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  1. It was even right above it. I should have read it again instead of asking a silly question like that; Thanks for the answer.
  2. I really liked your post, but I do have to critique this one point in it. Your summoned peasant starts with Slow and therefore can't use his (2) action to sacrifice for Shenlong. I'm guessing you made a slight mistake between this one and the hired one? Second question: on your anti-neverborn list, how do you get around the Neverborn Emissary's Hazardous Terrain? Try and get lucky with blast markers or is there something I'm missing? I've played Extraction vs that Emissary and it was just pure hell on getting any points from it. My opponent placed it 2" deep in my territory, so I was forced out of a lot of zone for that Strategy. Also didn't help he was playing Titania and he could just bunch up everything around it.
  3. To be honest, i'm not a big fan of your list. I prefer to go kamaitachi + terracotta warrior for the heal on Asami which also gives push and card draw. It also allows Asami to be even more flexible as you can swap upgrades you're not using. Running behind a bit in VP? Switch to the other upgrade and summon a free Oni at VP difference +3. Need more damage? Grasping Strands etcetc I usually take at least 1 Brother with me because he's just the best scheme-protecting model we have BY FAR. hard to take down with defense 6 (7 if defensive) and no scheme marker discard within 5". I'll take a look at the effigy. Remember the mission looks a lot better in GG17 than it used to do, so I might start taking the little guy with me.
  4. Which is true and one of the main reasons why Bettari works so well with her. If she can get in 1 attack, that's instant 6 damage on your model. The opponents I've faced always cheated on Bettari when they could to keep her damage contained. Nothing beats blowing up a single model in 1 attack and healing to full health I might try and play Asami a bit more front-line soon, but my style is and remains to play her mid-line where almost nothing can touch her and just poop out Yokai with + to the charge attack.
  5. Thank you for the clarification. I'm glad I wrote "I think" on it as I wasn't completely sure about it. This makes Tannen even worse for Asami imo as there is nothing special about him. Summoning a Yokai on a 7 with his aura isn't worth the soulstone cost to a defensive (master) style player such as myself.
  6. My absolute core with Asami's crew would be Kamaitachi and Terracotta Warriors. the combo with the card draw, heal and push is vital in my playstyle. Since Asami takes damage from charging off of her ability, you can heal 2 charges per turn by swapping an upgrade. Tengu can be summoned as a last-ditch effort for his scheme marker clearing. For other things I find Yokai to be superior. I would only summon Jorogumo is I can get 2+ Flicker on him and he stays until the end of the game. Imo the 13 is otherwise better used in blowing stuff up with Bettari or keeping Bettari safe. My main summon is Yokai because they are just so magnificent in what they do. You should also keep in mind I'm an advocate of Jorogumo being a good summon. The main problem with Jorogumo is that he only has ml5, which is thesame as Yokai. His triggers are even worse than Yokai as they require a specific suit and only give + flip to the damage in comparison to ++ from Yokai. Yokai also has + flip on charge attacks which Jorogumo doesn't have. The only reason I would summon a Jorogumo is to keep opponents occupied or to block LoS. For all the rest a Yokai is superior. I'm not completely sold on the Emissary yet. For about thesame price I can get Yasunori who can operate alone and is a true powerhouse. Whenever I field yasunori, my opponent is forced to use his big bad monster OR multiple monsters on it to keep it occupied. This either gives me activation control or lets Bettari go even more crazy due to lower threat against her. In my last game my Bettari shredded 3 models before finally dieing. This was only possible because Yasunori tied up (big) Bad JuJu and the rest of the damage was manageable for her to survive through the turn. I see you have also listed Tannen in your fillers. I'm not really a fan of him in this crew as he doesn't really allow any crazy things the way he allows them for The Dreamer. I think we can summon a Yasunori if we Red Joker (14) it while in Tannen's aura, but I'm not completely sure about that. As you can already guess, chances of that happening are a lot lower than Dreamer summoning Teddy. At least Dreamer can get 2 cards to do the trick vs the 1 card Asami uses. Since I also play Asami back more and go on offense with Yokai, enemy models barely ever get in range to do something tannen can help with. Then again, if you play her very agressivelly YMMV.
  7. It seems we have a different playstyle as I never let asami get within charge range of enemy models. The only way people are able to charge her or within 4" of her is if I allow them or they have something like Bettari (no LoS, ignore terrain). After turn 2 I swapped it over for A Fate Of Mortals for the card draw on killing, which is pretty insane considering Bettari can blow up a model per turn. Imo Bettari is also fairly safe in an Asami crew. I could overextend fairly hard as long as I still had Asami to activate. Bettari getting targetted? Summon a Yokai and place her into safety. I did notice summoners are my preferred playstyle (RIP wallet), so I'll play some more asami for now. After that I'm probably switching to The Dreamer to see just how different their playstyle is. I must admit Asami felt like summoning Yokai and just throwing them into the enemy for free scheme markers at the end of the turn.
  8. I really like to use Yu with Shenlong as they are basicly made for eachother. Swapping upgrades, free focus, ... I usually position both of them and a peasant close to a sniper. I can use Shenlong's ability (peasant take a 1 interact action) to summon my second, albeit slow, peasant for free. Then I let that slow peasant go first and give my archer focus. Because my archer is close to Yu and Shenlong, I can doa focusshed shot (1AP), focus again (0AP due to Shenlong) and do a second long range focused shot. Both these shots get +1 duel total due to being a focus-using shot within Yu's bubble effect. Let me tell you that 2x a sh6 from 28" with double + to attack flip (1+ built in, 1+ from focus)usually nets you a neutral flip every time. If needed you can go crazy first turn and cheat twice on damage. If you target an enforcer that way, you might even just blow it up first turn. So basicly you just blew up an enforcer first turn without him really being able to do something about it, except if your hand is really bad and you have no high cards to cheat. I'd say that could be a game-winning play just like that. Now, about some more models that I like to take. Probably MVP in about every single game I played: Ten Thunder Brothers. The fact that they can get 7 defense with + flip from defensive makes them extremely hard to take down. I've had on hold up Bad Juju going for a Frenzy (3 attacks) and not taking a single damage point due to having 7 Defense. I will admit I had a 13 tome in my had that I dropped on his first attack, so I got my defensive for free. Terracotta Warriors: I've only used these once so far, but I really liked them. If you take a model that goes deep into enemy territory (Ohaguro Bettari for example), you can get a free get-out-of-jail card as you can ignore an attack at the cost of a card. This saved my models multiple times and allowed me to go in for some kills I shouldn't have been able to take. Yasunori: Played this guy together with the Terracotta Warriors. He didn't do much for me that 1 game, except keeping some big models occupied and taking over a big part of the map due to his insane 12" engagement range. I will admit his damage potential is really, really high if you have the right cards in your hand. if you hit every attack, you get 12 damage minimum and 20 damage maximum. The thing about that is that those are 4 attacks and you need to get fairly lucky to hit all 4. I usually activated him fairly late into the turn, so your opponent has less answers to any high cards you still have. I did play him in an Asami Crew, so he could use a charge as a 1 AP action. These are basicly models that I almost always consider taking in any crew I play. I used to be a Jakob Lynch player, but I've been converted to an Asami player after using her just once. I started out with SHenlong, but had very little success with him. Maybe I shouldn't have started as a new wargaming player with the most difficult master in the faction. After losing several times pretty hard, I noticed that Shenlong isn't my cup of tea as a master. I wanted something with crew synergy and WAAAAYYYY more agression on it. I swapped over to Yan Lo, but his style didn't really fit me either. The fact that my opponents keep using Ca-based masters also doesn't help the poor Lo as that is his only real weakness. After that I went for Lynch and never really looked back. The sheer amount of agression and threat that Lynch + Huggy bring is amazing. I coupled them with Yu and blew up a model first turn if it stood within 6" of the centerline. After some fun games with him, I went back to Yan Lo, but that just further proved howmuch I liked Lynch. Then I tried out Asami and had even more fun. The downside for my prefered master type seems to be that they are summoners and thus rather expensive to play. The moral of my story here? Don't try to force yourself on a master. Play what you really like to play and almost any master can be succesful. Focus more on having fun and experience what each master's strengths and weaknesses are. If you're looking for a Jack-of-all-trades master type, you can check out Asami. She also has a lot of answers to whatever situation arises.
  9. You have to declare which Faction you will be using and you can only hire from that Faction. Some masters do have a characteristic that let's them hire from outside of their faction: ex Lynch and his Darkened models. Not all darkened are Ten Thunders, but you can hire 4 Darkened from other factions in your crew for no extra cost.
  10. Just a question about this: Don't I get the 3" place after I declare which interact action and not before? (0) Corrupting Essence (Ca 5 / TN: 10): Lower this model's Flicker Condition by 1. Then, if this model is still in play, it may take a (1) Interact Action. Ephemeral Warriors: After the value of the Poison or Flicker Condition on this model is lowered, if this model is still in play, this model may be placed within 3", not in terrain, after completing the current Action. (If the Condition is ended or removed without lowering the value, this Ability does not come into play). This looks like I first have to remove + declare which interact to complete my 0 action. Do tell me if I'm wrong here, because it would be very interesting for me to know how these wordings should be read. My crew yesterday fielded both Bettari and Yasunori, but no Yu/Emissary. I have to say Bettari (and the Yokai) get some crazy mobility thanks to Asami. I had 4 soulstones that game, but I feel like I really need more than that to keep up my sommoning engine with Asami. Bettari with Eat Your Fill can be disgustingly good though. Get nearly killed, Asami summons a Yokai behind LoS-blocking terrain and you place Bettari completely safe. Next round you can go HAM, kill something and get Bettari back to full. I was kind of skeptical about the Terracotta/Kamaitachi, but that combo was so good. It kept Asami constantly on full health with free push AND a card draw. Something I did notice is that my Yokai never survived 2 turns. I summoned them and they usually died thesame turn as I threw them onto my enemy and burned at least 1 Flicker. End of turn I lost the second Flicker which then sacrificed it. Free scheme marker though My MVP upgrade was either A Taste For Flesh on Bettari or The Fate Of Mortals on Asami. I drew 3 cards from AFOM, which thinned the bad ones from my deck. Bettari survived and went crazy thanks to ATFF. My worst upgrade was Grasping Strands because I only managed to use the charge portion once and never the Reaching Tendrils thing. At least I was able to swap between upgrades a bit. My takeaway from my last game: more soulstones. Getting 7 might not even be overkill on her.
  11. Thanks for this. I already forgot summoned models can't interact first turn. This is my first "real" summoner I'm playing, so I'm going to have to reread some rules now. Your upgrade swapping is so much better than what I had in mind with switching to Recalled training all the time. It really shows how great the differences in mindset between masters are. I'll definitely take a look at Fate of Mortals as it seems like a really nice suggestion here!
  12. Should have known this. It's really been too long since I last had something like this :s Thanks for the answers. I knew about the Obsidian, but I'm still a bit hesitant on using it right now. Any hints on what upgrades you're swapping with Kamaitachi + Terracotta? I'm guessing the Yokai 0 action let's him use the interact action whether or not he's engaged, but it would be great to get some confirmation on that.
  13. Going to be playing Asami tonight with Kamaitachi (of however you write that) and the Terracotta damage controllers. What upgrade do you usually swap between to get the Kamaitachi bonus? I'll be bringing Heavenly design, Grasping strands and Nefarious pact on Asami; My other models will have either Recalled or Equality on them (still deciding). With Yan Lo, it was fairly easy to decide. Just get a Chi upgrade and trololol swap to Recalled training every single turn. Since I'm bad at using the Soul Porter, the Kamaitachi was a pretty awesome upgrade for me. For Asami, it's a lot harder as I don't have a clue on what would be useful to swap out. I'm thinking about Grasping Strands, but I'm not completely sure about that. EDIT: Just realised Interference is our Strat. How does the Asami Flicker mechanic work with that? Do Flickered models go away before counting the models or do they stay for it? Currently looking for reliable ways of getting Corpse and Scrap markers as well. I'm guessing the Yokai's 0 action allows him to take the interact action even when engaged, right? So many ways of getting stuff done in this crew, it's insane. I'm used to playing Yan Lo and Lynch, but this crew just seems pretty crazy!
  14. Thanks for the clarification. I thought it worked like that, but I still prefer to get it cleared out before any arguements can start.
  15. I'm not certain what you mean with this. Do you mean that the Flicker sacrifice counts as kills for Reckoning? I'm only playing on the standard schemes and strats, so I prefer to actually know how the crews interact with them. Guess I won't go with the Bettari alpha strike then. I'll have to switch up my tactics a bit from my Lynch crew then. I'm going to miss blowing up a 10+ ss model turn 1