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  1. Happy to get anyone really, although I have at least one foot in every faction apart from Ressers, so one of those would be interesting ☺️
  2. That list looks like a Who's Who of UK Malifaux... plus me.
  3. Out of that lot, I have only got 7, so I like my chances of getting something completely new to me. Ressers is the only faction I don't have a foot in yet, so ideally one of them would make my day unique!
  4. Very keen, trying to sort out a pass ☺
  5. Wait, was Sky Pirates released in December, or November? I thought it was early December... Disregard if not!
  6. Yeah, I'll commit to Ulix now, it'll save me back and forthing for two weeks!
  7. One ticket bought, looking forward to it! Now, do I go Blasty McBlastyface, or do I bring forth the pork...?
  8. Definitely interested in this one, but got to sort through all the usuals of holiday from work, travel, approval from the wife for getting relentlessly excited about tiny plastic...
  9. Very interested! Checks to be made and such, but a definite possibility.
  10. Aye, it was a great event, very smooth all round. Thanks to my opponents Ross, Claire, Carl, Jan and Adam, and apologies to the latter two for my ridiculous card luck this weekend! Also, sorry Stuart, I completely forgot to wait around and get that model for Mike... Next time!
  11. Massive thanks to you too chap, and thanks to Claire too. My only regret from yesterday is that I couldn't kill Seamus for her!
  12. Just yell, "MALIFAUX!" at everyone you see at the station and follow the ones who don't run off screaming. ;o)
  13. Looks like 34 names on the FB list, although there are 2 Jon Hills. Pretty damned impressive numbers!
  14. Ticket bought! And now I begin the soul-searching as to exactly which faction I want to be using when I'm horrifically crushed...
  15. Definitely interested in this one, assuming that my first ever tournament (Boarfaux in March) goes well and the other players don't brutalise me so much I have to quit the game with PTSD.