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  1. Even if Hoffman hadn’t hired the child instead, it couldn’t chain activate to block the third avenue of approach. At best I could (and did) block two at the bottlenecks on the centerline. Probably the wrong two, but 24” walk could’ve jogged around and taken the third no matter which it was. Sonnia might have done better on her pair of prevention flips, I note.
  2. I suck at Sonnia. Irredeemably. Sonnia, chain activation, walls, negatives to Ca Samael, +1dmg, no conditions handler 2x stalker 2x hound watcher effigy First game vs. grow list Titania. Hand with nothing lower than 9, Sonnia chain into Samael and still didn’t kill anything. Didn’t even set anything on fire. Second game vs. Hoffman alpha strike list. I watched it deploy and knew I was doomed. I didn’t know he also had a hand of 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 rams and RJ, but I found out real fast.
  3. I need some help

    Speaking of timed games, when do you use AP for scoring? Do you plan to kill first and score later? Because even in the rule book schemes, that generally puts you behind on points. You’ve got to have a plan in mind about turn two scoring, either to make sure you get the strategy (and once-per-turn scheme) point, or to make sure your opponent won’t. Or pick two all-at-once schemes, and then try the scorched earth approach. Or do what I did as a newbie, pick the all-at-once scheme and spend all my AP scoring it, my models dying but putting me ahead on points before they left play. This last idea night not work if they have a lot more models, and so a lot more AP, than you, as they can spend AP picking up your scheme markers. (A Perdita crew with Nino would be able to stop them picking up your markers even when you are out of activations for the turn.)
  4. Improved Harness! Whisper it softly, but I might like Guild investigators even more than my shiny new riotbreakers.
  5. I need some help

    I never learned the threat range of my opponent’s crew just from getting thumped—figured out what would hurt me and how much and what resist, but not from how far away. I had to put proxy bases on a board and play solo a few times, measuring everything from both sides of the board and playing both sides at once. Funny, though, I only learned I wasn’t seeing range when we tried a close deployment format (when you start only 12” apart, many models can be in position to attack on turn one) and I suddenly sucked so much less. Maybe ask for some close deployment games and find out if that changes your game.
  6. The Children's Crusade

    "Firing squad?!" the Dreamer hooted. He blinked behind another tree as Ryle locked onto the boy's voice and fired another burst. "That's cheating. It's not your game to change!" The sapling had just enough time to melt into the gibbering shape of a daydream before the bullets tore through it with the sound of leaves ripping, which faded into metal striking metal. Hoffman cast his mind outward, then, in puzzlement, and felt nothing beyond the oppression of fog under the tree canopy, but nevertheless ordered Ryle to halt. The gun's chatter faded, and immediately he heard human voices. "Bridget, my dear, would you be so good as to attach a plate...here?" Snap of an igniter, hiss of vaporizing water. "Well done. Now, both of you follow the toolkit, I'll be along presently." That was Ramos' voice, but he was imprisoned in the Guild enclave, somewhere Hoffman could not get authorization to visit. His was a special wing, not patrolled by wardens but by humans pensioned and promoted from the barricades; they tended to shout, after years spent standing too close to heavy gunnery, and played up their half-deafness in front of civilians, supervisors, and anyone they found too brainy. Hoffman glanced to his side, and caught the hiss of hydraulics lengthening and, impossibly, sharpening Ryle's metal fingers. "...Remove the illusion," he told the empty air. The construct looming beside him lifted its other arm, bringing equally outsized claws to its mask in a parody of thought. Under their tapping, Ryle's mask warped as well, and the smile it then turned upon Hoffman fanned out teeth in all directions. It was too ridiculous. If the Dreamer had only meddled with Ryle's forearms, he might have felt uneasy. But to twist him entirely into the semblance of a nightmare teddy-bear? No. Ryle was Ryle, no matter what happened to the surface of him, and the 'teddy' was no enemy, and the gloom which lay heavier than fog was in service to the Guild. He sought constructs nearby, again, and this time the giant which stalked the Guild answered. The fog swirled up and out from the sweep of the giant's sword, clearing away to show a dream-Ramos with a dream-Joss at his right hand as ever, but another false, steely teddy-bear on the flank Howard Langston usually defended. Steam arachnids stirred the last of the fog, chittering like daydreams. Hoffman considered the trio. Ramos was in prison and was certainly false. The teddy was as false as his. Joss, however, could possibly have his true, electrified axe. The emissary lifted its other arm as weightily as it had the first, and swung it around with equal gravity. Joss's axe arced electricity too late: he had already been swept inside the cage, grounded and unthreatening. "Remove the illusion," repeated Hoffman. "I think you're taking this a bit too seriously," countered Ramos, as he plucked at the mobile toolkit. "One of you brings a cricket bat, and the other one brings a fully automatic gun." The pieces of the toolkit formed themselves into more dream-spiders, their gears floating unmeshed. "I would accuse the one who brought the gun of escalation." "No, you wouldn't. You're never so blunt." "We can't speak plainly, as engineer to engineer?" Dream-Ramos beckoned the plated teddy forward. "But you are right. I would have tried to de-escalate the situation instead, like so." The teddy charged, slamming into the interposed shield of Hoffman's guardian with a series of clangs that Hoffman felt as well as heard. The constructs skidded further away with every strike and soon were lost to view. "Speaking plainly," Hoffman announced for the Dreamer's benefit, "that bit of steel you attached only makes it look armored." He recalled the synergistic gearing of Ramos' true arachnids, the self-sustaining scavenger edict. "I don't spend my time working on constructs," Hoffman touched his soulstone torch to the nearest bit of scrap and melted it with a delicate jet of flame, "without learning the weak points of any armor plating." He engaged the emergency leap and let the harness vault him into the fog, trailing droplets of solidifying scrap metal from the tip of his torch, to land by the side of dream-Ramos' teddy.
  7. The Children's Crusade

    Abuela accepted no explanations. She pursued Hoffman through the workbenches further forward in the shop, with the mechanics cheering her on. "The peacekeeper's in-laws are visiting! Look busy." "Bingo must've finished--" "--so now you have someone here who knows what bullets are for!" Abuela fired back, to additional cheers. "Always constructs with harpoons, don't know how to use a gun..." She only raised her voice as Hoffman began to explain steam-guns and projectile sizes and weights, shouting over him and the counterpoint cries of "bingo!" as they left, constructs falling into line behind them both. Just as she swiveled her steamchair to depart, though, she craned her neck to the right and sniffed the air. "Lots of it," she muttered to him reaching for her shotgun, "Neverborn stink nearby. You get something that can shoot a real gun." Hoffman looked across the yard to where Ryle was already striding toward them, disregarding the child trying half-heartedly to herd him back into the workshop. Abuela reversed her grip on the stock and glared up at Hoffman. He clacked over to Ryle, moving just fast enough to evade Abuela's jab at him, and pointed back at the building without a word. The child's shoulders slumped, but she turned and shuffled back inside, the mechanical attendant walking out to take her place. Later he regretted the half-formed wish that, since Ryle had to be assigned duties before he was certain of complete healing, they should not venture out without a child nearby. "Yah, Lindy!" jeered the boy flickering from tree to tree, "You're useless! You're slow! Chop your head off!" Every time he flickered, he struck the trunk of the nearest tree, scattering chips of bark, and a gibbering bundle coalesced around the blow and cheered the boy on. He'd understood, before, the Neverborn which liked to disguise itself as a well-bred child. Of late, however, it had changed its disguise. Now it appeared older, imitating the speech of youths instead of the adults who hemmed in a child's world--and Hoffman felt himself to be older too. Had Earthside changed so very much, that youths no longer shouted 'flag the bull' at the child who couldn't run as fast as the others? Hoffman looked up from the access panel of Ryle's gun, and met the alien gaze of one of the Dreamer's more persistent creatures standing further off in the copse. Slitted pupils stretched almost to human roundness, then popped back to their natural shape. Hoffman felt that the creature Coppelius had shrugged at him, just then. Don't ask me to explain, my friend. It's your kind which changes. I stay the same. The Dreamer whizzed something past Hoffman's ear, and the daydream crowd cheered their hero again. He flushed--children in Malifaux were maddening, every one--and ordered Ryle to rake the area with fire. The gun swept around, studding daydreams, alps, trees, and Coppelius with bullets. Coppelius dissipated along with all the rest, lifting the fingers of one hand in a gesture of forgiveness.
  8. Black Friday Sale

    Better name than trusting people to try and spell Emeline with any consistency.
  9. Pine Box

    I much prefer other models to do the burying. Six wounds evaporate in an activation. Doppelgänger copy of the death marshal had more survivability. (McCabe went into the box on turn two or three? At any rate, he only broke free once and was promptly shoved back inside, while she strolled back into his deployment zone under protection of manipulative.) I think a good portion of the power of Lady Justice’s coffin is that you are not, barring extreme luck, killing her in one activation.
  10. Von Schill

    I think @beergod may be on to something with the ‘strongest base box’ along with your skill. When I’m my first meta was full of newbies, one player switched from Seamus (another strong base box) to Von Schill, and started beating me on a regular basis instead of losing or tying. I think my McCabe never did get a win against VS.
  11. Monday Preview - Alternate Rasputina

    Oh! That makes sense.
  12. Monday Preview - Alternate Rasputina

    Our local Raspy has a Krampus proxy Snow Storm already, so I’m used to reading curving horns as that henchman. They’re both excellent models so I don’t know which one I like more. Think I see one smaller snowball which might be the wendigo? The gifts must be gamin. They have gamin arms. But then, there’s three snowmen...
  13. Iron Painter 2017 - Round Three Announcement

    Not without paying exorbitant shipping, anyhow *looks at ostbågar and bilar, but not trocadero* I can get you the contact if you're interested.
  14. @Ludvig Yes. Yes, he does. I was playing Ramos into Treacherous Teddies (50ss. Any faction. One Teddy. No exceptions.) since someone else had dibs on Hoffman. Nerd rage happened. Lots of it. Even O.S.A. copied my large arachnid to steal my scrap for positive flips before disassembling Ramos and a swarm and leaping to a far steam arachnid to finish that off as well. Do mind that the bubble still exists, though. My Teddy (with positive flips from Ramos) bear-hugged his guardian off to a far corner where it was useless for awhile.
  15. Where can I find the Medical Automation?

    The automaton has not been released yet. It doesn’t have a listing on Upcoming Releases for November either, so it is unlikely to be released until 2018.