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  1. Croc of Gold - 18th March, High Wycombe. 3 Rounds 50ss

    A quick reminder that there’s just over 4 weeks to the event so sign up quick before the places fill up. (Honest, they will!).
  2. At the moment this is a placeholder for a 50ss Gaining Grounds (whichever one it is by then) 3 Round tournament. It will be based at the Downley Community Centre in High Wycombe (about half way between Oxford and London), and I will be aiming for 28 people. It will be a charity event with raffles and cakes available with the money going to the Miscarriage Association. I will post more information closer to the event, but if you're interested please let me know by comment / PM. Thanks all Sean Hi All, Rules pack is attached below and the tickets are now live. Tickets are £15 and can be purchased through PayPal to sean.wheeliker@taltkalk.net. Please include your real and forum names so I can keep track and post who will be coming. If you need any more information feel free to PM me. Attendees List: 1. Lee Walstow 2. Adam Perry 3. Russell Shea 4. Philip Powell 5. Owen Pauling 6. Croc of Gold Rules Pack.docx
  3. Croc of Gold - 18th March, High Wycombe. 3 Rounds 50ss

    Rules pack is just being QA'd and will be live in the next day or two. This will contain the ticket details.
  4. If Asura Roten has the decaying aura upgrade does it mean that any models that use her attacks through Residents of Rottenburg are affected by Bane. Residents of Rottenburg: Freindly undead models in 12” and LoS May take Ml actions printed on this models stat card, but they can only take one action printed on the stat card once per activation and cannot declare triggers. Bane: Enemy models may not use Soulstone to prevent damage caused by this models attack actions and abilities. The way I read it a friendly model using Residents is using Asura’s attack which is affected by Bane. Also, Bane states the action or ability is covered not ‘This Model’? Does Bane need to be worded such that it says ‘actions and abilities of This Model’ instead?
  5. Troubleshooters 3 - 13th January - Daventry

    Payed up (Sean Wheeliker). New Year, New Faction, new excuses!
  6. Asura Roten and Decaying Aura.

    Although the ability is conferred to Asura (as all abilities are), it is written in a way that suggests that the effect is on the attack rather than on her. So a model using her attack would benefit from the effect of Bane.
  7. Croc of Gold - 18th March, High Wycombe. 3 Rounds 50ss

    hi Folks, Thanks for all the interest you've shown. As an update I have booked the venue and have managed to get an amazing henchman involved (Thanks Red!). Just waiting to hear about terrain etc and then will get the rules pack out there ready! Thanks all for waiting and looking forward to seeing you all there. Sean
  8. Pusher ;)

    For the most part I agree, but I think the Beckoners work quite well with Pandora. Though if you do run with Serena then Lilitu would work better as she already has black blood for Serena to cast Tendrils through.
  9. Pusher ;)

    you could always Proxy for now. The Through The Breach Female parts kit is useful for it. Or if you're playing a friendly game just use a female figure on a 30mm base.
  10. Pusher ;)

    The TN on Show ya the door is 13, so the changelings would need a 9, and to be honest Nekima is mobile enough. Pandora on the other hand could do with help. But she works well enough if you just wait for your opponent to come to you. You'd have the help of the sorrows etc then. If you really want to get the pushes up you might be better taking 2 beckoners and push them with graves and the doppleganger and then lure Pandora and Nekima up. It'd be a little slower for Pandora on each lure, but you can get 2 off. Alternatively, take Serena Bowman and give 2 Beckoners 'from the shadows'? It'll be expensive but you're looking at lures from around the half way line from the start.
  11. Tickets bought for me! Looking forward to it!
  12. Pandora - Woe Is Me

    Personal choice mostly. I want the upgrades I put on a model to do a job. If I'm not sure why I'm adding an upgrade or just putting it on for the sake of having one there then I'd be looking to spend the stones elsewhere. Plus theres a few upgrades that need to kick in as a reaction or at the start of the turn which means I can't drop thousand faces and then use it.
  13. Pandora - Woe Is Me

    I've played summoning Pandora a few times and have found the following to be quite good. Pandora with Woe is me, Fugue State and Rile them up (6ss) with 6ss pool. Barbaros with Malifaux Provides (11SS) Then either Candy or Aeslin (depending on schemes) usually with a 1SS upgrade (10ss) Doppleganger (7ss) Insidious Madness (5ss) Field Reporter (4ss) Field Reporter (4ss) Rile them up is great for using her 0 to push into range of summoning whilst giving someone a condition then summoning twice (if possible) then dropping a card to take as a (1) ap and pushing away from danger. The field reporters are fab at putting conditions on models ready and for being cheap speed bumps. Barbaros and doppleganger do their usual things and then Aeslin if there are any marker based schemes and Candy if not. I've usually averaged about 4 sorrows summoned in a game and at least 1 poltergeist. I've tried it having a couple of sorrows to start with and thats worked quite well too. I've also found summoning Dora works great with schemes that give conditions (marked for death, tail em etc). Especially Marked for Death.
  14. Wave 5 refining our meta

    I played beater dreamer against Royal Indignation Titania last night and Dreamer came out on top. Turn 3 Titania charged Lord Chompy (who was out from the previous turn), and put a bit of damage on him. It didn't help him that his first hit he sac''d the two scheme markers to give him +2 damage on his -ve flip and got the black joker. Chompy then hit twice and converted into Dreamer. Dreamer then hit 4 times and killed Titania, pulling out Chompy again. The royal indignation worked ok against Chompy reducing the damage a little, but as soon as Dreamer started hitting out it was pretty useless. Chompy then went on to kill The Thorn in that turn, so 8AP from Dreamer/Chompy combo in one turn!
  15. Warped reality

    I used it last night in a game of Headhunter and put it on a mature and two young nephilim. It was flank deployment and I deployed first with the Mature on one side and the two young on the other. My opponent deployed his entire crew on the side with the two young, away from the mature. Dreamer activated, created two day dreams and gave the mature fast. I already had a daydream, so what ensued was 3 pushes on the mature getting it in range so I could charge. The result was 4 damage on his Mysterious emissary, a beckoner and the doppelganger. (had some lucky tomes for charge through, twice!). Turn 2, a dead emissary and beckoner and my opponent going defensive and trying to disengage his doppelganger. It also meant I could cast Black Blood Tendrils through them for even more damage, and heal them up when needed. Also, giving black blood to my doppelganger and getting her up in the opponents crew pinging Black Blood Tendrils through was awesome.
  16. I came upon an interesting quandary the other night when playing my Lilith crew against a Seamus crew. I had a mature Nephilim 2.5" away from my opponents Valedictorian who had popped My Little Helper, meaning that i had to be in 3" to target her for anything. Serena Bowman was 8" away from this encounter, but she can use the Mature Nephilim to take range and los for her Black Blood Tendrils attack. So is she able to bypass My Little Helper because she's using the Nephilim for range and los, or because she is more than 3" away she isn't able to? Also how would this work with other auras such as Barbaros' Challenge? would you take take the model she's casting from or her as the model targeting? For example, if an opponents Barbaros was stood next to another model of his and my terror tot but Serena was 10" away. Serena would be able to target the tot but would she then be able to target the opponents model or would she have to target Barbaros?
  17. Wave 5 refining our meta

    The model isn't released yet but you can use the book and a proxy (as longs as its game legal and your opponent is happy with it). Plus theirs Vassal. Always a great way to practice with models you don't yet own. ( I say yet as you will own them all one day! as will we all!!!!)
  18. Wave 5 refining our meta

    Serena Bowman is awesome with Lilith. Giving your Mature Nephilim 'from the shadows' and starting him 6" away from your enemy deployment is going to be very scary for them. Have a few tomes in hand for charge through triggers and you'll be wrecking their crew before they can do anything. Then once he's finished just tangle shadows him out the way and heal him up ready for another go! All while having Serena Bowman cast Black Blood Tendrils through the Mature Neph while she's hiding behind terrain.
  19. New Nico Zahmbies

    Reading the ability, the wording seems to be centred around a model taking the action per activation. If the ability itself could only be used once per activation I believe the wording would be different. Something along the lines of "Residents of Rottenburg: Friendly Undead models within 12" and LoS may take Ml Actions printed on this model's stat card, this ability may only be used once during any given models activation and cannot declare triggers". That would take away the multiple pounce problem and limit it to just the once. But I agree, at the moment Asura is very powerful and I'm sure she'll be nerfed during the next errata. She's going to be used a lot until then though.
  20. New Nico Zahmbies

    Has anybody played Asura with Rotten Belles? With all the lures they can get out and the fact that any pounces they do (outside of their activation or the first one in their activation) they can use Asura's attack. And as you can summon belles in it shouldn't be too difficult to start picking off enemy models real quick.
  21. Would you kindly advise me?

    I reckon Widow Weaver should definitely be on your list. She's great for lowering willpower making Zoraidas attacks even easier to get off. Spawn mother is great with her too, especially if you bring along McTavish too it can be awesome. If youre looking to expand into another crew box I reckon Pandora would be a good shout. With the models you have and her box you don't really need that much more (apart from maybe the widow weaver). Plus Pandora plays very differently so can really expand your game play.
  22. 1. Lilith is great and will expand your gaming experience. Not sure the box will offer much for Zoraida though. If you're looking to get some more models then the spawn mother and gupps are a must really. especially as you have wisps already. You can be pumping out a gupp a turn with it and is superb against a shooty list. I'd also get hold of a nurse, iggy, at least 1 teddy (see 4.) and definately the widow weaver. Also, mustn't forget the Doppleganger (which I always do) a great piece that will add to any list. 2. I generally play 3 different crews with Zoraida (though with the new upgrades thats going up to 4). Theres the swampfiend list that uses spawn mother and wisps to pump out gupps which help McTavish get some decent attacks in. Then theres the build-a-bear list where you take the wisps with Zoraida and Widow weaver with fears given form on them. With the wisps you can create 2 voodoo dolls a turn which when they pop up in the fears given form auras take 6 damage and die dropping scrap markers. So in Turn 2 you have 4 scrap markers which a wisp (using Widow Weavers upgrade) creates a teddy. I usually add Stitched together in there too for more scrap and lots of dirty attacks. My 3rd crew is a lure/pounce crew where I take Baby Kade, Lelu, Lilitu and doppleganger along with the nurse. You have 3 different sources of lure there and 3 pounces. The nurse can also pump up there damage putting Baby Kade on a possible min damage 7 (with his trigger and having the opponent model engaged with Lilitu's 4" engagment too). YOU can also add rougarou in to that too. But Ive not tried that yet. The 4th will be an obey crew. Take the emissary with her conflux so that once he's hit things Zoraida won't need line of site to get obeys off. And as she can now get charges off the obeys its going to be lots of fun. I'd take the widow weaver in this too to lower peoples WP and then fill with a beater or two (preferably Mature Nephilim so you can use charge through) and some scheme runners and you're sorted. 3. Depending on the crew you take she can do well in a few schemes. The swampfiend list is good for Reckon or Interference. The build-a-bear and lure lists work well in squatters rights and extraction type strategys. And the swampfiend can work quite well in headhunter, especially against shooty crews and if you take Juju. 4. Widow weaver is almost a must for me. She works really well with Zoraidas main attacks by lowering WP. Handing out poison and paralyze will also help with Zoraidas new upgrade too. And then theres the build a bear. I've tried it a few times and it works quite well, but WW will become a big target once the opponent figures out what you're doing! I think in the end though Zoraida is the sort of master that can utilise most models and can play lots of different styles. She's such fun playing around with but can be annoying to get to grips with at times and she can occasionally feel like she's not doing anything for the crew. I love her though.
  23. Tuco? How bad is he?

    I like him, but he is pretty situational. I've had good use out of him charging a voodoo doll at a Hemmed target and then Tuco shooting the doll to get blats off. The hemmed target then takes damage from Hem and from the blast. He's pretty useful when you're looking to stop charges and pick off annoying opponents minis. Or just want to get some pushes in.
  24. Warped reality

    I played it last night and had it on 2 gupps and a mature, on Standard deployment. Having a mature nephilim sat just behind a building 8" away from my opponent was a big threat and made him think twice about moving forward. Especially with the ability to get daydreams within range to push the nephilim so it can charge. I also had in mind to use Serena Bowman to use her Black Blood Tendrils through the nephilim, giving her a possible 17" range (12" to the Nephilim, 50mm base, then 3" from there).
  25. What lovely eyes you have.

    I would say Coppelius might be a little too fast. But it shouldn't be too difficult to keep doppleganger within 8". I might have to try it in the near future. Would certainly be fun.