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  1. SPOILER WARNING speculation on Minako Rei

    If we're counting 9SS'ers as mid-range beaters we're suddenly flooded with choice. LS, Crime Boss, Graves, Bettari, Kang, Dawn Serpent, Ama no Zako... Some more niche than others but still. If we're looking at where we're lacking it's mainly something 3ish SS for activations, great all-round models in the 6-7 SS range rather than niches and 10+ SS models. I'm hoping for a 7 SS Oni minion, but in the book the Wanyudo is pretty much every tag except Oni and the Katashiro give too much of a support-y vibe to seem like they'd be allowed to be summons. If the TTB is an indicator of its abilities Wanyudo is going to be a charge first, ask questions later kind of model. Which I'm digging. Looking at their mythological roots the Katashiro seem buffy/debuffy, and especially the latter I've always loved. And that leaves Rei. If these four models are meant to be a feasible starting point she'd need to round the crew off a bit through a somewhat damage-y role. Contrasting a giant wheel crashing in spouting fire I'm imagining her somewhat more sneak-y/precision-strike-y, darting in and out of combat, perhaps with poisoned claws and other nasty tricks? I could see poison and then Katashiro's abilities amplifying conditions somehow. Do we know they're going to be fully playable models or could they be encounter-box only?
  2. The Road to McCabe

    McCabe is the master for Yasunori thanks to his cheap upgrades and minions, especially now that it's offsetting the extra 1SS. And if complaints are anything to go by, Yass with McCabe already was one of the biggest issue so he should do fine. I made a little guide on him a while back. Should help you get going. You're gonna want Guild Hounds, the Shadow Emissary, a beatstick and some general-use 5ish SS minions. Should really do the trick.
  3. Faction rankings?

    Seems a bit early to call out TT for being #1. It's never reached more than average results in the history of its existence, if malifaux rankings are anything to go by. Do you really think GG18 is going to massively change all that?
  4. Wave 5 - GG 18 Tier List and Faction Standing

    Not sure you get to overrule the official rules.
  5. Ten Thunders Errata from App (NOT CONFIRMED)

    I'm pretty sure she's lost her damage reduction ignoring ability. The text on The Storm has changed to ^. If it was just about mentioning it went from 12" to 8" they wouldn't have left the "Markers placed in this way do not need to be touching each other." in there. That's the entire text of that ability. I mean I'm sure the trigger The Coming Storm is still on The Storm, I hope, but this clearly seems all they've intended to do with this ability. I really feel they should've either went 6" but keep the damage reduction or lose the damage reduction but keep 10-12" range. Both just feels a bit overkill for a model that hasn't even been dominating tournaments, especially when you compare it to other masters.
  6. Ten Thunders Errata from App (NOT CONFIRMED)

    @TrisI pointed at Wong for nifty triggers, though Sonnia does get to ignore LoS against burning targets, can place the initial blast marker 2" away and can get that attack up to Ca9 for hitting a target at 22" away. And all of that while she doesn't have to be in base contact with another model. And I compared Yasunori to the Riders because they just about share a statline. If we're comparing it to Archie/Nekima we're at a 13SS model with the same damage output that can't use soulstones. Again, not calling this change out but 3 SS just feels like an insane difference.
  7. Ten Thunders Errata from App (NOT CONFIRMED)

    Not sure I'm particularly happy with 3 more models being added to our 9 SS pool. 8-9 SS models are taking up half our roster at this point. Would've much preferred a bump in their utility. Fuhatsu, Otto Otto, Bunraku, Archers and Monks of High River are still not going to see particularly more play I think because they still don't do something people need and now find themselves in even more competitive price brackets. Dawn Serpent being cheaper is of course nice for McCabe who I occasionally took it with, but it's not gonna make me change my hiring process. Yamaziko gives us a very cheap henchman, which is always nice, though I'm not sure she suddenly does enough for me to need her. But the option is nifty. I'm sure there's a Gremlinny explanation for why the Porkchop is suddenly 2 SS less but for Mei this is brilliant. I already took it whenever I took Mei anyway so a 2SS discount makes me happy. Terracotta Warrior change was fair - was getting bored of seeing them suggested in every list. Yasunori nerf doesn't seem like too big a deal, though he's now 3SS more than the other Riders which seems a bit too much. The one thing I feel was too far was Misaki. Losing both 4" and reduction is really eating away at the two unique roles this upgrade gave her. At 2" 2/3/5 and now no reduction an 8" just doesn't seem particularly interesting vs the 14" 's of Sonnia or Wong's nifty triggers. One or the other would've really sufficed. It kinda feels Wyrd overreacted here in a panic. And Running Tab is now more expensive to Terracotta Warrior away into Misdirection, especially with the more expensive TW, which I suppose means you'll now be stuck with this if you pick it. This change honestly didn't do shit for the Brewmaster, who as one of the weakest masters of the game really deserved it.
  8. Smoke & Shadows

    The problem with Smoke & Shadows is the models tagged with Last Blossom. If you want to take S&S you're gonna need Last Blossom models, and you very rarely want to even take the LB models that can take this upgrade, let alone the minions. Maybe if the TTB, Archers, Crime Bosses and Lotus Eaters got it you might've found yourself occasionally running it - especially Archers should've had this baked into their card to begin with. There's nothing wrong with the card but if the models won't play ball there's just no point in having it.
  9. Transporting Shadow Emissary

    I proxy him in all friendly games after one game of them insisting I bring him out and they quickly understood why I went with a more manageable model from that point on. I do have a foam hole in my bag that's just big enough to lie him in his side, though even at tournaments I ask if I can proxy him and just set him next to the table or whatever because he's so cumbersome if you ever want to make clever use of that 50mm base on an actual board. Whoever designed this shit should get a stern talking to. But yeah, can't you magnet the Emissary sideways? Maybe glue some slight foam layer on the bottom so he still has something to rest on.
  10. Hot take: Is 2018 the "Year of Thunder"?

    Gwyneth is good but doesn't overshadow his other options, and that's what he got in her and a few other wave 4/5 models; options. She makes heavy Brilliance a whole lot more appealing, but that's far from the only way to play Lynch and generally more limiting than I'd like my crew to be. As for how to use Lynch, he's 70% cardbot, which speaks for itself, and 30% finisher. You want to use him and Yu's pushes to get him to a place where he can pick off any leftovers his killy crew hasn't gotten to yet - be it clearing those last few wounds off a couple models or simply pick off a model or two that they haven't gotten to yet. And though he's best reserved for last there are naturally moments where a surprise first or so activation can completely ruin a plan, at which point Yu has the shenanigans to get him out of there safely instead. You should essentially be seeing his presence as the second line that focuses fire on whatever breaks through your first wave, nuking cleaning up after them if your opponent didn't quite make it through. And opposite to that you have Huggy who loves to frontline that first wave diving straight in, tying up any models and blocking off paths that might actually get to Lynch and generally being a big enough AP sink that you should be able to keep Lynch safe enough with the help of the rest of your crew and godly hands.
  11. Hot take: Is 2018 the "Year of Thunder"?

    Lynch has always been my favourite master by a mile. I know Shen and McCabe are more versatile and yada yada but Lynch is just so darn fun. The key to Lynch is... kill things. That generally does the trick. For me he's always felt as just behind Shen and McCabe on the powercurve since book 2, and while the last three waves haven't given him anything particularly insane, they have given him more options (which is always nice). Much like Shen and McCabe he simply makes any crew stronger - Lynch somewhat more uniquely compared to S&M - which leaves you with TT's hugely versatile batch of generic options doing their thing but with a bigger and better hand. And of course his personal toys.
  12. Malifaux - what next?

    I'd honestly love getting rid of Jokers. You can play and plan around them being in your deck but you still have zero control over where they are unless you luck out and get them in your hand and their trumping all other modifiers makes them favour chance and flashiness over skill.
  13. what's your crutch?

    @Ludvig So is it telling someone they might be too reliant on certain models that's hurtful or is it using that specific word to describe it? At some point your leg may have healed and you won't need that crutch anymore, but the longer you'll keep using it the longer it'll take for you to get used to using that leg. Someone could've gotten great usage out of those pieces, but there might come a time where their reliance on those pieces will make their lists sub-optimal and make it harder and harder to stop using it. Doesn't mean you have to enter every conversation yelling CRUTCH CRUTCH CRUTCH but if you're ever finding yourself in a discussion involving people's playstyles and preferences pointing out that they may have ingrained biases for models that might ultimately cost them is completely fine. Crutch just happens to be the word that's perfectly described that scenario, and honestly this thread is the first time I've ever heard of the word specifically being derogatory. You can be a dick about it, sure, but that doesn't really relate to people giving this specific piece of advice and is nothing but a personal failure.
  14. what's your crutch?

    And you'd be wrong. When I started this game, with my limited model pool I slipped into a habit of using a Sniper in all my crews, to a point where I automatically counted 7SS out for pretty much every game because I'd gotten so used to their picking off scheme runners and late game scheming themselves. And by relying so much on them, though still very good and helpful models, I've been casting aside plenty of units that would've been a much better fit in some situations. Nothing derogatory about recognizing that and pointing it out; it's simply a point of self reflection. And in talking about other people's crutches all you're doing is giving advice and telling them their possible over reliance on this-and-that might actually be an obstacle to their play.
  15. what's your crutch?

    @Fetid Strumpet A crutch is something you rely on excessively, possibly to your detriment. Nothing derogatory about it and something you will find with any player. As for me, I'm as vanilla as they come in wanting either Yu or the Emissary in my list. Can't imagine playing without my Pushbot 3000's. Also condition removal. And I suppose Recalled Training is, to a degree.