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  1. The best I can think of is that his wheelbarrow ram could maybe hit two really close models' bases for 2x[Cg] damage, but if he's doing that he's not loaded up with corpses so a lot of Resser masters don't feel the need for him. And then he's in melee range of two models that are annoyed he just hit them with a wheelbarrow. And it gambles that your opponent is going to clump up. On the other hand, it doesn't say enemy models need to die within 6", so I guess you could mwahahaha in the back lines and have the zombies beat each other to death for cards even if you aren't Nicodem. Which I don't have the model pool to test. Hm. Gotta think if I can pretend to be a Resser...
  2. It isn't a healing flip, so I doubt all the sisters benefit.
  3. Why her sculpt went from battle bikini in metal to flimsy bikini in plastic, I don't know. But there's a humorous aside... "Great. The Neverborn have learned to use human pants technology. We're doomed." ...in the midst of a discussion about an alternate Nekima sculpt soon to be released, we know not through which channels, and how the human factions have an overwhelming preponderance of pants-wearers (the Guild narrowly edging out Outcasts for fewest models wearing skirts).
  4. Yeah, it wasn't a tiny teddy at all! And you were right that she'd get a waif dress. And Mason kept his promise, there was a Canadian in A Stitch in Time.
  5. The 40mm base with three spiders (I discovered the 2 spiders = swarm after basing the first three spiders) has a metal gear elevated atop a screw, so the three spiders aren't all overlapping their legs in the same plane. Two spiders fit on the flat of a 40mm base just fine. And I'm generally not at all fond of 3D bases, but here it's necessary. This was my first minis game as well...but I admit I put a honey-do request on Howard Langston. Good luck with that.
  6. My local Reva was not thrilled with Bete Noire. He was testing it in a game against me instead of his usual Arcanist opponent (which Arcanist is 0 for 10 at least on actually defeating her and he is a far better player than I am), sidelining Yin for a game. He believes Reva has enough of a discard tax on creating the corpse candle and reserving the 10+ as well left him with too small a hand--even allowing for the fact that Howard Langston will not usually top-deck high rams the way he was that game. And he certainly has the experience with facing Howard Langston to support that assertion. Nurse + Chiaki is nefarious. I got that Carrion Emissary down to HtK only to see it healed back to full twice before finally landing an execute he wasn't willing to discard to stop. They do have the weakness of being living and having terrifying (living) models being shoved in their face, but to be fair, Vincent + shieldbearers have the same weakness. Brutal Emissary's gun did a lovely job of clearing out multiple corpse candles on a single AP after being launched into the midst of things, and then the peacekeeper and emissary stood on the few remaining corpses, which constrained Reva a great deal. And so her only local defeat came at the hands of Hoffman, of all people. I still can't believe it.
  7. I have had a game with nine spiders on the table even though I do not play Ramos very often. Again, because I don't play him often, I have not had him put more than one swarm on the table at a time. There's a company selling base inserts designed to fix the problem: tiny square bases, big enough to glue each tiny arachnid to, that slot into a bigger 40mm scenic base with square cut-outs. I don't know the name offhand. There's also a convention that a 40mm base is a swarm even if it has fewer than three spiders on it, so you could build 8 individual spiders and 2 swarms with 2 spiders apiece--this is what I've done with my magnetization, for the occasions I feel silly and run four steam arachnid swarms with Hoffman. (He shares stats, so he uses a guardian and half of his AP every activation to give all the swarms Ml7, and then the swarms nom things to death. It's silly, it's unreliable, it has a threat range of maybe 11" maximum--it's fun against crews who want to drop lots of scheme markers!) "All that scrap" generally comes from getting the killing blow with Joss--on your own models, sometimes, even. It's a common Ramos turn one move to hire a cheap construct and have Joss kill it for two scrap. On that topic, six scrap markers has been enough even in construct vs. construct games--if all six are already on the table that's more than enough scrap for both crews' needs.
  8. Sorry. ...and looking at the Bone Pile, it is immune to "non-scheme" conditions, so I suppose there's a precedent now...
  9. This model will probably not be released until two scheduled errata dates have passed. It's Ok to look at it as though it will be affected by condition schemes. Even if it doesn't, it's just one single model not an aura of inability to interact, and not even a valid target for Tail 'Em so it influences one less scheme.
  10. If another model is within that 3" anyway, can't she just bounce the 0 off of it to start with and then back onto herself?
  11. As I've said before, Hoffman is an excellent lesson on several levels. Armor and healing means the stompybots stay alive long enough for repetition of attacks. Point out the hunters as the biggest threat to the enemy, watch newbie kill hunters first while watcher schemes, tally points at end of turn and point out that killing does not necessarily equal scoring points. He's confusing for a newbie to run himself, but not too bad on the receiving end I've been told.
  12. Very keen on the simple change to give herself the suit on painkillers. It feels like something every suit-dependent condition removal (or maybe even healer) should have had, and maybe will going forward.
  13. But Marlena's not a good student, she's a terrible student! We know this. Leveticus dumped the entirety of the Oxford University scientific library into her lap and told her to learn, and she couldn't. (No wonder a Freikorps librarian is her most direct competition for the hiring slot.)
  14. If I do not need to protect Johan and/or stop him from hammering my own constructs to death, Numb goes on someone who goes into melee, usually an enforcer since they have no hope of soulstone preventing "after damaging" annoying conditions. Rooted? no. Adversary? nope. Seduced? nuh-uh. Mood Swing? nah. And then there are the "behavioral" solutions, that will get your opponent to reduce or stop the annoying behavior altogether. My meta is heavy on Neverborn, but I bring Numb 100% of the time almost. Even Guild can surprise you with annoying conditions.
  15. *counts* Autopsy incision, skin-changing incision, black blood splashed out of this incision...