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  1. A Final Plea for GG2018

    The only issue I have with with the concepts in this version is that the Jokers share their scheme with Tomes. But when you consider that that issue is more of a style complaint than an issue with the mechanics it is probably a good sign this version would work just fine for me (pending balance/fun testing on what is on which suit). I would definitely push my local group to use the odds/events table in casual. (In fact I think I'm going to suggest it for the strategy generation in GG17 next time I get to the store)
  2. A Final Plea for GG2018

    On a completely irrelevant note: 9 Strats, 5 "always" schemes (IF we had one for each start pair and another for the Joker) plus 13 numbered schemes would equal exactly 3 binder pages to hold all the cards. The OCD in me very much approves trending toward this. But obviously do what is best for the game and I'll manage my OCD.
  3. A Final Plea for GG2018

    Should the new Strats be on odd? When we are 1-13 cause of cards there are 7 odd values and 6 even ones, might as well do the new ones slightly more often. Otherwise love the idea and look forward to (others) getting it tested and tuned.
  4. A Final Plea for GG2018

    I've edited, with the doubles also being killy it is around 20%, 13% is when you don't take doubles into account. So I back up all numbers you laid out. I'm too lazy to look up the equations for this type of stuff, so I've been computer generating all combinations and having it count.
  5. A Final Plea for GG2018

    Your math is correct on both the 35% for 4/13 and 20% for 3/13 being killy. And I think if you take into account the doubles scheme being killy that puts GG17 at 20ish percent for getting 2x killy ones.
  6. Monday Preview - The Commander

    you're doing it wrong then. You only name them post mortem. That way you don't get attached and the names are real easy to come up with. Drowny, stabbed-y, eaten-y... is this why I'm not allowed to lead?
  7. Symbols of Authority and terrain

    I'm also ok with severe, dense and even hazardous surrounding the marker (though I understand arguments against it and wouldn't be fussed if in the end it was not allowed). There is only one other loophole I can think of that can be caused by something other than not clearly defining terrain at the start of the game, and that is the donut of impassable which does not leave enough room for a flying or ethereal model to stand next to it (as the marker itself is impassable so they cannot stop on it either). And saying touching no terrain doesn't fix that either. For that would need something like "and not within 2" of impassable", but at that point you are already possibly creating impossible situations on certain "themed" tables (looking at you Gencon table with center and edges of the board being raised terrain, i.e. Impassable because you cannot enter it even if you can climb and walk on it). And to be honest, donuts are potentially already problem children as is (you're trying to kill my Master for VP? Ok I'll fly to a land where you cannot attack me), so hopefully not many people use them.
  8. Symbols of Authority and terrain

    This would also fix HT X building concerns, just cause you can climb it and stand on it does not stop buildings from being defined impassible in the current edition. Pg. 75 digital Rulebook "Structures come in an infinite variety of sizes and shapes in Malifaux. All buildings default to having the enclosed, impassable, blocking, and hard cover traits. Buildings might have climbable areas (if the walls have hand holds), and might have areas that provide a vantage point."
  9. Trending!

    Well maybe they are winning, but they just all voted for the Council, in which case they would be losing...
  10. Must Have / Never Use: Upgrade Edition

    +1 to sieze the day being amazing, I take it more often than Arcane Reservoir.
  11. Challenge on one of her wave 5 Upgrades! They have to test on every single whirlwind attack!
  12. Must Haves and never use.....

    If you ignore the "good to have" list and remove the Eternal Flame from the never hire list this is close enough to what I think that I don't need to make my own list. Oh, and add raptors and wind gamin (both even after errata). Don't need in every list, but they are pretty darn common on my side of the board cause of their low SS but still useful activations.
  13. Lucky Effigy's Condition and what is a flip

    Ironsides upgrade Iron Determination: Sleep Now In The Fire - "Enemy models which flip the Red Joker against this model on a damage flip discard the Red Joker with no effect and then flip a new card from their deck which takes it's place." So if I flip a 13, RJ on a damage flip against this model and I choose the RJ for my active card, do I flip one new card that is now my new damage? Or should I just choose the 13 instead because it is guaranteed severe and I do not have to reflip the RJ because it was never flipped? Or is this an example of an ability which does interact with the cards before the active card is chosen? In which cause I would have a 13, and a randomly flipped card from the top of my deck that I choose an active card from following the normal rules?
  14. Forum colours

    I approve of how the link you posted brings you to the page it is posted on
  15. The Nightmare Box

    Raspy or Marcus! Why? cause they are the ones that will not be painted by GenCon next year Does it need to be a crew box? What about from the wild, a collection of Marcus animals (from any Faction). Or some other themed one (M&SU?)