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  1. Monday Preview - Witchling Handler

    I got a burning question, does he lava good fight?
  2. Winter Wonderland issue

    Do you want to see it before or after Wyrd vents it's frustration on the defective models?
  3. Winter Wonderland issue

    Thank you Wyrd. For being honest, and for fixing the issue. We love you
  4. Black Friday Sale

    Something shiny like a fidget spinner?
  5. Black Friday sale

    Probably the alt bayou gremlin
  6. Black Friday Sale

    Says $75 for me
  7. Black Friday Sale

    Ahhhh... you got me excited, I thought that this was available in translucent in this sale
  8. Black Friday Sale

    To anyone who may know, what is "Victorian Lady?"
  9. Monday Preview - Gunner

    I don't think I'd get fired for having that tattoo.
  10. Carlos Vasquez and Union Steamfitter

    Carlos can end his burning on a trigger from his (0) push, or Arcane Effigy can cleanse it. Either way, there are ways to put Carlos at 0 burning in order to allow Steamfitter to put the condition on him b/c Carlos will have no armor at that time. And then after he has armor from the Steamfitter Carlos can regain burning.
  11. How many Ice Gamin

    If I play Raspy with her new summon Upgrade and a Mech Rider how many Gamin do I need... The new Twisted Alternatives has me thinking, but I've never played Raspy before. Also, going on record I'm totally going to build a third snow ball under one of them in order to make an Alt Ice Golem. Just need to figure out if I need 3 or 5 of the gamin between the twisted alternatives and translucent sets.
  12. Monday Preview - Alternate Rasputina

    Dang, at least my Wendigo was ordered last night and I had a nights sleep to take the sting off.
  13. Monday Preview - Alternate Rasputina

    Have you been giving @Mason the Cold shoulder?
  14. Monday Preview - Alternate Rasputina

    1 beast in a box? The render shows 3, no? and no alternate Ice Golem Oh yeah... I should put my first reactions first. SWEET! Ignore my minor quibbles.