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  1. No riflemen but here are mine next to McCabe, Lone Marshall and the Pale Rider. They fit right in!
  2. Definitely give it a try but I can tell you that it won't be great with this crew. You'll want to kill stuff, especially if you go for Dig, and definitely for Guard the Stash. Accusation is the scheme to play when you don't need to eliminate enemy models, such as a Headhunter game against Kirai. Also the point on Hamelin stands, Nihilist will limit your options. Luckily there isn't another scheme he is just immune to so it isn't so bad in this pool. Dig would be nice with the Sergeant kicking those markers out. Get one in range and let Perdita shoot them down while denying a Stash holding model at the same time. Depending on board set up the Sergeant can just do Claim Jump on his own as well. Probably won't work if your opponent has seen that trick before but worth considering if you can hide him/her on the midline. Search the Ruins would also be easy if you can dominate the middle with Perdita and the Sergeant comes up from behind to put those markers where they need to be. A lot of this would determine on the board set up but I think your crew is well built to handle this pool, minus Accusation
  3. Guild Anti-FFM idea, inspired by the recent topics of Perdita (also Sonnia, and any killy master) giving up 3VP easily and also the Outcast topic about the Freikorps Specialist. Nelle, 5 cache (1-2 stone wiggle room) - Delegation, Misleading Headlines, Embedded Printing Press - duh Aionus, Numb - idea being here that he doesn't need to kill things and should be focused on scheme shenanigans to not give up that extra VP. Numb to avoid Tail'em/Accusation, can be swapped out if the pool doesn't include these. Can easily go without upgrades. Freikorps Specialist - this hurts to include but Nellie can make him Fast and Propoganda him to move up and the Burning becomes a thing in this list. Even if he screws up and kills the sucker it isn't the end of the world. Removing various markers and bad conditions (Slow/Paralyzed) will be helpful. He should probably walk+focus+shoot at something valuable but not obviously pushed forward to die immediately. Witchling Handler - Make stuff put more Burning out. That's the gimmick here. Field Reporters getting their Assaulted in Public trigger with a Burning for good measure could be silly good. Big Jake - Schemes, cards, profit. Come back Turn 5 and whack something dead. All around great. Performer - Schemes, poison, 'lure' to Paralyze for fun Field Reporter - should be fairly obvious. So, basically turning the classic Guild playstyle on its head to help fix a major weakness. A savvy opponent will see this list and just not take FFM, suckering you in to focus too much on conditions to kill stuff. Good thing we can kill stuff the old fashion way. Or, you know, run schemes and get your VP instead.
  4. I've used her in a campaign and she didn't perform at all. Likely because she was a bigger threat in the beginning and got taken out early because of it. In a larger game she might just be ignored because her attacks aren't amazing. The opponent will always pick the better of the two evils and then just get her off the board. For 8ss she's an annoying piece of tissue paper. I haven't used her with Nellie yet but their might be some traction there with the other band members. Namely Envy and Lust, I imagine. I like her model the best out of the seven, regardless of faction. It's great.
  5. Now that these ponies are up to snuff and out in the public, how are you finding them performing in your games? Have they found a decent place in GG2017? I ask because I haven't picked them up from my LGS yet, and I want to live vicariously through others. Side question - with the inclusion of Allison Dade, do Guardsmen-centric lists make the cut in a year mostly focused on schemey-ness and control?
  6. Dashel with Arrest Him isn't too shabby in Interference either. That upgrade can make him quite a surprise for the unwary opponent. "Bam, now you don't count, and neither does this model!" Guild Guard are OP #snarkiness He will need Numb on him instead to avoid Tail'em though, which means he probably replaces Phiona and that is bad news bears.
  7. With an Embedded list you might as well take a Strongarm Suit instead of the Peacekeeper. They are fairly identical but the ability to charge ignoring models and terrain would help out with options in Interference. He can't get bogged down as easily against multiple models, for example. The triggers to prevent damage reduction help a lot too. When you need it his gun is more reliable too at Sh7, but usually punching stuff is his M.O. This is all a mute point if you don't have the model of course I would usually take the Peacekeeper in general anyway. Otherwise this looks like a really solid list. Phiona can get Dig Their Graves really easily while not giving away Tail'em points (thank you Numb), and you have enough flexibility to go for the other schemes without (hopefully) giving it away too much.
  8. @Tris I will - wont get a game in next week but maybe after that, busy busy busy. At that point you should just play Hoffman
  9. Theoryfaux expounding time. Nellie in the Bayou AKA Pig in the City Nellie, 4 cache, Misleading Headlines, Delegation, Embedded Printing Press Phiona Gage, Transparency, Debt Gracie, Numb Burt Jebsen, Debt Johan Performer Field Reporter Four beaters, eight activations (almost infinite anyway with Misleading Headlines), insane damage without relying on Shooting (why, yes, hello Mei Fang. I don't care about your steam, thank you) and a lot of tanky goodness. No one besides Gracie needs Rams either so they can go to her for min4 all day. I'm thinking best used in Guard the Stash with Burt, Gracie, and a Field Reporter on one side and the rest covering the other with Nellie straddling both in the middle. Likely able to do anything well but we will see. I'm interested to see if Gracie's extra attacks would put her in competition vs a Strongarm Suit, but her own healing might put her over the top. A little less damage to be able to stick around for another turn or two, hmmm
  10. I'm gonna try Burt and Gracie in with Embedded Nellie. A potential nine attacks between giving them both Fast and Burt's auto-triggers for Gracie. Combined with Propoganda means whatever is near them should be dead. Right?
  11. I would like to believe that third art has a model design floating around somewhere. Maybe one day we will get a third model as a bonus or something, but I'm not holding my breath for it.
  12. That's a days worth of salt right there. You can keep your theme intact and have all the fun you want out of the game, but I (and I think most people) want to know about good options for various scenarios and it just so happens that the Darkened keyword doesn't rise to the top. I sincerely do not understand your sentiment that Brilliance is worthless when Brilliant models will die. Have a drink, take a breath, and come back to the Honeypot any time.
  13. This is the link button disguised as text Hey fellow Wyrdudes and Wyrdudettes, I wrote a long-winded guide to Jakob Lynch over on Midwest Wargaming. Take a gander and read a bunch on one of my favorite Masters. I focus mostly on the 10T side of things because they are my preferred faction but it is very thorough. Enjoy. Or don't, I'm not your dad. Or am I?
  14. This is the link button disguised as text Hey fellow Wyrdudes and Wyrdudettes, I wrote a long-winded guide to Jakob Lynch over on Midwest Wargaming. Take a gander and read a bunch on one of my favorite Masters. I focus mostly on the 10T side of things because they are the TRUE FACTION but it is very thorough. Enjoy. Or don't, I'm not your dad. Or am I?
  15. Fully agreed with @Rathnard. He needs to have a crew built around him, that also can't help him move, and similar models do the same job for cheaper/the same cost. Want a lot of shooting? Samurai, like you said. Want a real tarpit? Izamu, all day, who can be pushed, actually hurt things in combat and can't be killed in Ml. His errata upgrade seems like a bandaid for a broken leg - the thought is nice but it doesn't help. Also being one of the ugliest models in the range, and arguably the most offensive, doesn't help either.