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  1. Guarded Treasure 9.29

    Does anyone else feel this goes slightly too far in the other direction? There are so many criteria there that I feel the scheme will be almost impossible to score. While I do think the always scheme should be slightly harder than general ones, IMO this one is too much. I'd drop one of the criteria (probably having to have more non-minion/peon and instead have it as a non-minion/peon), or at least make it scorable on turn 2.
  2. 9/20/17 Public Executions Lilith vs Molly

    Molly can'r have Spirit Beacon as she is not a spirit.
  3. Wonderful Whirlwind?

    Also the Raider wouldn't have got the buff from the child, as she wasn't a sister when the condition was handed out.
  4. Gaining grounds 2018 my answer

    Except it is your responsibility to track conditions etc. on your models.
  5. Dead Man's Ball - First tournament exp with Kirai

    Hunting Party is only when you kill minions/peons. Ikiryo is an enforcer.
  6. Summoners into GG2018

    This is an interesting take on it. It solves the problem for a lot of the models that use summoning as a way to transform.
  7. BoarFaux 2: The Boars are Back in Town - 2 September

    Ollie Hedges
  8. BoarFaux 2: The Boars are Back in Town - 2 September

  9. Claim Jump denying

    I feel claim jump is fair to easy as a scheme (almost a no brainer for some factions), and should be made harder in some way rather than easier.
  10. PIGFAUX .......2 6/08/17

    Sure was
  11. PIGFAUX .......2 6/08/17

    Paid! Could I pick up my best in faction trophy from last time as well? Ollie
  12. Dig their graves

    If a model drops a scheme marker through a trigger (e.g. mech rider) on an attack that kills the target, can it use that marker for Dig?
  13. PIG DADDY 11/06/17

    Paid - Ollie Hedges
  14. Scottish GT 2017 - 22nd/23rd July

    Paid - Oliver Hedges
  15. Saturday 13th May 2017 - Heartfaux 4 - YORK

    Paid - Ollie