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  1. Changing the Always Scheme

    Last Stand wouldn't stop being a 'never' scheme if it were dropped into the 'always' slot as-is. If the models-per-crew clause were dropped, it might be worth doing. If it had a 'scheme marker on the centerline' element (maybe only one in proximity of X of the Last Stand models), it might do as an always scheme.
  2. Thoughts on Open Current.

    Fortunately for those of us who can't field non-construct M&SU, that positive attack flip is within 3" not aura 3, so blocking line of sight between M&SU construct and Johan keeps the stompybot safe(r). As to the topic, I'm playing with the similar problem in Guild (Samael Hopkins' Flaming Bullets) and also keep concluding that I want some other model to do the debuff pulse before expensive_damage_dealing_henchman_01 activates to take advantage of it. And Samael's is a (1) so at least obeys are an option. You haven't got that, s far as I know.
  3. The Children's Crusade

    They didn't walk side by side--the child of Malifaux hopskipped from side to side, ran ahead of tiny teddy, walked backwards trying to shout questions back at the inquisitive child, gave up and ran behind them both, spun around and peppered Marlena with questions again. "Are you sure you're not hollow?" Always she started with that one, but from there the questions were unpredictable. "Didn't you get away with the weird kids? They weren't takin' you back to the scary scrapyard, were they?" Marlena shook her head. "Can I touch tiny teddy? Is he gonna swat at me too?" Marlena sagged her shoulders and rolled her eyes. "When'd it happen, you weren't that way before? Is it you or is it tiny teddy?..." The child of Malifaux trailed off, then, and looked at Marlena with her thread under tension as it was when the other child had said master, and the inquisitive child seized the opportunity. "I'll answer that one if you answer mine," she offered. "...Ok...but..." It felt strange, keeping her hand on the thread of the big-eyed child as she pondered the bargain. It was no true tether. She seemed to push her own feelings along the thread and then wait for the echo. Nothing like hers. Teacher's voice was unmistakeable, unique, when Marlena's thread transmitted it. It was no echo. "...But I wanted to ask about you. So you've got to only ask about me. Nothing about Guild or anything. I'd get in trouble." Marlena folded her arms and stared at the child of Malifaux until her thread knotted in on itself. 'What makes me 'yours' ' came to mind, as did a plain 'How dare you'. But that would not satisfy Teacher. She spoke, slow and solemn. "If you could mimic my magic--if you knew I could do that sort of magic--why didn't you do it before?" "But I couldn't!" The other child stopped walking then, twisting on the spot with distress before being spurred to catch up to Marlena. "Tiny teddy was a wild teddy then so I couldn't grab onto it, and you were--I mean, you weren't--" A sob bubbled out of her. "Cousin, why? You haven't got any pneumatic limbs. How'd you do it?..." And despite the child's words making no sense, Marlena felt the answer, a psychic fumbling upon her own thread. ...Master? It was powerful as the tether, but flowing in the opposite direction. The beautiful ones were hollow, as her machinery was sometimes though she didn't care to think about it; the child sought a hollow to hide in, and called it Master. She had one, who cared about pneumatic limbs and such, who could mimic magic. And asked if Marlena was another. Marlena scowled. She had a teacher. Not a master. She had no need to hide. She halted, grabbed the hand of the child of Malifaux and pressed it on the side of her neck. Arteries, Teacher had called them, but she forgot the exact names. Those big eyes couldn't widen any more, but they could unfocus, as she concentrated on the mechanical rhythm underneath the fingertips, where a pulse ought to have been. Marlena watched the child's lips quiver. Then, despite the claws of tiny teddy digging into her back and trying to drag them apart, the younger child latched onto Marlena. She winced under the hug crushing her skin and muscles against the machinery in her chest. "Come home!" she whispered. "Mr. Hoffman'll take care of you. Come home, cousin." Tiny teddy tugged, Marlena shoved, and she freed herself. She looked at the child at arm's length. Her overalls were overlarge and stiff with grease. Her head had been shorn with pneumatic blades, to judge by the choppiness of her hair. Crying had made her face ugly, and brought out a fading black eye. "Nobody takes care of you," she pointed out. "...But you're a construct. I'm not." The child of Malifaux looked at the ground, her face flushing with shame-- Tiny teddy growled and spun around on the spot, so fast Marlena was knocked flat on her back. His paws flew overhead, across her face, catching a descending greatsword. The inquisitive child glimpsed a blade inscribed from hilt to point, white gauntlets and red patches sewn to the palms, hair with the literal color and sheen of copper, a long feminine face unfamiliar with smiling. The other child began to shriek, but that was unimportant next to the words the swordswoman spoke over Marlena. "I, Reet Eastman, bring evidence against you. You are an abomination."
  4. What's your idea you can't wait to try?

    If they do their jobs well, everyone in Malifaux will hear how that goes (in glorious four-color print!).
  5. What new upgrades do our masters want?

    Piglike Squeel When a model in this crew uses any variation of Squeel, nearby pigs within X move their Cg toward the attacker.
  6. Tales of Malifaux Podcast

    Yes, the ends of the links for [what I thought of as] #58 and #59 being linked to by title was what I meant. If you're retiring 'Tales of Malifaux' as a description that's fine, I was just curious as to whether that was the reason.
  7. Monday Preview - July 24

    I think the new art style is soft-edged, both as a word for the less dark style and possibly for the minis sculpts themselves (the wave 3 and 4 human minis I have put together are...smoother, I guess is the word. not as many deep folds in their clothes) (monsters and constructs were still spiky). But I like it, a lot, so I don't agree with you on that. They kept changing during the playtest, but they always kept an ability to pick up corpse markers and make them into a condition, and then you could use that condition like the gravedigger was a corpse marker. So corpses could be moved around even if you had no vulture, and enemies couldn't use your gravedigger as a corpse marker, stuff like that.
  8. Tales of Malifaux Podcast

    Tiny question: is the change in the page names/direct links from episode number to story title deliberate or not? I can see arguments for using either form, so long as both are available on the page of Breachside Broadcast itself.
  9. What's your idea you can't wait to try?

    Its threat range was easy to predict, but while Lucius was within range of Tannen punishing cheating, that Backstab attack got ugly. For that one turn when something absolutely needed to die and it was worth trading the usual 2-for-1 AP efficiency, not bad. Lucius only with the upgrade to hire mimics, Queeg and Promises, Tannen and Curfew, Graves and doppelgänger with Debt, Emissary with Lucius' conflux, and guardian. Low activations, many positive flips, total control of interacts in chosen areas.
  10. What new upgrades do our masters want?

    "I Ain't Standin' Downwind" I don't care what it does, but Mah Tucket needs that for an upgrade name. Likewise, Zipp needs an upgrade named "Abducted!" which either makes a single friendly a Sky Pirate when hired (so it can carry a free upgrade) (pianopult?) or buries an enemy model by lowering a hook and dragging it into the sky and unburies it at the end of turn somewhere else.
  11. What's your idea you can't wait to try?

    Seed a field of scheme markers, emissary-bury opposing henchman on opposite flank, pop it out amidst scheme marker nest, declare Set Up, profit! Also if you were wondering how old Lucius list does with Newcius, it was fairly easy to prod the hunter to melee with triple positive attack flip (unactivated enemy, proximity to Lucius, focus). Unfortunately, it still managed to miss, somehow. On the list of things to do: I'm testing out Lucius of late, and on the list is to bring the emissary and Master Queeg and see whether Lucius can be a legitimate melee threat with Backstab, never mind that it is an inefficient use of his AP when he could be multiplying AP of others.
  12. What makes other Factions jealous?

    Models? No. Range on non-masters? No. Card draw? Hahahahahano.* But some of our general upgrades make eyes roll. I don't understand why Dampening Field and Numb to the World aren't stapled to every Guild list ever. I have made people curse disproportionate to the model's soulstone cost with wardens (Hoffman, McCabe, and Lucius/Dashel), brutal emissary** (Hoffman), Master Queeg (McCabe, Hoffman), announcing Guild and then dropping multiple nurses (McMourning), brutal effigy (McCabe, McMourning), and the mechanical attendant. *Excuse me while I try to feign sympathy for yet_another_Neverborn_player_01 complaining he can only draw eight cards at the start of turn without using a stone...nope, can't manage it. **note to self: add "bury a slow walking model the opponent really likes and unbury it at a table edge" and "unbury Set Up model into a nest of pre-seeded scheme markers" to the list of things I'd like to accomplish. I <3 my giant stompybot emissary. That's why I'm here!
  13. I've got that Hoffman/Mcmourning fever

    What did the nurses get to do this game?
  14. Reckless = OP?

    That was explicitly not the case. This was a tournament's worth of experienced players noticing that, for that so few of them were playing Gremlins, there were a whole lot of gremlins seeing play. ...I wasn't around for first edition, but I think you're right that unrestricted companion was streamlined but got overpowered. Either faction's iteration of the Flying Frankie Mechano-Taxi is silly. Even if Yasunori totally deserves it.
  15. Claim Jump - list of models

    I don't count him as his push is only 2" which won't give enough clearance to interact for another scheme marker. McMourning's Injection drops the scheme marker regardless, with a longer push.