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  1. What way did you play the 3 player games? I've always found A does schemes against B does schemes against C does schemes against A a perfect set-up for three people. What did you feel was lacking in them?
  2. I generally only play her when I go into a game going "I haven't played Misaki in a while". I honestly don't feel she has anything other TT masters don't do better, at least scheme-wise. Lynch or elite crews +Yan/Brew/Shen do killing better. Mei/Yan/Shen do movement shenanigans better. Just about all masters do schemes better. She's loads of fun, but if you're looking at it competitively she falls behind.
  3. The whole point of Reliquary is to make sure you're not gonna have to use it. An Izamu that won't stop being slingshot into your ranks is scary enough, but if it then gets up to 4 healing a turn and perhaps a ress if you do get it down turns pretty much all the already sturdy Ancestors into such gigantic AP drains that they're best left alone. Without the Reliquary it might be worth stretching out a bit to kill it but if that can, at any point, be turned into lolimback people tend to be that bit more hesitant. Which in turn should be netting you VPs. An RT is definitely nice but unless you're also taking the BK it's not really worth the 's at Ca8, and then you're already two upgrades down. And while I don't tend to lack Chi I hardly have enough laying around that I can RT every turn. At least against opponents who knows how big a hassle a new Yinzamu can be I've always found not taking Reliquary a mistake.
  4. Yan is pretty much who Misdirection was made for, so count on that Terracotta warrior to spend one of your cache to load that up turn one. And if you're gonna take a big beater like Ototo, you might as well go for Izamu and be left with an army your opponent isn't even gonna try taking down. I personally quite like Fortify the Spirit with that, just so you'll have a defensive trigger on 50% of your cards, but if your list is this tight to begin with you can leave it out. Depending on the schemes I might actually leave the Shadow Effigy just so I could give Yan Misdirection, Fortify or the Khakkhara and some more cache. For schemes I naturally tend to bring Yan when placement is crucial. And crushing things. Just realise that your crew will, right around turn 2, have a space on the board they're gonna be standing for the rest of the game. In this regard I tend to prefer Yu to the Emissary, because he can drag enemies in, heal Yan if he ever does get hurt, and reposition your crew last minute if you do need a sudden change of plans. It's important to realise that Yan is a master that's really easy to play wrong. Despite what his supporty card may hint at, you have you play him aggressively. He is the wrench you're throwing in your opponent's plans and you're gonna have to throw it with some force. Make your opponent play to your tune and pace, and be sure you're the one determining the play's positioning.
  5. If going pure TT, I'd naturally go for the Ten Thunders Brothers. They're just incredibly solid. Then the Dawn Serpent - the Jorogumo are also quite good but also much more expensive - to reactivate. The Shadow Emissary is amazing with McCabe, but also very expensive. And maybe you could go with some Katanaka Snipers to top it off. It would be useful to know, if you're planning to venture further into TT, which other Masters you're gonna want to take. Might make it easier to get models that fit well with specific masters.
  6. Misaki would be the easiest to start with. No intricate synergies or heavy reliance on positioning. Then McCabe would be a good bet and isn't too difficult either, and finally Yan who is very easy to play wrong. For new purchases I wouldn't go for the Samurai. Even the Terracotta Warriors I'm not 100% on to start with. In general I'd get the TTB and maybe the Shadow Effigy. Then for McCabe I'd go for an high SS minion (probably Serpent - Joro's are expensive), Yin for Yan and for Misaki... Eh. The Lone Swordsman maybe? Or Yin. Yin works in a lot of crews really.
  7. Again, the problem is that they don't do anything people want more of. They're designed around attacking. At least, that's all they can do. The problem with this is that their attack has very low damage. Their attack has 1" range. The only boost they get is to charging, which is not helped by their charge 6 range 1 and goes against their +1 focus when focussing. And costs a card, which then lets you do one more attack for a whopping 1/2/4 damage. And to top it off, they have 6 defense and that's it. They're a combat model that doesn't do reliable damage, can't tie models down with its pitiful range, and won't survive an activation dedicated to taking them down. They really just seem to be beyond salvaging. Look at Fuhatsu and the pitiful excuse of an upgrade they gave him. It wasn't gonna be what they needed/enough. Whatever fix they made, unless it was a complete overhaul of the model it wasn't gonna make them see play. So people opted for models with potential. Models that weren't quite there yet but just needed that little lift to get them running again. And honestly, I'm okay with that. Maybe it's time to just let go and forget they even existed.
  8. I'd say the problem with the High River Monks, besides being terrible, is that they just don't fill a niche people need, either. It'd really take buffing to OP levels to get them to really see much play, or simply a change in the way they function. They're too expensive, but even at 5 SS I wouldn't touch them. On top of that, their design is so straightforward and yet bad at that that it'd take either a major defensive or offensive buff to offset how weak the other is. Ignoring Armor for a 1/2/4 damage track just doesn't seem worth much. Ignoring Armor, incorporeal, HtK and HtW would still leave me hesitant to take them. I'd say if anything might make me consider them to still go with their playstyle it'd be blast on their attacks and ignite working on all affected targets. And again, even then I'm iffy about it.
  9. I'd honestly say it'd be a shame to leave Shang and Ototo out. Shang is a good addition simply for the card draw and extra activation, and Ototo can really shine in some specific crews. The Torakage are nice but I never really get to use them unless I actively try to include them.
  10. If we're still doing "requests", is there any chance you could look into making Wesley dual-faction? Having to pay 2 SS extra just to take your totem seems a bit...
  11. As someone who's always favoured elite crews, I'm surprised at how often I leave him aside. I mean, he's certainly good, but he doesn't do everything. And if your opponent knows to expect him, he can be shut down rather thoroughly. As for the master I feel he goes with... Yan can make more use out of the ancestors, all of which augment Yan's playstyle rather than run independently alongside it. Swillbot 3000 makes good use out of Yasu's speed, essentially allowing him to tag models to die without having to waste AP trudging a beatstick in their direction. Doesn't tend to fit the schemes I take Brewie with, though. For Mei he's just another beater. Which is nice to force your opponent to divide their attention, but ultimately doesn't bring anything unique I'd justify 13 points for. Shenlong likes beaters but I feel the biggest thing he brings to beaters is pushes and healing, which Yasu is generally too detached from the unit for to really benefit as much from it as say an Izamu. Lynch doesn't do anything with him either besides the usual high card hands. Makes for a nice counterpart to Huggy and Lynch creating a triangle of death, which is how I like to play Lynch. I often have him there since Huggy's 0 points anyways. Now Lucas and Misaki I feel really get the most out of him. Misaki because she plays best when her own crew is an effective crew in and of itself, and a crew needs something scary so your opponent will be occupied with them while Misaki harries their backline. And McCabe really makes him shine - covering for his lacking defenses, amping his speed up to 11, and most importantly being able to keep up with Yasunori pumping on all cylinders. With McCabe pushing his crew around already, Yasunori can really ditch the brakes and do what he's built to do while the crew will be just a few steps behind cleaning up the mess he's made. Something of a cavalry charge, so to speak.
  12. Enemy hits only.
  13. The problem with that is that you're sacrificing your master turn one to throw their careful AP planning out of whack for an estimated 2-4 activations. edit; I know it's not particularly on topic but some ideas just need to be nipped in the but before anyone starts taking them seriously.
  14. Ml 7 vs Ml 6, Terrifying and Willpower checks out of the ass vs one pseudo obey that only works on minions and attack actions, Melee expert vs anything ranging from Melee Master to Melee nothing if you're not hitting anything. Nekima is the far more consistent contender, while Yasunori will shine brighter if everything goes their way. Which it won't.
  15. I'd argue these boards are very forgiving for drawing LoS. I know I tend to play with boards filled to the brim with walls, rocks and folliage, but this just screems for a Ht3 model with flight to charge literally everything it wants, especially with the openness of the center board. If a Ht 1 walkway is all that blocks sight from one side of the board to the other I'd say you could stand to kick it up a notch.