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  1. Condition removal?

    Good point - that's a kind of sneaky Condition "masking" effect, that could result in removal if you do it right.
  2. Brewmaster AND/or Zoraida??

    I love that the Criers are Ht1! It's ludicrous! They've got so much scope to just swoop in on a Skeeter and negate a model or two for "Ours", while counting themselves. They can negate the "Ply" & "Executions" conditions, and they have an okay Ml attack as well. Very cool.
  3. Brewmaster AND/or Zoraida??

    Yeah, the Criers are looking more & more awesome. Still haven't played one yet, but they do a lot. Re: "Disable It", are you thinking to fly the Skeeters up using one of their own AP, then use an Obey from Brewy so that you get two cracks at it?
  4. Brewmaster AND/or Zoraida??

    Haha! I was just talking about the Tanuki for that S&S pool, and here you go giving me the Moon Shinobi as another great option! Perhaps I should just stop fighting it? If my opponent declares Rezzers in that round, i think i might just fold and go the way of the Brew... I do love stripping cards out of the hand, tho. It's so powerful. Between that & Swill, he sure does have some great generic shut-down abilities. So Brewy could get Fast from the Tanuki, and with Wesley on board as well that's a potential 5 cards that Binge might extract. Would probably want to do one Swill tho, to set it up.
  5. Brewmaster AND/or Zoraida??

    Thanks! I'm certainly envious of all your positive experiences with Brewy, and I'm looking forward to creating my own fond memories with him, but it turns out that for this tournament, I'm going to go with Zoraida I dunno - I just fancy a change, I think. And also, one of the Rounds is "Ours", with "Public Demonstration" & "Set Up" in the Scheme pool. And I don't think that I'm a strong enough man to not take the Pigapult + 3 Tanuki list for that one... so it's probably best I just avoid it!!
  6. Condition removal?

    Yeah, I know - he's problematic. Has a lot going for him, but at that price point he's a little slow, and a little fragile. He already took a nerfcuddle tho, so I'd be surprised to see a buff in the pipeline.
  7. Hard Counters

    Zipp is obviously a good choice then, to counter various things. So if you don't know who your opponent is going to be running, he's probably a very good, flexible take-on-all-comers kind of Master. What about Henchmen, Enforcers and below? If you're dedicated to running a Master that isn't Zipp, what other sorts of models have particular utility against the usual sorts of things that certain factions are known for? For instance, The Guild. Known for their Armor, and their ranged weapons. Probably not a lot you can do against ranged weapons per se, unless you count the cover-generating abilities of McTavish and the Bushwhackers. Armor denial, we can take Lightning Bugs, Banjonistas, Aionus, and - as @Sol_Sorrowsong mentioned - Swine Cursed. So, what are the things we're stereotypically likely to face in each Faction, and which Gremlin/Merc models have obvious strengths against those things: Arcanists: Armor_Casting_Burning - Lightning Bugs, Banjonistas, Swine Cursed, Aionus, Strongarm Suit_McTavish, Hannah, Sue, Aionus_Lenny, Mud Toss, BBB. Gremlins: Reckless_High Activations_Slow_Poison - Anything that can deal slow_Cheap models_Mud Toss, Lenny_Mud Toss, Lenny, Akaname. Guild: Armor_Shooting - as above_McTavish, Bushwhackers. Outcasts: ummm...anything & everything? - ummm... Resurrectionists: HtW/ItW_HtK_Summoning_Incorporeal - Moon Shinobi_Swine Cursed_Bayou Gremlins, Taxidermist, Taelor_Lightning Bugs, Aionus. Neverborn: Df tech_Melee_Black Blood_Terror Checks - Moon Shinobi, Bishop_anything shooty?_Lenny, Sue. Ten Thunders: ummm...anything & everything MkII? - yep...
  8. Condition removal?

    Fair enough - I wasn't sure of how much the other Factions had. Looks like Guild are the big winners here, especially with the Witchling Stalker - 5ss, needs a 3+ , 12" range. Pretty good. @DanteJH one possible way to approach this sideways is to take Lenny, as he's immune to all conditions. He's very different in application to the Whisky Golem tho, so this suggestion may be of no use. Still, if you can get him upfield, and keep him healed, he could make a good beater against the Rezzers.
  9. Condition removal?

    I didn't say they were the only Faction that's lacking Condition removal options. Sounds like Arcanists aren't all that well off either, but let's be honest: the Arcane Effigy's removal is automatic, even though it's only for a 2" range. And it's on a 4ss model. Bargain. I'll grant you that the Medical Automaton isn't flash for condition removal. It looks alright for removing conditions for friendlies, because it has a couple of tricks for placing next to them. Also, the 2 min dmg will usually be reduced by Armour. And in that case, you just need a low Tome. Also, a very cheap model, so it's pretty good at looking after its own crew, which really is what it's meant to do. Anyway - this isn't a contest. I'd like to see something along the lines of the Arcane Effigy within Gremlins - or even a cheap voodoo witch doctor Gremlin doing similar things to the Automaton - but it's not necessarily a bad thing if a Faction has its weaknesses. Maintains differentiation between Factions, and means you just have to work around it.
  10. Condition removal?

    Thing is, Condition Removal is huge in GG2018: both "Ply For Information" & "Public Executions" utilise Conditions for scoring, and those Conditions can just be removed by Johan et al. Does this now make us think seriously about taking Johan in every other list? I'm not sure. I'm leaning towards Mancha, because I want to keep it green, but there's definitely an increased value to Condition removal now, so I'm pretty damned envious now of cheap pieces like Witchling Stalkers & the Arcane Effigy
  11. Condition removal?

    Yep - that is indeed it. I've been worrying about this recently myself, and have come to the conclusion that we're just a "Condition removal-poor" Faction, I'm afraid. BBB: 7ss, needs an 8, 6" range. Meh. Mud Toss: 10 or 12ss, needs a 6, 8" range. Not bad, but it means that either Mancha or McTavish must be in the crew, and they're both big ticket items. With whom you'd rather be killing, than daintily running around supporting the much-reduced rest of the crew. Good models in their own rights tho, of course. Johan: 8ss, needs a 4, 10" range. The best option, sadly (for pure condition removal), and that's why I was gutted about his recent price increase. He's a big hitter tho, which helps. Still - only 2ss more than Mancha + Mud Toss... But Trixie could always "Lure" Johan up to 18" towards the enemy to get stuck in.
  12. Hard Counters

    Good counters for Rezzers might be Moon Shinobi, especially with Brewy or Zoraida, as Brewy could Swill them, and with Zoraida a Nurse could give them Armour +2 AND a to Duels. Taelor is also available against Rezzers, but I always have issues keeping her alive. She's a bit of a target. So what else is good against Rezzers? Anything with Ca attacks, I guess, plus Swine Cursed & Wong's "Magical" target, of course. What about against Neverborn? I'm not really sure what the Neverborn bring that needs to be countered...
  13. Hard Counters

    Chums! Was just wondering, what models do we have access to, that function as hard counters against the stereotypical traits of different Factions? I saw mentioned in a different thread that Aionus, Anna Lovelace, Hannah & Sue are all good counters against Arcanists. And from within Gremlins, I guess McTavish is good to Gator Snack on scrap markers, Sparks can use up Scrap Markers, and Lightning Bugs & Banjonistas ignore Armour. What else?
  14. App bug with Sammy's Upgrade ability

    Just realised that I hadn't checked the text on Sammy's own card (rookie mistake), and yep - it specifies there that no other model may take the same Upgrade that she takes. Whoops! Off to report an App bug, then...
  15. App bug with Sammy's Upgrade ability

    Noticed a weird thing in the Malifaux App: Sammy could be given Master-specific Upgrades that I'd already assigned to the Master. I'd never considered that a possibility. So I looked in the small rulebook, and didn't see anything forbidding it. No nested rule saying that Master-specific Upgrades are also Rare 1 by default. Has anyone actually played a crew exploiting this? Is it common knowledge, and it's just my assumptions letting me down again? So how about Brewmaster's crew doing up to 7 Binges per turn (fast Brewy from a Tanuki (4), Wesley (1), and fast Sammy from an Iron Skeeter (3))? What other filth is out there, I wonder... Edit: see below...