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  1. Ordered mine in May, they got cancelled and refunded. Haven't seen any shop with them ever since Really sucks for my Dreamer crew as I ordered most of his crew at thesame time and this is the only thing I haven't found yet.
  2. Just to counter this for a minute, his ability specifies "During this model's activation", which means obey does allow you to go after activated targets. After all, it's not the Stalker's activation, but the obeyer's.
  3. Yan Lo Tactica?

    I'll highlight this just to mention how important it is. Yan Lo's opening hand becomes more and more fixed the more models you add in the mix. The seishin summon requires a 6 The first hit on the wastrel requires at least cheatable damage. This means you need a low card to cheat down the wastrel in case of need OR a medium card to let Yan Lo hit if they both flip low. The first hit needs to be a severe, so an 11+ Toshiro's summon requires a suited 9, but I forgot which suit. He can stone for it, but it's still a 9+ you need If these conditions are not met, you can't even guarantee to do your 4 Chi combo. The construct worsens this as it does not get defensive, which makes cheatable damage harder to achieve. However there is some light at the end of the tunnel. That light is when you are not planning on bringing Toshiro. This opens up those soulstones for other models aka the new Obsidian Statue, the Emissary, ... Say you still want SOME Chi generation Turn 1, you can just bring the trap for 2 stones and combo off of it. This brings you to 3 Chi, which is still very nice and it only cost you 2 stones for the trap and a couple of Turn 1 cards. I'm personally not a fan of that tactic as it lowers your activation count in a faction that is already running rather elite. The Toshiro Ashigaru summon gives you a better model back, which makes it a net gain in terms of stones. The downside is that any alpha will hit you hard as it takes away your Chi generation or comeback mechanic on a master that really starts working from Turn 3 onwards.
  4. Yan Lo Tactica?

    Adran is correct. If you let the Wastrel take 2 walk actions, he gets defensive stance. This makes it easier to win the duel. It also has the added benefit that you can get the max Charge range out of Yan Lo for the best value. Yan Lo wants to get up front and the Wastrel is just perfect for this. The last benefit has to do with crew building. I tend to bring Toshiro with the upgrade in a Yan Lo crew. He's an Ancestor (benefit with the new 4 Chi healing) and his upgrade allows him to summon Ashigaru/Komainu. Since the Wastrel has the keyword "Living" on it, it drops a corpse marker when it dies. The 4 Chi combo works like this: Activate Goryo and use him to summon a seishin Walk the Wastrel for defensive Activate Yan Lo and discard a card for +1 Chi (total 1 Chi) Seishin gets placed into base contact with Yan Lo and gets killed by a 1 AP attack for +1 Chi (total 2 Chi) Yan Lo charges the Wastrel, hitting a severe on he first attack for +1 Chi (total 3 Chi) Second attack of Yan Lo kills the Wastrel for +1 Chi (total 4 Chi) BONUS: Toshiro turns the corpse marker from the Wastrel in a half health Ashigaru BONUS: Charm Warder places the Disguised condition on Yan Lo A Wastrel allows you to charge him and get the combo off for 4 Chi. I'm not familiar with the Pathfinder trap, but I thought it died in a single hit, which means charging it would deny you the 4th Chi in comparison to a Wastrel. I'm also not sure whether or not it would drop a scrap marker which Toshiro can use for a Komainu. Again, I don't own the Trap, so I'm just working on muscle memory here from when I was building Yan Lo lists.
  5. Yan Lo Tactica?

    I'm not THAT experienced with Yan Lo, but played a couple of games with him so far after wave 5. How I play him might also differ from the norm, so please don't take it as gospel. Yan lo has actually become a decent mid to lategame beater model, even moreso than he was before. His pattern is rather straightforward: gather Chi, get upgrades and demolish stuff starting from Turn 3 (in my case Turn 2). Lightning Dance allows you unprecedented movement shenannigins in the Thunders, which is also a big part of his identity. Yan Lo is a lot about proper positioning of models and can severely abuse mispositioning of the enemy. The reason for this is, as you may have guessed, Lightning Dance. Starting off at a mere ca5, this placement action rapidly gains power as Yan gains Chi, rising up to an impressive ca8 on 3 Chi or more. Missing this means your opponent was either Zoraida or flipped a red joker. Any other excuse will not be tolerated So I've mentioned Lightning Dance a couple of times already, but how are you supposed to use it? I prefer to run a triple threat setup, usually consisting of Yan Lo, Yasunori and another damaging model such as Emissary or the newly released Crime Bosses. Yasunori is usually in position thanks to his very good walk and charge range, but can he handled if he only has 1 small model per turn in range/engagement. Enter Lightning Dance! They try to tie up Yasunori, you just teleport models next to him and watch him go wild. This is the main use I get out of Lightning Dance and the use you'll probably be using the most. The second way of using Lightning Dance would be to deny things. They accused your model? Dance the engager away and activate unengaged to just remove the condition. They are trying to score Leave Your Mark? Lightning Dance the model into other things and tie it up. This is just the most basic ways to use Lightning Dance, but it should help you get started with the possibilities you have. That still leaves his beater options. Before wave 5, beater Yan Lo brought the Emissary, started with the Kharakka (or whatever it's spelled again) upgrade and rushed to get his 3 Chi Ascendant upgrade. This allowed him to get a better damage track and longer melee range, as his default attack only has 1", which works wonders with the 3 Chi upgrade. An 8" place attacking all models in range with to attack and damage is a lot more scary with a better damage track and longer range. Usually this style paired with using the Wastrel trick to get 3 Chi Turn 1 and use the chi of next Turn to get a defensive upgrade. Since the soulstone upgrade uses a Ml attack it is not affected by Chi, so feel free to spend it all. Then wave 5 happened, which changed his meta-game rather significantly. I'm venturing into theoryfaux a bit here, mixed with the experience I have from playing some games in Wave 5. Wave 5 gave Yan Lo 3 new upgrades: 2 normal ones and a 4 Chi casting Ascendant upgrade. Both normal upgrades provided a monumental change for him as they eased his Chi gain AND allowed for a more flexible playstyle regarding upgrade in the way Shenlong can swap Styles. First off is what I see as the best thing happening to Yan lo: the new Awakening upgrade (1 SS). It gives him Instinctual, which allows you to take 2 different 0 actions per turn with him. No longer do you have to choose between Ascendant upgrade OR spirit armor OR healing. You can now choose 2 of those, which means he actually has a 0 action he can use in the first few Turns. Added to that it allows Lightning Dance to be taken as a 0 action, which means a saved AP per Turn thanks to Instinctual. Since you were probably already using Lightning Dance once per Turn, this is great! To finish the upgrade, Lightning Dance gained a trigger that deals damage and slow if Yan Lo ends Lightning Dance in base contact with the target. This upgrade basicly gives Yan Lo an extra AP in the form of an Instictual Lightning Dance that can now end up dealing damage and giving slow. Not bad at all i'd say. The second upgrade is called Follow Their Footsteps and is the gamechanger when it comes to Chi generation and Ascendant upgrade flexibility. It gives you 1 Chi whenever the opponent scores any amount of VP, which is great. Starting from Turn 2 you'll probably be getting a "free" Chi per Turn. the second effect allows you to discard an Ascendant upgrade to gain back the Chi spent in it and you MAY choose to pay the Chi price for a different Ascendant upgrade. Say you want that 2 Chi upgrade, but only have 1 Chi. Next turn you drop a card for +1 Chi and then drop the 1 Chi upgrade to get the 2 Chi upgrade. Or you need survivability, so you ditch the 3 or 4 Chi upgrade, get the 2 Chi upgrade and then use a 0 for the 1 Chi upgrade, suddenly becoming suprisingly difficult to take down thanks to Incorporeal and Impossible to Wound. The last new upgrade is the new 4 Chi Ascendant upgrade called Blood Ascendant. This gives you casting expert, so probably another free Lightning Dance per Turn and a new 2" melee range Ca attack with a much better damage track than your default attack. This is also huge, as you can now get a Ca8 2" range attack that works together with your 3 Chi upgrade. I've managed to pull off the combo a couple of times in which I can hit 2-4 models with to attack and damage on Ca8 and those attacks hurt like hell on a 3/4/5 damage track. It allows Yan Lo a way to get rid of chaff and plow through certain summoners with easy. Killing an enemy with the attack also lets every friendly Ancestor in play heals 1 damage which is just icing on the cake. This all sounds great, why isn't everyone playing Yan Lo? Lategame Yan Lo is extremely powerful and can plow through crews on his own. The downside is that you actually have to reach lategame AND score VP at thesame time. I'm using a trick with the Wastrel and a Goryo to reach 4 Chi on Turn 1, to then reach 3 Chi on Turn 2 rather easily and even get an attack in on Turn 2. A Major downside is that this strategy requires a specific hand setup (4/6 cards in your hand need to match certain criteria) and it is extremely vulnerable to an Alpha Strike. Incorporeal is also becoming less and less of a reliable defensive mechanism due to the increase of "damage that cannot be reduced" and a rise in the amount of Ca actions. This leaves Yan Lo mostly with only Impossible to Wound, which is not enough for a master that wants to go in deep. His base stats of 5 def and wp also leave a lot to be desired as the average attack value has been steadily rising and almost all models have a stat 5 attack. This is just a quick overview of Yan Lo and how he was impacted by Wave 5 without going into specifics about possible interactions with his own crew. There are different threads which have already discussed that. I hope this can get you started and you have fun playing Yan the Man!
  6. I added a bit of hidden nuance in my statements which was not picked up it seems. The Kentauroi don't have to do anything on Turn 1 except be summoned and block charge lanes or get into a good position. Yasunori HAS to charge something and he HAS to do this before Nicodem summons or he'll be too late. If Nicodem deploys fully in the back or behind terrain, Yasunori will not be able to get there on Turn 1. Standard deployment gives Yasunori a 6" deployment, a 4" push + fast from Emissary pushes him to 10". At that point Yasunori has a 6" walk + 10" charge + 2" melee threat range IN AN IDEAL SITUATION. Since you can't end a walk partially in blocking terrain, the 6" walk is usually cut short, but for theories sake we'll say he has no problems on that behalf. So from 10" up on the board he has an 18" threat range, which is not enough as he still has to cross 8" to even get to the center of the table. Even then we are talking about moving in a straight line, which is hardly ever the case and probably never happening if the Nicodem player gets to deploy second. The only way to get there is if you have Shenlong/Sensei Yu with Wandering River Style pushing Yasunori about 11" up on the board and even then it's going to be a close call on whether or not he makes it. Turn 1 Yasunori can't have more than 4 attacks on his Turn 1 charge, unless you did something really crazy with Asami, which is pretty much impossible to do. I don't see a lot of people usually bringing RT on Yasunori as he already has a built-in on his attack. You are already assuming a scenario where you know your opponent will be playing Nicodem and are tailoring a crew in order to defeat him. That doesn't work if he just declares Ressers and you have to have a solution for all their masters. You are also assuming all your attacks hit and you have the most beastly hand in existance to be able to cheat that many high cards on damage flips. Nicodem WILL force you to also dump cards in order to hit your attacks. You expect to win every attack duel due to double +, but reality has shown me even triple + can net you 4 low cards or just an average while your opponent flips a 13. Spending 4 stones on prevention to keep a key model alive while still being able to get your summoning engine going seems like a fair deal to me. Worst case for you is he summons a belle + some punk zombies and ties up Yasunori. A most realistic scenario is that he summons a belle, lures away the key model and your Yasunori is left in the middle of his crew, unable do impact the rest of the game due to all the AP needed getting through the (0) summons. His engine is not halted at all as shown above. Stones don't mean a thing for Nicodem on Turn 1 and 2 as he brings 7 anyway. It doesn't matter that he loses 4 if he only needs 1-2 to get the engine going. So now you have a Yasunori stuck inside his crew getting meatgrinded by his summons and his next turn summons while all you accomplished was doing some damage on a support model that didn't even die. Your above scenario works only on a best-case basis, which pretty much never happens in a game that has randomization in it. Also keep in mind that your model deaths ALSO fuel his engine. Kill that Yasunori and it drops a corpse marker. Kill the Asami summons for more corpse markers. Placing Shenlong next to a pile of punk zombies does not seem like the greatest of ideas. Only the McCabe trick seems viable, but expects the opponent to ALLOW you to do it. It only works because your opponent is ignorant of it's potential. McCabe also need Line of Sight for it, so it becomes even harder for him to pull it off as Nicodem can summon more models. Again: I'm talking here about Nicodem in the hands of a good player. Not some new player that doesn't know how to deploy, use terrain or block LoS. Perhaps the terrain I'm used to is more densely packed than what you are using, but even using a max range beckoner lure is nearly impossible on pretty much all the maps we use. How you would move across an entire board with pushes and moves without being hindered by terrain is something that will NEVER happen on the boards our gaming community uses, hence why I see it as non-viable for any other model besides a pushed-up fast Yasunori to even have a ghost of a chance of reaching Nicodem or his support on Turn 1.
  7. It was indeed a hyperbole, perhaps comparing it to any of the other Riders would have been better. Still, he can summon them and they can charge with a min 3 attack with a 13" threat range. They die easily, but even just killing them takes away AP that you desperately need, while you have just taken a rather hefty amount of damage from said models charge. Yasunori alone will not be able to kill any of the key models in his engine. Since they are henchmen, they can use stones to protect themselves. They live, drop the corpse markers and now you have Yasunori surrounded by punk zombies. Congratulations, you managed to drain some stones and wounds, but you just lost Yasunori and barely slowed him down. You had to commit at least 2 big models (Yasunori + the model that pushes him, probably Emissary) in order to even get him there to begin with. If you manage to get into range of Nicodem's support model at Turn 1 with something besides a fast pushed-up Yasunori, I'd say that player made a very big mistake by placing his models way too much up front, not body-blocking your charge lanes enough and not using terrain to his advantage. It gets easier to do in close deployment and very hard to do in flank and corner deployment. A model needs LoS in order to charge (in general at least, there are exceptions such as Bettari) and placing models in a smart way can almost fully stop almost every model from engaging them. I think we only have Bettari that can reliably pull of such a feat if she is fast as it gives her a 6" walk + 7" charge + 2" range = 15" threat range. She will have to be rather far up the board in order to even have a shot at reaching them, meaning 2 pushes aka Sensei Yu/Shenlong with Wandering River Style. Just for a side-note: I'm talking here about decent players that don't make blatant mistakes such as severly mispositioning and refusing to use stones on attacks because of MUH SUMMONING. Players that use terrain and/or models to block Line of Sight and stop engagements. Players that know the strengths and weaknessess of their crew and act accordingly. When I'm playing a summoner and I see a crew that can alpha strike me, I place myself more in the back and play safe on the first Turn. There are not many models that can make a 25-30" threat, even with help from their crew. At that point, you will have played your first Turn rather safely.
  8. I understand where you are coming from, but there is a critical difference between Nicodem and the other masters: he can stay in the back on the other side of the board and his crew will not be weakened by it. If he can get Turn 1 off without getting alpha-striked, he is very difficult to hurt with all the card setup he's gotten from Turn 1. Bring Philip, Mortimer and Asura, let them drop their markers and use Philip to generate 2 card advantage and then use the (à) action of the upgrade on Nicodem to turn those markers into zombies. Then sac those zombies into useful summons, aka Kentauri/Belles, and get EVEN MORE card draw for it. If you summon the Kentauroi half-way your own half, they will be around 9" on the board, unslowed and with a threat range of 13" while hitting with min 3 and giving poison built-in. People complain about Yasunori, but basicly being able to summon Yasunori is a lot worse in my opinion. Hurting the support model can work, but then your opponent must have mispositioned the models. Asura, Philip and Mortimer are also Henchmen, so killing even just one of them will require a dedicated assault of several models as your opponent can just burn stones and keep them alive. Burning stones early doesn't hurt Nicodem as bad as other masters as he can get activation advantage on a (0). Something that is also forgotten is the fact that Kentauroi do NOT have a rare limit. My last game involved playing against Nicodem and the summoned 4 Kentauroi in the first 2 turns due to the terrain not allowing alpha strikes. I was playing Ten Thunders with Lynch, Yasunori and the Emissary.A Fast, pushed-up Yasunori was not able to get onto a good enough target due to smart positioning from the opponent and Terrain stopping my movements as you're not allowed to end a movement partially into terrain. A smart nicodem also places his summons in such a way that you can't go for the bigger support. Models such as Yasunori only have a 2" engagement range, so placing a base on 2.5" from the support model gives it a free pass for that turn. Keeping something overtuned because it's the poster-boy of a certain faction is not a valid reason. Wyrd has shown to be willing to tackle poster-boys, even as recent as the Januari errata on Misaki or previously with Dreamer, Leveticus, rat-engine and so on. I'm just wondering why they decided to give a master as strong as Nicodem even stronger stuff to play around with. I know I've been harsh on the Kentauroi in my post, but my problem is not really with them. My problem is with the fact that they have rider-levels of mobility and damage, yet they are summonable on only a 12. Dreamer has to use Tannen and a 13 OR Red Joker to summon Teddy, Asami can summon Jorogumo (lol forget this exists) on a 13(!!), but Nicodem is allowed to summon unslowed riders on a 12?
  9. Great post, but I think the bottom-line is that he pretty much needs to get hit with several nerf-bats at once. I deduced 3 ways of beating him from the article: Pray to God that the player is bad - unrealistic Pray that the scheme and strat pool allows you to get more points at turn 3 than he can get then - also rather unrealistic as he will outactivate you from turn 2 onwards Alpha-strike him with several beater models on Turn 1 - unrealistic unless you happen to be playing the viks or something that matches it, the terrain also has to allow said alpha strike and his model setup also has to allow it. So pretty much all 3 scenario's are unrealistic for almost every other single master in the game, which begs the question why he hasn't been hit yet? Your article mentions "the boogie-man of the uk meta", so he is notorious enough as-is. Considering how powerful he was BEFORE wave 5, Wyrd decided it was a good idea to give him Asura Rotten and Kentauroi, which are pretty much summonable rider models, which come in the game unslowed thanks to his aura. As a Thunders player, I would really like to be able to summon Yasunori's, or just any decent model besides Yokai ... The entire article is dedicated to Nicodem and it requires 2 top Nicodem players' input to mention that he is beatable under ideal circumstances. I do not consider that as healthy gameplay and would find it great if you could get some additional reaction from the Wayworth and Varney on how to beat him. Just hope the stars align is not the answer I was hoping for in a fairly balanced game.
  10. Ten Thunders Errata from App (NOT CONFIRMED)

    Point taken, but I didn't forget about the Komainu. They are just a lot more defensive than the Monk. As you mentioned, their triggers are not built-in, unless they are near an Ancestor, which I find to be a drawback. If I have an Ancestor there, that scheme runner would probably be dead meat anyway. Allow me to give a comparison between the models: Monk of High River vs Komainu Df6 vs Df 4 Ruthless vs Hard to Kill & Armor +1 Disengaging strike brings Burning 2 vs nothing Can drop a card to do a 3 AP charge vs nothing Focus gives +1 focus vs + when near Ancestor Ml6/Df/1" vs Ml6/Wp/2" Damage track of 1/2/4 vs 2/3/4 built-in trigger to grant burning vs non-built-in trigger to grant either burning +1 or slow 2" push vs 3" place in base contact nothing vs 6" Ca counter ignoring range From this comparison you can see that the Monk is a LOT more offensive. Being able to ignore Wp duels means a couple of defenses such as Terrifying will be invalid. He also has a larger threat radius as he can push 2", charge for 6 and have 1" range totaling for a range of 9". Drop a card and get 3 attacks which all inflict burning which pretty puch increases his low damage track of 1/2/4 to at least 2/3/5 and a possible 3/4/6. Something which also shouldn't be overlooked is the fact that Armor has less of an effect on him. The built-in means you ALWAYS get the burning. Hit the opponent 2 out of 3 times and you will do 3 damage. Hit the opponent 3 times and you will do 3 + 2 = 5 damage. Compare that to the Komainu who will do a maximum of 3 (2ml + 1 burning). Yes, when you hit 2 times with Komainu, you will do thesame amount of damage vs armor as the Monk, but the Monk has the potential to go way higher. Imagine you have 2 high and 1 other decent card in hand. Komainu can put out 2 burning and do 2+2+burning 2 on the opponent. Monk can do 1+1+1+burning 5 on the opponent. Komainu deals 6 damage, monk deals 8. If the opposing model has armor, Komainu deals 3 damage and monk deals 7 damage! That's a very major difference. I'm guessing the problem right now is twofold: Monk is bad has been almost a meme on these forums and people even refuse to see them in a positive light or what the potential is. Komainu and other 5 stone models are a lot more survivable than the Monk AND don't have to go face-first into combat. My personal guess is that the Monk CAN be used, but he will take time to get used to. I'm going to be trying him out and I suggest everyone to try thesame. Just don't charge him into a Nekima or something like that and then cry that he got killed in a single activation, that's not his purpose at all!
  11. Ten Thunders Errata from App (NOT CONFIRMED)

    I'm actually liking the Monks of High River for 5 stones. It's true they are in a VERY competitive 5 stone bracket, but they bring something very nice for that price: ml6. I think they might be a decent cheap anti-scheme runner. Ml6 means you will hit a lot of things as plenty of scheme runners are on Df 5. Being able to charge for 3 attacks at the cost of a card is also decently nice. The main downside is that their damage isn't instant due to the burning and burning can be removed. With Shenlong it might even work better, free (0) focus for 2 focus and then charge in for a 1/2/4 with a possible 2 burning. Works even better if this guy got fast from Shenlong or Yu which means you can stack 4 to 8 burning on a single model while still doing 4 damage. With Lynch - not recommended, but can work - you can drop an Ace and get it back straight away. Never heard of card disadvantage It's true they are in competition with the Charm Warder and the Brother, but those are defensive models. If you need a decently cheap offensive model, I feel like the Monk of High River might be a decent choice. After all, killing models is the best defense. I'll probably be trying them out in the coming weeks/months to see what has become of them. It's a bit nostalgic for me as well, as the Shenlong box was my first purchase and I've always been trying to make it work. Unfortunately Lynch is my type of master, so Shenlong hasn't been working out that well for me
  12. Titania Tactica

    Well, the Primeval Conflux allows the Emissary to heal a friendly Fae for 2 Wounds or give Armor + 1 on a (0) action. It can give the Cyclops that extra lease on life. Also don't forget Cyclops can heal itself for 2 Wounds if it drops a or can go up to 4" range if it drops a when it activates. This can potentially keep it safe(r) when combining it with the Hard to Kill. Bultungin seem like really nice models indeed. It is dependant on the opponent dropping scheme markers to reach it's full potential though, but a 5 stone model that has ml 6 is never bad. Book 5 really upped the power level for all factions, but I'm not liking the way they are doing it. So many high stat lines or attack/damage lines which make buying the new models a must for competitiveness. I understand from a business point-of-view, but that doesn't mean it's a great player-wise way of doing it. My poor Yan Lo with his 5 Df and Wp is crying in a corner somewhere
  13. Titania Tactica

    I said I wouldn't respond to the Titania vs Collodi anymore, so I won't. Soon you will all see when people get more used to the newer upgrades of Titania. Take a look at the Cyclops. It's a Fae (I think) Enforcer with a decent damage track that gets more reliable as he loses a couple of wounds. It can also place 2 50mm Ice Pillars in base contact, which means board control. It's an enforcer though, so your generic Conflux will not boost it. He is a decent scheme runner hunter, but does cost 8 stones to bring. Grootslang can also work fairly well if you bring the Gorar as he can really dive in with his Lairs, soak up AP, dish out some damage and then come back. This guy can do wonders on Guard The Stash. Tooth + Rougarou + Emissary is already a fairly decent investment and the combo doesn't really "need" the generic Conflux to be worth it's points. It's more some sort of icing on the cake, but it does mean your Emissary becomes a lot less reliable and more dependant on your cards in hand. It also forces you to keep the Emissary close to Tooth and Rougarou, which locks down 25 stones on a single part of the map. When playing Titania, I would 100% pick the Emissary with the new Conflux and I really suggest you give it a try. You can really feel the reliability difference between the base version and the Titania version!
  14. Titania Tactica

    Losing 2 wounds isn't THAT bad, but it's something you have to factor in. If you're bringing in Widow Weaver and Hinamatsu with a total of 10 models, your other models are pretty much trash save for the Effigies. You'll have no reliable damage outside of Collodi and Hinamatsu. You're also forcing a certain activation order on yourself as you'll have to activate both effigies before you activate Collodi. This leaves openings that can and will be exploited. The slow Trigger works on masters, but the other ones - pseudo paralyze- don't. I also wish you the best of luck killing all the summoned models. They start with a decently high manipulative and their main function is just be an AP sink and give activation control. Hitting them is actually a boon for me. With all the weak models you're bringing, I'd rather argue that you can't win a war of attrition like that. Your minions do no damage and you are completely dependant on Collodi, Widow Weaver and Hinamatsu for anything. Titania can bring in several big beaters or a Tooth + Rougarou combo and just murder them as she pleases. You'd also have to ditch 2 cards anytime one of those models targets something else than Titania. A good player also knows not to aim for Collodi, you aim at his Puppets or Minions. The Levi problem was two-fold as he could also summon Abominations on those kills. For him it was worthwhile cheating up to 4 severes for those models, Collodi doesn't have that luxury. First off: you are correct on Sandeep. Mind slip of mine which took way too long to get corrected here. You can get a reliable 2 Changelings on your first Turn which can be guaranteed to 3 on Turn 2. At that point in time you'll have a rather minimal investment for a very good Emissary and 12 stones worth of summoned models. If you do the double summoning on Turn 1, your Emissary will have a cost of 2 stones because you have just summoned 8 stones for the cheap price of 4 AP and 2 7+ cards. The Dreamer requires a sacrifice in order to summon suitless, which means your total amount of activations are not increasing for that single summon. At some point you'll also have to summon another Daydream just to be able to keep the summoning going. The Twins and Coppelius also require high cards to get off and Coppelius is VERY vulnerable if summoned due to having 4 base defense. The Twins share conditions, which means you'll have to find a way to summon without Slow or you can ditch another 2 cards from your hand. I agree on you with the Stitched. They pair amazingly if you chain-activate them with The Dreamer. Going back above HtK means you can fire a big shot and not be scared of death. The downside to them is that they are squishy and easy to kill. Reactivate loses value if the model is dead before it can reactivate. It does take 2 AP if your shot didn't fail, swhich is why they are great. They do require a 9 to summon, so you either sac a daydream or a stone. 9 is already on the higher end of the spectrum as well, so every summon you do leaves you more and more open. 7 on the other hand is a middle card, which makes it a lot more dispensible. I thought about using Tooth and Rougarou with Collodi, but you're sacrificing too much in order to get that off. Their min damage 2 also doesn't help them and you'd be relying on a model already being within their range. On paper it sounds good, but in practice I haven't seen it work yet. Too much investment in a small area. Perhaps this is due to the skill of the Collodi players here or perhaps the map lay-out. I'll trust you on this one. Stitched and Illuminated are great models, but Stitched is a double-edged knife and Illuminated needs to be close range already. Putting Collodi that close to your opponent is a very dangerous playstyle which can and should be punished. There are counters to her, I'm aware of that. The point is that you need to have inside knowledge on your opponent in order to actually bring that to her. Are you going to go Mei Feng when your opponent declares Neverborn? Are you going to bring Katanaka Crime Boss as a default pick against her? Can your Crime Boss actually survive long enough against her? A lot of the things you listed are indeed strong against her, but you'll only bring those if you know it's her specifically. If you bring your Crime Boss against Lynch or Zoraida, you're in for a very very bad time. I'll just leave this here now and let Santa continue on his Tactica. Just don't blame me when I can come back in a couple of months with the obvious "I told you so" remarks
  15. Titania Tactica

    You have summoned 2 changelings in a game with her, woohoo. You can do that pretty much every Turn which is why it's such a problem. Almost every single summon in the game requires a 9+ and that's for good reason: activations and AP are king in this game. The Emissary can summon decent models on a suitless 7. They tried to nerf summoning in gg18, yet they still allowed this beast to roam free. I just don't understand it. Collodi has 10" range, which is decent. His Triggers are also good, I'll admit that. The thing is those triggers work after damaging, which means they can be stoned away. Those Triggers also don't work on opposing Masters, so no controlling Lady J, Sonnia, Titania, ... His on damage does help him, but let's not kid ourselves by saying severe damage 4 is that great. In order to get the 4 AP, you need to take 2 damage as well, leaving him more vulnerable. If you can bring Collodi to a mid-ranged fight, he's probably not gonna like it for long. You also bring Hinamatsu and Widow Weaver, which is a decent cost already and throw away a great activation advantage you could have gotten. I haven't seen that happen too much, so I won't comment on it. Don't try it against Titania though, she'll have 9 activations at Turn 1 with more beaters than you have. Lilith is a better control master, no arguing there. But does that reliably bring in the VP that Titania can bring in? Titania also brings in some beaters, so it becomes a matter of who can kill/VP/deny better. I still feel Titania does better than Lilith no those things on a reliable basis. Pandora is still middle-of-the-pack. She got some buffs, but let's not kid ourselves and say she's top tier now. Collodi won't be doing much if he gets the Condition Behold My Glory. Dropping 2 cards everytime you want to attack something other than Titania doesn't seem to be that great if you want to control my entire beater lineup. I'm playing on nationals-level in my backwater hole of a country, but I still fell confident to say that a lot of people are bad at this game. If you only judge a model by damage, you just plain old suck and need to get better. By that logic the luring models are the worst models in the game as they don't have a great damage track for their costs and they are mostly just utility... The Emissary had the problem of being unreliable in doing what he's trying to do. Needing a mask for his Hazardous Terrain and for the summoning left much to be desired. Getting a single 7+ wasn't that hard to do, but could get rather obnoxious if it was an 11 or 12. You don't want to pay that kind of a price for a changeling. Thankfully he's very versatile thanks to his Triggers. Yes, they share the Overpower Trigger, but he also has a combat-condition removal and a Scheme, Corpse AND Scrap marker removing as his Trigger. So what can he do? Board control with his Hungry Land Marker (which heals him), summoning (suitless with Titania) and a decent damage track with great Triggers that can solve a lot of situations (also free with Titania). This forum lauded the Shadow Emissary as one of the best, but they forgot his major downsides. Mysterious Emissary had barely no downsides and was viable in almost every single crew, but was relegated to crap-tier because of a 2/4/4 damage track. Titania was considered bad, useless and obsolete when she came out. I argued against it and was shot down. Several months later people understood how she worked and she got on the decent-tier with S-tier on several schemes. I feel that Titania was worth S-tier even before Wave 5. You could take her as a single master to a tournament and expect to do really well or even win. Now they gave her 2 amazing upgrades AND buffed the Emissary to crazy amounts of strength My guess is that more people will pick her up in the coming months and she'll be demonstrated in her true glory: top competitive players picking her up to score those wins. I wouldn't even be amazed if she already got a light jab on the coming January errata if Wyrd can see the potential they've unleashed. I'm fully expecting the Conflux to get errata'd due to the sheer amount of strength it now gives. This might be a bit premature indeed, but this is how I see it now. I really can't see any reason as to why you'd pick up something besides Titania with the Emissary if you really want to guarantee that win. Just a slight remark as you might have perhaps wanted to word it differently. You mention the models were universally rated as mediocre, but that they were probably underrated. This means those models were already good, yet the players couldn't draw out their potential and they needed a game-breaking buff to actually be seen as worthwhile. I can't fault the models or the designers for that, that part is on the players. You can look at League of Legends as a great example of this. They constantly have this problem, especially with newer stuff being released. People can't really venture well outside their comfort zone and make bad calls because of it. I don't want to see another Leveticus-type year of competitive meta, which is why I'm already posting this.