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  1. Played against her last week. She absolutely loved the mounted guard keeping pace with her and giving her positive defense flips against my Hank'n'spank attack vector. It was better than a pistolero defense flip aura because it was set up after positioning everything. I buried the model so I can't speak to its combat effectiveness but in just two games I'd take it over the somewhat slower guardian as Justice's bodyguard, if the table permitted another 50mm model.
  2. Ooo, that's evil! But you're Ressers so you're probably comfy with evil. I already looked into suit removal regarding the Yasunori problem, and it won't help. That'll neuter Hank's decapitate though. My powerful constructs also really hate not having room for their 50mm bases. It is as @Ludvig said. Jam up the lanes with seishins and flesh constructs and shards and don't let 100mm gaps stay open.
  3. Terrifying checks could help too. That's what you get for listening to my blathering. My opponents seem to have little trouble dealing with a single beater of mine (I've been using Howard Langston for the other* and resilient he is not), maybe I should ask them. *I did not. Always chose to slingshot him upfield for a turn 1 alpha strike instead and lost him on 2 before I could bury him again.** **You have to feel for Lady J though. With Hank snapping his claws in her face, she discarded three Expert Sleuths...and flipped so poorly she still was losing initiative by 1. She spent a stone--and flipped a 13. There ain't no kill like overkill.
  4. Replacement Yan Lo beards? I can't imagine the reception of a sprue full of very random, exclusive to the guilder program, Wyrd-tournament-legal bits. Is there demand enough for extra fancy guitars and banjos, flaming skulls with long flowing hair, banners with the logos of factions within Malifaux upon them (M&SU, Ridley, etc.)? Something to ponder. And the extra fancy roomsweeper pistol off of the Avatar of Amalgamation. Because it's awesome, that's why. *very pointedly snuggles Avatar of Amalgamation* Have I gushed sufficiently about how awesome it is? Oo, that reminds me. *backs up to previous part of post*
  5. A Puppet Wars base stacks perfectly atop a 30mm Wyrd lipped base. Very convenient. The one I had (December acolyte) was about as tall as the lizard-like metal gamin: taller than some Ht1 models but certainly not comparable to Ht2. But being a December acolyte, it was always first priority to die and didn't last long to create lingering confusion. It was one of the trickier ones to read since there was no visible harpoon gun. Others like the puppet death marshal and puppet nurse presented no problems at all.
  6. [After the last round of the Henchman Hardcore tournament--sadly, Lazarus and two relic hammers made short work of my three-quarters construct crew--I retrieved my Malifaux Child from the Outcast player. Later that month, we faced off with standard 50ss crews. First activation of the game...] Lazarus settled his long-range lens into place and watched the child drop from all the way across the plain, the shotgun hole sprouting in her forehead before the guardian could react. "Why didn't you tell me you hired Hans?" asked Viktoria. "I didn't," answered Viktoria. "I thought you had." Lazarus had no way to smile, but he could disengage and spin his lens just so, have it briefly catch the sunlight, and telegraph his satisfaction. [End Chasing Lazarus.]
  7. Taelor looted with efficiency. Johana stopped her from going through Johan's pockets, arguing that the M&SU didn't need to steal from itself when their employers were already too glad to do it for them, but the scrip and 'stones she liberated from Bishop and the false Taelor reconciled her to that slight loss. The student of conflict, after the deception had been revealed, flattened herself in apology to the true Taelor before darting off to alert the sisters' encampment about the increase in mimics. Lazarus ran a wad of rags through his launching tubes, in between tubes swishing the rags in a bucket kept hot over his boiler. The cleaning rod froze in place, however, when he brought it back to his grenade arm and found the child there, standing atop the elbow-joint and running a sharpening stone along the bayonet. ++GUILD CHILD! THAT IS RUDE!++ She didn't flinch. "It's maintenance. I know how to help!" ++DO NOT STAND ON ME! DO YOU PUT YOUR HANDS ON OTHER PEOPLE? NO!++ He dropped his arm as he had before, without warning. She grabbed on with both arms, squealing as he flipped her upside-down and swatted at her with the cleaning rod. "What the--" Johana hopped to her feet. "Lazarus, stop bashing her head in. You, kid, hands off Lazarus immediately! You heard him." She pried them apart with the help of her hammer. Taelor looked up from the body of her doppelganger. "Ok, this isn't funny any more. I didn't know she was..." she swatted her hand around in the air looking for words, "...bleh, wish I could teach you the code, it's got a perfect word for this. Obsessive, you know? Lazarus, look at her, she isn't on some Guild mission, she's just...obsessive like a Resser for body parts." He focused his lens on the child, then pointedly swiveled his head away and resumed cleaning his grenade launcher. Taelor went on, addressing the child, "Grabby hands have to go, though. You blew it. Give me some more sandwiches and we might bother finding you a different construct first, but you are not staying here." The child opened up the miniature coffin. Taelor and she looked at the lack of sandwiches inside. "And that's that. Bye. Shoo. Go away." She prodded the child with the end of the hammer's shaft, then turned, with Johana falling into step behind her. The finality of it was jarred when Taelor froze mid-step, halfway around a corner, and dropped into a fighting stance. "Uh, Lazarus," she called back over Johana also preparing to fight, "I hate to say it but you were right...she's got backup..." Down the alleyway came echoes, of low-pitched grumbling and the wailing of a mechanism in need of oil. The child's face drained of color. She forgot Lazarus, forgot the coffin, forgot everything but sprinting after the hammer-wielders, shrieking, "No! Stop! Don't fight, that's Ryle!" Lazarus pointed his grenade launcher at the sky and tracked the sound of the child as those higher-pitched noises intersected with the lower-pitched ones. And fired.
  8. Eh. I'm probably too busy launching my own pushed/walked, nimble fast positive attack (oo wait, double positive now potentially) beatstick to care much. Saves me advancing, at any rate. But, as a confirmed turtle, I would probably (if I cared) delay and not advance until at least part of that sequence was finished. Maybe send one of the tougher little constructs forward to take part of the blow, if they didn't bring armor ignoring models.
  9. Do you use her hand reveal at all or do you not, or opponents always discard the marker instead?
  10. Welcome to Guild, faction of additive bonuses and exploiting...what did he call it, tempo?...exploiting whether the enemy has activated or not in the turn, and a surprising amount of chain activation. Hand and deck manipulation are notoriously absent, save the watcher's trigger to look only one card ahead in one deck. Melee bonuses are restricted by keyword: Lady Justice inspires all nearby minions for killing things herself but that is just about the only other one I can imagine boosts lawyers in melee. We can hire mercenary card draw (Hannah, Anna Lovelace, Sue) or mercenary bestow focus (Envy) but they need to enhance models better than lawyers to be worth their cost. If we need attacks to go through, we use 1AP to focus and then the other to hit with the positives to attack and damage.** It's the mutually assured destruction of Fees which excites me most. Reliable damage sans damage flip is acceptable but 1 damage per AP is so low. The lawyer I ran alongside Queeg did more for him by applying hard to wound than he did for it. Technically a Promises carrier in a McCabe crew, such as Queeg, could stand by the lawyer which receives a McCabe upgrade and then bestow positive melee flips, but again, another model probably needs it more. [Black Blood: currently in vogue in my meta for wounding without damage flips, therefore black blood shamans are seen. Last I saw a Titania was experimenting with a blooded knight reeling in armored opponents base-to-base and then bleeding on them. I'm sure a lawyer could add fees to the mix before wandering off to litigate elsewhere.] *from recent intro game: "just assume everything [Gnomezilla] brings has crit strike" **spent much of yesterday focusing, actually, against a Rasputina crew with lots of "after attack, attacker ends activation" defense triggers; while one game is hardly a true sample size and I cannot do the card math, it didn't fish out severe damages but did a decent job pulling out moderate
  11. *floats through the topic trailing hearts, gears, and a chorus of "shoot all your problems away"* Brutal Emissary is all I could ever have dreamed of. Raspy's crew minus the lady herself (deleted by a puppeted focused shot or two) swung at it for four turns but it simply would not die! Hoffman assimilated the gun and shot the December acolyte! Earlier games I had it amped up to double positive attack! And it just looks amazing alongside the smaller stompybots! I ran the gamin alongside it and did appreciate machine puppet on a 4 instead of 6, frequently. My hands and flips were not rich in moderate cards. (For extra value, the gamin was designated scheme runner against Raspy by magnetizing its way across the board on the stepping stones of ice gamin while toting both scheming upgrades.) Howard was launched upfield in all three games, twice directly by emissary, once by 'that giant winged robot scares me and I want to block it first'. I did not keep a harpoon bearer alive long enough to reel enemies into its reach. It loves mobile toolkit, of course.
  12. @Khyodee do you prefer to advance the wardens into melee as quickly as possible or just take whatever opportunity to strike presents itself? @KlazyLasy sorry about talking about Guild themed models on your thread, again.
  13. Since this topic is still rolling...after some discussion I decided that the emissary borrowing the Malifaux Child's "Just Like You!" while powerlooped to a metal gamin could, in fact, borrow the Ca8 before taking the -3Ca penalty, for that odd and specific situation where you felt the need to hire the gamin and also might not want anything more important buried that turn and need another Hoffman action more than the emissary's own. Fishing for a 7 on a positive flip for Machine Puppet (with its own triggers but without triggers on the puppeted action) seems more achievable than hunting for a 9.
  14. "Time to kick pork butt and chug moonshine..." may be the best thread title of the year.