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  1. Paid - Oliver Hedges
  2. Paid - Ollie
  3. Wookiejunior = Oliver Hedges
  4. Great event! Was really well run, and with lunch included was great value. My only point would be that the terrain on some boards could do with tweaking. Some (like board 8) had huge firing lanes, while others (board 3) had lots of large blocking buildings, but little in the way of scatter terrain or anything else.
  5. Can we assume this isn't happening?
  6. Scampi please - Oliver Hedges
  7. paid
  8. I figured as Tapdancer's post had been up for over two weeks no-one else wanted it. Please add me to the reserves though
  9. Is this still up for grabs?
  10. Can I go on the reserve list please - Oliver Hedges
  11. To add to the bishop attack spam, you can also have the mech rider reactivate him for another 4. I really rate the dogs as cheap activations that can do strats. Canine Remains especially to turn people into beasts.
  12. Unfortunately I've just realized I can't make it. Maybe the next one....
  13. I'd be interested, but am based in Oxford. Do you know how easy it is to get to the venue from the coach station?