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  1. Hi all, Just giving this another bump. We have two larger events upcoming, and new people are showing interest. So, if anyone would like a game, I am happy to provide all the terrain, models, cards, and everything that we could need for an afternoon of gaming. See you soon!
  2. Hey all, Have you guys tried to run any of the scenarios (train robbery? burn the hangar?) If so, do you happen to have any fancy/fun templates that you used for it? I am using them for an event, and would like something fun
  3. Both days will begin at 10am at Game Quest, in Prince George BC Saturday May 20th will be a round of Enforcer Brawl where your points determine your standing and pairing for the subsequent three rounds of Henchman Hardcore! Sunday May 21st will be a 3-round, 50ss gaining grounds event, with scenarios being posted in the facebook event (through Northern Malifaux) If you have any questions, please feel free to post or to contact me through facebook (Northern Malifaux)
  4. On April 23, I will be hosting a tournament using the Break Quarantine, Burn the Hangar, and Train Robbery scenarios, so get practicing! The event will begin at 10am at Game Quest - 4158 Cowart Road 50ss, single declared faction. If you have any questions, please comment or contact me through the Northern Malifaux facebook group.
  5. clock Sunday, March 12 at 10 AM Next Week pin Show Map Game Quest 4158 Cowart Rd, Prince George, British Columbia V2N6H9 Created for Northern Malifaux About Discussion Write Post Add Photo/Video Create Poll Details Our next event will be a departure from the norm! Round 1 will be decided by an Enforcer Brawl. I will attach the rules for this in the event. If we get over 8+ players, we will do two tables worth, with dead models spawning on the other table (up to 7 models per table). The top half of the players will be awarded wins, with their differential calculated by their mirror in the bottom bracket (trust me... I've got this). Rounds 2+ (I am thinking three or four) will be Henchman Hardcore (rules will be attached). These are meant to be furious and hostile, so come ready! This event should be fast and fun, and I hope to get people matched up and interacting with as many other players as we can, so as to best welcome and introduce our newer players to the event. If you have any questions, just let me know.
  6. Here is just a friendly bump as there appears to be new blood in town. I have been running demos at Game Quest and making home visits I have a lot of crews to lend, so no need to commit just yet!
  7. That is the problem - the TO and I feel that it takes a squint to read it as though ending the condition doesn't end after damage is taken, regardless of what the Warrior elects to do. The reading, using the same format would be: WHEN (protected model takes damage => Terracotta Warrior MAY (take damage instead), THEN end the condition. If the condition ending was in the same sentence, I would agree fully. But, given that it is a separate sentence, it can be seen as a separate clause.
  8. I can certainly see the interpretation where everything is optional, and nothing happens unless the Warrior elects to take the damage. However, the worry is still that it starts with a *When* this model takes damage, and then ends with a *Then* end this condition. Sure, there is a maybe in the middle, but it is not explicitly linked to the "Then, end this condition." I am also trying to make sure that I can be convincing enough for an upcoming TO
  9. I agree with you on the may there. However, the thing that makes me nervous is that it reads as a *When* this model takes damage, the warrior may prevent.... Then end this condition. So the argument here is that yes, the damage prevention is optional, however, the condition removal is not. So, it could be like the entire condition activates once damage is taken. Two separate effects: May prevent. End Condition. I am happy to be wrong, as I now own then and want them to be as good as possible. I just want to be confident before I put them on the table
  10. Hey all, just wanted to make sure that I was confident on the Terracotta Warrior's abilities. So, if I use Mold of the Other on a friend, it says that on the next hit, the warrior may take the damage instead, blah blah blah, then the condition ends. Separate sentences. So, are we thinking that *no matter what*, the next time the model takes damage, the condition ends? Or is it only when the Warrior deigns to take the damage?I am reading it as the former, and hoping for the latter
  11. Sunday, February 12 at 10 AM pin Show Map Game Quest 4158 Cowart Rd, Prince George, British Columbia V2N6H9 Created for Northern Malifaux About Discussion Write Post Add Photo / Video Create Poll Details Malifaux is back! Game Quest has graciously agreed to have us back for some more card-flipping mutual animostiy towards Gremlins! 50ss crews, Gaining Grounds '17 will be in effect. We don't have cards for it yet. But, really, I print all the rules for you anyway. Be sure to check the new Errata to ensure your rules are up to date! $20 entry - lets get those mats ordered!
  12. clock Saturday, October 15 at 9 AM pin Show Map Connaught Youth Centre 1491 17th Avenue Prince George, BC, Prince George, British Columbia V2L 3Z2 Created for Northern Malifaux About Discussion Write Post Add Photo / Video Create Poll Details 50ss Gaining Grounds Event, at the local NPC Con We are recruiting players from down south for this one, so this ought to be a good'un. This event is for me, personally, to track and prepare for my player base. If you want to register, you have to register for NPC Con itself. I believe it is $10 for a single day, and $15 for the weekend (i.e. if you want to play in Guild Ball on the Sunday). https://warhorn.net/events/npc-con-2016 I am open to the suggestion of taking extra money to purchase greater prize support. As it is, I will strive to have some mystery boxes and guilders, plus whatever Game Quest offers. I may have a halloween scenario for round 3 So, share this event. Invite people. Let's make this awesome!
  13. clock Sunday, September 25 at 10 AM - 1 PM Next Week · 39–57° Rain Showers pin Show Map Game Quest 4158 Cowart Rd, Prince George, British Columbia V2N6H9 Created for Northern Malifaux About Discussion Write Post Add Photo / Video Create Poll Details A standard tournament, but using the three story encounters from Divergent Paths! 50ss games, single faction $10, with all proceeds going to prize support I will have my laptop there to submit everyone's games, so your factions get all the credit they deserve!
  14. Well, that was quick and succinct. Thanks. I was so pleased with myself, however briefly
  15. Hey guys, quick question for you all. Situation came up this weekend at a tournament, and I was so convinced that I was being clever, but there is reason to believe that I may have been mistaken The situation: Pandora is setting up her bubble of Sorrows, and Candy is in the thick of it. I use Hungering Darkness's Heed My Voice to make Candy take a (1) action. I cheat it down, so she fails a Wp duel within 6" of three sorrows and Pandora. The question: Does Candy eat the damage? The Reasoning: Heed My Voice says that the target is friendly for the duration of the action, however, Pandora/sorrow aura says the damage happens after the attack is resolved (the thought being that Candy may have reverted to friendly again before the damage applies) The Reasoning II: Heed My Voice says that the target is friendly *to this model* - does that mean that Hungering Darkness is the only friendly model in my crew? That Candy is still effectively friendly to her whole team during the action? Ok. I think I articulated that as well as I can. Thanks for any and all input guys