Wounds of the Effigy, but they get hit quite a lot more than him as well. They do go out in a burst of glory and offer Brilliance, so either of those 2 can be used more or less the same. Stats Low defensive Stats include Df 3 and Wp 4, but they have an amazing 8 Wounds. This is a crazy amount for only 4 soulstones and pretty much the only reason you would ever even include these guys. A slow Walk of 4 and Charge of 5 round it up, but the point of The Depleted isn’t moving around anyway. Abilities Insignificant A basic Ability that doesn’t allow The Depleted to take Interact Actions. Seems logical as they are so cheap, yet take so long to take down. Consumed When The Depleted is killed or sacrificed, it explodes and damages all models within 2” for 2 damage and gives them Brilliance until the end of the Turn. Just when you finally kill it, it decides to take a bite out of you! Hard to Wound + 1 Damage Flips against The Depleted suffer . Very powerful and the main reason he is so annoying to take down. If you have a min of 3 damage, you’ll still need 4 attacks to bring him down, partially due to his next Ability. Hard to Kill When this model has more than 1 Wound and suffers damage, it can’t go below 1 Wound. It’s an extra AP sink for you opponent and it also plays quite nicely with his previous Ability. Attack and Tactical Actions Smoldering Grasp A weak Ml 4 means you won’t be hitting much with it and it has an abysmal damage of 1/2/3, but at least it counts as a disengaging strike. Even worse is that it gains +1 Ml and when taken as a disengaging strike. When this guy gets close to you, the only way out is killing him! Burn Out makes the opponent discard a card if you manage to do damage on him. This can prove to be impossible against soulstone users due to your damage track, but can work great against non-soulstone users with low Df. Just a Touch gives your opponent Brilliance for the rest of the Turn. Great for setting up Illuminated charges or Brilliance abusers in general. Drawn to the Light His (0) Action allows him to push 5” towards a Brillianced model within 12”. The great thing about this is that it doesn’t even involve flipping a card. The bad thing is that it requires a certain amount of setup to be useful. Still, it’s a free action, so it’s great.
  14. I’ve noticed our favourite gambler still hasn’t had any Tactica made, so here’s my attempt at it. Please be nice . Let’s start with a quick summary of the pros and cons of Jakob Lynch. PRO: Beginner-friendly Card-independent master that has a LOT of cards Obligatory card tricks reference Offense in defense thanks to Wave 5 High damage from medium range CONS: Not the toughest master Squishy master on medium range can be dangerous if you misposition slightly His death takes a bigger bite out of your crew than most master deaths First up is the man, the myth, the legend himself! Jakob Lynch One of the main damage dealers and threats in the crew. He needs the Brilliance Characteristic on the opponent to really shine, but can output this himself. If an enemy model gets within 6” of him, it usually dies as soon as Lynch activates. Stats A lower-end Defense of 5 and a decent Willpower of 6 coupled with 10 Wounds allow him to take a punch. He will fold under a dedicated attack though. Luckily he has built-in on both Df and Wp which will help his Ability Hold’em. A slow Walk 4 and Charge 6 mean you won’t be going far with him. There are ways to move him without spending his own AP, but he generally won’t be moving much. I’ve never even used his Charge as his non-Charge Attacks deal enough damage to get the job done. Abilities Ace in the Hole One of the main draws of Lynch are the card tricks he can perform and this is the main trick. This Ability lets you pick up Aces the get discarded during another friendly models Activation. This means you can have them go Defensive, drop an Ace and just pick it back up. More combos will be revealed later, but I’ll foreshadow now that Lynch likes cards in his hand. What better way than to get up to 4 FREE cards from flipping? None for Me Lynch likes Brilliance on his opponent, but not on himself. He won’t get Brilliance thanks to this Ability. Hold’em A defensive-offensive Trigger that makes the opponent take 2 damage after cheating in an attack action against Lynch. Even if the attack fails, he’ll still take the damage. This won’t be enough to deter enemies to attack you, but the required is built-in and free damage is always nice. Infiltration (Darkened) Having doubts on playing Jakob Lynch as Neverborn or Ten Thunders? With Infiltration, you can just bring his core crew with him to either side! You can bring up to 4 Darkened models with you. Attack and Tactical Actions Hold Out Pistol A decent Sh Action with a rather low Damage track of 2/3/4. Fortunately you’ll be using this for the Triggers, if you ever even use this Attack at all. The good thing about it is that you can guarantee getting the Trigger you want as you’re allowed to discard a card when declaring Triggers and use the discarded suit for this action. gives +2 damage, which turns this attack from low Damage to high damage of 4/5/6. Winning the duel makes the target Slow. Haven’t used this yet as I just killed things before the Slow Condition could activate. Death is the best disability after all! built-in and gives the target Brilliance after damaging. If they stone away the damage, they don’t get Brilliance. Card discard after damaging. Card advantage can be strong, so I can see why you would want to use this. Play for Blood One of my favorite attacks. It has a whopping Ca 8 and is resisted by Wp. The high stat usually makes it certain that you’ll be hitting your opponent. Just make sure you hit your opponent though, because else you’ll suffer the effects. The loser of the duel takes 2 damage without a damage flip! Just win the duel and BAM… 2 damage on the other guy. It shines with the built-in Trigger that gives the opponent Brilliance. Mulligan The first (0) action and also the one I use the most. Got too many low cards in your hand? Discard up to 3 and draw in another 3. Do note that you can’t combine this with Ace in the Hole as that only triggers on friendly other models. Pay up Flip a card for every enemy model with Brilliance in play. You get to draw all cards. Great for trying to get lucky or if you have the deck stacked. Otherwhise Mulligan seems to be the better choice. So now we’ve seen his base card and I’ve already made a mention several times of Brilliance, but nothing seems to be using it! This, my friend, is why Jakob Lynch has some of the best upgrades in the game. Limited Upgrades The main choice with Lynch is deciding which upgrade to bring. He has 3 Limited Upgrades which shine at different times. The question will be what your playstyle is and what you are expecting to happen. Endless Hunger – 2 SS The first one to be discussed will be Endless Hunger. This upgrade is an offensive powerboost for your Totem: Hungering Darkness. It grants Casting Expert for that sweet +1 AP for Casting actions and turns his Terrifying (Living) into Terrifying (All). I’ll have to admit that this is my least-liked upgrade as it is completely outshined by the other ones as of Wave 5. The Rising Sun – 2 SS Lynch gains 2 new abilities: Eternal Darkness and Slave to Darkness. Eternal Darkness stops Hungering Darkness from being killed and is instead buried. Slave to Darkness allows a buried Hungering Darkness to unbury in base contact with a model that dies within 6” of Lynch while it has the Brilliance Characteristic. Combining these 2 effects makes it rather easy to have Hungering Darkness always at the end of a Turn unburied and ready to go for another round of AP-absorbing. Cheating Bastard – 1 SS The new Wave 5 upgrade has a real tough time of getting value-checked. On one hand it has to compete with The Rising Sun, an upgrade which is extremely powerful. On the other hand this upgrade is ridiculously strong in its own right in both offense and defense. Trump Cards: Friendly models within a 6” of Lynch or Hungering Darkness always cheat second, even if they are losing the duel. Let that sink in for a minute. Cheating second is extremely powerful as YOU get to decide how things end and not your opponent, granted you have the cards in your hand. This Ability allows you to keep key models in play or force that key Attack to hit. It can also double as a resource drain on your opponent: does he let you get the attack or does he cheat higher, even though he’s winning the duel? The mind games you can play with thios can be quite fun! House Rules: show your opponent a number of cards from your hand and get stacking effects. 1 gives an enemy within 8” of Lynch Brilliance. This can save you 1 AP, which is pretty huge already. 2 allow you to place a scheme marker in base contact with Lynch and Hungering Darkness. No more trouble with Dig Their Graves or the like! 3 heals every friendly model 2 Damage. LoS is not needed, it’s just a blanket 2 heal. The amount of times this has saved me is enormous and also a huge AP drain on your opponent. The rest of the upgrades This is usually the part where I see 2 upgrades as auto-takes due to the power and versatility they bring for Lynch. They are both using the Brilliance you should have on your enemies and turn it into lethal weapons. Woke Up With A Hand – 2 SS The first of my auto-takes. This card is incredibly powerful in both damage and potential. Woke Up With A Hand lets you draw 2 cards if you activate Lynch as your last model. This lets you cycle 2 cards from your deck. Low cards are great to draw as they are not in your deck and you get a higher chance of getting high flips. High cards are even better, because who doesn’t like to draw 2 13’s? Final Debt is the main reason you bring this upgrade. A high Ca 7 going against Df means you’ll easily get it off. It then does damage equal to your hand size. This synergizes really great with the first part of the card as it’s a blanket +2 damage here. Do keep in mind you can only use this once per Turn. The enemy model also needs to have Brilliance, but it’s not like Lynch has any problems getting that done. Wanna See A Trick – 1 SS The second auto-take for me. This one is debated on whether or not to auto-take, but for me that answer is YES. 52 Pickup grants Lynch the Ability to reveal aces at the end of his activation. You then shuffle those Aces, the discard pile and your deck and deal 2 damage per Ace to an enemy model within 6” with Brilliance. This means you can drop 4 Aces and get a whopping 8 damage. It also allows you to make sure those Aces go back into your deck instead of the discard pile during the drawing of your new hand during the next Turn. Aces in the deck mean you have a shot of getting them in your hand, which then increases your Final Debt damage from the previous upgrade. Suggested by @I'm a Teapot! This ability is also pretty stunning in they way it provides the dmg. It happens at the end of his activation and is not resisted by the enemy. Also being paralyzed and or abilities giving -flips or restricting actions targeting enemy models do nothing against this ability because it is not an action and paralyzed models still begin their activation, then immediatly spend their ap and end the activation. Expert Cheater – 2 SS Card tricks are fun and messing with your opponent is also fun. I’m not a fan of this upgrade though as I feel like the utility it brings is not enough to offset the damage your other upgrades bring. A huge part of this upgrade also loses meaning if you take Cheating Bastard as your Limited Upgrade. Expert Cheater allows friendly models within LoS to cheat Fate face-down. Your opponent won’t be able to see what you’re doing and have to take a gamble. Did you cheat high, did you cheat low? A potential resource drain that synergizes with your Ace retention. Losing an attack can get funny if you cheat down an Ace, only for your opponent to throw a high card in order to stop you from winning. This card has lost some of its identity with the release of Cheating Bastard as cheating second makes the face-down cheating meaningless. This part only has value for models outside of 6” of Lynch, but still within his Line of Sight. Very niche if you ask me. Squeell is a defensive trigger on a that lets you push Lynch 4” away from an attacker after you are damaged with a Ml Attack Action. Great for stopping charges, but that’s about it. Burn Out – 2 SS I haven’t had the chance to really use this upgrade as it focusses on a playstyle I don’t use with Lynch. Summoning extra models, The Depleted, is great, but I don’t feel like it’s worth losing either of my auto-takes for it. It’s Better to Burn Out Then to Fade Away lets you summon a The Depleted whenever a model with Brilliance dies within 6” of Lynch or Hungering Darkness. The cost for this summon is discarding 2 cards. The Depleted comes into play with 3 damage and 1 extra damage per Ace you dropped for the summoning. This upgrade looks great on paper. Drop 2 aces and get a Hard to Kill model on 3 Wounds in base contact with the killed model. The downside is that it can happen when you don’t have 2 aces in your hand and have to make a tough call. Is The depleted worth 2 cards or do I need those cards to do extra damage? The second question to ask yourself is also which upgrade you’re going to drop in order to be able to bring this one to the table. There are ways around this and I’ll talk about this later. Addict – 1 SS This upgrade can also be given to Hungering Darkness, which is what you will probably do if you decide to use it. I haven’t used it ever since Wave 4 came out though as I’m not running very themed lists. Devouring Need grants friendly Darkened minions within Line of Sight a on Attack Actions and damage flips against Brillianced models. This also includes your own models, so be careful for Obey! Tricks with Lynch We’ve had an overview of everything Lynch has at his disposal, but how does it work? My general start is Cheating Bastard, Woke Up With A Hand and Wanna See A Trick for upgrades. If you have an enemy model within 8” Of Lynch, you can reveal a and Brilliance it. You can now Blast it with Final Debt. Is the enemy model still alive after this? You now have 2 actions remaining to get within 6” range for your Ace dropping with 52 Pickup. Almost no model can survive this onslaught of damage given that you have the cards in your hand to utilize it properly. Another trick is to reveal a for the Brilliance, kill the enemy model with Final Debt and then use your 2 actions to get within 6” of another enemy. You can easily Brilliance it thanks to the Ca 8 of Play For Blood and then drop your aces for a decent chunk of damage on that other model. We’ve finally finished the part that talks about Lynch, but what is this Hungering Darkness that has been mentioned several times already? Fear not, it is the next model that I shall continue! Hungering Darkness Lovingly nicknamed Huggy, this model is the preferred Totem for Lynch as it’s free. It costs 0 Soulstones to hire, so what’s not to like? Hungering Darkness bring a decently tanky model to the table that can pack quite a punch or can Obey your enemy models for you. It becomes near-unkillable With The Rising Sun on Lynch as he comes back when a model with Brilliance within 6” of Lynch is killed. I mainly use Hungering Darkness as an enemy AP sink while doing decent damage. Stats Starting off with a very low Df 3 and a decent Wp 6 means he will get hit rather easily. Fortunately Hungering Darkness has 7 Wounds and 2 defensive Abilities, which help negate this weakness somewhat. A high Walk 6 and the same amount of Charge mean he has a decent 9” threat radius. You also won’t have to worry about seeing your opponent as his Ht 3 means Hungering Darkness will be towering over most models. Abilities Terrifying (Living) 12 Easy enough to understand, your opponent has to take a TN 12 Horror duel if he ends a Walk action within your engagement range or targets you with an Action. Failure means the Paralyze condition and 12 if a rather high TN to reach. Most models float around 5 Wp, so they need a 7 to pass the TN. Terrifying functions more as a deterrent and card drain than as an actual defense as the opponent only has to pass it once per Turn per model. The Real Power You can select Hungering Darkness as your crew leader for formats such as Henchman Hardcore. The Real Power drops the Totem Characteristic it has to make sure it is allowed as leader. Incorporeal The second defensive Ability that our friend has and the one that can turn him into an amazing tarpit. First off you ignore other models and terrain during any movement or push. This also works for other models, they can move through you just as well. Line of Sight blocking still applies though! The second part of Incorporeal means you can halve all damage taken from Sh and Ml attacks that damage you. This can make your 7 Wounds last twice as long and makes it possible for Hungering Darkness to survive while being surrounded by opposing models. Don’t overextend though as there are many models that can ignore Incorporeal or damage reductions. Attack and Tactical Actions Tendrils A Ca 6 3” range attack that competes against Df. You’ll usually have a stat up here, so hitting this shouldn’t be hard. It has a low 2 minimum damage, but ramps up fast with the track of 2/4/6. You’ll also gain a on both attack and damage flips when the opponent has Brilliance. Talk about nice! It also has several really good triggers. Drain heals you for 2 damage after damaging A Sliver Remains gives the opponent Brilliance after damaging. Perfect for using on your first attack, followed up with the on the second attack and damage. Envelop ups the damage track to a whopping 4/5/7. 4 Minimum damage is a huge amount for a separate attack and can catch some people off-guard. Never underestimate the damage Hungering Darkness can bring to the table. Heed My Voice A midrange Ca 7 Obey that gains against Brillianced models. The obeyed model does consider Hungering Darkness as friendly so you can’t use it to fail a Horror duel on yourself. If you have another model with Terrifying, you can bounce it off there though. Getting the Trigger makes sure Brilliance is here to stay. The condition stays until the end of the game instead of the end of the Turn. This can be great as setup for later turns or drawn-out fights. Consume Brilliance This 0 action does not require a flip and heals Hungering Darkness for 1 damage per model with the Brilliance Characteristic withing 6”. Then those models must take a TN 13 Horror duel. A neat trick here is to hit something with Tendrils, Brilliance them and then force this duel upon them. TN 13 means it’s almost guaranteed to burn a card from your opponents hand. You can also use this to heal off of your own models such as Illuminated. Just make sure you can pass the Horror duel afterwards.
  15. I live in Belgium and order from the UK. The webstore where I buy is cheaper than the official Wyrd store after converting $ to € and the shipping is also tons cheaper. They are a fairly large store and even they have problems with getting stuff. I ordered a Dreamer crew with Teddy, Dopple, Insidious Madness, ... in May. I got My Dreamer and stuff in August, the Doppleganger in September and I'm still waiting for my Insidious Madness at the end of November with no expected delivery so far. I had a tournament this weekend where I couldn't play the crew I wanted because a model box hadn't been in the shop for over 6 months. The last one they had got sold in March-April and they have been waiting ever since to get some more stock. Even if I were to bite the bullet and order from the official Wyrd store, I still wouldn't have it. It's been sold out on there for ages as well. It's not fun playing a summoner and one of your key models can't be used because it hasn't been in stockfor ages ...