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  1. What new Upgrades are we Getting?

    tell me that mr. hoffman received summon!
  2. Hi folks! I read through errated cards and find some divergence. Description of Papa Loco and Francisco Ortega ability has updated with "until this model leaves play". That was done in order to eliminate "papa-in-the-box" or endless "El Mayor", when players just buried models to extend the effects. As I understand "leaves play" means - leaves by any way, icl. killed, sacrificed and removed from play. So technically we can read "removed from play" as "leaves play". It is the same? Why we need "leaves play" if it's the same sentence? It's kinda сonfuses
  3. Dark Theme for Forums

    conservatives But dark theme was more... thematic))
  4. Painting Contest Changes

    Hmm, my bad. I didn't think in that way, actually... I just decided that without a coin - the granny's scale (and amount of work) will be not understandable. Besides, all authors of high-level works at the contest are unmistakably determinable by their unique style. And anonymity in this case was very... hmm... nominal)
  5. Hi wyrdos! I'm looking for limited edition stat cards of Perdita and Brutal Emissary. Also for Nellie Cochraine and errated Lucius if they already exist. Also looking for old fate decks: - 2012 Bellingham Warhamsters Fate Deck - 2013 Adepticon Fate Deck I have $$, some guilders for trading and miss Fire
  6. Andreas 2.0's Guild Models

    Great paintings) It's nice to see so beautiful Guild crews))
  7. BORO's Painted Malifaux Crews

    Super nice banditos! Very neat painting and I'm very like color choices!
  8. September 23 - saturday Starting at 11.00 a.m. First Malifaux draft tournament - each participant will receive master-box from the list below and will play with only models from that box + 1 general upgrade from Masters fraction. - Gaining Ground 2017 - 40SS - Entrance Fee 2800RUB - Number of participants limited to 16 pre-registration vk.com/geekwars Prizes: 16 official tournament prize pack Geek Wars: 115054, 5-y Monetchikovsky pereulok, 3c1, vk.com/geekwars
  9. Grey_Kardinals' workshop

    Well hello guys! Long time no see)) Thanks @Mortarion @Moondog @sigmar3 for kind words)) I was busy, but have some interesting pieces to show! And the main thing is my longest work - St. Abuela Ortega for my Spanish Inquisition crew. I've started her almost a year ago, painted her steam tank aaaaand can't continue her. Don't know why. It's pretty cool miniature, but her unoccupied hat drive me crazy. So one day I sculpted roses (14, more precisely) and planted all that space And of course the Wyrd Contest Femme Fatale was the main prod to finish granny. The contest was great (despite some issues) and I won it! It was very cool! Especially the opportunity to create character for my favorite game) Some days later I'll post here WIP images) PICTURE IS CLICKABLE (full size iside)
  10. Hi folks! Approximately two months ago I was invited to Moscow Novice Legue of Malifaux. That was the second time when I faced the Malifaux. First time was eeehhh... 3 years ago, I guess. And then I was thinking: "What the awesome rules, let's look at the modeEEEEEEBLUAARGH!!". Nothing remember after that. Imagine how surprised I was when I saw absolutely delicious, gorgeous and awesome models at this time? Add to it the fresh new game mechanics and very interesting background - soo I couldn't fall for Malifaux c: Difficultys began with the choice of faction. I didn't know much about world of the Breach (honestly say I just finished reading the Core Rulebook), so my choice was based on view of models. Who can guess what models I liked best?)) Thats right! The Death Marshals! Seriously, what could be cooler than the sheriffs with burning skulls riding on coffins?? I think not many things xD And then when I came to the course of affairs, I realized that the Guild I like most. For their motives and the strict state-bureaucratic apparatus)) So let me introduce my Death Marshals. It was my first expirience with light effects and I almost satisfied, what I can't say about photo. Occasionally I will update this topic and will show the new members of the crew)
  11. Painting Contest Changes

    I agree, actually! I don't know any contest with open voting and with no vote-wrapping, unfortunately. And see accounts with 1 post in voting-topic and registration date on the voting day and no activity after that... it's not very nice.
  12. Alt Hungering Darkness

    Outgrowth Coppelius
  13. Femme Fatale Results

    Definitely)) That's all about her Shotgun Wedding stuff Totally agree with @Rugh Z'ull about brilliant works (especially F29), but want to highlight F22 and FF24. In my opinion these are amazing works, very like monochrome Cassandra! FF52 also great, but there's not really good images - too close, too motley background, a few angles(( By the way, in Diorama section I voted for FFD06, this is the most interesting scene and main idea (and actually I'm not very closely inspected your work). But now I can say, your honey pot is the most technically perfect work! Браво! Очень круто, жаль что сразу не рассмотрел) В любом случае - поздравляю! Классная работа) But about your single I have some remarks, if you want I can tell it in PM)
  14. Femme Fatale Results

    Thanks for all who voted for me! It was really hard battle)) My congratulations to other winners! Here was a plenty of good works (by the way it's mystery for me, why the most technical work isn't one of the winners - FF29 by Ringil )
  15. Femme Fatale Voting Opens

    @Kai When the voting will stop? In the rules said it end on July 26th
  16. Femme Fatale Voting Opens

    Of course! Top right corner
  17. Femme Fatale Begins

    Can I ask a question? How the sentence above connected with the fact that I can go to the Gallery Entry and freely look by who uploaded every image?
  18. Hey Wyrdos! Thare's a new League in Geek Wars! REGISTRATION TILL THE 28.05.2017 Henchmans: @Stark & @Gambit This is the first Olimpic system League (playoff) 1 Round - 35ss - Gg2017 - 100% painted models 2 Roung - 50ss - Story Encounter from Rule book - 50% painted models (players with 100% painted models will recieve +1LP for Round) 3 Round - 60ss - Story Encounters from Chronicles, Crossroads Seven and etc. (players with 100% painted models will recieve +3LP for final results)
  19. Broken Promises teaser

    Looking at a very active discussion about characters from the cover, one mate from my community did this))
  20. Y3pxrTeeMkU.jpg

    From the album Stark's album

  21. Stark's album