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  1. Looks like I'll start with all the doves but only 1 of the mannequins and performers and only add more if I see a need. I have all of the M&SU and Foundry and some other random pieces so it sounds like that should be enough to start with. Thanks for all the responses, I really appreciate it.
  2. How did the spiders interact the turn they were summoned?
  3. Asking a follow up as I try to plan my paint queue. How often are two Performers on the field? Two Mannequins? Mech Rider can summon them right? I ask because usually when I get 3 models to a box I only ever need 2 regardless of Master or situation with the only exception sometimes being summonable models, but these things came two to a box... so I don't know how to respond to them. Thank you all who are taking the time to help me.
  4. Semi random question, how often do people have all the doves out on the board at the same time?
  5. I think that will depend on location. Locally I counted 3x KE, 1-2 Aby, 1x Hoard and no Cults. There are a few unaccounted for though.
  6. Starter set? Certainly will be easier to put together than most of the "normal" boxes.
  7. ^ this is my first inclination. I already tend to take her into Ressers often already so I can hire Kang.
  8. I stand corrected. The pulse distance is from the model and not the marker.
  9. You can use her. A 30mm base is about 1.25in. So if you push directly away from the existing market and then drop the new one on the far side of the base you can get a second one. Did this with the reckless Mv 5 Firestarter. (You're screwed if you need a third though)
  10. I did this a few months ago at a tourney. It was corner deployment so the distance to get across the line was greater than most deployments. Here is what I used against another player who declared Arcanists (he ended up using Sandeep), not going to say it was the best thing ever, but it worked and I took the game so take the following info how you will. I mostly used Firestarter and December Acolyte (from the shadows) to get in positions where I could try and drop markers. I used Howard to run down what he was using to try and drop markers in my back line (Cassandra was his pick for that). Mei could do either, but I ended up using her instead to hold down/threaten his crew in the middle using Vent Steam and with the help of the mechanized porkchop. Emblering and the Arcane Effigy rounded out my list, as support models, adding a few more activations, and of course both are minions so in a pinch also could have contributed to the strat should they find themselves in position to do so (they were not in that particular game, mostly they were running around trying to help everyone else do their job)
  11. You and your logic! Stop it and let a man dream (I'm too lazy to completely hydrate this idea right now, but that is an excellent point)
  12. Interesting, make the Rare characteristic apply to the tourney instead of just each round. I don't think I would want to do it unless I owned 3/4 of a Faction, or even more than once, but the novelty of the idea intrigues me.
  13. A UV treated deck is a thing in the Other Side KS now, Guilders for a Malifaux one? ... or is there already one? Signed something or other by game designers? Pay cost for item at the store and then "people" sign before shipping. Since the Gibbering Hoard's names are probably what the Kings Empire calls them, an alt set of cards for the Kings Empire that are titled as what the Gibbering Hoards call them. Person 1: That's not "Riflemen", that's a "Gerrberrahg". Person 2: I thought that was what the Infiltrators were called? Person 1: It is. They all look the same to a fish person. 1,001 guilders -> force Aaron to design a model that is a representation of you. An actual "Cinnamon" card (This need has been sated with the reveal of the Glory side of the immolated rhino) oh, model ideas... sad
  14. Allegiance themed deck. Because I know that I really, really want one for my Malifaux so I assume I want the same for this
  15. He seems nervous, keeps checking over his shoulder to see if anyone is following him even though he is clearly in an empty room