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  1. Huh. *Adds Ramos back to the models that are carried around* See you Wednesday?
  2. Comments on things that I at least consider noteworthy that were not included: "Sparks; can turn other models into constructs and give constructs fast" well yeah, but after seeing Hazardous Work Environment shut down synergies/combos (much less to say entire models like Colette who many seem to just like to use for Prompt), that should probably be called out too (in my mind) I'd also add a mention of Kang under Mei too as he can do a lot against constructs/undead/terrifying. But if those are too specific of instances since it depends on what you have in your crew too I could understand why it is not included in the "general" list. Sieze the Day - pluses to init flips seem to be a big thing locally, maybe that is just a local thing though. I don't know if people will make the connection from Practiced Production and something like Malifaux Raptor & "Leave Your Mark" on first glance. I know a few that have been blind sided by that even after reading the Upgrade.
  3. Wednesdays starting at around 7 there are usually people there getting setup for or looking for games. If you want more detailed information on what we do in the TC area look on FB for the Twin Cities Breach - Minnesota Malifaux group, all the local events get started there as well as the normal painting pics and Malifaux related conversations.
  4. My advice in these situations is always the same. First, do exactly what you have done and pick the guys that interest you (based on whatever criteria that is). Second, figure out which Faction has the most overlap in these guys and choose that Faction. The reason being this game really, really, rewards you for staying in Faction so you can reuse models and have choice in Master after seeing the Strat and Scheme pool. So for ressers you have 3, that would be the top pick in my opinion. Hamelin is all alone, Dreaner and Titania are a possibility if you were to decide that you like those two specifically a lot more than any of the ressers. As for Marcus and Raspy while it would give a wide choice in playstyles after seeing the objectives, they don't have a lot of overlap in models that they both like to use.
  5. So you are correct in the case of abilities, but there is a separate thing for Triggers. pg. 26 small Rulebook, last sentence on the page. "If two triggers would resolve at the same time the Defender's Trigger is resolved first" So if they are both resolved after step 5 (i.e. they both say one of after damaging/succeeding/failing) defender's trigger will resolve first. Brief summary of order of resolution should they happen at the same time: trigger v. trigger -> defender resolves firsttrigger v. ability -> trigger always resolves first regardless of attacker/defenderability v. ability -> acting modeling resolves first
  6. So as noted, Rail Golem is generally more Tome hungry than burning hungry. I generally throw a bit of burning on him (think 2-3) to help him out for the time I may have Tomes in hand in but keep missing with his attacks, but other than that I don't really worry about it. So if you feel that you can keep Tomes reserved for him with those Masters just take the model that you think will be more useful in the game after it spends one of it's AP putting some extra burning on him turn 1. Union Miner I've heard (but not tried) with Colette can be good because of extra scheme markers. Firestarter is good in many situations because of how fast he/she is.
  7. To expand on a pile of comments Rail Golem - his limitation isn't burning, that is easy in Arcanists, it is Tomes in hand. I tend not to take him with Mei because she eats more cards than gives. The models I like with her are ones that will be earning me my VP (Firestarter/Cassandra/Emberling/Mech Rider/December Acolyte), countering my opponents (Kang/Sparks) or fast and hitty enough able to back her up when she dives in (Mech Porkchop/Howard) Mei needing burning - why? Pluses on damage for one of her attacks? That only matters if you can get in position to combo attack a whole bunch of people several times (this requires that the enemies cannot be pushed), and if you can do that why are you worried about that damage track since you will be beating (preferably with the help of the Mech Porkchop giving her positives to hit) them over and over anyway? This is why I say use the Arcane Effigy, if you do get in a position to keep hitting people they will need to discard cards or get burning, and then you can get those positives on damage if they don't. Mei's strengths are shutting down Ca and Sh attacks to keep your whole crew safe until they are in position and ready to melee or earn VP, and being able to get where you need her to fast and tie down whatever you want. She has a 3" engage that allows her to push into base to base even if you fail the disengage strike, a push Df trigger to push her out of range of them but still in range of her 3", armor to help keep her alive and immunity to Slow and Paralyze so you can keep using her despite some tricks they may have. She excels in tying down your opponent (hopefully multiple models) when and where you need her to b/c of mobility with Railwalker and a 10" charge threat range, not killing stuff. If you are looking for a straight killy Master I do recommend looking elsewhere, I expect you would have better luck. She just doesn't have the damage track to straight kill everything and her combo attacks require a bit of specific positioning of your opponents models so it doesn't happen every game.
  8. If you go this way it looks fine. You can probably even get by without both the Mobile Toolkit and the Electrical Creation if you want to start even smaller. In my experience they are both used for the same thing, first turn scrap. So either use the Toolkit and have Joss charge and kill it for two scrap, or the Electrical Creation and have Ramos use Magnetism to kill it and get one scrap and a free push on Ramos. As long as you have one of the two you will have the foundation for a first turn summon. Opinions vary on which is preferred. Ramos tends to be pretty flexible on what he can handle, but there are some things like Hunting Party that can make life rather rough for him. Note on Mechanical Rider - it gets better as you have more summon options. So until you have things like Fire/Metal Gamin for options you may not be able to use it to it's full potential. I don't have enough experience with Raspy to help or intelligently add comments on her
  9. Sparks can indeed, though I've never gotten a ton of work out of it when I do. If I do it on her it is for the additional armor so she can tie up the opponent longer rather than use construct buffs to have her kill more.
  10. Mechanized Porkchop and Arcane Effigy make it into the vast majority of my lists with her. Those and her totem are generally the only models I drop in without thinking, everything else I tailor based on the board/strat/schemes/opponent. Kang/Sparks sees play based on what I think my opponent is bringing. Otherwise normal strong arcanist choices (Howard/Mech Rider/Malifaux Raptor/December Acolyte/etc...) tend to fill out the rest of my lists Edit: I tend not to focus on burning with her, instead just use it as an incidental bonus when it comes up (usually due to Arcane Effigy dropping Radiance on her)
  11. Looks like I'll start with all the doves but only 1 of the mannequins and performers and only add more if I see a need. I have all of the M&SU and Foundry and some other random pieces so it sounds like that should be enough to start with. Thanks for all the responses, I really appreciate it.
  12. How did the spiders interact the turn they were summoned?
  13. Asking a follow up as I try to plan my paint queue. How often are two Performers on the field? Two Mannequins? Mech Rider can summon them right? I ask because usually when I get 3 models to a box I only ever need 2 regardless of Master or situation with the only exception sometimes being summonable models, but these things came two to a box... so I don't know how to respond to them. Thank you all who are taking the time to help me.
  14. Semi random question, how often do people have all the doves out on the board at the same time?
  15. I think that will depend on location. Locally I counted 3x KE, 1-2 Aby, 1x Hoard and no Cults. There are a few unaccounted for though.