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  1. I mean that the effect Path of the Lotus used to have was the biggest reason I'd take this model - pushing any enemy even just 2" on your side of the field could be huge (but situational), though with that cost of your own marker and standing near it when you activate you wouldn't be getting it off a lot. Now it's broadened its range to include enemy markers, which is nice, but still has the limit of having to be next to a marker at activation to get use of it and now the effects are niche at best. Purple is still nice, Red very reliant on your opponent and Orange is... well, I don't even know. I mean there's niche and there's Orange Lotus. The previous Blue Lotus was the perfect antischemer ability. Not very usable yet in that form but had that special something that could really make this model.
  2. If you're starting out the Porkchop won't do anything for you with any other Ten Thunders master you'll ever be getting. If you don't want to have a new must-buy list with every new master, having solid models that can be used in a lot of different settings makes for a much better purchase. Toshiro is a good model with a lot of masters, as are the Komainu. The Emissary does a lot for Mei as well, arguably moreso than the Porkchop if you're playing with fire (which the Komainu do too), and has the benefit of being a staple for about half the TT masters already. If he's planning to exclusively play Mei until the end of days then fine - but if anywhere down the line he's planning to make any other TT purchases, Yan Lo or not, he shouldn't bother with the Porkchop.
  3. Like I said, Immune to Pushes, Placements and being Burried. The no condition-thing goes out the window, and the fact that he can then no longer be pushed around by TT is to balance out the rest of his card.
  4. @Da Git I was thinking Pushed, Placed or Buried period. Having it unpushable by only enemies would be far too strong. Much like enemies can't get this guy to budge, so cant Yu shout at it to get it to do anything.
  5. The Path of Lotus took a tough blow. Sure it can do an enemy marker now, but it still requires you to stand next to it when your activation begins and the effects you get from it are much less interesting and not really worth trying to get in position for. The awkward cost made him a tough sell in its previous iteration and the lacklustre effects really hurt. Pressure Points is a very luck-based effect that also requires you to not need that suit, which is often. It's something but it's not much. The increased range on Threaten and Aggressive Stance are great though. Not sure they really make me want to pick him up by themselves but great buffs nonetheless.
  6. Not liking the Push/Place removal of Rotund. I guess overall it balances it out, but at least in the games Im playing there's pushes galore all day erry day. I'd rather it be impossible to push/place, which might ultimately be a cuddle but would fit the model a bit better? Might balance out the new Dark Energies. The Obsidian Fist change is always better than nothing but a to burning requires you to either get a in the first attack or another model to set it up. Doesn't do too much but it's a nice little something-something. Reconstitute Fragments and 9 wounds hurt a little but don't kill him. I'm really not a fan of Cursed Statue. It feels more like a cuddle than a buff. Burrying I grant you, but there's not that many conditions that absolutely kill this unit while it also makes it impossible to Terracotta/Charm/Fast/Focus this guy, which I honestly see a lot more of than opposing conditions. Dark Energies I'm worried about a bit. In what TT has in terms of casting I do feel it becomes more useful, but I'd like to get some tests in first. The simple solution would be to leave him alone I suppose. I do wonder, does this end before or after conditions go off? I am digging the idea that everybody close gets +1 poison or fire damage, but with it covering everything that might be a bit much.
  7. That still requires you to take the Whiskey Golem though. At 12 SS. For a reactivate that's going to happen once, mayyybe twice a game (If you also take Yu). Oh and a Tanuki, so at this point 17 SS. Reactivate is nice enough but if this model's one saving grace is that it's a buff for Whiskey Golem I'd rather it have some abilities that make the Tanuki better.
  8. I'm really liking this direction. Essence Lantern has mostly become a defensive ability for themselves. I don't know if multiple Wardens now give multiple 's so that might need some looking into. Or not, it's only 3" after all but still. Might make some models absolute beasts at defenses. The Barrier-Entropy is a great change, as is the trigger on the Charm. I still wouldn't really use it unless I thought I could get that trigger off though. Perhaps make it a double-suit trigger? It's become an exciting model. Balance-wise I'd say it sits pretty well - it still folds at a mean looking at, it's versatile but its best uses require it to expose its greatest weaknesses... It's unique, gives options, fits the faction on a whole. Just... Nice.
  9. Well, the only models I ever get 4 poison on are models I move in front of both Brewie and Yu turn 1 to pull them both 6" ahead. And the only Tri Chi I'd ever see myself taking for that specific advantage is the Fermented River Monk, who can reactivate himself. Wesley and Fingers are the only other Tri Chi models I could ever see myself taking (if they didn't cost 2 extra SS), so that's really just a non-action in most cases. Beyond that the damage from Hangover is now rounded down meaning it has even less use, Teapot is Cuddled, and this model that would only ever find a place in lists if it was costed 4 SS is pushing even those limits. Edit; I guess this came out a tad unconstructive but I'm honestly at a loss at how this would help these already struggling models. I can't even see where Wyrd really want to take them.
  10. Recalled Training works on flips, not reveals. Another thing that has been bugging me, though I hadn't noticed playing her with Lynch - is there any reason why the Pip the Ace trigger requires a discard besides fluff? With Lynch it doesn't really matter and with any other master it just adds another slightly annoying cost. She's starting to seem purely designed for him. She can't carry Addict, so all her focus on Brilliance is a bit lacking outside of Lynch; she can't discard aces to get them back, so using it outside of Lynch makes it a costlier option; the extra ace draw is great for Lynch but really just discard fodder for other masters... I don't mind models being better with certain masters but she seems made better solely for a master. It might be small but I wouldn't mind Pip the Ace not requiring a discard.
  11. The problem with that is that if you get someone to 9 poison as Brewmaster - hell, even if you get them to 5 or 6 - you're not doing it right. Because Swill and Binge exist. So really this is a Ca 5 attack that at best does 2 damage (and max 3), and also removes the some of the Poison condition that only really benefits you if it stays on enemies. Even if you just got to choose exactly how much poison you removed and did that much damage it'd be a lacklustre attack. Edit; Maybe let it do damage equal to half the poison a model has, but then don't remove it. But even then with max 3 it's not going to be worth it. And you'd need to get them to Poison 5 or something which again, you shouldn't be doing.
  12. I really wouldn't start with the Porkchop. It's a great model that I use too, but if you're just starting you won't have any use for it beyond Mei Feng, while Toshiro and Komainu are a great addition to Yan Lo as well because of the Ancestor characteristic of Toshiro that both the Komainu and Yan synergise with and buff. If you're adding Toshiro, you should be adding Komainu as well. They pretty much go hand in hand since Toshiro can summon them (and the Ashigaru that come in the Yan Lo box). But at this point you'll be very weak at range, so I wouldn't leave the Snipers behind. But those three unit boxes should be enough to get you plenty of games in. Replace Chiaki with another Sniper or Rail worker until you get her and you'll do fine. Are you restricted by budget or your desire to paint? Because the Shadow Emissary goes very well with both Yan and Mei (and most TT masters really), but he's also the cost of 2-3 other unit boxes.
  13. Well, especially since you're just starting I wouldn't worry too much about buying non-Ten Thunder models. They're fun little extras but in no way necessary. If you want to go Yan Lo you'll be needing to look for the characteristic "Ancestor" though (Izamu, Toshiro, Yin). Both Mr. Graves and the Katanaka Snipers are models that can do great in almost any TT crew, with Graves providing pushes and some nice damage and Snipers giving a lot of ranged threat. Yan Lo's box might require you to buy some combination of Izamu, Yin and Toshiro+Komainu. Izamu and Yin don't do much for Mei specifically, though they're both good models. Toshiro and the Komainu however are amazing with Mei. The Komainu are strong cheap sturdy constructs, and Toshiro can summon Komainu from scrap markers and gives buffs like focus, fast and flips to minions. Some nice all-round list with a combination of these might be... Mei -Vapormancy -Seismic Claws Emberling Toshiro -Command of the Graves Kang Chiaki the Niece Katanaka Sniper Railworker Komainu And 3 SS to spend on upgrades or put in your cache as you please. It's hardly a set build you should go for every time, but it might provide a nice all-round base from which you can expand into your own playstyle. Toshiro buffs minions and summons occasionally, Chiaki heals and schemes, Kang and Mei try to do some damage and the others you can use how you please. That should be Mei's Starter Box, Toshiro, the Snipers and the Komainu. And then, if you ever get to Yan Lo, you can add Chiaki. For Yan I'd get Izamu at least, perhaps instead of Graves. Izamu synergizes quite a bit more with Yan and is also a great all-round model. Yin is an amazing debuffer/tarpit, which should be nice, but with all that and either (or both ) of these two you should be able to play both crews with some great versatility and results. And down the line there might be some more units you want but that's all a worry for later.
  14. I really don't see what is so not needed or bland about being able to push any enemy model on half the table without them being able to defend against it. Push them in or out of engagement, mess up positioning for scheming - all from the safety of half a board away. It's a surprisingly unique ability. It needs some tweaking to balance its cost and effect out a bit but it's a fun and unique enough TT-y ability. Add to that the 's to other schemers you might run into and that or threaten against any Frame for Murder targets and this model is doing plenty of interesting things.
  15. Albeit a somewhat extreme example, @anencephalous's post hits the Df3 problem right on the head. At Df3 you are going to be 3 points below any strong model's duel total to start with. This is going to force you to cheat in first the majority of the time, and if you don't cheat in high enough you'll be at a (which, at Df3, is an 11 to only just scratch the guaranteed -to-damage area). And if you "only" cheat in an 11, they can still use anything from an 8 to a 13 to select a trigger to their liking. And that is if you can spare that 11. There's a reason why you never see Ice Golems, and why Huggy gets his Rising Sun upgrade taken 99% of the time. It's a devastatingly low number. I'd still argue too low.