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  1. Just some foam modeling stuff (I forget the name of the stuff, but people use it with hot tools to cut and shape) that I shaped into something that fit the legs of my spiders and then painted. I'll also admit that I didn't put the legs on 100% correct, but since I shaped it to fit me it didn't matter. there are 4 legs on the foam "rock", 1 back leg that stretches all the way to the base and 3 legs in the air.
  2. Adding data from my experiences: I built 8 spiders and 1 swarm (with one spider still hanging out on sprue). I think the most spiders I've had on the table in one game is 6 or 7 in 20-30 games of Ramos. There have been situations where at the time I really wanted to summon a second swarm, but in each those times after the game I thought about it and decided that doing so would have been the wrong decision and I'm glad I didn't have the second swarm to let me do it.
  3. Corner deploy on something that you need to book it to the other side of the map to do a 2 AP interact against a hoard of glass cannons... gross. Whelp, out of my arsenal that means Mei. Mei Feng, +1 SS Seismic Claws (1) Seize the Day (1) Vapormancy (1) Mechanical Rider (12) Arcane Effigy (4) Mechanized Porkchop (7) Emberling (3) Carlos Vasquez (9) Stunt Devil (1) Imbued Energies (1) Soulstone Miner (6) Malifaux Raptor (3) Need Mei's Vent Steam to defend from those guns/pigapult as I push into his side of the board. Need speed to get over there and drop those markers. Soulstone Miner for claim markers. Mech rider for speed to drop markers, durability and more guys (guys I'll be willing to self kill if they are getting accused). Carlos for Show of Force bid, solid durability. Bird to stall that one guy that got away from me or mess with the pigapult if they let me. And then some staples of my Mei play style for the rest, staples that can also do any of the interact needs of this pool in addition to the normal reasons I like them. Accusation (if they have bodies), Mark for Death (Carlos can hang out and mark them), Show of Force (if they don't have a ton of Upgrades), Frame for Muder (whoever) are all ok...ish options for schemes.
  4. Love it! (Arcane Effigy's entry is currently blank) Edit: Ninja'd
  5. There it is, thank you. that was not where I expected it to be.
  6. If I have a positive flip in an opposed duel, and my opponent does too, who has to choose which card to use first? I would say it falls under general timing just because I don't know anything else and Acting model does first, but is positive flips considered an Ability? Example: I attack the enemy model. I have a on attack, they do too on defense. So I flip 9 with a suit I want for a trigger and a 13 of a random suit. My opponent flips a 8 suit they want for their trigger, 10 with a random suit. Now if they choose the 8 for their trigger, I'll use my 9 to succeed and hit my trigger. But if they pick the 10 I'll want to choose the 13 just to succeed and neither of us get triggers. But I can only do that if the attacker chooses second, and I'm not sure that they do.
  7. "Once all cards are flipped, the model chooses one to use as its active card. A model flipping cards with one or more chooses one of the flipped cards as the active card and discards the others to the Discard Pile. A model flipping cards with one or more must choose the flipped card with the lowest value to be his or her active card and discards the others to the Discard Pile. If cards are tied for lowest value the model may choose which of those cards to use. The model cannot Cheat Fate if the flip had any " Digital Rule book pg. 18 & 19 The card you used is the last card to go into the Discard Pile
  8. ok, but the lumberjack needs to be Ht4 and this totem be a big blue ox instead of a treant
  9. Have you tried disconnecting Lindsey's computer? I assume she is transmitting a virus from her old computer as a practical joke.
  10. @Mike Wallace, that's just the bees.
  11. Kaeris (4) - Grab and Drop - Arcane Resivor - Seize the Day - Base SS of 4 Rail Golem (12) - Imbued Energies Eternal Flame (2) Arcane Effigy (4) Rail Worker (5) Large Arachnid (6) Myranda (9) - Imbued Energies Firestarter (8) - Imbued Energies Starting with the simple things. Firestarter is mostly there to Covert Breakthrough. Effigy, Worker, Large Spider are there to jam bodies next to the strat, hopefully bodies that can take a hit or two (though the spider and worker will most likely have pluses on attack and damage flips as long as they are alive so they can usually hit a little hard as well). All of these can be healed by the Eternal Flame. Since 3 of the 4 deployment zones require you to go over the river I wanted Grab and Drop to give flying so everyone can get there STAT. A bonus will be scheme markers everywhere to do Dig Their Graves. And finally, the piece that shows I'm not right in the head, the Rail Golem. It can pulse to give everyone burning for Turn 1 Grab and Drop. Firestarter can relight it afterwards so it is ready to go later. Firestarter can also relight a few more models after they have moved up so Kaeris can suck the burning off of them to get more cards. The hope, the plan, the idea, the prayer, is that I will have lots of in my hand from the card draw that when my opponent tries to pile in like me to take control of the strat the Rail Golem goes haywire and smashes everyone. I should say that I stayed at base 4 SS because my biggest use will be card cycle for more Turns 1 and 2, maybe a init reflip the turn when the Golem is ready to go in if I need it on top of Sieze the Day. Firestarter and Karies can hopefully use their speed and mobility to stay alive. Myranda gives 4 more cards to dig for and the BJ as well as will become a model that can leap to help deal with that terrain. Edit: did an edit to switch in Myranda for more card draw. She normally doesn't come to mind because I don't own her. That has been fixed
  12. Well, I wouldn't have suggested it if I didn't Who are we getting to volunteer to try all of these to show if they are actually the best or not
  13. I want to like so many of these because I like the posts and ideas presented in them... but that would break the rules and not allow internet fame and glory for the winner of the game
  14. I think the problem with any shake up is the rage it could produce. For example, if I were to be currently playing 5 Masters of a Faction and when it got split down the middle 4 got put in one half and 1 in another I'd be a bit sad. I'm all for the idea of a shake up, maybe taking it even farther and doing an examination of "Given the state of things, does this Master still really belong in this Faction?" and swapping some Master's Factions around or gaining/losing duel Faction. But any shake up, big or small, will alienate the unique combination of Masters that someone somewhere has and I would not want to be the one leading the charge for that reason.