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  1. Stuffed Piglet makes our internal balance Worse

    I'm somewhere around 584th in the UK rankings and I feel like 3SS for a small random pork grenade is a little steep. My nine stuffed models will be joining my six rooster models and my one Lenny model in the spare carry-case of shame. And all sixteen of them are now fated to forever remain half-painted, which is the saddest thing of all.
  2. How the hell do you stop Zipp with Ressers?!

    Zipp is built for movement mischief and is relatively less destructive than some other Gremlin Masters. That crew in general is relatively peaceful for Grems, Fingers, Merris, Earl can cause you no harm, Skeeters and First Mate can do a bit, Ronin has a decent sword which she'll stick in herself after a couple of pops and Zipp's pianos were probably the biggest pain threat. Only Zipp or Fingers can really hold out under extended pressure. Sounds like a bunch of fast-moving scheme-running pilferers who were intent on stealing other people's heads rather than nobley creating their own. Pianos don't ignore cover and they randomize - so get Reva in the middle of the action and murder everything with glorious charges, Beyond Death Upgrade (instead of Guises) would help to keep up with the movement and murder a runner or get to Zipp who's trying as thatlatinspeakingguy mentioned to Undercover Entourage - every time it's in the pool. That only really leaves Zipp with Up We Go to mess with her, which is Ml3 vs Ht and Reva is Ht3 so she can likely stand up to it/he won't even try Carrion (Conflux), Anna (Rush of Magic) and Philip & the Nanny (Lost Knowledge) all help with improving your cards, Philip would give Fingers a run for his dirty money in HH with both Chatty and can also flip enemy scheme markers into corpse markers. Get those good cards in and most of that crew goes down easy, as long as you can catch them (Belle). Anna's Vortex also could potentially deny heads or add to your own movement tricks Valedictorian might make a good Zipp or First Mate hunter, flight, shuts down triggers, add Decaying Aura for stopping Soulstone protection Carrion wall and Zombie could shut down Fingers escape routes and he couldn't even kill the Zombie. I tied up an Arcane Emissary for almost an entire game with a wall and a Zombie, Joss had to lumber over to help the dumb bull out Turn 4 Earl is there mostly to add Masks to Zipp and make him uber-manoeuvrable with free walks after attacks, so pressurize Zipp early turn so that he has to activate first and doesn't get Earl's assistance. Still keep an eye on Earl (ie murder him) because he's a Minion so will be dropped off somewhere to drop some schemes. Pressure the cards/stones because they'll create tough choices, Earl needs Masks for Zipp, Fingers needs Masks/Stones for squeal, Merris drops a card to drop a bomb, Skeeters want Tomes to give Fast, Skeeters and Zipp want to avoid certain triggers, First Mate's plans often assume the availability of Leap which he will need to cheat in sometimes
  3. Scheme Markers and Interacts

    Is placing a Scheme Marker automatically an interact action? So if an enemy model has an attack action that also places a Scheme Marker on a trigger, is this negated by Chatty on my model? Thanks!
  4. Collection Advice

    Thunder Archers with Misaki cause my poor little gremlins a lot of pain in their arrows
  5. how would you rate our masters?

    F Tier (where F=Fun or in this case F=Folomo, if you will) - Zipp, Zoraida, Somer, Wong, Ophelia, Ulix, Mah, Brewmaster All of these are F Tier For all the other less than F Tiers, see Forum listings under Resurrectionists, Ten Thunders, Outcasts, Guild, Arcanists and Neverborn, in that order (Neverborn I give no Fs for)
  6. The most important Burt Jebsen Thread ever

    Try asking Burt if it's a wig and see what happens ...
  7. Pins and dolls

    The most fun I've had in this game is Voodoo Doll related. The meanest fun I've had involved Zoraida + McTavish + Waldgeist Oh and then there was Zoraida + Nurse + Frank + Anna Lovelace... And then there's chickens
  8. Pins and dolls

    Yes this works a treat It just so happened that the opponent Black Jokered and I cheated in a Red Joker (this isn't necessary to be effective but was just a hilarious situation) and I expunged something like +14 Poison, which did the trick . There's something inelegantly elegant about a Trixiebelle/Performer double team
  9. Time to kick porks and chug moonshine, and I'm all out of moonshine

    Did you endless Somer or go Wong? Lots of blasting off the Stuffeds, is there a way to avoid randomising to ensure hitting the Stuffed?
  10. Zipp - rather good fun

    Ah well they're 31 points-worth that can hopefully go on to do bigger and better things.. Taking out 2x scheme runners or 1x large enforcer or horseman gotta be a good start for the greens Then perhaps Rami becomes a schemer or gets another shot or two in, roll up Pork and Sparks for turn 2&3 Robot Frank and Trixie/Robot Frank and Burt, Earl hangs around to give suits and yoyo the Porkchop. That crew should hold a Stash or Extraction strat and the opponents scheme runners are no longer running schemes.. To Fast him, plus the element of repositioning sniper surprise if I'm deploying first. Otherwise can bubble deploy and Fast from Sparks, Skeeter uses his AP elsewhere (perhaps even to redeploy Rami end of Turn 1 to pick up a new sniper lane)
  11. Zipp - rather good fun

    Robot dreams: Night 4 Rami + DC Deploy Zipp Earl Porkchop Sparks somewhere snipery. Deploy Rami Iron Skeeter somewhere else. Skeeter repositions Rami to the snipery bit and Fasts Porkchop Scraps Sparks Robotizes Rami Earl Rams Rami Rami Reckless gets 2x Focused shots with Dumb Luck, the plan being to hit 2xModerate for 2x6 dmg. Need to Dirty Cheat both of them if you're keen on Rami seeing Turn 2. Needs a Ram, a 6+Tomes and a 5+Tomes (for ) and maybe 2 high-moderate cards, probably needs a stone for cards and maybe a Do Over. And 31pts of models. For 2x long range sweet T1 kills. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 'If dreams were cheap, they would not be dreams' -Greenfucius
  12. Zipp - rather good fun

    I'm also thinking a turn of crows, Francois and Trixie, fast, reckless, companion. Zipp grabs a couple targets and drops within 10. Robot Frank gets a bunch of Loose Trigger until everything in range is dead. Robot Trixie pushes away everything else within 18 and Slows them all..
  13. Zipp - rather good fun

    Construct Dreams, Night 3: Sparks Metal Platin' Trigger: Overtime: Once per Turn, after succeeding, this model may take a second (0) Action this Turn. Is there anything anywhere that says it can't be the same (0) action? Because it doesn't say it on the card, and I think it specifies it on others. (Given 2 scrap markers) Can Sparks make 2 Constructs per turn?
  14. Zipp - rather good fun

    I'm dreaming about robot construct gremlins in tandem with Lazarus. My latest imagining is a Fast and Recklessed and Focused construct Francois companioning off of Laz (or Zipp bringing in two or three targets with Up We Go that have also been pounce slapped by First Mate) with Crows and plus flips from Earl and hitting his Loose Trigger Trigger 8 times in a row, using all my cards and DCs to wipe out all the baddies in one go
  15. Zipp - rather good fun

    McTavish + Lazarus + Earl + Sparks + Porkchop + Skeeter Potential 3 AP for McT, Laz copies Robot McT's gun for a freebie, plus 3 carpet bombs of his own, 7 shots with 3 on and on all of them from Earl, with heals, Skeeter Fasts Sparks, Sparks Fasts McT or Laz Stuff gonna be dead yo Zipp considered himself the only one of his brave crew mates to be blessed with the chat to get the fabled 'Scout of the Swamp' onboard. The ship hovered as he spun off with a cheeky backflip, but not before a wink to the Taxidermist, standing with one eye cast on the Captain, the other eye seemingly devoid of purpose but yet still managing to pull off an air of both wisdom, and bemusement. 'Fry me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast..' sputtered Zipp, a plume of foul smoke and a distant boisterous cackle was all that was left on deck. The Taxidermist was left wondering why the leader of the ship had requested a nipper for breakfast, but headed off to see if he could find something small and pink for the pan. Zipp bounced, rocketed, hopped and twisted amongst the nest of gators that greeted his arrival. McTavish half looked up from the pelt he was working on the porch table, raising his blade more perceptibly than his eyes. Zipp changed trajectory, whilst unclipping a long roll of cloth from his pack. 'Thet's not a knoife' said Zipp, 'thet's a knoife!', flicking out the cloth with a flourish to reveal his recent and substantial prize, a gleaming Masamune. Now the calm and rugged hunter gave close to his full attention. 'What do you want, gnat', with more than a hint of menace in his whisper. 'I know where the treasure is' replied Zipp, '...and you look like a man who likes a good booty...' There was an unusual pause in Zipp's yammer while he waited nervously for a response. None came. 'And there's more where this came from, but just one little problem....' McTavish looked at the pelt and paused. That's enough scrapin' for one day he thought to himself, standing up and fixing his hat. 'Let me go get my alligator'. And Sparks won Lazarus off some Rail Workers at poker.