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  1. Schemes & Stones - Wave 5 Ten Thunders Upgrades

    Yeah, this podcast's had enough things in it I know to be wrong that I'm wary to take any moves that make me go "that's nifty" as legal.
  2. Yan Lo, Two-point-O?

    Just because you get Blood Ascendant doesn't mean you need to use Glowy Mouth. The most important thing is getting Casting Expert, with which you should easily be able to get +1 chi (even if you have to pop your own units in the face), and beyond that you can just aggressively pursue weaker units to get kills in. End of his second activation I've never ended below 2 Chi, which in turn lets me incorporeal the heck out of Yan and will be enough to get that snowball rolling without any effort. You can always say that you don't swap it in when Yan starts and you just activate Yan with 4 Chi or 3+Impossible to Wound, after which you use a 0 to go for Blood when you're done activating, but you'd sacrifice a near guaranteed incorporeal and 1 AP. But yeah, it's really enough that it doesn't need a Goryo and its Seishin, and with Disguised Yan being an option I'd gladly forgo that if it gave me 2 more activations turn 1 (Ashigaru and whatever other model would have to go for Goryo to fit).
  3. Yan Lo, Two-point-O?

    And with that the Warder is back in. 5 SS is a lot but if you're getting a Disguised master back for it on top of that it seems like a decent trade. I always assumed it was until it left play. I wonder if they forgot or just ran out of card space and hoped it'd be fine. Since they give themselves a to Df and Wp they essentially have the Wastrel's free defensive letting you pick the lowest of two, and at that point Yan needs one severe and can auto-win the next duel. So that's a discard, a card to enable cheating, a 13+, a 9+ and a 7+. Not sure if I'd do both this and the Goryo though. Space is tight and with this you're already back at 8 activations and 4 Chi when you start your next activation. That's plenty, really. Not sure what I'd cut to bring both this and a Goryo. Both the LRM and whatever the 4 SS cutting the Wastrel leaves? I like the LRM though. Really not seeing the Kamaitachi though. It's 1 SS more, loses freely pushing Toshi/Yan/Emi, can't hand out Chi to non ancestors (or at all, I suppose), isn't Ca6 3 at 2/3/4 near the Statue... Also, and this may just be my meta, but I'm hesitant to give up condition protection.
  4. Yan Lo, Two-point-O?

    @Mutter, the issue with the TWs is that if Yan has 4 or more upgrades (which he realistically will fast) he can't swap out an upgrade for another one - the TW's upgrade swap binds you by the hiring restrictions for upgrades. That's the biggest issue with Reliquary; it's amazing to have as insurance but you can't swap it in late game unless you give up both starting upgrades and Ascendant upgrades. @whodares; I suppose it's theoretically possible to get the upgrade Turn 1, but if you get that upgrade with one of your actions you won't be getting the extra AP until Yan's next activation, so that's a whole lot of high cards for +1 Chi. Since at the start of your next activation you're discarding a card for a Chi already and can attach an upgrade for free it seems far more work than you're getting rewarded for. And if you absolutely must you can always pop a Soul Porter.
  5. Yan Lo, Two-point-O?

    Yeah. You can discard an Ascendant upgrade to gain it's cost in Chi. Then you can lower your Chi by any amount to attach a similarly costed Ascendant upgrade. So you can just flip Ash over and over if you've got nothing else to spend it on.
  6. Yan Lo, Two-point-O?

    You definitely need Follow Their Footsteps if you're going for Blood Ascendant. It's using your leftover Chi at the end of your activation to gain some defenses, followed by immediately getting it back once you activate Yan again so you can cast harder. But I'd also argue you need to actively go for Blood Ascendant for Follow Their Footsteps to be worth it. Without chasing Blood Ascendant you really just need 6 Chi, which you tend to fall into rather smoothly around turn 3 anyways and after that the odd spare Chi could turn into Armor, sit there fermenting or might get you to venture into Blood or Bone. And at that point you've wasted a few turns of Casting Expert which could've gone a long way. And @Myyrä, I don't think you can run Yan with only one upgrade. It'd take a lot more Chi, leave him defenseless and a to a damage track 2/3/4 or 3/4/5 is hardly that big a deal that you'd completely want to repurpose him. He'd be much better served with more Lightning Jumps and another 0, resurrecting Ancestors or even Misdirecting. And once you have your second upgrade, you might as well get your third.
  7. Yan Lo tactica!

    An activation goes; 1. Resolve “Activation" Effects 2. Generate AP 3. Take Actions 4. End Activation So when he's resolving all the activation effects in whatever order he likes, such as gaining Chi and swapping in upgrades with Follow Their Footsteps, he's doing that before generating the AP for that round. This also means that you don't gain Casting Expert if you've switched out the Blood Ascendant.
  8. Yan Lo, Two-point-O?

    You can't use the Terracotta Warrior with Yan - when you get to a fourth upgrade you won't be able to swap in anything due to hiring restrictions. And I was toying with the idea of Yin until I settled on Toshiro. The to Wp would ease up on the hand a bit when Yan goes in at low Chi, but she's kinda slow and completely reliant on others and doesn't quite get you the advantage Toshiro gets. Though if you're swapping out the Wastrel I guess the Oni and kills alone are an unreliable source of material. Still, the defenses Toshi brings to the Oni by just existing are huge. Also don't forget to Hidden Agenda your Yin if the Emissary is in play. A Goryo could be nifty though. Could swap the Wastrel for a Clockwork Trap and bump the Warrior/Warder to one. Toshiro can push/fast it around the board, it poops Seishin to make up for the loss in activations, 6 Wk/Inco provides a lot of maneuverability without needing any set up. You'd lose a 3/4/5 Warder but a more standalone model would probably provide a lot of benefit. Maybe leave a little Seishin trail so Yan can kick stuff away from the center if the need ever arises. Gonna give that a go next time.
  9. Yan Lo, Two-point-O?

    So I've taken the plunge and had a go at an all-in build of Yan trying to use all of his upgrades. I think I've succeeded? The largest obstacle of this build was building around the Blood Ascendant upgrade, being as expensive as it is. Now let me preface this. I am not a fan of the sacrificial Wastrel. And I'm thinking of swapping it for a Clockwork Trap and extra SS. Might be a bit more straining on my hand and cost me an Ashigaru, but 4 SS for 2 Chi is still a lot. But if we're playing Blood Ascendant, we're going all in. Yan Lo [4 SS] >Follow Their Footsteps [1] >Awakening [1] >Misdirection [2] Soul Porter [3] Shadow Emissary [10] >Ancestral Conflux [0] Toshiro [9] >Command the Graves [1] >The Peaceful Waters [0] Obsidian Statue [9] >Smoke Grenades [1] Charm Warder [5] Monk of Low River [4] Wastrel [4] So this list is very bubble-y and revolves around the Obsidian Statue. Yan and the Emissary get their damage from it, the Charm Warder protects it, Yan and the LRM heal it, Toshiro exists mainly to deter attacks towards it. All in all, a bit of a gamble, though if it does get killed you'll be up some 4 Komainu. So with the Statue's main job being "stand somewhere annoying", this brings us to Yan Lo. Playing the Blood Ascendant, t1 has to be the rather basic Discard>Charge Wastrel and use his Defensive for a bigger chance of him getting low cards letting you cheat in one severe and kill him on the second attack. Bringing you to 3 Chi at 2 AP, use one of your 0's to gain the Spirit Ascendant and give the Emissary fast. After that you do whatever and try to turn your wastrel into an Ashigaru. The next turn you're starting with discarding a card for +1 chi and your last upgrade. Now you use Follow Their Footsteps to turn that 4 chi into the Blood Ascendant and the fun can begin. Well, almost. You're back at 0 Chi again and your Glowy Mouth won't be changing that unless there's something weak and dainty near. But you're at Casting Expert with two 0's so at 12 you should be able to get in at least one Chi. You need that 1+ Chi, because that's the only thing keeping you alive. From this point on, your last 0 actions will be taking a defensive upgrade and at the start of every turn you'll use the Footsteps upgrade to churn that upgrade into Chi again for your next couple of attacks, after which it turns to an upgrade again. Your main attack will still be Lightning Dance. And its target a particularly annoying Statue, which Yan will charge to after dancing one or two enemies in to Glow Mouthily towards. You don't need to kill everything there - you still have an Emissary and a Soul Porter - but every chunk of damage helps. From T3 onwards the VPChi and discarding should bring you to a respectable amount of Chi without you needing to try at all, and around t4 you should even be able to get a Hunpo Assault in if you want. Admittedly, the person I played against didn't know much about Yan's new upgrades or the Statue, and with that the sheer amount of actions and damage took him by surprise. It performed quite well. I was most happy with Awakening, the Statue and the Soul Porter. The extra Chi always helps so to also give it a respectable damage track to finish models off with was perfect. Also Misdirection kept Yan safe as he stood near the Statue, quickly teaching my opponent not to try and touch Yan while near it. Then we have Footsteps. It's the only way to really get Blood Ascendant to work, I feel, and it's certainly good, but it restricts one major playstyle that marked Yan - the zero care you could put in your Ancestor's safety with Reliquary. It does open up new hiring options (though I still ended up with 2 Ancestors). Now you could swap out Misdirection and have a Soulstone to spare, but until turn 3 or 4 you'll only have one defensive upgrade and at 5/5/12 that's not what I'd call stellar. Not sure what I'd have done if I faced a Cast heavy crew to undo my Incorporealling. The Emissary is good and will be fast at all times, though at this point both he and Yan start with a discard and it's getting costly fast. Now with the LRM you don't need Yu anymore, though somehow now (with two 0's, 0 Lightning Dance and Casting Expert) more than ever I curiously miss being able reposition everything and give Yan more AP. Especially since I can't rebuild the Emissary anymore and the Emissary's only real fast target is Toshiro (since the statue is rooted in place 99% of the time) I have some slight doubts. But then again... 3/4/7 at double focus... And not a in sight... And that leaves us with Toshiro and the Charm Warder. Both there to protect the Statue and I feel at this point almost making each other redundant. Toshiro only summoned one Komainu off of the Statue after Yan Misdirectioned into it, but that was enough to make the message clear that touching it was a bad idea. And with that the Charm Warder's defensive buffs went to Yan and Toshi. Lovely to have, to be sure, but I think I could've used those SS for something else. All in all, fun. Very, very fun. The biggest downside is that I couldn't let my Ancestors as free as I normally would've and the extra restraint that I now had to show. We had Extraction so it didn't matter too much, but this list really forces you to huddle together. No more spreading wide to give Yan as many options as possible, though of course you're still free to kick them to units other than the Statue. So yeah, that's my attempt. Far too long and awkwardly worded but I just wanted to get my thoughts out. Do you guys see anything in this? Any things I should consider tweaking or completely scrapping? My biggest doubts are with Reliquary (or lack thereof), the Charm Warder, Wastrel and possibly the LRM (though I'm hesitant to leave Yan completely without heal). And Yu is still a maybe x:.
  10. Theoryfaux Wave 5

    The McCabe trick you get the most out of if you take her and one Illuminated. At that point you're being very cost efficient and she's rarely gonna hand out enough Brilliance to benefit more than 2 activations. I wouldn't make any builds utilizing Come Play though. Its unimpressive simple duel nature means it's very unreliable and since she's lost her The Party Never Ends last minute she doesn't gain a lot in return for it. She doesn't give enough to Brillianced models to really get me to take her with anyone beyond Lynch and the odd McCabe list. As for Asami, one thing I've imagined (but not gotten to yet) is using Borrowed Time and Fate of Mortals. Assuming your opponent scores for about ~3 turns that brings you up to flicker+10 and with that 3 extra flicker/suits to dole out before counting gobbled Gremlins and Amanjaku cheering you on. And adds the nice possibility for card draw to boot. Fate of Mortals' biggest issue was that VP is generally scored after conditions, meaning you'd need to set up a specific Oni to benefit from it. With this you'll always have the perfect target. I think I'd definitely like to run Amanjaku when playing Borrowed Time though. Not even to keep feeding her 9's but it'd be nice to have the option in case you need it. Beyond that I haven't seen much in the way of "special tricks" or amazing combos. Still trying to figure out a way to get Yan his Blood Ascendant without being at Ca5 and no defensive upgrades in a timely fashion. Does Follow the Path allow you to discard Blood Ascendant after gaining its Casting Expert? And if so, does that mean switching in Blood Ascendant with Follow the Path makes you miss out on Casting Expert? The start of turn nature of Casting Expert and 4 Chi cost makes it so awkward to get any worthwhile use out of.
  11. Do blast markers have Ht?

    So does Misaki need LoS to the marker? To the center location you place the marker? Because if so that really hurts this upgrade.
  12. Do blast markers have Ht?

    This is actually quite important. If it's Ht0 you couldn't, for example, place it on top of a ht 3 building even if you can see ht1 models on that building.
  13. try list with shen long

    You could always hand Shenlong Misdirection - it lets you plant him somewhere in a more battle-y position. Personally I've never been big on fighty-shen but if you'd like an extra brawler he'll do okay. There's not many other sturdy enough units to replace the Illuminated in that role really. Perhaps Komainu. But with 12 SS you can really just mix and match between two models and an upgrade depending on what you're encountering. If you feel there's plenty of firing lanes or vantage points an extra Sniper should do perfectly, if you need the Wandering Monks' scheming they'll shine, for scheming in close corners you'd be happy with the TTB/T-warriors... Just leave it open for some situational swapping.
  14. try list with shen long

    Again, On Wings of Wind of all upgrades has no place on Shenlong. He can't spare the 0's and doesn't need the pushes. Those SS would be much better spent on just about anything including cache. Depending on the game I'd swap either the Terracotta Warrior or the TTB for an Illuminated, who provides a sturdy and cheap beater to supplement Yasunori doing his fighty thing, with the Emissary and possibly Shen as back up. I would've ideally gone for an 8 SS beater but with Yasunori you'll struggle to make room for that, so the Illuminated should do brilliantly. As for Dragon's Breath, it triggers on the enemies hit by a focus attack.
  15. try list with shen long

    Well, Shen pushes plenty already and the Emissary also has a push (that admittedly only works on Yasunori, but). Beyond that, with the Emissary and the LRM you have 9 activations total, which is always good, you have a near guaranteed 3 cards a turn if you want them, and you can give all focussed shots blast which any Shenlong crew will welcome with open arms. Now the biggest seller here is 3 cards a turn (LRM focusses twice for focus+3>Emissary's 0). Add to that him having a 2/3/6 on focus+2, blast everywhere and he's a decent fighter compared to Yu, giving you three fighters in the thick of it rather than leaving Shen and Yasu to carry all that weight.