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  1. whodares

    Cheat to Win

    The "loser" of the duel cheats first. Usually this is the one with the lowest duel total. If he decides not to cheat, he lost his chance to cheat. In case of a tie, the defender cheats first with thesame as above. Deciding not to cheat forfeits your cheat for that flip and you can't get it back.
  2. Your "playtest" was useless and you were abusing it to draw faulty conclusions just so they wouldn't nerf your precious Nicodem. There are plenty of people that agree that the Kentauroi interaction with Nicodem is most certainly on the more powerside of the spectrum. A single nerf will never solve the problem, a series of smaller, more compact nerfs can tone Nicodem down. Plenty of people complain about Yasunori, which is why they upped his cost by 1 and Terracotta Warrior's cost also by 1. I rather feel that nerf was unnecessary, but I trust Wyrd in mlaking good decisions for the game. Ultimately this did not stop me from running them, but it did decrease overall power of all my crews. Something a mid-tier faction like Thunders didn't deserve, but oh well. I applaud you for trying something, but next time at least try and think before you come playing expert. Running tests just for the sake of proving an obvious and easily understandable point is not helping the discussion further.
  3. Because the experiment doesn't have any value. It's like I've been saying and as @santaclaws01 has said: you completely gutted him in a way anyone with a brain could see it coming. Should I ask for an experiment removing Shenlong's ability to change stances or can we clearly see this would be the dumbest thing to do as it would make Shenlong worst in faction? The nerfs you tried mostly had no realistic point of value, you combined 2 overnerfs with something that could possible be done and then make a point about the totality of your "experiment". If you just used the card generation nerf, I would gladly admit value to your experiment. As it stands right now, you completely gut him, YET still managed to get an even game. This mostly has to do with player skill instead of master ability.
  4. That's the entire point! Nobody in his right mind would even hit Nicodem with 2 of them, 1 Wd summoning and +1 cost, to begin with. It's like saying: let's see how good Dreamer is if we take away his healing aura and up his summoning cost by +1. Oh, he's bad, who could have guessed? DERPDERPDERP A ranged crew can work, but only if the table allows it. Either your positioning was bad or your table was nearly empty if he could always snipe away newly-summoned models. Take that same situation with just the card-generating nerf and you'll still see Nicodem outperforms due to his incredible summoning pool and Kentauroi for free repositioning. You then mention a low-scoring game which seems to be fine if your opponent is tied up always killing your summons. Can't scheme if your AP is being drained for attacks. Or are you saying Nicodem is balanced in having the cake and eating it too? Should a single master activation be able to deny an entire Turn for an opponent? I would personally like it if Wyrd took the slower nerfing approach and took away his Kentauroi summoning + Mindless Zombie card generation. Hiring Kentauroi is just fine, but being able to summon them as easy as he can right now is too much awesomeness and unbalanced. Mindless Zombies being moving corpse markers as they have always been is also fine and part of the identity of Ressers.
  5. I think you missed the part where I transitioned from the faulty experiment you tried to the general statements I made. You used 2 nerfs that will never happen for Nicodem in the 1 Wound summoning and the upping of summoning costs. You also seem to play on an open map without cover if your opponent can bring in that many sniper-type models. Granted that you disregards those 2 nerfs, do you think it is normal that a backline summoner should be able to threaten backline sniper models with a single summon (Kentauroi, Shikome)? On the first Turn? My comment about the lower cards summoning was also disregarding those 2 nerfs. Hell, even with the nerfs he now has to pay thesame cost cardwise as the other summoners. If your opponent doesn't have to attack any undead in Nicodem's bubble, I'd also say you're either doing something very right by tying up his models or something very wrong in giving him targets he shouldn't have. Your entire conclusion is based on a faulty premise and can be easily dismissed.
  6. whodares

    The Dreamer in GG18

    My experience so far with The Dreamer is that he's lost quite a bit of his influence ever since he got errata'd. This doesn't mean he's bad or unviable, just that he's not the strongest master in the faction anymore. I'm following @daniello_s here, I agree that he is still very versatile and can be used in pretty much any strat or scheme IF you have the upgrades and models to bring. His summoning pool is decent and holds answers to a lot of situations. He has decent support and his healing aura is still top notch, even when not played as summoner. His summoning is currently overshadowed by other masters such as Nicodem, but he's still the best at it in his own faction. If you don't want to summon, you can still use several other playstyles such as Shooting Dreamer and Melee Dreamer. I don't really have experience with Shooting Dreamer, so I will refrain from commenting on that one. Melee Dreamer on the other hand is something I've tried out. Unfortunately I don't have the models to make it work, but it does add an entirely new dimension to how he operates and what crew you bring. Melee Dreamer focusses more on swapping between Dreamer and Lord Chompy Bits in order to deal a decent amount of damage in a short timeframe. It also adds some more viability to his Emissary upgrade as barely anyone took that with him. Melee Dreamer can be very durable thanks to his defensive Trigger and can be allowed to fight in the frontline. Just don't keep him there too long and swap to Chompy, because Dreamer himself is obviously not a tank. Chompy can eat all the damage and you wouldn't care, because he's resummoned every Waking +4 anyways. Wounds don't stick on Chompy which is great. Overall I'd say Dreamer is a very balanced master right now. He's not the strongest in his faction, but he certainly is the most versatile. He doesn't really have bad scheme pools unless you limit yourself to only a single Limited upgrade. Doing that would deny his greatest strength though and is not recommended.
  7. I find it strange that nerfing his summoning would take away his prime advantage. Perhaps we've been focussing too much on just his summoning, but have you read what else he can do to support his crew? Rigor Mortis: Give an enemy slow or a friendly Undead fast. has 14" range and requires a 4 to get off for the fast. That's pretty strong, especially when his summoned models are not slowed, even immune to slow within his aura. Decay: Blast attack that heals friendly Undead and damages enemies. Built-in trigger to fully heal a friendly model hit by this action for the cost of a Corpse Marker. UPGRADE: Undead Crowning: to damage and Ca for all friendly Undead models within 8". I'd say he has plenty of stuff on his card and a decent upgrade to properly support his crew. Right now the fact is just that his summoning is so strong that nobody even seems to look at the rest of his card. I'm not certain why you had to use 4 corpse markers to summon a single Kentauroi with an 11, even coming in on 1 Wound and stone cost +1. You would need 2 markers for +2 Ca, 1 marker for the heal and possibly a stone in case your 11 isn't a crow. That still nets me only 3 markers instead of the 4 you've used. About your comment that he can only summon 1 model per Turn if you take away his crazy card engine: welcome to the club. You already get extra cards thanks to Phillip in comparison to other factions and they can seem to do just fine when it comes to summoning. You're also not forced to always summon 11+ card requirement models every single Turn. Nicodem has a huge summoning pool and answers to pretty much any situation. Need scheme markers, get Crooligans, etc.... As others have said here: you really went hard mode on yourself. Summoning on 1 Wound is not something Nicodem needs, that's Dreamer's downside. Upping the summoning cost is also not needed as it would make Hanged impossible to summon and I'd say they are (or were) a big part of his identity. Hitting his resource generation seems to be the most logical, followed by also taking away the ability to summon Kentauroi. Kentauroi don't pose a problem with Molly due to how she summons, but Nicodem clearly was not designed for this interaction. I trust Wyrd to take the correct actions in order to balance the field some more. Playtesters can miss things or underestimate the impact of certain changes. At least Wyrd acknowledges there are problems and takes action to fix them.
  8. whodares

    Third Floor Wars - Mr. Tannen

    Good read, but is there any reason why you didn't mention Asami or The Dreamer? Tannen's +2 to masks becomes very strong with them as they allow those masters to summon in easier. Yokai on 7 and Jorogumo on 11 for Asami works pretty well. Dreamer gets Lilitu on a 10, Lelu/stitched on 8 AND the ability to bring in a Teddy with 13 or RJ.
  9. I agree with most of your post, but I feel like this is a very short summary. My opinion is not that Nico is OP because he has some of the strongest card draw. It's that he has the crazy draw without any possible downside to it (among other things that have pushed him over the edge for me). Nicodem as a summoner needs cards and soulstones to function during his initial Turn 1 and 2 just like any other summoner. However, the recent releases have sped up this process and granted him a lot easier acces to whatever resource he requires, be it cards, soulstones or corpse markers. Other summoners are left completely in the dust. I get his concept, he's supposed to work like some sort of machine that is unstoppable once in motion. He used to have problems getting his engine going as it was reliant on corpse markers. Then he got My Little Helper and Asura Rotten which give him easy access to 4 corpse markers/zombies on Turn 1. This eliminated the corpse marker problem. The card problem is partially solved by My Little Helper, Phillip and his own aura. Other summoners might have problems with summoning as they don't have the cards, but Nicodem can get an easy 9 card hand WITHOUT summoning. It only gets better as he summons and this allows him to set up for other models or the next Turn. This is his engine already running straight on Turn 1 and all he needed was 3 models: Mortimer with MLH, Phillip and something to drop markers for Phillip. The soulstone cost for your crew is decently large for this, but it means your Turn 3 master is suddenly ready Turn 1. Imagine Yan Lo suddenly getting a model allowing him to get 2 free ascendant upgrades at the start of the game. Would that not be an auto-include and way too strong? Soulstones (to use in game) are only partially a problem. Most Nicodem players I've seen run 7 stones and they burn 0-3 on the first Turn. Afterwards they barely need any as their hand is ready to dominate afterwards. The most I've seen used was 5 and that was because he had really bad luck with his card draw. Before Wave 5, Nicodem needed those 7 stones, now he needs them a lot less. Then there is his summoning pool. As others have mentioned, just making it Undead minions opens him up to a very large pool of potential summons. I have no problem with a summoner having options, it's part of their power. Other masters can have strong support or crazy damage, so summoners should get flexibility. But Wave 5 opened a can of worms with Kentauroi. Nicodem went from LOL Turn 1 to WTF DID HE JUST ALPHA ME due to a single model. I've had the pleasure of playing against people who had amazing luck on Turn 1 and got 2 Kentauroi charging in my crew on Turn 1. I believe this should not be possible. My most-played summoners are Asami follwed by The Dreamer. Asami can also alpha an opponent with a summon, but she has to spend quite a lot of AP, cards and a Wound for that to happen. Nicodem can summon a Kentauroi, still have a stacked hand from all the card draw and he doesn't have any sort of penalty for doing this. The Dreamer works rather differently as he usually summons in Lilitu to lure something closer and then pound that thing with Stitched Togethers or his other crew members. The difference is that Dreamer needs a lot more investment than Nicodem who can just summon, fire and forget. The point I'm trying to make with these examples is that Nicodem was supposed to have his own sort of gimmick. Due to constant new Waves, he has managed to take the gimmick of all the other masters AND manages to eclipse them in those gimmicks. I believe that this is not a healthy situation for the game and especially for the Resser faction as they currently have barely any reason to take a master besides Nicodem. Well, except to play for fun or to make it a fair game for the opponent.
  10. Perhaps I've misunderstood you here, but aren't those just general conditions which can work for any crew? Flipping RJ with Lady Justice is going to give your opponent a FML moment more than flipping a RJ on a Nicodem summon. Strong combo's are for any crew and new strong combo's can only arrive if stuff changes or models get added to the game. Your initial point way back at the start of the thread was about the monetary investment of players. I'd argue that stays thesame either way. Masters are not radically changed in how they are supposed to work. Colette was the biggest change with the Prompt move, but I can understand she wasn't envisioned to be used that way. If overpowered or overshadowing models get hit with nerfs, you can still play them. Yasunori got hit with +1 stone, yet he's still very popular. Levi's Channel got changed, yet he's still decent. The money people put into the game has not been wasted, unless they are "that" player who only plays crews because they are ezwinbutton fotm. You should only buy a crew if it suits you (very broad). I mean, people played Yan Lo, Lucius when they were considered to be bottom-tier and still had succes with them. I have Yan Lo and I like playing him. Does that mean I threws money away because he was trash when I bought him or did I buy a master I enjoy playing and have fun with him? In general, nerfs are not going to change a master so radically that anyone enjoying the playstyle loses his money for that box. While still drawing a ton of cards
  11. whodares

    Azura Roten resident of rotten burg

    Thanks @Ludvig and @Adran TIL I've gotten it TO'd against me and explained like that, which is why I've been using thesame reasoning. Can't really blame the guy though, the wording itself was ambiguous enough to warrant a FAQ for it.
  12. I have no idea why you even thought I was from Poland. You are the one that brought up Poland to begin with! I'm also not in your linked topic -.- I'm from Belgium, which has a smaller meta than the big countries. Overhere it's less competitive than in the UK, USA, ... which just amplifies the problem even more. Proxying doesn't happen in my local club and Nicodem has been bonkers ever since Kentauroi have been released and our Resser players bought them. Currently all our tournaments for the past year have been won by either Nicodem or Sandeep. And this is just from single players running in a 10+ person small tourney. I don't understand your last point here. You agree you do not have the in-depth knowledge of the discussion, but then attack the person you are referring to in order to devalue his opinion? I'm fairly certain latin has a decent grasp on the game to comment on this, so I'm sure he understands what he is talking about.
  13. whodares

    Azura Roten resident of rotten burg

    Taking as a verb has many different meanings. Taking an action can also mean that action is yours. If I take your model, it's not yours anymore and I can certainly do as I please with it. We've been using that meaning of "to take something". Perhaps it is because English is not my native language, but I feel I have a pretty decent grasp on certain things that native speakers themselves might not even account for. Don't get me wrong, I can certainly follow the reason you are using here. this is why I wrote that it can go both ways and it would be great for non-English native speakers to reword the card as it can give rise to confusion right now.
  14. whodares

    Azura Roten resident of rotten burg

    Asura's text is the following: Friendly Undead models within 12" and LoS may take Ml Actions printed on this model's stat card, but they can only take one Action printed on this model's stat card per Activation and cannot declare Triggers. The way we've been playing it has been that the "one Action per Activation" works as a DISTINCT. Use all your AP, but you can only copy one (DISTINCT) Action. If you have 2 AP, you can use those 2 AP to take thesame Action twice. It can go both ways as the wording of "taking an Action" is too ambiguous to really resolve this. However I still think it works this way exactly due to the wording. Otherwise a better way to word it would be: Friendly Undead models within 12" and LoS may spend 1 AP once per Activation to take a Ml Action printed on this model's stat card and cannot declare triggers.
  15. whodares

    Azura Roten resident of rotten burg

    You seem to be mixing some thing up. A model uses his own AP when taking actions, except when obeyed, ... This means most models have 2 AP they can spend on whatever action is available to them. When they are using an attack from Asura Rotten via her Ability, they are still using their own AP. They can use Asura's attack as many times as they have AP. The important part to note is that they have to choose which attack they copy as Rottenburg only allows one Action (of Asura) to be copied for that activation.