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  1. Guild Lucius and his Guardsmen

    It's just that requirement to get both the Mountie & his buddy in the right place at the right time for the charge, isn't it? It's a move that isn't too hard to see coming.
  2. Guild Lucius and his Guardsmen

    True. There's quite a few NB Ml beaters that qualify, and could do well with a Surprisingly Loyal Mountie in the crew. Chief amongst which would, of course, be Angel Eyes. ... crickets ...
  3. A Bone For Dashel

    Dashel and his Guardsmen are centred in my radar at the moment, due to him being my leader in a Shifting Loyalties campaign that we're halfway through. It constantly annoys me that he has no native (0), though, and in the first couple of rounds I don't often get to do anything useful with his AP. Just walking up (but staying within cooey of the back-lurking Riflemen), and maybe dropping Scheme Markers for the Sergeant to kick. Okay - that's not awful really, but it feels life he ought to be doing more. So I'd love to see him able to give the "Guardsman" characteristic to another friendly model. Death Marshal Recruiters have a (0) to give out "Guild Marshal", and Abuela can make something "Family" for the whole game, also as a (0). (Do Witch Hunters have anything similar?). Would this work? "(0) Deputise: target friendly Minion gains the "Guardsman" Characteristic until the end of the Turn". No flip - it just happens, because it can only target a Minion. I understand that giving out Focus as a (0) to potentially any Minion might create some disgusting synergies, but then it would also give the Desperate Mercenary flips on his "Wild Firing" Action, and isn't that really just what the world needs now?
  4. Guild Lucius and his Guardsmen

    I can't figure out why I haven't drafted one in yet! I'm also thinking about a Strongarm Suit. He could piggyback a lift upfield, then Leap even deeper and get at backfield stuff.
  5. Sonnia vs lucius+dashel+riflemen

    I'm running a Dashel + 2 Riflemen (plus Sergeant, Pistolero & Queeg) ball in a campaign at the moment, and one of the other guys is building towards Sonnia. We get Masters from next week onwards, so once the fireballs start hitting my little rifle-buddy gang, I'll let you know how that goes (my opponent is pretty good at using cover to advance & deny my gunline, plus he has a Guardian & Francisco for piling on the Df conditions). That's actually an idea - have you considered either of those models? (Plus what the others have said about having enough terrain, and using Burning so Sonnia can stay hidden).
  6. Guild Lucius and his Guardsmen

    The Witchling Thrall has Ch8, so it's still good for Cavalry Charge. I'm assuming that since no-one corrected this back when it was posted, that something changed on the Thrall's card? Or maybe that the OP was talking about replacing the Mountie with the Thrall? But that doesn't make sense, right?
  7. Guild Lucius and his Guardsmen

    Duplicate post
  8. Guild Lucius and his Guardsmen

    Duplicate post
  9. Insectophile

    Those Waspquitos are great!
  10. Lore

    Also, buying the electronic pdf's of the rulebooks is way cheaper than buying the physical copies (especially since they're heavy and pdf's cut out shipping costs).
  11. Malifaux App Launched!

    Mistake (?) found: - Guild Austringers digital card has the "Precise" Ability, which isn't on their Jan '17 erratum version I mean, I'll take it - but I don't think it's meant to be there. Or is it? Kind of like how the Stuffed Piglets are now back to costing 2 Soulstones - HURRAH!! <reported via the Contact form>
  12. Auckland -NZ things to come.

    What's the latest on this ^^, @Vorschlag?
  13. Quick question about player made terrain

    A case in point: Phiona Gage's (1) "Command Stone" Tactical Action, which places a 50mm Stone Pillar marker that is blocking, impassable, hard cover terrain.
  14. Hamelin Tactica: Drown them in Rats

    That's a nice idea. I actually prefer the new plastic Hamelin without that cloud on the front, so that'd work. See - it's good to think outside the box, right? :-) Thanks, @Azrrael
  15. Finally played Ophelia, what to do with Rami?

    TL; DR - Rami's just a bit of fun, but can be ludicrous "high-risk, moderate-reward", if you feel so inclined as to base a build around him. While I agree with all the above (ie, if you want a stand-alone sniper, go for Hans, McTavish or a Freikorps Trapper), I have a soft-spot for Rami as the Glowy target in a just-for-fun Wong build: Wong - Ooo, Glowy Rami - Dirty Cheater Lenny Old Cranky Slop Hauler/Lightning Bug There goes 27 stones, and it's horribly inefficient - all those models just hanging around for Rami's benefit - but you're guarantying a 36" focused shot every turn, delivering a 3/7/9 spread ignoring Armor, HtK & Incorporeal. It means that Rami is taking 4 damage himself if he hits severe, but even on moderate he's doing enough there to take out many middle-cost models in one shot. And he's got his heal, the Slop Hauler, Dirty Cheater and Regeneration to help with that. I've only used it on one occasion, so I really can't recommend it as such, but it was a fun experience. To just head-shot a 6-8ss model from across the table, first activation - hilarious. And a little shocking to your opponent, I must say. Unless they deploy fully out of LoS, of course, but there's usually something that gets deployed out in the open . Reduce their activations by 1, straight off! And once their Ml threats reach you, Lenny & the Slop Hauler ain't too bad together, and Cranky gives out to Df. In that game, I had Lilith charge Rami (he lived), but then she got her face smashed by the Slop Hauler reducing her Df to 4, and Lenny just hitting her over a couple of turns. Lenny can also chuck all the Ht1 models to reposition them. Can make for an interesting experience for your opponent So yeah - I think Rami is a corner-case pick (I wouldn't have had anything to do with him first turn if the board hadn't had gaping big lines of fire through it, for instance). I think he could be improved by adding a (0) upgrade that adds a couple of triggers to his shot. Something like: "Got ALL them Kneecaps", to cause Slow "What a Kick", to knock the target back a 3" push after damaging. "I'm Jammed!', to end his Activation immediately.