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  1. Tokapondora

    Yan Lo: TT or Ressur?

    I've always felt Yan Lo was much better in TT than in Ressers. I haven't seen him in Ressers with wave 5, so something big might've changed there, but TT brings plenty of new things to the table too. Beyond though, in either faction Yan Lo is incredibly easy to play wrong. Pair that against Lilith, who is incredibly easy to play right, and especially beginners are going to struggle getting Yan off the ground. The biggest issue with Yan is that if you don't plan a turn or so ahead, or guess it wrongly, you will struggle to get back on top, and it quickly becomes this domino effect of mispositioning units and cleaning up after the mess that's made. If you want to get results with Yan you're above all going to need a very good feel for positioning, which you'll only gain through experience. You aren't going to stumble into a victory by chance or because your opponent made a few mistakes, which more versatile and easier to pick up masters might get you. It's all going to have to come from your careful planning and execution. What lists have you played so far?
  2. Tokapondora

    Mei Feng Tactica.. ish

    Huh, always thought they only errata'd the Once Per Turn-thing. A bit disappointing but not a massive deal. She can always jump towards a Komainu t1.
  3. Tokapondora

    Mei Feng Tactica.. ish

    Well, it creates a scrap marker free of charge on a (0) that allows Mei to Railwalk to it using a 1+. My first activation with Mei tend to start with jumping to the Porkchop's marker and then the Emissary's marker for 1 AP and a 7+ and a 1+ for a total of about 10-12" of movement, and then you can just Vent Steam twice or w/e, after which Toshiro, who the Emissary pushes 4" and makes fast, can turn those leftover markers into two activations. Having that much more control over the markers and the fast/pushes is a huge boon, especially later on in battle, if you ever need Mei to jump somewhere specifically and fast. And alternatively, the Emissary can lower the Df of enemies with burning up to 2, which is especially nifty with a nicely timed Scalding Breath, and allows Mei an extra attack. And with that for 10(Emissary)+10(Toshiro+Command)+6(Porkchop)+4(LRM)+3(Emberling)+4(Mei's Upgrades) you have 8 activations for 37 SS, if you even want the LRM or Emberling.
  4. Tokapondora

    Mei Feng Tactica.. ish

    You take Toshiro because he's a near guaranteed 2 free Komainu and with that activations turn 1, and any 9+'s after that can easily turn into more if you want to. The fact that he then gives them 's and built in slow/burning to top it off really makes him the biggest reason for me to even take Mei if you don't know whether you're up against something Sh/Ca-y. It's honestly the decent activation control he, the Emissary and Porkchop together give that lets Mei do anything other TT masters don't do better.
  5. Tokapondora

    General Draw Methods in Ten Thunders?

    I mean Shenlong is pretty much the best TT master and Yu is at least for me an auto include for almost half TT's masters. I wouldn't suggest relying on/getting it for that combo though. It's rather opponent/scheme dependent.
  6. Tokapondora

    Rank the TT starters

    The fact that Lynch has the Brilliance theme is what makes him the best starter/demo-er. It's fairly straightforward, but still gives people the feeling of "I made a play". The vast majority of masters are built around some degree of synergy - Misaki is pretty much the odd one out in that so using her is gonna give you a somewhat warped perspective of what the game will be like. Handing people a simple tool or mechanic that can enhance their damage and accuracy, even if the crew can do okay without it, gives them a look into the possibilities and themes the game can give you. And while they get to experiment with different approaches to tackling the problems on the board, the constant sifting for better cards can still catch them when they stumble.
  7. Tokapondora

    Rank the TT starters

    Lynch, Mei and Misaki, easily. They're all fairly straightforward, have a decent box of models and Lynch especially is incredibly forgiving.
  8. Tokapondora

    Shenlong Sniper Crew

    As a keen snipershen enthusiast I'd say the main weaknesses of the list are the low damage, poor defenses and so-so scheming abilities that detract from the already low damage if you choose to focus on them. They fare particularly poorly against sturdy lists or units that dive straight in, and it's 90% fear that's hurting your opponent. Keep one or two key pieces behind cover and just keep playing your game, knowing that your opponent will have a tough time outscoring you. Once you either engage them or start scoring the damage will suddenly drop to 0 in a heartbeat if they want to have any chance of winning.
  9. Tokapondora

    4 Player Team games

    I've played 2v2 games but they're never treated as serious games and every time two people got teamed up half the fun was in trying to find the most broken and ridiculous combinations between their preferred factions. Keep it to 25~30SS+a master per person, shared rarity/no double masters and don't expect balance, is all I can say. The game is really not designed to have masters have each other's back but it's hilarious when you get to put all those what-if scenarios in action. Don't try to force it into some sort of "balance" and just see how far you can push the envelope. If you want a fair match there's normal games.
  10. Tokapondora

    SPOILER WARNING speculation on Minako Rei

    If we're counting 9SS'ers as mid-range beaters we're suddenly flooded with choice. LS, Crime Boss, Graves, Bettari, Kang, Dawn Serpent, Ama no Zako... Some more niche than others but still. If we're looking at where we're lacking it's mainly something 3ish SS for activations, great all-round models in the 6-7 SS range rather than niches and 10+ SS models. I'm hoping for a 7 SS Oni minion, but in the book the Wanyudo is pretty much every tag except Oni and the Katashiro give too much of a support-y vibe to seem like they'd be allowed to be summons. If the TTB is an indicator of its abilities Wanyudo is going to be a charge first, ask questions later kind of model. Which I'm digging. Looking at their mythological roots the Katashiro seem buffy/debuffy, and especially the latter I've always loved. And that leaves Rei. If these four models are meant to be a feasible starting point she'd need to round the crew off a bit through a somewhat damage-y role. Contrasting a giant wheel crashing in spouting fire I'm imagining her somewhat more sneak-y/precision-strike-y, darting in and out of combat, perhaps with poisoned claws and other nasty tricks? I could see poison and then Katashiro's abilities amplifying conditions somehow. Do we know they're going to be fully playable models or could they be encounter-box only?
  11. Tokapondora

    The Road to McCabe

    McCabe is the master for Yasunori thanks to his cheap upgrades and minions, especially now that it's offsetting the extra 1SS. And if complaints are anything to go by, Yass with McCabe already was one of the biggest issue so he should do fine. I made a little guide on him a while back. Should help you get going. You're gonna want Guild Hounds, the Shadow Emissary, a beatstick and some general-use 5ish SS minions. Should really do the trick.
  12. Tokapondora

    Faction rankings?

    Seems a bit early to call out TT for being #1. It's never reached more than average results in the history of its existence, if malifaux rankings are anything to go by. Do you really think GG18 is going to massively change all that?
  13. Tokapondora

    Wave 5 - GG 18 Tier List and Faction Standing

    Not sure you get to overrule the official rules.
  14. Tokapondora

    Ten Thunders Errata from App (NOT CONFIRMED)

    I'm pretty sure she's lost her damage reduction ignoring ability. The text on The Storm has changed to ^. If it was just about mentioning it went from 12" to 8" they wouldn't have left the "Markers placed in this way do not need to be touching each other." in there. That's the entire text of that ability. I mean I'm sure the trigger The Coming Storm is still on The Storm, I hope, but this clearly seems all they've intended to do with this ability. I really feel they should've either went 6" but keep the damage reduction or lose the damage reduction but keep 10-12" range. Both just feels a bit overkill for a model that hasn't even been dominating tournaments, especially when you compare it to other masters.
  15. Tokapondora

    Ten Thunders Errata from App (NOT CONFIRMED)

    @TrisI pointed at Wong for nifty triggers, though Sonnia does get to ignore LoS against burning targets, can place the initial blast marker 2" away and can get that attack up to Ca9 for hitting a target at 22" away. And all of that while she doesn't have to be in base contact with another model. And I compared Yasunori to the Riders because they just about share a statline. If we're comparing it to Archie/Nekima we're at a 13SS model with the same damage output that can't use soulstones. Again, not calling this change out but 3 SS just feels like an insane difference.