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  1. Fhew! It's finally over! Congratulations to all participants and winners! More images and full standings will be soon! Unforunately not everyone can came, but it was awesome anyway! Thanx for all of you, who find time and came) The Winner! - Ars - Resurrectionists Random prizes: Large Mystery box - Ivan Kopylov Small Mystery box - Mikhail Anan'ev Small Mystery box - Gleb SHalonov THE DECK - Aleksandr Filatov The best painted crew - 4 guilders - Nikolay Gashin The best hideout - Ivan Kopylov Ltd stat card of Lady J - Nikolay Gashin Ltd stat card of Tony Ironsides - Mihail Men'kov Here's images from the campaign
  2. Stick Thingy - Murphy's Law

    Lol))) It's just great!)) Totally love details, overall idea and that face of pirate-Van Gogh)))
  3. Welcome to nightmare, Alice
  4. *airbrash pssh-pssh*
  5. It's totaly bloody round. So many things to do, and so little time... But I think it's pretty nice time to share a little teaser) Let's see, how many people will recognize that))
  6. Stark - 4 round

  7. Hello wyrdos! We happy to announce that we're opening a new hobby center in Moscow with the Geek Wars franchise! On December 9 and 10 a grand opening will take place, where everyone can learn about Malifaux! In addition, there will be various contests, lottery, gifts and other pleasant bonuses! Come, we will be happy to see you! Address: Russia, Moscow, Novoslobodskaya 50/1, ctr.2 Time: 10:00 - 22.00
  8. I wish you luck! Your works are trully great!
  9. No no no nononoooooo! @icatsai! Why you leave((( Now I should compete Whirler! T_T How can I compete with the person who can spent whole 14 days only for fantastic entry((( Bwohohooo, it will be so difficult @glamage @Octavus @Whirler Congratulations!!
  10. Stark Things - Round 3

    @Whirler @glamage Thank you guys! ^__^ Ehm, resemblanse of face? O_o I thought it's Thai face at the end It's not crayons, it's colour pencils xD but you not the first who said that, so let it be crayons))
  11. Stranger...Family Christmas Photos

    That's a really cool work! I like colors and the spirit of X-mas! It's so strong, that I already hear x-mas jazz, want already snow everywhere (it was, actually, at the morning today) and presents preparation)) Thank you, I so like winter holidays, and you gave me this feeling here and now!))
  12. I really like flames and dreamer) Where did you get this model?) I'm searching it a long time)