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  1. Still wouldn't be enough. Compare them to their closest match; the Austringer. They cost 6 SS, can ignore LoS AND cover, can up their range to 18, have some nifty triggers including critical strike, have Sh 7, a couple of nice other actions that make them more versatile, don't need to waste an upgrade slot and 1 extra SS, AND have more Df and Wds. Now admittedly, Austringers are amazing, but it really highlights all of the flaws the Archers have - too expensive, too one-note, too limited, too weak... It would take a buff along the lines of their entire damage track being upped by 1 for me to reconsider them at this point if we want to up their game without completely reworking their card. Edit; Forgot that little Errata. It's really telling how little that changes though.
  2. Doesn't make it a good game mechanic though.
  3. I honestly feel both Jokers were a mistake. At least the can/must Always Pick status of them. There's a fair amount of chance already in the game but most of the time you can calculate that into your strategies. The jokers are just too uncontrollable/accountable an element of chance.
  4. I would never do the Kamaitachi. As nice as the push and heal are, do they really compare to two activations for 2 SS? Also free focus or w/e.
  5. Oh. Yeah. Don't Do That Brother. Leave the High and Fermented monks behind and never look back, one LRM is plenty and Wandering can be a nice pick but again, I wouldn't exceed one and he's a fair bit more niche than the LRM.
  6. Shen + 2 SS Upgrade and maybe Misdirection Peasant - 2 SS And it's pretty much at this stage that I already have to start making decisions. I find leaving Yu out to be a bit of a waste, but the Shadow Emissary+LRM is so good as well. Leaving out Yu makes me miss the fast Shen and him allowing me to use Shen as a fighting piece too, or lets me use Yu as a dedicated healer. 3 cards a turn though... I have tried both with some decent success but it does make me miss having a nice amount of actual beaters. Shen, Peasant, Yu, Izamu, Lone Swordsman, Sniper, TTB - has given me some great results and leaves you with 8 units and 9 SS to buy upgrades and cache with. And those beaters are largely swappable like Kang vs Ressers etc. Though I used this mostly before the Emi it didn't suddenly stop working. It's got a bit of everything, and is quite good at it, too. I would say try to fit a Sniper in there whenever you can. Even just one with the two free focus can wreak havoc on enemy crews and positioning turn 1-2. TTB are as great a model as ever. LRM are actually not that needed here unless you take the Emissary. But even just using ^ while swapping Yu for the Emissary, you'd need to swap out Izamu for a 8ish SS beater and do with 1 cache less. And I like the 'Zamu. It stays alive 'n stuff. What list were you taking and what were the schemes?
  7. Wouldn't you rather Ama be your leader and Bette be your hire? She's ever so slightly more durable and allows you to get another recalled training.
  8. If you're absolutely set on Chi farming I'd just stick to the Clockwork Traps. One severe, one kill, 2 chi for 2 SS. Though honestly I'd rather keep my SS for more important things.
  9. The Lone Swordsman is great with Lynch and the Samurai certainly help Lynch doing his thing. The Dawn Serpent and Obsidian Oni really don't play with him at all though, unless you consider the fact that he'll always have a high control hand which naturally helps big beaters. As for Yu or the Emissary; always go Yu. Yu's ability to reposition every model, not just friendly nonleader upgradecarriers, means that Lynch's threat range of his nuking actions suddenly got so much bigger while repositioning enemies can make or break a game too (which, with Lynch's hands, tend to be rather doable (also from time to time I need to reposition an Illuminated or two for maximum carnage)). And if your hand does turn out to be terrible but you don't quite want to activate Lynch yet, Yu can easily copy it and do it himself. Swapping out 6 cards and being able to give Lynch fast and constantly push him in and out of danger really make Lynch one of the no contest masters for me regarding Yu or the Emissary. Perhaps if the Emissary had a to damage but alas.
  10. Don't do Samurai. They're just not that great for their cost and generally just too niche to start with. Graves is great though. And if it's range you're looking for, you'll be better off with snipers 9 times out of 10.
  11. Don't get the Beckoners, Tannen or the Archers. At least to start with. Generally speaking, Sensei Yu is absolutely amazing with both masters, but seeing as that'd require another box... Misaki wants a crew that can help out itself, Lynch wants a few beaters (Ototo works quite well with him actually) and some mobility. The TTB are of course great, Yin is also an amazing fit that beefs up both crews a bit, a Low River Monk with their upgrade goes well in any list, the Shadow Effigy gives a sturdy and cheap activation and then get some Snipers to top it off with some range.
  12. Shadow Emissary+Porkchop make for free scrap, Toshiro turns two of those into Komainu t1, and any 9~11ish after that are gonna be more Komainu leaving you with 9-10ish activations turn 1. Mei generally sticks to venting (at least against the crews I tend to take her with), with the occasional scalding breath setting a group of enemies trying to close in in reponse to the venting to a -1 or 2 Df with the Emissary. Admittedly Mei turns more into a floater support type who does some odd jobs around the center but it tends to yield some decent results. And if it turns out they don't care much for casting she can just deploy herself aggressively along with the hordes you should be summoning on ' and 's. ps; be sure to stock up on soul stones
  13. I actually agree with you a bit. Granted, I wouldn't have taken that list but still... Asami is very card intensive, and I honestly feel like you get little for that in return. Your bread 'n butter Yokai and Jorogumi are Ml 5, which may get all the 's in the world but doesn't count for shit if you need to get in a hit (On top of that, Joro are summoned at a 13, meaning your Ml 5 can't be counted on to become an 18 - I've used them more as smoke markers on steroids than anything). So you're left with the Obsidian Oni, who are decent enough, but will also do little more than a poke that can get healed up and don't quite carry any threat. Bettari, too, is very card intensive and in my opinion doesn't really go with Asami because of it. And then we have her buffs, which are honestly "Fine" at best. And still incredibly card intensive. She's simply inconsistent, and that's the last thing you're looking for in a game like this. I haven't lost with her yet but I've also felt that in each of those games I would've been much better off with a different master. She can do plenty of things, but each of those things are done better by others, and even at being a Jack of all Trades Shen and McCabe leave her trailing. She just lacks anything that would make me go "Asami will be best for this". Maybe it's because I'm comparing her to other summoners/buffers, maybe it's because I'm comparing her to the other wave 4 masters, but she's always struck me as underwhelming and so far none of the experiences with her have changed that for me.
  14. I'd say Ototo works quite well with Shenlong, and unless you're up against Ressers I feel Shen doesn't really need Kang. The focus plus the critical strikes really hit home here. For scheming I'd say the TTB far outclass the Tengu. Only take them if you know you're gonna have to be removing a lot of markers, and even then be sure to bring a TTB to protect your own. I get the desire to try new things but the best fits you've already tried. The Shadow Effigy is great for being a cheap and sturdy activation, but other than that I wouldn't quite know where to go with these.
  15. What way did you play the 3 player games? I've always found A does schemes against B does schemes against C does schemes against A a perfect set-up for three people. What did you feel was lacking in them?