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  1. New player, purchase advice needed.

    As a player invested into Ten Thunders and now branching into Neverborn, I'd like an answer on the following question: which playstyle are you looking for? Neverborn are in general not that special when it comes to movement, save a few models. Ten Thunders on the other hand take it to the next level as their entire faction is based around movement and pushes. If you are undecided on the playstyle, I would suggest the following models: Neverborn Beckoners: You can bring these as well into the Thunders with Lynch thanks to his "Darkened" ability. They do not push like the Thunders do, but they instead lure models to you. Nothing more fun than using 2 lures into a fast Hungering Darkness (Huggy) to rip them a new one. Stitched Together: can also go in the Thunders thanks to Lynch. They are high-risk, high-reward though and need a bit of experience on when to use them properly. I find them stronger in Neverborn due to Neverborn having more nasty things that can burn the opponents hand than the Thunders do. Doppleganger: works with every Neverborn master and can be considered a staple in several crews. I don't have this model yet, but being able to cheat Initiative with Lynch can be rather frightening. First-activating lynch and blasting the opponent for 6 damage can catch people off-guard and cripple them severly. Ten Thunders Ten Thunders Brothers: Probably the best all-round model in the entire faction. It only lacks damage, but can be an incredible tarpit for only 5 soulstones. It can also complete Claim Jump solo if you get the trigger on his (0) action. Rather easy though, as Lynch can let you keep the ace forever. Shadow Emissary: his (0) action could give a potential card draw and Lynch loves extra cards in his hand. Can also discard an ace (and get it back, thx Lynch) to start with Focussed +2, so 1 attack will hit and do a nice amount of damage. He has a (1) action that pushes and gives fast, but this is only to a model with an upgrade that costs more than 0 stones. I have felt this as rather limiting, but YMMV. Shenlong's box for Sensei Yu: pushbot 9000 giving fast. Unlike the Emissary, he can give it to anyone and push a model up to 12" in a single turn AND give it fast as well. He does lack offense, which the Emissary ha a lot more of. Samurai: I've not used these guys as I don't have them, but they allow Lynch to clear the deck crazy fast and get those aces in his hand. Their damage is also respectable, but their main draw in Lynch is a card cycling mechanic Now some more about Dreamer and Titania. Dreamer I haven't played Dreamer yet (sold out in all stores), but I have read up a lot about him and practiced some shadow-matches proxied against my other crews. It would be fair to say that the Dreamer is still one of the top masters of Neverborn. You can bring only him and his models (big list) to a tournament and expect to do well. This is due to him being a summoning master which allows him to be more forgiving. Got a model killed? Summon another one. Dreamer becomes stronger the longer the game goes on as he almost auto-wins a war of attrition. Even if the opponent kills 2 models per turn and you kill 1, you can just sommon back 2 models each turn and get an activation profit of +1 just for playing Dreamer. Starting turn 3, you will almost guaranteed out-activate your opponent, which opens up a window for a whole lot of pain and misery. So what is the downside to getting the Dreamer? The main one is the cost in $$$. As he is a summoning master, you will need his summons to get the most out of him. Getting most of them could cost you close to thesame as getting 2 different crews completely. The other downside is that he does require some careful positioning and perhaps some game experience. I do think downside 2 is less of a worry for you as you already have some experience with Lynch. Titania My friend has Titania and I will say she also feels like a top master in the right hands, but not at thesame level as Dreamer. Titania thrives on schemes and strats the require a small area of the board so she can litter it with scheme markers and bring the pain that way. She has the 3 Autumn Knights in her box, which are pretty fantastic for their cost, reaching even Illuminated standards. Do note Illuminated are probably still a better fit for Lynch, unless you're planning on running Rougarou + Tooth combo. Then again, any crew can run that combo. Combining crews You also asked how well these crews can be combined. Unfortunately, most Neverborn masters are rather stand-alone. You probably won't mix any of their crews, unless you can find some sort of cheesy combo such as Rougarou + Tooth. The Dreamer works mainly with his nightmares, but his starting crew can be whatever he wants to feel safe enough to start his summoning spree on Turn 1. I don't really know how well Titania mixes and matches, but I also feel she works best with at least 1-2 Autumn Knight(s) and perhaps the Emissary for even more zone control. I do hope some more experienced Neverborn players chime in on this as I've mostly played Ten Thunders and only recently started to switch to "The Dark Side".
  2. Collodi Tactica: Many String-Based Names

    Since no store seems to have a dreamer crew + extra's such as Widow Weaver, ..., I've decided to look at my second-liked master in Neverborn: Collodi. Models I have right now: Stitched Together Beckoners Jakob Lynch box Brutal Effigy What would you say I need to get more for a decend working crew at 50SS? I have noted the following Collodi box (obviously) Arcane Effigy Coryphee Anything else? Perhaps a Bunraku? Not sure when you would take a Bunraku over Coryphee though
  3. New Player Jakob Lynch

    I'm not a big fan of Expert Cheater to be honest. I like his ace discarding too much to finish off something that survives the big gun! You don't really have variation with your crew right now, so I would suggest getting the following: - beckoner: lures models to her and can give out brilliance. She can also stop the opponent from taking Interact Actions within her LoS if they have Brilliance on them. Really strong! -Lelu/Lilitu: You basicly buy this for Lilitu as her Lure has ca7 vs the ca6 from the Beckoner. She does cost 1SS more, so I would start with the Beckoner to keep it more in Lynch's theme. -a beater like Teddy: On your list, you can get a lot of stuff done on this list, but bringing a Teddy puts a big bullseye on his head. He packs a serious punch and is not reliant on Brilliance in order to do so. Give him Retribution's Eye and you have a big beatstick that can ignore armor. Combine that with a Rising Sun Huggy (Hungering Darkness) and you will have 2 powerful beatsticks together with Lynch. - A scheme runner such as Silurid: Your crew is fairly slow and you will have a hard time doing schemes like Breakthrough. A Silurid can jump out of engagements and is fairly annoying to take down. Hope this helps!
  4. Bandersnatch questions

    I'm guessing his trigger doesn't work if he attacks himself, seeing as a model can't attack itself?
  5. Bandersnatch questions

    I've been looking at Bandersnatch with my Dreamer, but I can't seem to find info on 2 things: 1) Can he attack the model he has his Shadow Lair upgrade on? I know he can draw LoS and Range from it, but can he actually attack said model? Part of me thinks yes, because a model has vision on itself. Then again, it is worded in a way it brings doubt to me. 2) Can a buried Bandersnatch place down scheme markers? I'd say no, but then again ...
  6. Neverborn Lynch < 10T Lynch?

    It depends on the playstyle. If you like pushing your models to the enemy, go for ten thunders. If you like luring the enemy to you, go with neverborn. The Thunders have Sensei Yu, which makes Mulligan crazy good for a 0 action. You can cycle up to 6 cards in a turn from just Lynch's and Yu's Mulligan. Yu is also pushbot 9000, so you can feel better throwing Huggy in the face on turn 1. @Ludvig also mentioned the Samurai and the Brothers. The brothers are already a strong 5ss model and lynch pushes it up to 11. You can get the preferred stance as long as you have the ace for free and then go defensive for free. Armor 1 Df7 models are fairly hard to take down So what do the neverborn offer? They can offer you a better lure and some more things the lure triggers, such as pounce. You can bring Lilitu as opposed to a beckoner and get a Ca 7 lure instead of a ca6. As a player, you should know by now how powerful a 7 attack is. If you then bring Lelu with you, you can lure into his pounce so that 1 AP lure becomes a 2 AP or possibly 3 AP action (if Lelu activated already and gave his condition for free pounce). Neverborn are just more tricky to play against in general and will make your opponents life hell with all the wp-based horror duels. An illuminated's Terrifying 10 is pretty lame and gimmicky, but drop 2 web markers from Widow weaver and suddenly they have -2 wp to resist. Or you can go for a teddy who has default Terrifying 13, so that's guaranteed to burn a card in your opponents hand. Got a map with small corridors or an area the opponent must go to? Bring the Emissary and lay down Hazardous Terrain there. You want to go there? Take a high walk duel or suffer 1/4/5 damage. I could go on, but this is just to show you that I find neither "inferior" towards the other. It's just a preference of playstyle.
  7. Oni's march

    Best summon is Yokai, the next best one will probably be the Oni. Unless you need to tie up models, then Jorogumo might be better. I never use Amanjaku as I feel he's just bad. The +1 Flicker sounds nice, but need a 9 in a crew that already uses plenty of high cards. My advice would be going with Kamaitachi as totem and combo it with the Terracotta Warriors. The changed upgrade model will get a free push, heal AND card draw. Really nice! I usually take Yasunori (proxy) in my crew as he can really make things ridiculous. Having Bettari with Asami on one side and Yasunori on the other makes the opponent also bring plenty of stones to the Yasunori side. Unless you get unlucky, he WILL get those 4 attacks off. I really like the Ten Thunders Brother as well due to his power for scheme marker schemes or just tarpitting models that don't have a Ca action. Defense 7 with + is pretty hard to take down. Some early thoughts of mine for you, hope they help.
  8. Nightmares and Teddy Bears - The Dreamer Tactica

    What do you feel "outclasses" Lelu, veen with the def upgrade? I feel like he looks fairly strong. Otoh he can be summoned, so that's a factor I can't ignore. NB Emissary is fairly strong in my opinion as he can plop down hazardous Terrain, remove conditions and summon changelings as well. He doesn't have huge damage, but I feel his utility is well worth it. It's going to be a toss-up between the Dreamer upgrade and the default upgrade. It depends on whether or not you feel like using Chompy for some quick damage or not. I feel like it could be good to burst down a model that gets too close. Then again, I haven't played Dreamer yet, so I'm taking all the advice that I can. Coppelius will indeed be something I will enjoy trying out. I feel like he can be a very strong model if he can get some eyeballs going and tough to take down if he gets them. I'll order them soon and see how they play.
  9. Why play Ten Thunders

    *triggered* You monster! For bonus points bring the Emissary with the default Conflux for extra + flips on all those attacks ^^ If you're already spending 21 stones for such a combo, you might as well go all-out on it
  10. Why play Ten Thunders

    I noticed a lot of damage when I played against Lady J :'( I like dealing damage, not taking damage
  11. Why play Ten Thunders

    I would take this as valid criticism if your only post in the topic wasn't just filled with "where to start" and then propose to bring 2 LRM in a single crew... As for the rest I've already said I'm going to be playing Neverborn. I gave my view on a Lynch crew opposed to a crew on the Thunders side. It shows that the Thunders prefer to move towards things themselves instead of moving things towards themselves. While I do enjoy some aspects of the faction, I feel the faction itself is lacking in a certain way. The only thing the Thunders have going for them compared to the other factions is that they have more mobility. Well, it depends on what type of mobility if you see Lure as mobility as well. I do like the Asian look of the models and this is what originally drew me to them. I made the mistake of starting with Shenlong, waaayyyyy too complex for a person new to wargaming. Can't really argue with that. While we have easier ways of pushes, healing, condition removal, my playstyle prefers to deal a ton of damage instead of having the healing option. There's not much to heal if it's dead. There's not much to scheme if it's dead. Not sure on how Thunders have easier access to + flips outside of a Shenlong crew and therefore sacrificing a 0-action of themselves. While many masters and their crew have access to + flips, most of those masters are also available in other factions. I'll agree with you if you meant that we have the highest concentration of possible crews that have access to + flips. Pretty much every Thunders crew can and will get + flips, which is in stark contrast with the other factions. The downside to all those extra + flips is that our faction has a low minimum damage as average and they really need those + flips to really be able to compete with other factions when it comes to damage. I'm not saying all our models have low damage, but most of them do. And I'll repeat again, I'm switching to neverborn so I hope I can find out what I'm missing out on by not playing the Thunders or what possible strengths I've been overlooking or miscrediting.
  12. Why play Ten Thunders

    That's what happened to me in that game, so I'm pretty sure that's legit.
  13. Why play Ten Thunders

    Tooth has a (0) action Lure that has the model ending as close to her as possible. Then her normal (1) attack actions have a built-in push. You can push the opposing model for 1mm and get the Rougarou pounce again. Depending on your crew, I find the Gorar to be worth his points. If the terain is right, you WILL get your precious minion back. He's no Huggy, but he can be powerful in his own right. Then again, I'm only now really starting to branch out into Neverborn, so I might not see the big picture yet.
  14. Why play Ten Thunders

    Yes, my core list is fairly glass cannon. That's what the other models are for after all. If you bring 2 illuminated, the list becomes a lot more durable while staying in theme with Lynch as well. There's a lot of options available if you need tanky models on both factions.
  15. Why play Ten Thunders

    I agree with you. TT Lynch is very consistent thanks to Sensei Yu copying his Mulligan. Do note this dependency might force you to activate Yu earlier than expected and can bring their own share of problems. The thing that makes Neverborn Lynch more dangerous in my opinion, is the fact that they have more and better lures combined with pounces. Yes, you can get a Thunders beatstick and make Huggy obey the opponents model to walk next to him. Now your model activates and that threat is gone for the turn. With the better lures in Neverborn, you can combo those with a Rougarou or Lelu and keep pouncing on those things. Bonus points if Lilitu is the one luring as she will get pounce as well from Lelu on a 4'!!! range. You can also lure 2 models towards you and set them up for death as the hands of Lynch and/or Huggy more easily. While also doable in Ten Thunders, I do feel the beckoners are inferior to what the Neverborn faction has to offer in this regard. Going through your entire deck can also have it's downsides. You'll get more black and red jokers. Nobody likes getting a black joker. Red joker can be great, but should not be depended upon for getting things done. You have the mulligan to get more high cards, but that usually means you'll have to cheat more as well. At least you get more control on when/what to force, which is very powerful. But again, I agree with you that Lynch is not a bad master. While I feel the Thunders allow him to be used more broadly, I also feel that it limits his power a bit on what he can achieve. The pushes and positioning are strong thanks to Yu, but you could just as easily get lured away due to being too far ahead. In Neverborn, you don't even have to move Lynch, you can just bring the models to you! This might be less of a problem when you are a more experienced player ofcourse. I've only been playing for a year, so that might also have to do with it.