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    When scenarios and schemes conflict...

    Eventually I learned that almost all strategies (Symbols of Authority being the outlier) must be played for every turn, therefore schemes were secondary as even the longest ones only take three, therefore conflicting schemes are not to be taken at all. I personally am often playing against Show of Force so there’s a disincentive there: the assumption that I’ll have enough upgrades in a standard Guild crew to win it isn’t one I can make.
  2. Marlena is here now, and I will play the little mechromancer for the next two months at least, claiming 8ss out of any given Outcast list. I want to keep my stompybots, but there’s a non-zero chance of deciding I simply can’t stand fielding Leveticus...but for now, that’s who I must play. From Outcasts I have his box set minus one abomination (I’ll throw together some bits to proxy it, got Tannen’s knife hand, ronin on sprue etc.), hodgepodge effigy, and Johan. I have almost every stompybot Hoffman can hire, except the rail golem. A terracotta warrior, from my husband’s Misaki setup. Given the shortage of aboms and the recent long streak of playing Guild, I’ll probably favor hiring Arcanist constructs first and use aboms as summons only. The only hiring gap I can see is dedicated scheme runners besides the effigies and watcher. Marlena takes the hiring cost the Midnight Stalker needs. I think I will like the Ashes and Dust jump-point playstyle, but is it essential? Should I get necropunks?
  3. Gnomezilla

    Spot gaps in a Pariah of Iron hiring pool

    So far Marlena has done little but draw fire, except for one delightful fluke of a game where tiny teddy clawed Nekima to death. This might be clouded by my inability to make Leveticus’ melee count: if I’m not punching Hoffman for severe and only doing 2 damage, I’m repeatedly red jokering against Ironsides and having it re-flipped to weak damage. The crew seems to have trouble advancing but I suspect that is my obey play style betraying me. Most models ought not to use their own AP to walk, right?....my Bone Levy would take doxies, but that’s fewer stones for stompybots.
  4. I got caught up in an impromptu session of teaching kids minis painting basics, so I could only drop in once in awhile to view the battle of Sonnia + Francisco + handlers vs. Lilith. Middle of turn 2: Notice something missing? *looks at Lilith-shaped hole in the conflict* *counts stalkers* Top of turn 3: Meet my new Stalker. I named her Nekima! Top of turn 4: (from the other side of the table) I’m still counting that as Nekima’s red joker (*Barbaros is removed and yet another Stalker placed*)
  5. Gnomezilla

    Lucius & His Must Have Mimic

    @4thstringer “Don’t bother without Jury?” Ouch, there’s an indictment—although I suppose there’s no better crew for indictments.
  6. Gnomezilla

    Try this list: Duncan's Hoffman list

    Interested, of course! Curious to see how such the Hoffman/Hopkins duo goes without the emissary. But we have a new player and a Guildie at that, so I’m occupied for the next few weeks with playing crews on request instead for extra chances to learn. (And for that blast of a Lucius mirror match, last week, he can request crews from me for a long time!)
  7. Gnomezilla

    Monday Preview - Hucksters

    Forget that, what’s that paper the scrawny guy has for sale? Discount slightly translucent Guild scrip?
  8. Gnomezilla

    Friday Preview - June 8th

    I have barely followed the Kickstarter so have next to no practical gameplay knowledge and GenCon is not on my schedule. I know it uses cards and have heard about four token types?...so Friday features that might be what’s covered in the first two minutes of a demo would be new to me. Posts like that wouldn’t even have to be official Wyrd product. How many “points” in a list? Sample list and how it compares to a base box? What the pekkle is a token, show me several next to a model if they stack or tell me that they are binary and don’t stack? Show me a freshly deployed army on a table kitted out with appropriate terrain whatever the heck that is? (Would you dust off the GenCon demo kit about two weeks out, preview that, add your booth location if the gigantic whiskey golem isn’t enough of a signpost?)
  9. Gnomezilla

    Ways to inter-mix factions

    Do the two forms of McMourning bother you? As far as mixing factions, I’m somewhat sad that totem rules mean Colette can never hire Wong’s Lovely Assistant. ”My, you’re...green.” [Somehow the Lovely Assistant, despite her bayou origins, has developed a honking NYC accent.] ”And you’re ginger, sister, but you don’t catch me making a big deal outta it.”
  10. Gnomezilla

    Master Tactica?

    After what’s-their-name came out with Bringing Truthiness to Malifaux for a tactica title, we have a high bar to clear... Burn While Reading: A Guide to Sonnia Did You Read the Man Pages? (Understanding Hoffman)
  11. Gnomezilla

    Why are the riot breaker's models so darn expensive?

    The only thing that makes sense to me is all those large plates of shield and back and the long gun have made it take up more physical space on a sprue so it must be cast one at a time and on a slightly longer sprue. Which I couldn’t see from the artwork (I also thought ‘big warden’ not ‘baby peacekeeper’), but then I am still not loaded with sprue experience.
  12. A new player has eyed Lucius for a long while but only recently found out about the January ‘17 errata. We set up a mirror match: Lucius with Legalese and Surprisingly Loyal/Secret Objectives Captain Dashel with Arrest Him Mr. Graves Mr. Tannen Guild Lawyer Witchling Thrall Terracotta Warrior Scribe With a schemey scheme pool, there were plenty of the shenanigans that thrill the weaselly hearts of Lucius players: lawyers charging and then suing their charge target for obstruction of justice, summoned Guild guard hopping among the forest of markers left by What Lackeys Are For, Tannen marking a target for Graves’ attention and pushing Graves out of the no-scoring zone, devil’s deal with a terracotta for ‘stones, thralls healing back from the brink of death with four attacks a turn, a damage flip of severe & red joker & black joker. On the last activations of the game he took the scheme and the game from me by legalese claiming my scheme marker in the center of the board. It was glorious.
  13. Have you even got a real office championship belt?
  14. Gnomezilla

    healing the honorable members of the guild

    Allison Dade has an aura of friendly heals after her activation. Since it’s friendly not enemy, hiding her behind a large base still lets the heal work while she’s out of enemy LoS.
  15. Gnomezilla

    Total Testosterone 2018 Begins!

    ...so what about robots? 😇
  16. Gnomezilla

    Unboxing Malifaux - 'Brutal Emissary

    Here’s the partial assembly of the cage and prisoner I was trying to describe tonight, with pictures!
  17. Gnomezilla

    New to Malifaux and a bit frustrated. (Utah)

    There aren’t too many others as tiny as Candy and Baby Kade. Unfortunately one of the ones that are, changelings, might be something you want later. I had to assemble my changeling with the most liquid of plastic cement by rolling my fingertips together around two bits, dabbing the brush at the join and my fingertips both, and doing any cleanup later (there wasn’t much of that actually, since I unloaded the brush before dabbing—no extra to run off). One of the guys used a wire loop, like a needle threader, to apply his cement and that looks to have better control than a brush. Also, Gmorts Chaotica unboxings. They have saved so many of us so much confusion. Malifaux unboxings
  18. Gnomezilla

    Can Levi hire Hoffman?

    But what would the hiring cost be? That's why we try to use master and totem models when proxying something--there is absolutely no legal way the model can be what it illustrates, and even people fairly new to the game are likely to recognize masters. Ophelia has been our surrogate Trixiebelle for so long I'm not sure my meta would recognize the real one.
  19. Gnomezilla

    Guild in the competitive scene right now

    Are you sure about that? I thought only the Aussies had done a tournament like that so far. I still want to see this format done again as “Taking the Mickey”.
  20. Gnomezilla

    Looking for tips to start playing.

    Schemes and Stones series is good for the very beginning because it’s cheap and specific: the Wyrd Chronicles series gives more options for adding on beyond that. Asami can use some mid-range ‘stone cost (Obsidian Oni) and high cost (Jorogumo) summonable models, but she happens to sit in a faction with very good, rather expensive in both senses toolbox models (Shadow Emissary to buff, Yasunori to kill). I haven’t played her enough to know what she wants from her faction’s newest options.
  21. It’s not a bad thing that needs fixing—after all, we* now can spend a reasonable amount on the gamble of a lead-lined coat instead of a prevention flip. It’s not like the lack of card draw used to be. It’s just notable. * (sigh) “We”.
  22. Gnomezilla

    Where do hunters fit in your lists?

    I noodle around with crews too much to call anything a pure replacement, but guardians get a lot of play locally with the gospel of 3” reach very accurate attack and a whole lot of Df only attackers, and riotbreakers are certainly going to answer the very rare times that cheaper ranged stompybots are called for.
  23. In this month’s games we are both advancing in a very cagey fashion, although I don’t know whether it’s due to my unfamiliarity with my new faction, Guild’s inherent speed, or the opposition being a Hoffball (twin guardian variant). I miss my wave 4 general upgrades and Dampening Field as much as I feared. But, they’re not NPE to play against. Annoying, yes, but only affecting one model at a time? That I can deal with (or ignore). The feeling of being short of stones wasn’t just me. He spends them all on card draw and initiative, even with the effigy card draw on offer.
  24. Gnomezilla

    Nicknames and avatars

    In a time so long ago that EverQuest was using the original MMO models of 1999, some of us sillies who were better roleplayers than game players met to “raid” in imitation of real gamers. There were ruins. There was the inevitable downtime among players who didn’t know how to organize a raid. There was a childish gnome necro, shortest of races. There was a shaman (not gnomish) with a newly acquired Grow spell. Then there was a gnomezilla towering above the other players and even the ruins. Later I learned how to play well enough to raid properly, even with a guild which kept up with current end-game content, and used shrink along with other proper raiders (to turn off collision detection among players so we could close-pack the raid). But I never let go of the stompy joy, and saw no reason not to raid in clockwork gnome armor illusion or mini-mecha illusion or without my steamwork multitool weapon (ok so I swapped it for the correct weapon during burn phases, good raid protocol, but wore it for everyday XP). [Strictly speaking, a neato necro gnomie girl should’ve become a Molly, but I really really wanted a peacekeeper...and my raiding brain craved the needlessly complicated number-crunching a good raid necro did.] When the Divergent Paths event rolled around, to occupy that sliver of September before Ripples of Fate hit the stores, I laid eyes on the inquisitive child and was instantly enchanted. So began my very loud online, and oh so very ineffectual in my play group (1-9-0), campaign to mold her into a little mechromancer. Not long after her art and lamentable lack of mercenary trait was revealed, I switched from the picture of my Malifaux girl-child in Guild livery to Marlena.
  25. Gnomezilla

    Monday Preview - Mystery Monkey Mischief

    I looked up something else in Into the Bayou and, to my surprise, spied an ape like this one in some background art.