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  1. Gnomezilla

    The Bloodwretch/brutal emissary card engine

    Interesting that Lucius can heal them...I can do my usual and bury Ryle also for another AP of shooting everything within reach, but that’s five guild guards very precisely positioned between 3” and 4” away with one wound remaining apiece, and an opposing crew wondering what gift just got handed to them. Which is why I waited for someone to drop a Hamelin crew to provide me with targets before trying it at home. What surprised me was having to cheat in the cards as fast as I drew them, to keep hitting the next target/bump the damage up enough to kill and provide a new target. Only ended up by two cards at activation’s end, which is just silly.
  2. I like to call it the rent-a-wretch program. Hire a bloodwretch and a bunch of targets...Guild guard and brutal emissary, stuff bloodwretch in box preferably out of its activation otherwise it must be made fast, buff up, gun down. Given that fast isn’t actually necessary for this, you could do it with Lucius for flavor. I’m still running the numbers on whether it’s better to be able to shoot twice and double your draw, or just use those stones to hire in more targets...guardsmen to begin with. Same idea as the flesh construct wound battery, hire your crew for maximum wounds per stone. (Which, incidentally, the above Nicodem crew did with a wall of flesh constructs, serene in the knowledge that facing Gnomezilla meant zero chance of a competent Sonnia. And it worked. I had a lot of damage output for my limited AP, but not that much.)
  3. Gnomezilla

    Working on the Hoffman Project

    I waged a one-gnome campaign for the little mechromancer, the absolute least I can do in return is play her. ❤️
  4. YOU NEED TO IMPROVE THOSE NUMBERS! THOSE ARE ROOKIE NUMBERS! If @Haagrum is telling the truth, and I have no reason to doubt him, for the low low cost of one master AP (plus a stone for the suit if needed), two non-master AP and a minimum of eighteen wounds from my own crew, Guild can mimic Neverborn to the tune of draw eighteen, discard nine. Of course the crew in question couldn’t hit the enemy, let alone kill, as over half of it is Guild guard (note to self: forgot one), but impractical hypothetical situations are what I live for! ...Not that it helped much. Last time I faced Nicodem, I was blessed with a counter-picked crew and a very good hand, and was able to leap in and eliminate him with the first activation of turn two. But I had to commit everything I had to that strike, and didn’t have enough left to slow the Resser crew down even after Hoffman red jokered his damage two more times that game (nerd raaaaaaaaage!). I just had the moral victory while not denying him a single point, just like everyone else before me.
  5. Gnomezilla

    Monday Preview - Mystery Monkey Mischief

    I have grape expectations for this model.
  6. Gnomezilla

    Our Worst Models

    That looks like it might bypass the one trouble with the investigator: after awhile there’s a fine net of scheme markers 4” apart and no room to interact for more.
  7. Gnomezilla

    Few questions about new Gg18

    On denying supply wagons: a wagon can push through models but it cannot stop on a model. If either of you try to interfere with the enemy wagon, the blocker has to sit 2” away from the direction where you expect the wagon to move. I have assigned a guardian to the problem sometimes. 3” engagement blocks interacts, big base stops 30mm and 40mm pushes when the guardian stands 2” away, and then I focused fire on the 50mm.
  8. Gnomezilla

    Fluffy quotes for all of you

    I like the challenge of the newest masters and how little time for characterization they have had. Nellie: Love this article. Fantabulous! Completely inarguably convincing! But I just don’t have space to run it this week, not with the Little Kingdom exposé (of course you need to set the headline with the funny ‘eeee’, that shows how urgent it is, ask my press, he’ll show you).... Reva: I don’t see why anyone would turn back to life, once I had brought them so close to the veil. It wouldn’t be just. Sandeep: They are two beasts hitched to the same cart, here: knowledge and rage. I drive myself in circles, always switching the beasts to keep knowledge one step ahead. I have seen what happened to those scholars who loosened the brakes and let the cart run unchecked. Titania: They will remember that it is better to touch their knees to the ground than to degenerate altogether into the muck. Parker: Naw. Same here as anywhere else. Rich get richer, until the poor get even. Zipp: ATTENTION, CREW! Anyone not over the top of the railing and diving at surprise future crew members by the time I take flight will find themselves on deck-scrubbing detail with the First Mate—now, see, dereliction like this is exactly why we need this recruitment dive in the first place.... Asami: Why won’t you leave us alone?! Let me sweep, let me serve, let me live—but not alone—I was wrong, never leave me alone!
  9. Gnomezilla

    Working on the Hoffman Project

    ...you are dead to me! Dead, do you hear!!!!111!1!one! Yes, I know a certain podcast’s disdain of any master with a TN on every action which isn’t ‘nerd rage torching someone’, but Hoffman has top-deckable TNs at least. Which look a little less attractive since the Neverborn top-deck obeyers can also add a considerable push with a built-in suit and keep their triggers, by the gods that pisses me off...alright Colette’s obeys are buried even deeper in the compost heap. Anyway. Much as it irks me, the theory I have been told that construct keyword itself is a model pool too expensive for what it does (Joss maybe excepted, nobody does what Joss does) seems to hold true. My poor stompybots. So in order to buy the most efficient models for the ‘stones we have got to spend all the master AP turn 1 making them usable with our master. Just grab the peacekeeper and Improved Harness and brick up against any master short of Pandora. There’s some satisfaction in reducing back-to-back hits for 8 down to a level which wouldn’t even give away the first Eliminate the Leadership point. Hans requires all the jank and any fun to be had with Hoffman also requires all the jank. There’s only so many cards to cheat. Forget Hans.
  10. Gnomezilla

    Friday Preview - Rail Gunner

    *zooms in, sees claw-handed part of the supports which were less visible before* Ok, those are neat. Much cooler than the close-combat baton I thought that was.
  11. Gnomezilla

    Friday Preview - Rail Gunner

    So Edmonton’s dinky little rifley thingy gets a tripod, but these railguns just hang off of the gunner’s shoulder? I appreciate the box, though. Looks like it’s cabled to the gun itself, as an external power supply? Helps ground the fanciful concept of the gun, to have that included.
  12. Gnomezilla

    Our Worst Models

    *pictures Guildies hootin’, hollerin’, and drinking on duty* *pictures Gremlins parading in ranks, bearing ‘The Gremlin-General is watching YOU’ placards*
  13. Gnomezilla

    How do you McMourning?

    Some people like to buff McMourning with Francisco standing quite close. I’m just saying. Also, what about a sympathetic domador (I’m sure the Whisper will start chatting with them soon) with a floating farting study object? Sebastian is the leader of Guild McMourning and should be treated as such, is my view now, and as such I’d be giving him the El Mayor (or even, gods forbid, buff the chihuahua on turn one just to launch its farts forward and laugh until I cry as the enemy inevitably dogpiles the ankle-biter). McMourning gets medicated and becomes the fast-moving flanker that has 3AP, +5” push which sometimes occurs twice, and sometimes +2 Wk on top of that.
  14. Gnomezilla


    Why did Wyrd remove the ‘cry’ react just when I needed it most?
  15. Gnomezilla


    My heavily redacted thoughts in no particular order: That hat with candles still enchants me and I hope it comes as twin half-circles with the candles molded in place; I wish I could turn list function on while browsing on my phone; this won’t mesh stylistically with the Hoffman nom-nom-nom crew even if I can get thralls to pull double duty as fleshier flesh constructs; Zoraida players must be eating their hearts out that there’s a suitable Goblin King at last but nowhere near either of their factions; the skulls make them visually distinct even from Dia de los Muertos Ortegas crews; I wonder what the subset who complained about exaggerated curves on female sculpts are going to say about this; probably going to trade my female domador for another male and have the offer accepted and then ruin both their hats attempting OSL; speaking of which I need to finish painting vintage Sonnia.