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Nasty Nathan

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  1. Ham, egg and Chips for me please
  2. Payment sent. Nathan Chenery
  3. Just got a ticket for this, money sent via paypal. Nathan Chenery
  4. Nix is great, but I find he goes one way or the other. He gets smashed to pieces or with his aura's just keeps healing up and reducing the damage, I guess his weakness is from ranged, especially casting. If he is leading you can take survivalist upgrade as well which gives him a chance to heal but he'll need to be in the action though. Saying that if your up for a challenge I would go for it. If you take the Obedient Wretch and 2 rats you can start to produce more rats and a rat king quick enough. I would then be tempted to bring someone like Ama No Zako or a Strongarm suit in. How many SS crew do you start with?
  5. I like the Masters the way it is. I was lucky enough to get in to one year (long ago) and really enjoyed the process but I've been rubbish ever since and still enjoyed the game and tournaments. I think people who behave badly always will, if they want to win that badly I could see them getting even more frustrated if they've not quite got that first place. I agree that rankings gets more people to events, after the nationals I going to push to get higher up the rankings again and I know the only way to do this is more events. It's clear to see that players higher up tend to attend more events and that's how they get good. I to prefer GG and this year I've not even looked at the rankings but I still would avoid story encounters for the reasons other have said. I like the format of the game and of tournaments. I also like to see changes and different things tried, I think not getting the schemes and starts was great Mike as that's how the game was written to be played you sit down and flip for start and schemes so you have to think on your feet. I'd also like to see announcing Master before crew selection but that's another topic. I think everyone at the moment can buy into the ranking as much or as little as they like, I didn't last year but after lots of practice with Hamelin I realise with more practice in general I could do better and I'm going to try for that now. But the only thing that's going to change is playing more to get better, not my attitude. (despite my nickname Mike )
  6. Hey Joel, Stick me on the list for Both days, Thanks, Nathan
  7. Hi, I live just around the corner so I can give you a lift. If you come out of the guest house, turn right, just up the road on the same side is a small car parking bay with a little green patch next to it. I can pick you up there at 8:30. Plus 3 others if anyone needs a lift it's just out of town passed the hospital. I'll check back here but will check there anyway incase you don't have time to reply. It's Nathan and I'll be in a Blue Skoda Fabia so you can look out for me. There are some barriers at the end of the car park I be the other side of them. Hope that helps, Nathan