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  1. Moobile Toolkit

    No current way in Arcanists to summon the mobile toolkit. You could look at blasts like Lazurus cause of his grenades I suppose.
  2. Leave your mark post errata

    In a serious note, until I see confirmed changes to GG18 that effect them (being able to give scheme-y conditions to no condition models is the only "confirmed" thing at this point) Raptors will still have a place with me. Maybe far less often as one of their primary jobs will now go to someone else, but I don't see that as a bad thing as more and more options are added to my hiring pool every year.
  3. July 2017 Errata

    Adding another positive voice. +1 for improving game health, thank you. (arcanist only player who uses all 3 of the arcanist items that got cuddled)
  4. Leave your mark post errata

    But, but... raptors are 3 SS!?!?! can we afford to pay for 3 SS activations that still have a reasonable chance to do something beyond just activating?
  5. LGBT characters?

    It's not much, but from Colette's Crossroads story that recently aired in Breachside Broadcast: "That had been the first trick she had learned. Before the cards. Before the doves, the clockwork and the dancing. Before she’d even learned that a well-placed whisper or the touch of a finger at just he right time could make a man, and more than a few women, lose all composure. No, her first trick had been this: turning the truth into something else."
  6. Brass Arachnid on 30mm? How does that fit?

    Just some foam modeling stuff (I forget the name of the stuff, but people use it with hot tools to cut and shape) that I shaped into something that fit the legs of my spiders and then painted. I'll also admit that I didn't put the legs on 100% correct, but since I shaped it to fit me it didn't matter. there are 4 legs on the foam "rock", 1 back leg that stretches all the way to the base and 3 legs in the air.
  7. Adding data from my experiences: I built 8 spiders and 1 swarm (with one spider still hanging out on sprue). I think the most spiders I've had on the table in one game is 6 or 7 in 20-30 games of Ramos. There have been situations where at the time I really wanted to summon a second swarm, but in each those times after the game I thought about it and decided that doing so would have been the wrong decision and I'm glad I didn't have the second swarm to let me do it.
  8. Arcanist Game: Create Your List #3

    Corner deploy on something that you need to book it to the other side of the map to do a 2 AP interact against a hoard of glass cannons... gross. Whelp, out of my arsenal that means Mei. Mei Feng, +1 SS Seismic Claws (1) Seize the Day (1) Vapormancy (1) Mechanical Rider (12) Arcane Effigy (4) Mechanized Porkchop (7) Emberling (3) Carlos Vasquez (9) Stunt Devil (1) Imbued Energies (1) Soulstone Miner (6) Malifaux Raptor (3) Need Mei's Vent Steam to defend from those guns/pigapult as I push into his side of the board. Need speed to get over there and drop those markers. Soulstone Miner for claim markers. Mech rider for speed to drop markers, durability and more guys (guys I'll be willing to self kill if they are getting accused). Carlos for Show of Force bid, solid durability. Bird to stall that one guy that got away from me or mess with the pigapult if they let me. And then some staples of my Mei play style for the rest, staples that can also do any of the interact needs of this pool in addition to the normal reasons I like them. Accusation (if they have bodies), Mark for Death (Carlos can hang out and mark them), Show of Force (if they don't have a ton of Upgrades), Frame for Muder (whoever) are all ok...ish options for schemes.
  9. New Malifaux bios on the website

    Love it! (Arcane Effigy's entry is currently blank) Edit: Ninja'd
  10. There it is, thank you. that was not where I expected it to be.
  11. If I have a positive flip in an opposed duel, and my opponent does too, who has to choose which card to use first? I would say it falls under general timing just because I don't know anything else and Acting model does first, but is positive flips considered an Ability? Example: I attack the enemy model. I have a on attack, they do too on defense. So I flip 9 with a suit I want for a trigger and a 13 of a random suit. My opponent flips a 8 suit they want for their trigger, 10 with a random suit. Now if they choose the 8 for their trigger, I'll use my 9 to succeed and hit my trigger. But if they pick the 10 I'll want to choose the 13 just to succeed and neither of us get triggers. But I can only do that if the attacker chooses second, and I'm not sure that they do.
  12. Faction idea

    ok, but the lumberjack needs to be Ht4 and this totem be a big blue ox instead of a treant
  13. The chat room is not presently available?

    Have you tried disconnecting Lindsey's computer? I assume she is transmitting a virus from her old computer as a practical joke.
  14. The chat room is not presently available?

    @Mike Wallace, that's just the bees.