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  1. Broken Promises (Spoiler Free)

    There's no thread for real-life references in book five yet, so I'll drop this here for later. BBC article about "the man with two hearts", his natural heart and a mechanical one, and how it warped his self-perception--and how Marlena the little mechromancer may be warped by what happened to her. Not a direct reference, but neurology is just neat to learn about.
  2. 9.04.17 Ply for Information Nellie vs. Sonnia

    No, Nellie attacked her own Queeg...and did red joker damage, on a relented damage flip. (Which, RAW, did not remove the scoring condition. It specifies "severe" and does not specify 'enemy'. I am Ok with this as written. Jokers are strange occurrences, and the odds of still hitting severe on a double negative are low.)
  3. Oops! I forgot....

    It took me over a year to grasp that Howard Langston has Terrifying (Living).
  4. Surviving the Viks alpha strike

    Brain's turning back on again, slowly.... Glimpse the Void burial must unbury when something dies, no? Bring the weakest, cheapest model you can and something with a 12" or better gun. Once Blood is buried, run your sacrifice to a safe spot (or deploy it far away from everything else--in severe terrain and/or behind walls preferred) and shoot it to death. Bonus points if you wanted it dead anyway, i.e. a Malifaux Child who has done her job for the game, or walk your sacrifice into hazardous terrain. Out pops Blood somewhere where she can comfortably ignored for awhile, far away from sisterly buffs (but not heals).
  5. Soulstone Miners and GG18

    The 6" clear range on their unburying are a little less irritating than the no conditions of raptors, but guess how you block them from unburying in LYM range...activation control with cheap fodder! (So says someone who spent a turn or two last night not unburying them because of Dreamer's chaff peons holding the entirety of the backfield--well played.) (see also Buried Treasure and the denial thereof)
  6. Surviving the Viks alpha strike

    Maybe, maybe not--but if nothing else, the Outcasts player must respect the possibility and react to it, being on the back foot. Also, those blasted chained heals won't save her underground. I tried Lucius' guardians and a general bubble of Df7 and 8 (Phiona), but of the few things in the game that will punch through Df7 double positive without cheating, Ml7 loads-of-positives is one of them. Then everyone was clustered around the Scribe for +1Df, and we all know how that ends. [It's definitely got to be a Glimpse the Void bury of Blood to fulfill the conditions of the original post, now that I am awake enough to reason it out.]
  7. Surviving the Viks alpha strike

    I think that's the void wretch/scion of the void variant, in which unburying is sadly legal. (Details may be misremembered, I'm not even a part-time Outcast...yet.) However, we're Guild. Just taking a single death marshal recruiter ought to stop that nonsense.
  8. This is a partial battle report from a bystander. Details will be missing. Turn two: Marcus alphas, but doesn't do enough damage to derail the sisters--and also the one kill he gets under alpha cannot be counted for either scheme or strategy! Viktoria of Blood kills Marcus to score the strategy but no schemes. Lazarus RJs damage as though he were facing me. Marcus 0; Viktorias 1 (Public Executions). Turn three: rougarou pushes everything but hits nothing. Viktoria of Blood kills rougarou and declares both Make Them Suffer and Shed Blood. Angry jackalope nearly kills Blood solo. Taelor RJs damage on rogue necromancy as though she were facing me. I give Viktorias crew a stern lecture about saving their wrath. Marcus 0; Viktorias 3 (Public Executions, Make Them Suffer). Turn four: Viktoria of Ash kills gupps and declares both Make Them Suffer and Shed Blood. Jackalope is resummoned. Game is called as Marcus is nearly tabled... Marcus 0; Viktorias 5. Would have gone on to Viktorias 9 if he had thought to not resummon the jackalope, as it was Viktorias would have scored Public Executions yet again for a peon witness to score the full 10. As the observer, it felt counter-intuitive, but right, that killing in front of the peons could still score the strategy. Rather, it would be wrong if there were a horde of peons still on the table but the KILLING strategy could no longer be scored. There was no strategy counter-play, but I am actually itching to try, in removing models from LoS at the appropriate juncture. I asked whether there was an argument that gaining strategy AND scheme VP from the same kill felt wrong, and after thought the Viks player said no, that Make Them Suffer (and Hunting Party) had conditions above and beyond just killing and it was just luck in opportune targets that they could be scored simultaneously.
  9. Broken Promises (Spoiler Free)

    @Lemonjello with some patience since I haven't actually read this book yet...it's hardly the first time. Well, good news then, pursuant to previous conversations: looks like there has finally been found the hit-upside-the-head-with-a-relic-hammer level of un-subtlety that was needed to get through to the average reader. Now I think I'm going to go throw a private tantrum. Again, with some patience, since I haven't actually read the book yet and this is more directed at my fellow players...
  10. New Hoffman

    It gets better. They're both dispatching death marshals to stuff the other in a box, disregarding the giant honkin' greatsword and horde of stompybots respectively. And if Lady J ends up winning the pinebox slap fight--which isn't a given since Hoffman will have range advantage if she is silly enough to get caught at her charge range--she's at least got a 1/2/3 damage track when she opens the lid and pokes the sword around in there. A recruiter could get a queller buff and hit for full.
  11. New Hoffman

    @Kharnage! Preach! I'll mostly be trying stuff I already did with the emissary and burying friendly models, but at the cost of 2ss+master AP, not 10ss.
  12. August 15th - App

    The factions are sorted by color values, oddly enough. There's only so much you can do with gremlin brown, and it's separated from outcast yellow and thunders orange. Makes me wonder if there's a color-blind tester who said 'separate these or I'll never tell them apart'. Besides, I'm sure the other factions will be happier Guild isn't at the head of the line for once. Speaking of usability, everything that was necessary was large enough font size to be read. I do agree that having the heading 'strategy' larger than the actual strategy is odd, but I could read them both on a screen.
  13. Guild in Hard mode

    Exactly so. There's two ways to balance a mismatched pair of lists with hiring restrictions, so why not look at both of them?
  14. Guild in Hard mode

    Actually, speaking of hard mode, you can use the 'no mercenaries' clause to get your opponent to stop hiring those oiran. I flinch every time I read battle reports with those included.
  15. August 15th - App

    Oh yeah. That would make some battle reports a whole lot easier to record and analyze after the fact. ...Wait. That's the potential for BACK OF CARD INFO in the overlay. Not just front. Whoa.