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  1. Blood Ascendant @ Top of 2...

    If someone is in a position to remove your Disguise condition they're in a position to remove your Chi, at which point the Disguise is the least of your problems. Luckily, the Soul Porter has an antiremoval aura. But yeah, like Kogan said, the Wastrel and Charm Warder both drop a corpse marker, which in turn gets you a nifty Ashigaru.
  2. McCabe Guide

    Missed a few of those, thanks. Also, if there's any playstyles or strategies you feel really need to be added, by all means go wild.
  3. McCabe Guide

    With "low energy" on the TT forums and some spare time in me life, I went to work on one o' them shiny tacticas. Maybe it gets the ball rolling and some day we'll have one for every master . Naturally these things will always be a work in progress as long as the game's going on, so if you feel I've missed some tricks or synergies or that I'm dead wrong about this or that, do let me know and I'll try to wiggle it in.
  4. McCabe Guide

    Lucas McCabe McCabe is an incredibly versatile master with a slight preference for schemier and spread out games, as a counterpart to Shenlong's bubbly habits. He's fast, everything around him is fast, and he and his crew have a mean bite to boot. He can run with anything, though naturally he has his preferences. A core is roughly going to consist of 3 SS of upgrades, Luna, 2 Guild Hounds and the Shadow Emissary for 5 activations at 23 SS. He doesn't need more than 4 cache and benefits greatly from stuffing any spares above that into improving his crew. Beyond that you can go anywhere. McCabe will want to be engaged as soon as possible, raising his meager defenses, and maintain range and sight to the models he's loaned his stuff to. His Wk 7, his crew's Nimble and 4" pushes every time he hands out upgrades make his crew ridiculously mobile and great at reaching across the board within even just a turn. He is fairly reliant on his crew to do most of the scheming, with McCabe being the centerpoint they all converge on, though around the end of the fourth turn he's a great option to suddenly send off into the distance to do some last minute scheming of his own. Upgrades McCabe's upgrades are key to his playstyle, and he has a large range of to choose from with only 3(4) slots to put them. This tends to be easier than you'd think, seeing as there's a handful you could call auto includes. Loot Bag The easiest pick because at its core it's a 1 SS upgrade that turns itself into a 2 SS upgrade. Literally no reason not to pick it. It can also turn another McCabe upgrade into any McCabe upgrade, which might be nice if you're caught off guard and don't have a Terracotta Warrior with you, but you're rarely gonna need it for that. Use this turn 1 to transform it into a Glowing Sabre and you're a happy camper. Promises McCabe likes to hand out upgrades, so giving models with upgrades a to their Ml and Wp is a perfect fit for him. For me it's nearly impossible to pry this from his card. Glowing Sabre Whether it's on McCabe or on another model, this card gives you so many options. Your weakest unit can get a respectable damage track that ignores just about everything, McCabe gets a string of nifty new options on every suit... It's just a great upgrade, and the best contender to Terracotta Warrior into getting multiples of. Badge of Speed Probably McCabe's most distinct upgrade, and it should start on the Shadow Emissary. It saves you 2 SS, and with that your Shadow Emissary starts a turn with a Nimble walk, tossing this upgrade along with a push onto whatever model, using its Rite of Strength to give that model another push+fast. And beyond Nimbling your crew, it lets you reactivate minions, which is even better. Be it a Charm Warder, Illuminated or Dawn Serpent - if it does something well once it probably won't mind doing it again... And with those you have your three main upgrades, with Loot Bag into Glowing Sabre and Promises on McCabe and Badge of Speed on your Shadow Emissary. That just leaves us with one slot to fill. Cloak of Invisibility For 1 SS you're getting Perfect Camouflage, which helps McCabe with his biggest weakness of being weak against range and Don't Mind Me and Disguised on your crew, which turns any model into a respectable scheme runner. It's my go-to for the types of games I take McCabe. Strangemetal Shirt The biggest rival of Cloak of Invisibility, mainly focused around giving McCabe some resilience. On your crew it hands out a bubble of resilience, which can be great too, but is brought down by being a bit more awkward to use. Overall a great upgrade, but unfortunately one that you'd mostly want to keep on McCabe, which runs a bit counter to how you get the most out of him. Elixir of Life The last upgrade I'd call an option, but it's a niche one. A heal is nice, Regenerate is nice, Unimpeded is nice... but it comes at a 2 SS price tag. And while you could use Loot Bag to swap this one in too, even at 1 SS it's facing tough competition in that Cloak of Invisibility and Strangemetal Shirt. It's nice to have the option though, especially with the Terracotta Warriors being able to swap Loot Bags back in. And you really shouldn't look much further than that. TT's generic upgrades just don't mesh too well with how you'd like to use McCabe. Models McCabe can carry any crew and make it better, and in listing the models McCabe can work with you might as well be listing the entire TT catalog, so here's models that stand out with McCabe specifically. Shadow Emissary This is the #1 autoinclude model for me, above even the Guild Hounds. Its effect with McCabe might not spring out as particularly spectacular, but with the ability to take a free upgrade the Shadow Emissary becomes, for all intents and purposes, an 8 SS model. And a darn good one at that. Its Rite of Strength's push+fast action that is usually restricted to Enforcers and Henchmen with upgrades now works on any NonCabe crewmember. Take This allows it to hand out a second 4" push if it's holding any of McCabe's upgrades. The Explorer's Call even allows you to hold 4 of McCabe's upgrades. It's just such a solid model you're getting a discount on and so synergetic with McCabe's playstyle that it completely vanquishes its competition in this price range (looking at yu, Yu). Luna+Guild Gounds Now these guys are half the reason you're taking McCabe in the first place. They're TT's best source of cheap activations, only matched by Shenlong's Peasants. And unlike the peasants, they're much more than some free focus and an activation. They're fast, tiny and independent, and with that amazing scheme runners. While the Wonder Weasel would be great with McCabe, the usefulness of the extra activations the Guild Hounds give completely overshadows it. The only question you need to ask yourself is "How Many?" (to which the answer is 2 or 3). Terracotta Warriors We shouldn't be surprised here, since these buggers seem to find themselves in just about every TT list to start with. With McCabe's light preference for upgrades and Minions however, these guys shine. Mold Of The Other works on Minions and Enforcers, which cover 99% of McCabe's lists, which is nifty. Now Ancient Treasure is where they get nasty. McCabe's upgrades are his toolbox - you use whatever you think might come in handy at the start of the match and have to leave the rest behind. With these, you don't, and can swap in whatever you want whenever you need. What's more, as long as an upgrade with the same name isn't attached to McCabe, you can even sneak in doubles of McCabe's upgrades. Do we really need three Glowing Sabres or four Badges of Speed? I don't know. But I know I want the option. You can even use them to give your Enforcers and Henchmen extra Recalled Trainings if you're ever feeling you won't be needing McCabe's upgrades anymore. Yasunori TT's very own angry pony. Now McCabe doesn't do too much with this guy that other masters can't, but he does it all just a bit better. 8" pushes+fast+nimble vs 10" pushes+fast, 3~4 activations for 10~13 SS to offset the 12/13 SS price tag vs some Peasants/free Huggy, and a penchant for taking strong minions and Glowing Sabre, both loving Yasunori's Kodoku. Just an amazing model who McCabe can take while maintaining a decent amount of activations. Dawn Serpent/Jorogumo These models won't be found in a lot of lists, but with McCabe they're suddenly given new life. Being able to reactivate a 9 or 10 SS minion tends to have some devastating effects on top of that extra activation. Now personally I tend to go for the Dawn Serpent on account of it having Ml and Sh 7 vs the Jorogumo's pitiful Ml5, though the Jorogumo gets a 0 attack on top of that and Eat Your Fill for 1 SS less. You won't see them in every list but anything big and minionny will benefit greatly from McCabe's shenanigans. Gwyneth Maddox+Illuminated As an alternative to the Dawn Serpent or Jorogumo, with Gwyneth Maddox and an Illuminated McCabe gives you a reactivating 4/6/7 damage track. That is a lot. Focus it all on one unit, spread it out between two - it's all up to you. By themselves a GwynIllu pair gives you one activation of set-up and one activation of high damage, which isn't exactly worth the 15 SS, but with McCabe's Black Flash you suddenly double your attacks, and with fast you're even giving a fifth attack at that 4/6/7. This is fairly combo-oriented however. An Illuminated is hardly a bad purchase so you can live without Gwyneth, but without the Illuminated she veers towards being dead weight/an expensive scheme runner. Beyond that there's some smaller synergies found across his hiring pool, which can give both overlooked and staple units a new purpose. Wastrels and Wardens can both add 's to their duel totals, giving the Glowing Sabre a 3/5/6 damage track on these cheap minions. Ten Thunder Brothers can increase the range of their Glowing Sabre up to 4", with its damage track complimenting the sturdiness of the TTB turning them into formidable beatsticks. The Obsidian Oni's heal is normally restricted to models with upgrades, which McCabe turns into a heal on any model. Torakage and Rail Workers can get a to their attack and damage flips, which suddenly gets a lot more significant on a Glowing Sabre attack.
  5. Schemes & Stones Pre-Jan 2018 Errata (Ten Thunders)

    The more people talk about the upcoming erratas the more I feel like Wyrd shouldn't errata weaker models to become viable. Across every SS range there's some decent alternatives, and the game's already starting to show some signs of bloat. Some models didn't make the cut and that's a shame, but there's plenty of existing models that can take their place. The only things that really need to get buffed are the weakest bottom-of-the-barrel masters, in our case Brewmaster. As for nerfs, here too I hope they keep it light. The game's survived for years with minimal cuddling and did quite well because it got people to actually think of ways to defeat certain models, only tackling things that actually break the game or are just not fun to play against. The '17 errata seems to have created an eagerness to nerf things people haven't adapted to yet. Really hoping these too will be kept to a minimum, mostly taking a look at a few dominating masters.
  6. Is it because of Lady Justice?

    I'm not sure saying TT placing above Guild means TT is too strong, favoured or dominating. It'd sooner hint to problems with Guild instead. http://www.malifaux-rankings.com/#/events Here's the UK's tourney rankings, where TT seems to do rather dismally. It seems to measure from May 2017 onward only, but http://www.malifaux-rankings.com/#/factions places them last. Like @skoatz said, I wouldn't call TT weak, but I'd disagree with them being a problem. The new toys may prove otherwise but up until that point it seems middle of the road-y at best. Edit, nifty list like @4thstringer gave us to spare you the hassle; Best position for Guild and TT respectively in 20+ people tournaments... 1/32 Troubleshooters 2 26/17 Enforcers Assemble 3/14 League of Extraordinary Henchmen 2017 6/11 Here be Dragons 2017 12/4 Vappafaux 2017 2/6 Zoned Out 13/21 Lost Love 5 7/3 Snowdown II 3/12 Infaux Overload 5/6 Broken Promises 2/11 Under the Hanging Tree - Hot off the Press 1/10 Pork's Rift 1/7 April Faux 18/11 Haul of Eggs 5 6/8 Spring Breach 2017 7/15 Cow Wars 4 4/16 Spring Showdown III 3/15 Heartfaux 2017 7/5 No Faux King Clue 9/19 Malfunctional 6/3 Pig Daddy 5/13 Under the Hanging Tree - Strength of the Fallen 14/13 English GT 2017 3/7 Scottish GT 17 3/14 Summer Showdown 14/20 Pigfaux 2 1/11 Tinker, Taelor, Soldier, Spy 8/12 Fluffy Bunny Roadkill 6/3 Boarfaux 2 12/1 Somer'Faux 1/18 Falldown III That's 1 First place and 3 top 3's total for TT vs Guild's 12 top 3's, 5 of which are #1. With TT scoring above Guild only 8 times out of 31. Guild averaging at 6.6th place and TT on 11.1.
  7. What about Ten Thunders erratas ?

    The Storm is way too early to make any judgement calls over yet. It does something new and shiny so people'll have adjust to, which tends to immediately get people demanding nerfs. I'm not saying don't touch it, but if some weeks in you already start the background noise of "Nerf Nao" it's simply gonna echo through these forums as people look to. From what I've seen it doesn't seem more oppressive than Sonnia or Wong's blasta palooza, especially with their extra , only with your master in enemy lines instead of ~12", but then again I've only seen it four times and two of those matches was me playing her. I'm kind of afraid this new errata everything mindset is going to set in and the forums are going to morph from "Here's how you adjust" to "This is definitely too strong". 4 out of 5 times, if someone alphas Yass into my arms I can let him take one unit after which my crew takes him out. Giving him even just Melee Expert would be a huge blow to him, as a 12 SS unit with a 3/4/5 track. And if you want to top that off by removing flying all you've done is make sure that model will never see play again. I honestly feel most complaints stem from an "I don't like it" place rather than Yass actually being too strong. There's plenty of models I find a hassle, Yass included, but they're in no way something you can't play around. He's not an auto take, he doesn't render models redundant or completely useless, doesn't dominate tournaments, and what you lose to him is ultimately a choice you make depending on your positioning.
  8. What about Ten Thunders erratas ?

    The issue people seem to have with him is that he swoops in and deletes a model or two before dying himself, while making it hard to position against that swoop because he can get everywhere. Lowering his defenses wouldn't stop people complaining in the slightest. Now admittedly, I genuinely think he is fine. Yeah, on the stronger end of the TT spectrum, but still well within the acceptable model range. He's fast and makes a lot of attacks, but folds against Armor, inco, high Df, nasty triggers and soulstones, leaving his target options fairly limited. This may just be my meta talking but you can't send Yass down the rabbit hole willy nilly and expect him to take anything of particular significance down. You'll get twoish midrange units, generally totaling Yasu's cost, after which the opposing crew will make sure to delete Yasu. If you play him more conservatively he can generally harass some more models to death over the course of the game, but that's not what people are complaining about and imo a fairly acceptable role to take. Most of the complaints I've had seem to be centered around him introducing a new playstyle people aren't quite used to in TT and once they've gotten familiar with it it's no more damaging than a well utilized Howard or Nekima.
  9. The Enforcer Problem

    @SAYNEI definitely get what you're saying about TT veering towards being staple central over each master having, well, their own staples. I'd say it's really not an issue though. Where some masters and factions like intricate machines with each model making it spin harder, others simply prefer the straightforward "good models". Tends to get less flashy results, but does so slightly more consistently. This is very much a case of personal preference. Some masters and players like theme and combos, others do better without. TT masters, being largely dual faction, will have to be compatible with generic models because both factions they dip into will have to gel with them. And in the current gamestate specifically they kind of need the slightly stronger generic options. Their masters tend to be weaker in just about all factions they dual in and in most of those factions are well on the bottom half of the power scale. Unless you want the entirety of TT to be scraping the bottom you'll need to give TT some good models to make up for their "okay" masters. With the influence of so many different factions you won't get a lot of overarching gameplay mechanics so they need to be good in a generic sense because you can't give each master their very own set of models. As for the forums (all forums, really) - they're naturally going to be something of an echo chamber. The people who post the most will have their opinion heard more often, conformation bias tends to run rampant, people look at the forums for strong things and thus never venture from those things as they keep parroting it.... In reality the problem areas are far more local-meta-bound and the preferred models player-bound.. I like Yasunori as much as the next guy but even thinking of alphastriking is punished hard in my meta. Some models that are hardly given a look here serve me brilliantly in actual games because they're perfectly specialized for whatever "niche" situation I encounter. I like and get a lot more out of certain models simply because their playstyle aligns better with mine. At least in TT most price ranges will have at least 3 models actively vying for attention - possibly because they're so detached in theme and synergy. Some models you'll hear more often because not taking terrain/schemes/matchups into account they're a bit better. Repeat that they're generically good often enough and people will subtly veer towards seeing that as the obvious and perhaps even only option.
  10. The Enforcer Problem

    Why should models of similar price be weaker or stronger based on their keywords? Being a Henchman lets you use Soulstones and equip two upgrades. That by itself tends to give a bit of a boost and is also why a lot of stronger beaters are enforcers; with SS use and more upgrades models like Yasunori would be absolute nightmares. Let 8 SS models be as strong as 8 SS models; being a henchman simply means you get to invest more SS into your model, be it through upgrades or general use.
  11. Fuhatsu and Steam Gatling Bursts

    I've always wondered why anyone'd use Fuhatsu when Lazarus exists. One SS extra, sure, but he can be pushed, has a built in Ml attack, blast on his (1), min damage of 3 and double blast at severe on an attack flip that can be cheated, auto-fire to make up for the possible refiring trigger, also has a self heal, more health, can copy an action... He's Fuhatsu but better in every single way.
  12. Wave 5 Upgrade scoop

    That'd require me to take Yu, a TCW and Recalled Training, all so you'd get 1 extra attack on a with a 1/3/4 damage track. And some burning, sure, but unless you're at 10+ burning you won't have any use for that since it'll be gone before you get to use it. Shen just doesn't have the attacks to make use of this ability in any significant way. Instead of three 1/3/4 attacks I could simply spend Shen's AP on buffing other models who do about as much damage in Shen's 5 AP in 2 or 3.
  13. Wave 5 Upgrade scoop

    I wouldn't take Yin or Yang even though I have enough upgrade space to run both. They're bland and subpar cards that struggle to compare to even a soulstone. I get that they didn't want Shenlong to become even stronger, but above all these cards are just very boring. They're not interesting alternatives, they're not intricate new gears in his machine, they're just kinda bad cards that lack any real point. As for ditching his normal upgrades; it's his upgrades that allow Shen to be usable in the first place. Without them he'd be one of if not the weakest masters in TT with a bad damage track and survivability, very little in the buffing department and even less to do with any of the conditions he might be gaining.
  14. What about Ten Thunders erratas ?

    I'd say only fix it if it proves to be overpowered. As it is now it seems more like a weird little gimmick that doesn't particularly contribute to suddenly being too strong or awful to play against (though, admittedly, I've always been a fan of quirky interactions).
  15. What about Ten Thunders erratas ?

    I just hope the erratas are kept as small as possible. Look at the models that are blatantly overpowered or NPE-y and don't bother with buffs unless it's for masters. Most bad models have plenty of great competition in their price range and really don't need to be dragged in there - at some point you're just cluttering up the game with erratas. They weren't up to par and such is life; can't all be winners. It's just masters that you can't ignore being bad because every one of them can be someone's first or only tie to the game. They're so integral to any crew that any one of them needs to be viable - maybe not competitively in all strats, but generally speaking. For our cheaper masters Yan got some great new toys so it's a bit too early to tell, Misaki didn't get any better at what she did and just got a situational alternative, Mei got some very lackluster upgrades for her already completely filled slots and the Brewmaster got cheaper Wesley and a situational cost reduction for one of his actions - nothing to actually fix or enhance his very lacking abilities and actions. The others are all fine, so I think it's most important to focus on the last three. For other models, maybe look at a model or so per faction that you can actually let fill a niche but beyond that I say leave it. Fuhatsu will always be an inferior Lazarus unless you give him giant numbers (min 3 wouldn't cut it realistically). High River Monks are poorly designed from the ground up. The most obvious buffs Ototo wants only turn him more and more into an Izamu reskin. Keep it to models who clearly have potential, only with something wonky in the details (see the LRM that got the vote last year). Don't go for models that make you go "That's garbage" - go for models that make you go "That's a waste". Archers and their contentious price range, Oiran and their unsuited Lure, Yamaziko and her low numbers where it matters...