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  1. Round One Scores

    Thanks for the scores! Interesting) All works I voted for (25) on top of the list)) That's cool)) Congrats to @SevenThirtySeven @Infern0 @icatsai - your works are the best in that round) And my big gratitude for all who voted fore me) @Bozydar well, good luck dude, it will be interesting round)) It seems we have the same forum bages xD
  2. The last pictures of the living Molly Squidpiddge was a Gorgone's Tear. Who know what did she see in the last moments of her life?
  3. @Octavus @RaidenSA thanks guys! Such kind words, wow, much pleased!))
  4. Hi wyrdos! I would like to tell you about an unusual tournament that I held on the 23-d of September in 2017, and I hope that my experience would be interesting to some henchmen. It was a draft-tournament (it should be mentioned that it was more of a tournament-lottery). Initially the idea was to give people new experience, something that they had never played before. Idea was: 16 people pay a contribution about 50$ and blindly choose a box with a master, with whom they are going to play on the forthcoming tournament. As it is. That is the game was by 40ss and only models and upgrades from the box were allowed + ONE ANY upgrade not from the box. Only models from the box were allowed to be summoned (for example, Nicodem could summon punk zombie again when it was killed). Some time was spent for picking equal in strength and in “filling” boxes (in this action site GMort helped me very much). But as a result, the following list was built. In the gaps maximum number of soulstones is indicated, which can be achieved with full use of everything from the box. Possibly, starters that are equal in strength and in “filling” were picked, and to be fair the game size was limited by 40ss and it was allowed to take one authorized upgrade. Dual masters had to declare one faction before the start of the tournament, and had no possibility to change it until the end. The boxes were redeemed and handed out to the participants 2 weeks before the tournament, so that they all had time to construct the models (the only demand). Moreover, after the tournament everyone who did not like their box had an opportunity to exchange it with other participants, and many used that opportunity. Lady Justice — The Guilds Judgement (41) C. Hoffman — Of Metal and Flesh Crew (39) Nicodem — Open Graves (44) McMourning — Body of Evidence (38) Toni Ironsides — Troubleshooters (40) Marcus — Claw and Fang (42) Collodi — Master of Puppets (43) Zoraida — The Swamp Hag (43) Leveticus — Salvage and Logistics (39) Jack Daw — Guilty as Charged (40) Wong — Explosive Solutions (40) Mah Tucket — The Bushwhackers (39) Misaki — The Thunder (42) Shenlong — Temple of the Dawn (43) Lucas McCabe — Relic Hunters (38) Lucius — Bound by Law (41) To be honest, I thought that this tournament would be interesting for novice players, but firstly our frequenters came to take part (unfortunately, some of the participants could not come for the tournament or hat to leave in before the end). Especially popular was the part of choosing the boxes, which I packed in a heavy paper and wrote funny inscriptions on them (“underpowered”, “imba” and so on) in in advance. The tournament was funny and interesting, the results were unexpected (Masters about whom their player complained mostly won the tournament) and definitely this tournament will be repeated, in case a lot of players would like to take part even when there was no space for them, so that they asked me if I would have it repeated.
  5. September 23 - saturday Starting at 11.00 a.m. First Malifaux draft tournament - each participant will receive master-box from the list below and will play with only models from that box + 1 general upgrade from Masters fraction. - Gaining Ground 2017 - 40SS - Entrance Fee 2800RUB - Number of participants limited to 16 pre-registration vk.com/geekwars Prizes: 16 official tournament prize pack Geek Wars: 115054, 5-y Monetchikovsky pereulok, 3c1, vk.com/geekwars