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  1. Bazlord_Prime

    Som'er in GG18

    10 stones is a chunk. I've had limited happiness taking it with Zoraida, for that card manipulation. But, it tends to get focused down fairly quickly. I'll keep trying, also to leverage the Slow/Paralysed thing (oh yeah - that also works quite well with the Doll), and try to protect it better. Haven't been tempted to use it with anyone else, though (apart from Somer).
  2. Bazlord_Prime

    Som'er in GG18

    Does anybody take the Emissary with him? It seems like on Bayou Two Card could be great. But the positioning is probably difficult. Gun lines aren't all they're cracked up to be, and there's not a hugely flexible array of models that have BTC. Pretty damned good for Somer himself, but perhaps not at 10ss...
  3. It's true, she's not exactly "one of the lads". Neither's Marcus much, tho. Last I read about him, he was stealing a Rogue Necromancy away from McMourning?
  4. Oh wow! I completely missed that Arcanists only have the one infiltrator. Well now - there's where to focus attentions. I reckon Kaeris might go a little renegade in order to "spread her wings" a little, chafing under the leadership of Ironside...
  5. Arcanist/Gremlin: we Greens have been getting a few suspiciously Arcanist-y models lately (Sparks & Mechanized Porkchop being "Foundry", and others that use Burning when there's no in-faction synergy with Burning), so I suspect this may be in the works already. Also, this combo is the only one glaringly missing (every other non-10T faction already has 3 dual Masters). But a Rezzer/Gremlin voodoo dude would be sweet. There seems to be a LOT of support for this one. I don't necessarily think the game *needs* more Masters... But it does need this πŸ˜‰
  6. Bazlord_Prime

    Third Gremlin Dual-Faction Master?

    Thanks! In my mind, he's called "Barren Same-day", and he's a little Gremlin who became obsessed with the pony express mail delivery system of the humans. He took it upon himself to start delivering mail to all the families in the Bayou, even though there never was any mail (hence the "barren" mailbag), because Gremlins can't write. Or, if they can, they've got better things to do, anyway. Then he was eaten by a Bayou Gator after straying off the beaten path a little too close to Kythera, and that - along with his mantra that the mail will always get through! - saw him come back from the dead to continue his work. Now, he's creating a postal service of undead Gremlins to properly service the Bayou. If he builds it, then the letters will surely follow... πŸ˜‰
  7. Bazlord_Prime

    Third Gremlin Dual-Faction Master?

    Yeah, exactly. Possibly an M&SU Gremlin. Maybe. I'm imagining that it would be a complete fire fanatic - a natural pyromaniac - who the M&SU decided would be useful in the foundries. Maybe she uses swamp gases as fuel, and tries to make biomechanical "sculptures" out of her enemies. And friends... And she uses a mechanised frame, like Ripley does in "Aliens". But actually, this is probably starting to sound too much like Hoffman, right? Still - copying the human Masters is kind of what the Gremlins do...
  8. Bazlord_Prime

    Third Gremlin Dual-Faction Master?

    I'm dead-keen for a Bokor-friendly voodoo rezzer Gremlin as well! A swampy green Baron Samedi character. Some more Rooster dudes would also rock. So we have future options, at least!
  9. Bazlord_Prime

    Third Gremlin Dual-Faction Master?

    All the non-10T factions have 3 dual-faction Masters. Except for Gremlins, and Arcanists. It always struck me as a little odd that that was the case, and I wondered if Wong wasn't originally intended to be a dual Master, being a magic user. But, he isn't. Lately though, we've been getting quite a few new models that have obvious Arcanist cross-over potential: Sparks & Mechanized Porkchop are both "Foundry", who can be hired by Mei Feng. Banjonistas, Iron Skeeters, Mech Porkchop & Sparks can all put Burning on enemies, as can ol' Merris, and it looks as though the new Backdraft models will feature a bit more Burning, but we don't have any native models that synergise with/capitalise on Burning (except for the Visio Voodoo Doll, I guess). Which makes me think that there might be a Kaeris-like Gremlin in the works. What do y'all think? Maybe Merris should be taken on as Kaeris' apprentice, become a Henchman, and go on to show Kaeris the wonders of Bayoulife... πŸ˜‰
  10. Just to play Devil's Advocate a little, what about Masters you reckon you'd never touch? Who just do nothing for you, aesthetically or otherwise? Arcanists: Ramos, Ironsides, Sandeep, Mei Feng. Just ... Meh. Guild: Nellie. Just can't stand that model. Maybe if an Alt. comes around... Neverborn: Dreamer. Outcasts: Parker, Hamelin, Leveticus. Leve maybe just for the Four Horsemen thing tho. Rezzers: Nicodem, Kirai, Reva. The first two scare me with their hiring pool requirements! Reva just doesn't click for me.
  11. I'm all over Gremlins, and I have a few Guild that I haven't really played yet, so: Arcanists: Kaeris, Rasputina. Fire & Ice. I guess I like the traditional elemental magics?? Guild: Lucius, Hoffman, Perdita, Lady J, Sonnia, Nightmare McCabe. Regular McCabe doesn't speak to me at all, but the aesthetics of Rollins Black's crew is just amazing. Lucius is such a sh*t to his own troops, it's amazing! Hoffman has an interesting mechanic. Perdita just looks so directly badass, as does Lady J (plus: Burying!). Sonnia is McBlasty-Blasty, and shoots flames. Fun!! Neverborn: Lilith, Lynch: Lilith as the Mother of Monsters, with the classic Nephilim beasts, is so thematic. For me, Lynch's card & cheating abilities really tie into the core mechanics of Malifaux, bringing out the poker/bluffing aspect. Outcasts: Von Schill, Viktorias, Jack Daw. The Freikorps look like the Colonial Marines of Malifaux. "Absolutely BADASSES!!" Viktorias have fun synergies. Jack looks to have an interesting mechanic. Rezzers: Tara, Yan Lo. I like Tara's complexity. Yan Lo cause he's the one missing piece of the "Big Trouble In Little China" homage (but when is Wyrd going to give us The Three Storms??). Ten Thunders: Asami. Just cause I freakin' love the mythological Asian monsters, and in-game most of them are Oni.
  12. Bazlord_Prime

    Unboxing Malifaux - 'Vintage Somer Teeth Jones'

    See - that gun actually looks like a Boomer that would fire out blasts. Not like that weird stick-thing the standard M2e Somer is holding. Like it! Might need to save up them Guilders...
  13. Bazlord_Prime

    Three Demon Bag - Cursed Bacon?

    Thanks! Can't say I disagree about the pricing. It really does seem to need to come down to 1ss, or as you say, have Bacon Curse baked in. Well - if it's to be used against high-calibre targets. I'll try it again tomorrow night against mid-level targets and see what happens... One option I haven't explored yet is putting 3Demons on Sammy. I'd be loath to lose her having either Sparkly, or Ooo Glowy, and it's against fluff, because it's Wong's model that's carrying the damned bag, but it could be a thing...
  14. Bazlord_Prime

    Three Demon Bag - Cursed Bacon?

    Okay, so I gave this a go at my weekly game, last night, and ummm... nup. It didn't work. TL;DR - turned no-one into Pigs, but I was shooting too high with it, but it really did help me out just as a Ca Attack that can be used while engaged. So: I'll be honest! I didn't really go about it all that smartly, and there were some side benefits that arose from doggedly trying to turn my opponent's crew into Piglets, but alas - no pork was to be had. So, I took the following-following list, for the following strats & schemes: Ply for Information - Corner Deployment - Surround Them (Always) (Gremlins) - Dig Their Graves (2) (Neverborn) - Set Up (3) (Gremlins & NB) - Inescapable Trap (6) - Vendetta (12) GREMLINS Wong (6ss cache) - Three Demon Bag - Ooo Glowy - Dirty Cheater Malifaux Child Sammy LaCroix - Sparkly Lights Gremlin Crier Swine Cursed Bayou Gremlin Aionus - Do Over - Dirty Cheater NEVERBORN Titania (5ss Cache) - Fears Given Form - Behold My Glory - Royal Indignation Primordial Magic Cyclops - Retribution's Eye The Thorn The Tooth Rougarou Will O' The Wisp Miss Deeds So, the first turn was all about positioning. Second turn, Wong got stuck in with his bacon-making attempts, having three cracks at Titania. BIG mistake (obviously, but I was all enthusiastic about having a couple of big cards + the Red Joker in my hand). While all three attacks get through, the problems were: always needing that second Tome (so I used 2 stones, I think); Titania has Impossible to Wound, so I was usually on a double negative to damage, meaning my opponent would stone to remove 1-2 damage and prevent the trigger from going off. Only one of the attempts went through to the TN12 Wp duel stage, and with Wp7 to start, he easily made it. On the positive side, my opponent did burn 3 of his stones during all that (damage reduction attempts), and he also cheated through most of his cards (and all of his high ones, to boot). So I thought I might be able to sneak through a cheeky fourth attempt with the Malifaux Child, and I nearly did! But of course, his "Royal Indignation" upgrade reduces all damage from Peons by 2, so...yep. Minimum damage was automatically reduced to zero 😞 By the third turn, Wong was engaged by Titania and the Thorn, and this is where the other side-benefit of Three Demon Bag became apparent. Usually, when I get Wong in engagement, I have trouble getting him out. I know he has his Ml trigger to place away, but that needs the right card, or a stone, to be fairly certain. And it's only Ml 5, so it's not as reliable as I'd like. It's also kind of a waste of AP, since it doesn't do a lot of damage, and you're forced to attack a model that's engaging Wong, whereas there might've been a more critical target to attack. This of course means that his Lightning Jump attack can't be used, which is a real shame 😞 Three Demon Bag, on the other hand, allowed me to Ca Attack out of engagement at both the Will O' The Wisp and the Puke Snake, killing them in one attack each (due to bypassing Incorporeal), and also releasing my Swine Cursed from being Incorporeal thanks to the Primordial's Attack Condition (that was crucial, as the Swine was legging it around the perimeter of the board, accomplishing Surround Them all by himself). So what I took away from that game was: - Three Demon Bag (TDB) is decent just for it's general attack. Especially if you're expecting Incorporeal enemies. 2 stones is still a bit hefty, but maybe if you know that your opponent isn't going to be bunching up, or if you know that you don't necessarily want to blast the crud out of them (such as during Ply?), it might be worth considering; - don't aim at Masters with TDB, cause that's just a great way to waste AP and stones, and still not get any Piglets on the board. Okay - maybe if you know that they're all out of stones, all out of high cards, and the Master has a lowish Wp stat and no HtW/ItW. Maybe... - And don't try to turn smaller Minions and Peons into Piglets, as you'll probably just kill them outright first, or give them a model (Piglet) that is actually better than their original! - Probably the best targets for the Bacon Curse are the middling cost ones, that can't use stones. I'm kicking myself for never even trying to turn The Tooth and The Thorn into Pigs, as with Wp 5 and no stone usage, I probably would've gotten them both. And then Aionus could've done his thing. So I'll try this again next game, and just try to be smart about it. As it was, I still walked away the winner 8-5, so I don't think that taking TDB - and using pretty much all of Wong's AP on it during the game - hurt me at all. Cheers!
  15. Bazlord_Prime

    Three Demon Bag - Cursed Bacon?

    Just had a little revelation another use for Three Demon Bag's "Bacon Curse": it's really Wong's Gremlin-skewed version of the "Glimpse the Void" trigger (it needs a to trigger, demands an unopposed TN13 Wp duel, and buries the target). It's better in some ways (the target model can be buried even when there's already something else buried, and it only gets to come back once the summoned Piglet dies), but worse in others (your opponent gets a Piglet, which might give them an extra activation, and it can be placed within charge range of Wong, unless he subsequently runs away). So: Aionus. He's a big investment, but he can smack on anything that's buried. From anywhere. And if he's Wong's Glowy + "Ooo Glowy" target, that gives him a 3/4/6 damage track (that could even go to 4/5/7, if the target has Fast or Slow). But, this all still needs the target to be hit with an extra tome, be damaged, and then fail a middling TN duel for it to happen. Heck - I'm going to try it. I'll also throw the Malifaux Child in there to give me an extra shot at it each Turn. Thoughts tho?