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  1. Wow, that is not what I expected at all but I love it! More badass women for the Ortegas and the Guild.
  2. There's a link to a fun article I wrote in my sig, below.
  3. Against Carlos it wasn't, and I had to use I Find You... on the Emissary so it didn't die. Anything with armor makes the damage pretty moot, it's the Slow that I was after. The Emissary still died, but not from a lack of trying If the target was Df4-5 I would probably have thrown some books at it, making it a flip-off instead. That's not usually the case in my meta against my Guild, or they pile on the armor at the same time. So...*wildly swings around a homemade flail that is really just a towel*
  4. Had a games a couple days ago with ms. Jury. against the flaming Arcanists. First obvious thing is the Books attack. I had a situation where Jury was by a stache marker engaged by Carlos' 3" fists and chose to walk and hit with the flail instead of throw Books twice. Sh5 really kills that action and I can hardly find a situation where I would ever use it instead of charging or just hitting once with the more reliable attack. The increase to 8" means little when that is still her threat range. Fees is pretty lackluster on its own so there isn't any impetuous to actually use that attack. A second question popped up on her I Find You... triggering the Mask trigger to remove a condition from an enemy model. The model "may" remove a condition - can the enemy refuse to remove anything and just take the heal? Jury is super solid on her own right now. If her Books attack was Sh6 I would actually use it in the right scenario. I really don't think range is the issue at all - the flail is (and should be) better. It's the case of 95/5 flail/books right now to 80/20 if the Books were Sh6.
  5. As far as anyone is aware they are still in the process of moving the website, likely your request for lost in the shuffle. Try again, or wait, or do nothing. You might get the same result either way.
  6. Despite the handy info above, "Red Pole" sounds like a weird racist polish joke, or a penis. Solid reference but it will always sound phallic.
  7. If the mood strikes All the other masters have solid PMF entries so I won't rush anything out. I like to get a couple solid months of playtime with each master to feel things out before I feel confident enough to write about them. Soon...ish...
  8. Thought I'd put this here, straight from the horse's mouth. Aaron: "FYI, Jury is a she " Trying to quote things from my phone is fun. More importantly, red-haired ladies of Justice unite!
  9. @Da Git It was in one of the books, and Riot Breakers were mentioned as well. I don't have page numbers offhand, but they're in there somewhere.
  10. Hi All, I unleash upon you the juggernaut of information I have compiled about Nellie Cochrane and her Journalist friends here on Midwest Wargaming. Meant to be more of an overview rather than a complete guide, hopefully this article will help anyone looking to get into Nellie or to find out what the hell is even happening when you play against her. Feedback welcome, but be nice or I'll defame you in my next article for being mean *threatening keyboard motions* I also included fun snippets about the Wave 5 playtest models, and will update any crazy changes that happen. They're left vague and small on purpose because nothing is currently final. None of the Guild or Merc models have much direct synergy with Nellie anyway so it's fine. Let me know what you think.
  11. *squints* That is very...interesting. Yes, good, good... Luckily I have a Dead Outlaw from a friend for whenever I get Parker. Now maybe I don't need him to use it. They're very good for their cost with Parker and do well enough outside of him, too. There's definitely a theme with these Wave 5 Mercs about denying scheme or general marker placing. I can throw Dead Outlaws in the mix too with the AdC since those things eat markers passively. Either AdC needs a little rule clarification in regards to Embedded or it is intentional and should definitely stay that way.
  12. Neither of those models are Mercenaries though, so that doesn't work. I wish Dead Outlaws were Mercs because those things are stupid good. Off the top of my head there aren't any Undead Mercenaries besides Killjoy? Please correct me if I'm forgetting something.
  13. With Leap, and maybe even an EXTRA LEAP from Queeg, can Reactivating Nimble Punks (great band name) put down two Stake markers on turn 1? Some wizard needs to do measuring math.
  14. Guild Hounds also die to a small fart on the breeze. Necropunks, at least ones on the internet, don't.
  15. Score as in put a marker down immediately, to then score on turn 2 My word choice was bad and I feel bad. Boo no Nurses. Mischievous plans foiled because of words, yet again.