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  1. Paid - Oliver Hedges
  2. Paid - Ollie
  3. Wookiejunior = Oliver Hedges
  4. Great event! Was really well run, and with lunch included was great value. My only point would be that the terrain on some boards could do with tweaking. Some (like board 8) had huge firing lanes, while others (board 3) had lots of large blocking buildings, but little in the way of scatter terrain or anything else.
  5. Can we assume this isn't happening?
  6. Scampi please - Oliver Hedges
  7. paid
  8. I figured as Tapdancer's post had been up for over two weeks no-one else wanted it. Please add me to the reserves though
  9. Is this still up for grabs?
  10. Can I go on the reserve list please - Oliver Hedges
  11. To add to the bishop attack spam, you can also have the mech rider reactivate him for another 4. I really rate the dogs as cheap activations that can do strats. Canine Remains especially to turn people into beasts.
  12. Unfortunately I've just realized I can't make it. Maybe the next one....
  13. I'd be interested, but am based in Oxford. Do you know how easy it is to get to the venue from the coach station?
  14. I'm going to have to hold off entering till I find out exam dates I'm afraid.
  15. Do you have anything in plastic, or is it all metal?
  16. Can anyone recommend the best way to get there from the train station? Google recommends various buses, I was just wondering what the locals opinions were.
  17. Can I nab that last ticket?
  18. I actually really enjoyed my game against John, even if it was brief. It also meant I got to see a lot of the show! Fair enough about the prizes, as I said I wasn't sure how it'd work in practice.
  19. Hey Chris, great event, I really enjoyed my first tournament and it was very well run! The quick reference sheets were especially useful. -round timing: I managed to finish all my games fully (one ended turn 2, the others turn 5) and there was never any worry or feeling that we needed to speed up. I think we could have even managed 50ss without too much trouble. -prizes: I was quite surprised at the amount there was to win, and liked that it wasn't simply for 1st/2nd/3rd etc. As a new player the idea of more models is appealing to me. However I recognize that in Malifaux getting something you already have isn't really useful, and so scenery/hobby stuff tend to work better. The only way I could think to balance this would be to just have the first person drawn pick what they want and so on. Then they'd be more chance of experienced players taking hobby stuff/models they don't have and newer players expanding their collections. I don't know if it'd work in practice though. I'll try and come up again for Heartfaux, but you've managed to schedule it both on my birthday, and just before my exams! Ollie
  20. Ok, let me know if it falls through.
  21. I'm interested in the Molly box.
  22. Hey guys, I'm thinking of starting a campaign with Toshiro (with command of the graves) and I was wondering what you'd suggest taking with him? I was thinking Belle + Nurse (cheese), Chaki and then I'm not sure. I feel I need a heavy hitter (punk zombie?) or scheme runners (necropunks?) and should probably focus around minions to get the most out of Toshiro.
  23. So the advice is not to Would it be feasible to cram both of them in a list? Valedictorian 10 Toshiro - Command the Graves 10 Nurse 5 Chiaki 6 Canine Remains 4 Valedictorian = hitty stuff, Nurse/Chiaki = heal/buff-debuff Canine Remains = early corpse marker/scheme runner Toshiro = summons/hitty stuff/buff minions Then looking to spam more minions early in the campaign? Thoughts?