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  1. Mandatory new book wild speculation thread.

    Not sure I'd take that out of that statement. At least I wouldn't get my hopes up. Seems like a big bit of info to drop so casually. On that note though... What masters would you consider to even have space for these upgrades and what would an upgrade take to make some space? At least for me; Misaki has Stalking Bisento, Misdirection and Recalled Training stapled to her card. Any change would I think have to come from swapping out Bisento, since MD is invaluable for a Melee master and RT too (plus, MD with a from RT and a from no more SS is almost guaranteed to go off). And with a min 2 on her damage, I'd struggle to part with the to damage from Bisento and RT. To really get me to discard the 's to her Bisento it'd need to either make Thunder go bonkers, give Bisento a built in , give a new ability entirely or just a huge slew of triggers. Mei Feng, likewise, is filled to the brim with upgrades with me often wishing I could pop a fourth on there. Misdirection, naturally, since she wants to be in groups of enemies and it allows a 's to do something on success or failure. Add to that Seismic Claws since it's kinda what gets her card rolling and then Vapormancy tends to win out over RT, as much as I'd like RT on her. It's just such a massive AP saver and the possibility to blast into close combat with just a 6 is often too good to pass up. I could probably stand to miss it if we got another piece to trigger Mei into longer and more combos. Perhaps even a new attack. I'd probably still default to Vapormancy but with a Terracotta Warrior I could see the match-up and make my mind up then. Now Lynch I definitely have a spare slot for. With Woke Up With A Hand and Rising Sun you generally have most of what you need from him, and while I never say no to an RT up there I never really need it with him. It's just a nice extra that I wouldn't mind swapping out for anything else. The Brewmaster has Binge and that's it. Anything to fill that up would be more than welcome. Preferably not poison based. And something strong, because he needs it. Desperately. Now McCabe is, as one would expect, filled up nicely. With Promises already glued onto his card and Misdirection such an alluring mid-game swap I'd find it a waste to not have this upgrade be one like his other treasures. Just a new toy he can toss across the room. I might take it, might swap it out, might leave it alone - he's already on top of the TT powercurve so he'd be best off with an alternative rather than something to make up the difference. Yan Lo is, again, filled up. Misdirection is the natural go-to since he tends to dive into enemy crews, and I find Reliquary unmissable since it's pretty much the one thing that makes Yan an interesting and unique choice over other masters - an Izamu and Emissary that I can treat as disposable as I want. And that leaves us with the final upgrade slot which is heavily contended by both Fortify the Spirit and the Khakkhara. I know the Emissary buffs it, but I'm still not huge on it in all honesty. With Df and Wp 5 I find he's still rather vulnerable, just moreso to awkward conditions and control than death. And with that you have a trigger on half your defenses. I think I'd much prefer an Ascendant upgrade to a normal one. At 3 Chi the Bone Ascendant is to me a bit too awkward to take already. I hope it'd be 1-2ish Chi and maybe let Yan give his crew some mobility. Or maybe fill him up with Triggers. And Shenlong is one of those rare masters that actually has space galore for upgrades. I'm quite content with a Style and leaving it at that. I've occasionally gone with a Misdirection if I felt he needed to pull his weight as a beater, an RT is one of those things that seems nice in theory but I never really get much from it. He has loads of space. But he's also, like McCabe, head and shoulders above the rest. I'd be a tad worried about giving him something that would be seen as a "worth the 1-2 SS", since he'll always have space for it and it'd turn into a straight buff. So for him I'd much prefer another Style to give some more options. Ideally one that's compatible with Yu giving him maaaybe some competition over Wandering River or at least gives Terracotta Warriors something to toolbox into. And lastly there's Asami, who I tend to fill up with upgrades but really wouldn't mind swapping out some. A Heavenly Design is the one autotake. Beyond that I tend to have Nefarious Pact since my main group has a habit of stocking up on condition removal, at least against me (something about Lynch and Brewie being my main masters, I'm guessing) and she can always use the extra card. And lastly there's Servant if I suspect Wp-y shenanigans or the occasional Fate of Mortals if I feel the schemes enable it. All very much replacable, though. If anything, I'd like her to get something to ease up on her card intensity. 's to attacks generated on charges around her, maybe raising duel totals of Oni by 1 around her... Just something to up her supportiness and give some relief after the TN's on everything.
  2. Last on the List

    Neither of those are new models though. Just alts. It'd be nice if of the 9 previews and 5 other new designs 2 factions were represented in some fashion.
  3. Last on the List

    You're forgetting the five or so new designs from the latest Wyrd Chronicles, none of which appear to be TT or Gremlin either.
  4. Hopes for new master upgrade?

    @Adran At least from the TT side, definitely Ascendent. His upgrade line-up tends to already be filled to the brim with stuff he very much needs. A nice other option would fill him out quite nicely. In an ideal world it'd be something to let him target friendlies with Lightning Dance. It'd turn Yan Lo crews into this teleporty clusterfuck, which is always exiting and would certainly give a strong boost to the Resser side of things.
  5. How to Fix High River Monks

    I wouldn't seperate the two. If you gobble a handful of Burning and then fail to pass it on with your other actions you've just torched your own unit, and on a (1) which can only be done after your (0) which will only work after doing 2-3 attacks since Burning doesn't stick it's too much work and risk to outweigh the rewards. Also at a 7 and now having to discard a card and discarding another card to get that charge started that's a whole lotta cards for one 6 SS model activation. I'd still go for something closer to... (0) From The Ashes (Ca 6 / TN: 12): Remove a combined Burning +4 off of enemy models within 3 to gain the Reactivate Condition. The Phoenix Rises: Heal 3 damage on this model. All Was Fire: Until the end of the Turn, this model adds to all their final duel totals Scattered in the Wind: Place this model within 6" of its current location. Clad in Embers: After succeeding, this model gains the following Condition until the end of the Turn: "Ablaze: If a model deals damage to this model with a attack action it gains the Burning +3 condition." To explain my reasoning... The Enemy only thing is only fair. I rarely play against Burning crews so it very much slipped my mind. Now removing Burning +4 I'd say is a fair cost because it's just tough enough that you require either a lot of luck or a model or two assisting you to get it. Unlike poison you can't build up towards it, it needs to be then and there when you activate this model. If you then take it upon yourself to make 3 attacks and manage to succeed on all of them and get that extra trigger in then fair enough, take that reactivate. can be 3 or 4, doesn't make that much a difference. should be the one built in, since all it amounts to is removing Burning+4 and turning it into Burning+2 if you just hit your attacks to +4 if you can both manage another charge and are fast. 8 might have been a bit much (was possibly set to 8 to keep it 4-4-4-8 but 3-3-6 should do «.« ».»). should really be +3 at the least. With zero defenses they need something to keep enemies from instantly melting them and +2 just kinda lacks that oompf you need to deter attacks. felt more fitting though, giving plenty of space to counter this trigger. And then Call Unto The Flame could be a trigger to their standard attack; Call Unto The Flame: After succeeding, move the Burning condition from the target model to a model within 6" and LoS. It'd synergise with All Was Fire, and you'd need to succeed on a defensive duel, but at the expense of applying burning with that attack and wouldn't get in the way of them being designed as chargey models. All in all I don't think it'd really turn them OP, since it ultimately only buffs them if they can get 4 Burning in. A must-have for Burn-style TT lists to be sure, but with the sparsity of those lists going around in the first place I'd say it wouldn't hurt. Without back-up burning they're still the same old High River Monks with a small chance of a reactivate. I do like the idea of something like these though. Add to them Mei, the Shadow Emissary, NewStatue and some general stuff and that'd make for at least a fun list I'd imagine.
  6. How to Fix High River Monks

    Eh, it's a very rough idea but I'd say unless you were up against another burning crew you wouldn't be spamming this all across the board. You still need your enemies to be in that 3" bubble, you can only gain reactivate once and if you after that want to both apply and remove another 4 burning for a place or a heal I'd say more power to you. Though of course you can always stipulate to take burning from enemy units only. They'd still be severely lacking models for the rest of their card, but it'd allow burning crews to become a somewhat viable direction to go. And wouldn't allow them to become premium schemerunners either, since it takes an entire activation and a bit of luck to even get that +4 by themselves. Or perhaps something simpler that would let you redistribute Burning from an area, so you could divecharge or have something blast into a group, apply a handful of burning, and then hand that over to some enemy with higher defenses or spread in such a way that you can just finish units off.
  7. How to Fix High River Monks

    Maybe let them drain the Burning off of models around them to gain reactivate like an opposite Fermented River Monk? Something like... (0) From the Ashes: Remove a combined Burning +4 off of models within 3 to gain the Reactivate Condition. It'd still require them to make three hits and throw on a tome on one of them to get it by themselves, so it wouldn't exactly be spammable. Though to be honest, I still wouldn't see myself use them, because a reactivating High River Monk is still a High River Monk (and possibly because removing 4 damage is quite a steep cost for what they do). So maybe... (0) From the Ashes: (Ca 6 / TN: 10): Remove a combined Burning +4 off of models within 3 to gain the Reactivate Condition. The Phoenix Rises: Heal 4 damage on this model. All was Fire: Until the end of the Turn, this model adds to all their final duel totals. Scattered in the Wind: Place this model within 8" of its current location. Clad in Embers: After succeeding, this model gains the following Condition until the end of the Turn: "Ablaze: If a model deals damage to this model it gains the Burning +4 condition." It'd be a rather significant boost, but takes 4 damage and an entire activation of heavy condition applying (you'd need to charge or cheat in 2 tomes) and leaves them with all their other weaknesses. Maybe give them HtK to ensure they'll even survive long enough to make that first burning. Or maybe change all the 4's to 3's. As you've probably noticed by now, I do not have a lot of faith in the High River Monks.
  8. Dawn Serpent or Whiskey Golem

    If you want the crew to handle the poisoning you might as well get McCabe, the Dawn Serpent and a Performer. The Dawn Serpent can reactivate into giving up to 10 poison a turn, you can take a fair amount of minions who can poison too to give McCabe more options, and while that's happening McCabe and really all models can flutter around the battlefield without your master becoming stuck in a giant melee 5 turns straight.
  9. Dawn Serpent or Whiskey Golem

    Wesley is nice, but not Paying 2 SS for a 3 SS model nice. And definitely not Paying 2 SS + a 5 SS model that I would've much rather be an entirely different model -nice. Lets be honest, that upgrade should never have been a thing and at the very least Wesley you should've been able to take without paying that extra cost. As it is now it's far too big an investment just to get your totem on board. @Rugh Z'ull, The problem with that is that you're playing the Brewmaster on poison, and you don't want poison, you want Swills and Obeys and Binges. And after you've handed those out, you are much better off getting models that kill harder than models that poison harder since killing harder just means your opponent has one less threat to activate.
  10. Dawn Serpent or Whiskey Golem

    I'd definitely take neither. The Golem requires an expensive upgrade you don't want and isn't that stellar anyways and the Dawn Serpent is stuck with min damage of 2 and nothing terribly exciting. Like ^ said, go with Izamu, Yasunori, and (personal favourite) Ama no Zako. With a or two to defenses, the Ml5 suddenly doesn't hurt as much and at 3/5/7 can be a great finisher. Also you can Obey units into her Terrifying range and cheat in low to essentially permalock them. Yasunori meanwhile can get about 7 attacks off if you choose to obey him with Brewwie as well. 10 if you take Wesley but then you'd have to take that darn upgrade. 13 if you get Ama no Zako too and obey wesley into obeying Yasunori :x. But yeah, Yasu is great, and personally I love Ama. Have taken both on a few occasions and really haven't regretted it.
  11. Growng Ten Thunders

    @thatlatinspeakingguy Pretty sure I've always seen it described and played like that. It doesn't say you can't discard cards, it says discarding cards turns it into something else and with the effect you still discard(but then not discard) up to three cards from your hand and then you draw the same number of cards you've just done something with. I always just read that as not saying the cards needed to be discarded, but rather that the number of cards you've chosen to discard is what you draw (even if they're not discarded in the end). It's a bit awkwardly worded, but the only reason Yu's ability even says to put them back in the deck is to make sure you can't discard three aces and then get them back. I wouldn't mind a little offical clarification on that though.
  12. Growng Ten Thunders

    With Shenlong and Lynch Yu will suffice when you're just starting. With Lynch Yu is miles better than the Emissary anyways since Lynch packs enough of a punch to make up for Yu's lack thereof (giving you two Mulligans and a fast Lynch or Illuminated) and while the Emissary+LRM gets Shenlong 3 cards a turn without both there's no real point taking them (and even then Yu is really quite good). For Mei and McCabe the Emissary is a staple but the rest can do quite well with Yu instead. I'd still suggest Yin, Yasunori and some Low River Monks before going for other masters/the Emissary. Edit; I don't see why you'd leave Shang behind - he lets you pick from seven card each turn and gives you an extra activation for 3 SS. He doesn't really need to do anything beyond that. The Torakage are kind of decent if you'd like the extra mobility and want to deploy him somewhere across the map (especially if there's some 4 or 5 SS schemerunners on that side). And Ototo can do quite well in some lists. I'll ususally pick Izamu because of his armor but if it's not about survivability I much prefer Ototo. And picking both makes for some great lists with Lynch, McCabe and Shenlong who have easy access to cheap activations.
  13. Mandatory new book wild speculation thread.

    Asami we know is getting a Conflux upgrade, so I'm guessing she won't get a personal upgrade on top of that. I hope she gets something to become just a little less card reliant. Going full CSI on what we have... There doesn't seem to be the space to give the Emissary the Oni characteristic... Then we have "Oni Model", "Scheme" and "At Least 1"", which I can only hope turns your scheme markers into flicker somehow. Would let you get some more use out of Onis that have flickered out. Dimensional instability or something. It doesn't end in "on:" where the gap is, which the action below does, making me fairly confident this is an ability so whatever it is it's probably passive. Doesn't really look like it though since the following action already says... "...Action", range 8, and has the words "Half Of" and "...rease", which I'm gonna assume is either increase or decrease, which would have to be flicker. It most logically seems like giving up half an Oni's health for more Flicker? Making them perhaps a bit more summon-y and a bit less cruisemissile-y.
  14. Mandatory new book wild speculation thread.

    I just hope the Brewmaster gets a more general upgrade instead of something poison related again like with the Emissary. His AP is infinitely better spent handing out Swills and doing the odd Obey or Pick Your Poison. If it did something with poison it would need to give the Brewmaster both a way to hand out and make use out of poison and it'd need to be good, because as it is now there's nothing using or giving poison enough that you'd want to give up Obeys and Swills for it. He's one of the current weakest masters in the game. This could be a great chance to give him something. I'd be happy with a for his Obey and maybe a fun new trigger on Swill. Actually improving what he does now. All in all though, it's too early to be able to tell or guess anything but too late to really ramp up the hype machine with speculation. Not much to really say or discuss.
  15. Growng Ten Thunders

    If you have Shenlong you already have about 90% of all schemes covered. I would go for Lynch (partly because he's just about my favourite master alongside Brewmaster). He's very strong, very killy, and can work with most units. If you go for Mei Feng or McCabe you're gonna need the Emissary who is about the same price of a new crewbox, so you might want to hold off on that. Samurai don't do anything for Shenlong. They already have 's galore. One can be decent with Lynch, but in general I'd say they're rarely worth it. The problem with Misaki is that she's just not as good as a lot of other masters (Brew, Yan and Misaki really scrape the bottom of the barrel in TT), so depending on how competitive you are you might find yourself leaving her on the shelf a lot. Fun, to be sure, but definitely on the lower end of the spectrum. With Snipers and TTB you already have the gist of TT staples. One inclusion might be the LRM, who can heal up just about anything, though without the Shadow Emissary you shouldn't really be taking them with Shenlong. The Shadow Effigy is also a nice little something. Izamu and the Swordsman are all you need for beaters which go well with just about all masters. Wouldn't need to get more. Well, Yasunori is something that's always brilliant to have and you'd have a big beater in three different price ranges, so... but like the Shadow Emissary he's about as expensive as a crewbox. If you pick Lynch's box you'll have Illuminated who are really quite amazing. Sturdy and hard hitters who are really just top of their price range. I've found a Yin to be quite nifty with her Terrifying and Huggy's obey (obey into terrifying, cheat in ace, paralyze unit and get ace back (rinse and repeat)) and a decent all round piece that works well with a couple of TT masters. The Terracotta Warriors are also a nice addition to a lot of crews, though they're not out yet. If you're going Misaki... There's really not a whole lot to suggest besides general models because she operates fairly independantly of her crew. McCabe and Mei need the Shadow Emissary and Mei needs a fair amount of niche purchases to really make her tick. McCabe would like a high cost minion and a set of Guild Hounds that again, will only be used by him. Brewmaster and Yan Lo I'd not recommend. Fun, to be sure, but very hard to master and even then not very competitive. Also, their boxes bring minions and in Brewmaster's case a Henchman that can't be taken outside of that master, so you'll be left with a lot of models that will rarely (read, never) be taken. Asami requires at least Jorogumo and Obsidian Oni to boot (and realistically, Yasunori), which gets quite expensive fast. If you're stuck on a budget Lynch and Misaki would be your best bets, and with those I'd go for Lynch for both being more forgiving and all-round stronger (and more fun).