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  1. whodares

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    They took it down from 12" to 8", so 4" range difference. That's quite a big deal. The thing that hurt the most, was that the damage can now be reduced by armor and the like. A damage track of 2/3/5 isn't steller at all and blasting for 3 damage is great, but lame when his models have armor +1 (or higher) and significantly reduce your damage output. Seeing as common complaint that our faction has almost no anti-reduction, giving us an attack that has it AND THEN taking away said reduction is just a huge slap in the face. Our faction is still gimped by armor and our min damage 2 on a lot of models just amplifies that problem. We finally had a master that could work around that and be taken reliably in armor matchups (hello Arcanists), but now those blasts will probably hit for 1-2 damage when you cheat in a severe card for damage. Else the damage track becomes 1 ... Meanwhile you have stuff like the Viks Whirlwinding everything to death ignoring almost every single defensive ability, Rasputina blasting away from almost the entire board length, etc... Yeah, it would have been great if we could actually have some decent damage on a master like the rest.
  2. whodares

    Holes in Ten Thunders

    From the top of my head: Reduction-ignoring damage as you already mentioned Bad damage tracks like 2/3/5 which makes our damage abysmal when you face a crew that abuses damage reduction Asami's Oni as you mentioned. Our summoner master has a whopping 5 models she can summon and you probably won't summon Akaname or Tengu either way No actual Rider model makes me sad. I don't see Yasunori as a Rider as he is fundamentally different from the other Riders. If Yasunori is a Rider, Kentauroi are also Riders and they can be summoned by the Ressers -.- For me a Rider works with the stacking mechanic and costs 10 stones, thesame as the other Riders. A real summoning Master is something we don't have. Asami is more a combat summoner and her summons disappear. When facing things like Dreamer or Ressers, you are in a race against the clock not to get overswarmed by their models that actually do stay on the board. I miss not being able to make long-term strategies with a summoning master. There are only a couple of masters in Ten Thunders that can actually be valuable even when countered. I'm looking at Lynch (partially), McCabe and Shenlong. Asami gets hardcountered by damage reduction, Yan Lo is countered by the fast nature of games right nown Misaki just got hit with the nerf-bat which went too far imo, ... Shenlong and McCabe can still beef up beaters or play the schemes without all too many problems, even when they do get countered. For Lynch it really depends on the type of schemes and crew the opponent has as i'l put him at tier 1.5 whereas Shenlong and McCabe are Tier 1 (when it comes to counterability) Wave 5 boosed the power level of the other factions by quite a margin. Guild got Jury (combine with austringers = 8 discards per turn guaranteed), Ressers got Kentauroi (summonable rider-like models are fine? I want to summon Yasunori too ...), ... Meanwhile I feel we did not get something likewise in return. Charm Warders are good against summoning masters, Crime Bosses help with point 1 but you need 2 of them for it to really shine - a 16 stone investment, Lotus Eaters feel more like a gimmick and is way too card-intensive to really shine, Statue is more like Izamu without the Ancestor keyword. All seem to be decent models, but I have major doubts on them boosting our faction the way the other factions got help.
  3. whodares

    Experienced Player, new to TT, Blog

    Shenlong is not my main master, but I can already see some things I'm not really liking 😛 Shenlong and his upgrades. I'm not really a fan of the yin/yang upgrade path he has going on. Yin requires you to stack poison on him to be effective and I've barely ever used the poison on him as he usually has better things he can do. yang can work if you play him agressively, but you really need to have a good sense of timing on when you can or can't go in. There are some dirty tricks here though, such as stacking both burning and poison and use High River Style with Yin to just ignore everything Yang also works well with High River Style as more offense is welcome with that card. However, if you're planning on going agressive with Shenlong I really advise getting Misdirection on him. You just won't believe how hard he can become to take down with High River Style and Misdirection in a cluster of enemy models. Sensei Yu: Please pick up his upgrade Promising Disciple. that upgrade turns Yu into Shenlong 0.75 as styles are given to Yu instead of being discarded. When you switch styles, you can decide to give it to Yu for free, which is great and allows him almost thesame flexibility as Shenlong. Yu also becomes semi-immune to condition damage and can keep focus between turns. When going Yu with Shenlong, ALWAYS pick Promising Disciple. It's just that good. Card draws and advantages. I see you speak of the card draw on Lotus Eater and Crime Boss, but that is almost fully dependant on your opponent as HE has to drop markers. They also don't stack if he drops a marker in an overlapping field, so why take a chance on it and instead go for certainty? I'm talking about bringing a Low River Monk instead of the Charm Warder. Since you're bringing the Emissary with Shenlong's upgrade, you can use the little trick with the LRM and generate 3 focus for a (0) action (if near Shenlong) and a 1 AP action to get 3 focus as LRM gets a free focus the first time he focusses. That means he still has 1 AP left to move/scheme/heal. The Emissary can use his Shenlong upgrade (0) action to take away the 3 focus and turn it into a 3 card draw. As you can guarantee this happening every Turn, that's pretty sweet. Any form of beater. Currently your crew lacks damage options imo. You have Shenlong, but he's no Misaki/Lynch. You have Crime Boss, but that's more a tanky bruiser than an actual damaging model. Emissary can do 1 big attack per Turn and that's it. I'm happy you're not picking up Yasunori as I've been running that thing WAY too much, but I've learned the hard way that having a moderate damage crew in general does not seem to work. I feel like your crew CAN work, but you'll have to play really well to get that done and Shenlong is already a rather difficult master to master (no pun intended) with all his Style changing. If you overextend Shenlong without the right Style on him, be prepared for him to drop really really fast. A small remark regarding your crew as is now: Yu has the LRM upgrade, but no LRM in your crew. That's actually not allowed as that upgrade can only be taken when you have a LRM in the crew. I could continue, but I don't want to push my playstyle on you. What I've written above is something I think a lot of people will agree on. I'll let it sink in and let me know if I helped you out. If something isn't clear or you'd like some further details, just ask
  4. whodares

    Henchman hardcore

    To elaborate on this as his opponent on why I think this is one of the best possible lists for this format: Killing Judge should not be possible A lot of hard-hitting ranged damage withing the 6" scoring zone Hard to Kill on both your heavy hitters A lot of damage Specifically the following: 1. A Recruiter with a 6 card hand to keep a single model alive should be able to keep that model alive. Since Judge can do all his damage from range if required, he can also stay back and out of range of your opponent. Even if your opponent can get Judge down to the HtK, he can still be buffed by the Effigy and heal a possible 4 wounds in a single activation. Not bad I'd say. Your opponent will be forced to use cards to land all his attacks, while you don't really care about that. They just can't kill Judge as long as you have even a single card in your hand for their final attack, which means they will have to hit with all their AP to burn through it to make Judge dead. If everyone has 2 AP, they will have to hit with 6 out of 8 attacks to burn through it. Chances are it just becomes impossible from round 3 onwards due to the amount of damage Guild outputs. 2. Since models have to be within 6" to score, they will most likely be within the range of your models to get hit. Effigy hands out slow thanks to Jury, which means your opponent is becoming more and more limited in that he's able to do. The classic "get close to the snipers" doesn't work here, as these models are just as proficient in close combat as they are in ranged combat. 3. Since both Judge and Jury are Marshalls they are protected by the Recruiter. I personally find Jury overtuned for all be brings in both utility as damage and expect him ot get hit with the nerf bat in the mid-year errata. As long as you have cards and they are within 4" of Recruiter, they will not die. Every attack eats up a card from the Guild player, but the retribution will be harsh and painful for you. 4. Guild doing what Guild does best: killing is the best denial. Guild benefits tremendously from having no need for scheming and just straight-up brawling. This list has the advantage of having an unkillable leader model that can output a huge amount of damage. That's how I experienced this list. My best list against this was my Ten Thunders list: Sensei Yu (Low River Style) Katanaka Sniper x2 Shadow Effigy Low River Style made Yu suprisingly durable and he also healed the Effigy from HtK twice, which ate up a decent chunk of AP. I first-turned focus shotted the effigy twice, which killed it and gave me activation advantage. Unfortunately the cards were not in my advantage and I flipped low cards on defense and focussed attacks for the rest of the game, while Joachim managed to get a high flip and killed a sniper before he could activate and re-activate. Had the sniper lived, I would have put 4 more attacks on Judge and he would not have had the cards required to keep him alive. This was more a greedy play by Joachim as he could have easily killed the snipers before Yu and he would not have had the possibility of his leader dying.
  5. whodares

    Hamelin and Transfusion

    I need more coffee I've checked up on the app and I agree with you. Moving a condition would involve a model losing a condition and another model gaining a condition. Unless a specific rule contradicts it, I'd say Hamelin can use Nihilism to decide whether or not to gain it.
  6. whodares

    Hamelin and Transfusion

    Yes, the damage is from an attack action and not a condition. The only way to not take this damage would be to not take the Poison condition at all. Do note as well that Hamelin is not immune to condition damage. His Nihilism only let's him not take conditions, but any damage suffered from those conditions (burning, poison, ...) still comes through once he accepts to let those conditions pass by his Nihilism.
  7. whodares

    Asami Wave 5: what to buy?

    I'll second your on the Oni and Jorogumo, mainly because of the new Wave 5 upgrade that gives her Flicker to play with. If you don't use the Wave 5 upgrades, you can probably skip these guys. My main pickups with Asami are Yasunori and Terracotta Warrior. I've actually been stepping away from the Kamaitachi as I'm starting to find a lot of value in her own totem as well. Next up will probably be the Emissary with her Oni upgrade. He makes it so much easier to score scheme marker related schemes due ot also dropping a marker on a sacrifice within 6". Not to mention he can also do the combo trick with his 0 and the protection of Terracotta Warrior to up Flicker +1. The trick works as follows: TW protects the summon you want to go +1 on. Use the Emissary 0 to +1 it and send the damage to the TW via the protection condition. Thanks to the wording, TW can place a card at the bottom of the deck to fully negate the damage. This can be clutch if you really need that Jorogumo to stay somewhere just a little bit longer. My niche pick has also been mentioned here: Mr. Tannen. That extra cost cheating aura does quite a lot of work in either draining card, changing opponents activation order or outright abandoning offence on certain of your models. I've had players not go after Asami due to her Df 7 and tannen closeby. Then ofcourse there is the obvious benefit of getting cheaper summons if you actually have the mask in hand.
  8. whodares

    Shenlong, duels, and Misdirection

    Question 1: the ability sais "immediately before determining succes". I've always played this as the last part in the duel sequence, so AFTER cards have been flipped. To add further confirmation to this, the steps according to the rulebook are as follows: Declare Soulstone Use Flip Fate Card and Add Stat Choose to Cheat Fate Declare one Trigger Determine Success I see "immediately before succes" as AFTER step 4, but BEFORE step 5, which means it's the absolute last thing to do before reaching a conclusion of the duel totals. Question 2: Misdirection is after you've already determined success/failure of an action. You can't use Burning Chi anymore.
  9. I've been getting myself into rules discussions lately and the thread title has been popping up more and more. I play Ten Thunders, which have their fair share of Hard to Kill models, while pretty much every crew has some sort of damage that cannot be reduced. My opponent usually claims it bypasses the Hard to Kill as the damage itself cannot be reduced. My claim is that Hard to Kill stands because it does not reduce damage. It sais my Wound amount may not be reduced below 1. My reasoning is that HtK has no effect on the damage dealt. It does not mention reducing damage, which means ALL damage passes though, but your model stays at 1 Wound. Which one is correct?
  10. whodares

    Lynch Tactica: The House always wins!

    Lynch works well against Titania, but it depends a lot on the list building. I now always bring Tannen and start with Cheating Bastard as it is just such a dirty combo. It provides a whole lot of protection for Tannen, which means your opponent will have to commit rather hard on taking him down. Lynch works well because all his damage is in 1 go and Titania doesn't have any protection against a single burst of damage. Do note on what upgrades your opponent is playing with, as they are vital in knowing his plan with Titania. Is he going the tanking route or the assassination route? On a side-note, I'm trying to finish the last parts of the Tactica, but I've been playing too much Lynch and became kind of burned out (no pun intended ... ok maybe a bit).
  11. Ordered mine in May, they got cancelled and refunded. Haven't seen any shop with them ever since Really sucks for my Dreamer crew as I ordered most of his crew at thesame time and this is the only thing I haven't found yet.
  12. Just to counter this for a minute, his ability specifies "During this model's activation", which means obey does allow you to go after activated targets. After all, it's not the Stalker's activation, but the obeyer's.
  13. whodares

    Yan Lo Tactica?

    I'll highlight this just to mention how important it is. Yan Lo's opening hand becomes more and more fixed the more models you add in the mix. The seishin summon requires a 6 The first hit on the wastrel requires at least cheatable damage. This means you need a low card to cheat down the wastrel in case of need OR a medium card to let Yan Lo hit if they both flip low. The first hit needs to be a severe, so an 11+ Toshiro's summon requires a suited 9, but I forgot which suit. He can stone for it, but it's still a 9+ you need If these conditions are not met, you can't even guarantee to do your 4 Chi combo. The construct worsens this as it does not get defensive, which makes cheatable damage harder to achieve. However there is some light at the end of the tunnel. That light is when you are not planning on bringing Toshiro. This opens up those soulstones for other models aka the new Obsidian Statue, the Emissary, ... Say you still want SOME Chi generation Turn 1, you can just bring the trap for 2 stones and combo off of it. This brings you to 3 Chi, which is still very nice and it only cost you 2 stones for the trap and a couple of Turn 1 cards. I'm personally not a fan of that tactic as it lowers your activation count in a faction that is already running rather elite. The Toshiro Ashigaru summon gives you a better model back, which makes it a net gain in terms of stones. The downside is that any alpha will hit you hard as it takes away your Chi generation or comeback mechanic on a master that really starts working from Turn 3 onwards.
  14. whodares

    Yan Lo Tactica?

    Adran is correct. If you let the Wastrel take 2 walk actions, he gets defensive stance. This makes it easier to win the duel. It also has the added benefit that you can get the max Charge range out of Yan Lo for the best value. Yan Lo wants to get up front and the Wastrel is just perfect for this. The last benefit has to do with crew building. I tend to bring Toshiro with the upgrade in a Yan Lo crew. He's an Ancestor (benefit with the new 4 Chi healing) and his upgrade allows him to summon Ashigaru/Komainu. Since the Wastrel has the keyword "Living" on it, it drops a corpse marker when it dies. The 4 Chi combo works like this: Activate Goryo and use him to summon a seishin Walk the Wastrel for defensive Activate Yan Lo and discard a card for +1 Chi (total 1 Chi) Seishin gets placed into base contact with Yan Lo and gets killed by a 1 AP attack for +1 Chi (total 2 Chi) Yan Lo charges the Wastrel, hitting a severe on he first attack for +1 Chi (total 3 Chi) Second attack of Yan Lo kills the Wastrel for +1 Chi (total 4 Chi) BONUS: Toshiro turns the corpse marker from the Wastrel in a half health Ashigaru BONUS: Charm Warder places the Disguised condition on Yan Lo A Wastrel allows you to charge him and get the combo off for 4 Chi. I'm not familiar with the Pathfinder trap, but I thought it died in a single hit, which means charging it would deny you the 4th Chi in comparison to a Wastrel. I'm also not sure whether or not it would drop a scrap marker which Toshiro can use for a Komainu. Again, I don't own the Trap, so I'm just working on muscle memory here from when I was building Yan Lo lists.
  15. whodares

    Yan Lo Tactica?

    I'm not THAT experienced with Yan Lo, but played a couple of games with him so far after wave 5. How I play him might also differ from the norm, so please don't take it as gospel. Yan lo has actually become a decent mid to lategame beater model, even moreso than he was before. His pattern is rather straightforward: gather Chi, get upgrades and demolish stuff starting from Turn 3 (in my case Turn 2). Lightning Dance allows you unprecedented movement shenannigins in the Thunders, which is also a big part of his identity. Yan Lo is a lot about proper positioning of models and can severely abuse mispositioning of the enemy. The reason for this is, as you may have guessed, Lightning Dance. Starting off at a mere ca5, this placement action rapidly gains power as Yan gains Chi, rising up to an impressive ca8 on 3 Chi or more. Missing this means your opponent was either Zoraida or flipped a red joker. Any other excuse will not be tolerated So I've mentioned Lightning Dance a couple of times already, but how are you supposed to use it? I prefer to run a triple threat setup, usually consisting of Yan Lo, Yasunori and another damaging model such as Emissary or the newly released Crime Bosses. Yasunori is usually in position thanks to his very good walk and charge range, but can he handled if he only has 1 small model per turn in range/engagement. Enter Lightning Dance! They try to tie up Yasunori, you just teleport models next to him and watch him go wild. This is the main use I get out of Lightning Dance and the use you'll probably be using the most. The second way of using Lightning Dance would be to deny things. They accused your model? Dance the engager away and activate unengaged to just remove the condition. They are trying to score Leave Your Mark? Lightning Dance the model into other things and tie it up. This is just the most basic ways to use Lightning Dance, but it should help you get started with the possibilities you have. That still leaves his beater options. Before wave 5, beater Yan Lo brought the Emissary, started with the Kharakka (or whatever it's spelled again) upgrade and rushed to get his 3 Chi Ascendant upgrade. This allowed him to get a better damage track and longer melee range, as his default attack only has 1", which works wonders with the 3 Chi upgrade. An 8" place attacking all models in range with to attack and damage is a lot more scary with a better damage track and longer range. Usually this style paired with using the Wastrel trick to get 3 Chi Turn 1 and use the chi of next Turn to get a defensive upgrade. Since the soulstone upgrade uses a Ml attack it is not affected by Chi, so feel free to spend it all. Then wave 5 happened, which changed his meta-game rather significantly. I'm venturing into theoryfaux a bit here, mixed with the experience I have from playing some games in Wave 5. Wave 5 gave Yan Lo 3 new upgrades: 2 normal ones and a 4 Chi casting Ascendant upgrade. Both normal upgrades provided a monumental change for him as they eased his Chi gain AND allowed for a more flexible playstyle regarding upgrade in the way Shenlong can swap Styles. First off is what I see as the best thing happening to Yan lo: the new Awakening upgrade (1 SS). It gives him Instinctual, which allows you to take 2 different 0 actions per turn with him. No longer do you have to choose between Ascendant upgrade OR spirit armor OR healing. You can now choose 2 of those, which means he actually has a 0 action he can use in the first few Turns. Added to that it allows Lightning Dance to be taken as a 0 action, which means a saved AP per Turn thanks to Instinctual. Since you were probably already using Lightning Dance once per Turn, this is great! To finish the upgrade, Lightning Dance gained a trigger that deals damage and slow if Yan Lo ends Lightning Dance in base contact with the target. This upgrade basicly gives Yan Lo an extra AP in the form of an Instictual Lightning Dance that can now end up dealing damage and giving slow. Not bad at all i'd say. The second upgrade is called Follow Their Footsteps and is the gamechanger when it comes to Chi generation and Ascendant upgrade flexibility. It gives you 1 Chi whenever the opponent scores any amount of VP, which is great. Starting from Turn 2 you'll probably be getting a "free" Chi per Turn. the second effect allows you to discard an Ascendant upgrade to gain back the Chi spent in it and you MAY choose to pay the Chi price for a different Ascendant upgrade. Say you want that 2 Chi upgrade, but only have 1 Chi. Next turn you drop a card for +1 Chi and then drop the 1 Chi upgrade to get the 2 Chi upgrade. Or you need survivability, so you ditch the 3 or 4 Chi upgrade, get the 2 Chi upgrade and then use a 0 for the 1 Chi upgrade, suddenly becoming suprisingly difficult to take down thanks to Incorporeal and Impossible to Wound. The last new upgrade is the new 4 Chi Ascendant upgrade called Blood Ascendant. This gives you casting expert, so probably another free Lightning Dance per Turn and a new 2" melee range Ca attack with a much better damage track than your default attack. This is also huge, as you can now get a Ca8 2" range attack that works together with your 3 Chi upgrade. I've managed to pull off the combo a couple of times in which I can hit 2-4 models with to attack and damage on Ca8 and those attacks hurt like hell on a 3/4/5 damage track. It allows Yan Lo a way to get rid of chaff and plow through certain summoners with easy. Killing an enemy with the attack also lets every friendly Ancestor in play heals 1 damage which is just icing on the cake. This all sounds great, why isn't everyone playing Yan Lo? Lategame Yan Lo is extremely powerful and can plow through crews on his own. The downside is that you actually have to reach lategame AND score VP at thesame time. I'm using a trick with the Wastrel and a Goryo to reach 4 Chi on Turn 1, to then reach 3 Chi on Turn 2 rather easily and even get an attack in on Turn 2. A Major downside is that this strategy requires a specific hand setup (4/6 cards in your hand need to match certain criteria) and it is extremely vulnerable to an Alpha Strike. Incorporeal is also becoming less and less of a reliable defensive mechanism due to the increase of "damage that cannot be reduced" and a rise in the amount of Ca actions. This leaves Yan Lo mostly with only Impossible to Wound, which is not enough for a master that wants to go in deep. His base stats of 5 def and wp also leave a lot to be desired as the average attack value has been steadily rising and almost all models have a stat 5 attack. This is just a quick overview of Yan Lo and how he was impacted by Wave 5 without going into specifics about possible interactions with his own crew. There are different threads which have already discussed that. I hope this can get you started and you have fun playing Yan the Man!