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  1. Can't make this one because of work commitments but for sure in the future ??
  2. Carter

    [AUSTRIA] 50SS Malifaux Tournaments till Summer

    Guys can you update these as I have booked them all off and had planned to come down on the 22nd and have just seen on the siren Facebook page it's now the week after ?!?
  3. Carter

    [AUSTRIA] 50SS Malifaux Tournament

    Hi buddy sorry! Work commitments meant I couldn't get down, i will be there tomorrow but unable to play also, hope you could get a game? carter
  4. Carter

    [AUSTRIA] 50SS Malifaux Tournament

    That sounds great, although destroyed is a strong word to use on account that you were giving me the key advice on how to play and against your crew ☝? Thanks again for your help with my first game it was much appreciated!!! see you on the 17th!
  5. Carter

    [AUSTRIA] 50SS Malifaux Tournament

    Can't wait to come down again! Will anybody be around on the friday for some warm up games?
  6. Carter

    Pretty Dangerous

    This is by far my favourite really well done!!!
  7. Carter

    Gremlins, Bayou and Booze!

    Been back all through the thread and it all looks great and love that church you've made!!! Can't wait to see more.
  8. Carter

    Easter Sale!

    Me and buddy combined to create a mega order to save on shipping, totally didn't need any of the stuff but wanted it all so very badily I opted out of all the new releases and stuck to pre-orders so my local hobby store can still get its pound of flesh. Can't wait for the gencon sale already!! Time to start saving again!!
  9. Carter

    March 14 - Thrace

    I strongly agree with this, maybe fan made selection of short stories?
  10. Carter

    grave/ tomb stones

    http://elementgames.co.uk/games-workshop/warhammer-fantasy/tomb-kings/grave-stones-rendera I got mine from here.
  11. Carter

    Bengt's painting

    Very cleverly done with the Coryphyee basing and the bases look superb as well. I love the striking colours you used in the smoke and mirrors set, It's not helping me to hold off on buying that set
  12. Carter

    Painters Challenge 2016 - MARCH

    These are totally awesome!! Love all the neverborn you've got done. With an eye on the iron painter being pretty in pink this round, What colours/paints did you use for the widow weaver?
  13. Carter

    March 14 - Thrace

    Amazing! that's the base model for a lilith proxy right there getting used. Cannot wait to see more! Keep up the great work.
  14. Carter

    Omni's Friday Gallery

    Wowser these look great!! Dead doxies shading is amazing, already looking forward to next Friday's update.
  15. Carter

    Best Places to Buy?

    Always the local game store, you might save a bit of money online but supporting your local guys will help maintain the community in your area, Wyrd also offer special bonuses for using your local Game stores. This month a free model in each box of marked black blood shamans.