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  1. Aeslin...

    If I remember rightly I took Pandora with Box Opens and Fugue State, Barbaros with Fears given form, Aeslin with Malifaux Provides, Doppleganger, 3 sorrows and the Primordial Magic. I may have switched a sorrow and the primordial magic for 2 wisps for one of the games. Barbaross tended to stand in the middle putting out his challenge, Pandora jumped in and beat face with the sorrows hanging back slightly or jumping in to ping enemies with their abilities. And Aeslin waded in and cast Wicked Silence doing 2 damage from itself then whatever it can get from Misery auras. Often killing things in the process giving me dig their graves. Also the trigger on Rot and Rend to drop a scheme marker after succeeding ( so before damage) means you can quite easily get Dig their Graves off that too. Both attacks targeting WP so lots of misery damage. With casting expert too you'll be able to pop out quite a bit of damage. Then you have the Curse of Autumn ability which is forcing WP duels also causing Misery damage. Any excess scheme markers, or those too close together for whatever scheme you need can be sucked up by Aeslin either for extra damage, putting enemies on -ve's, healing (Malifaux Provides) or for ignoring randomisation in to combat.
  2. Aeslin...

    I Love Aeslin and play her quite regularly. I recently went to a tournament and played mono-Pandora all day. Aeslin was the star of the show and got me 9vp on her own (dig their graves twice and search the ruins). She also managed to shut down Collodi in a game of interference putting him on -ves to cast. I tend not to use her so much with Titania these days but when I have she's down well.
  3. Oops! I forgot....

    The Doppleganger for me. Not necessarily her abilities but just forgetting her. I'm getting pretty renowned for it in my local Meta. Putting all my models on the board and my opponent asking if I've forgotten any. But when I do remember her and get her on the field, I forget her most powerful ability and don't cheat initiative. I think I've been cursed.
  4. tournament advice

    I would suggest getting the Spawn mother box. With the wisps you're looking at getting a gupp a turn. And with Juju around they can be real fun. I'd also suggest getting a Doppleganger. Can't go wrong with her really. For Zoraida I'd suggest getting either a nurse or iggy. Or both. Can never have too many conditions. McTavish would work well with Titania as well as Zoraida. With all the scheme markers that are going to be put down he's going to be able to use his gator snack ability almost every turn. As to what strats and schemes they would shine in. I'd say between them they'd be able to do most competently. Though I always seem to struggle with Head hunter (both should be good for denying it and Z's obey would be good for picking up heads, it just never seems to work for me). If you do get the Spawn mother, having her give +2 ch to silurids and gupps meaning they are leaping 9" and 7" respectively means Stake a Claim becomes a lot easier. Or just stick Hexed Among You on McT or Juju and have them start 'from the shadows'. Aeslin is great for denying killy schemes by making sure your models can't be pushed. Or use her to cripple summoners by pitting them on -ves to Ca. And if there are any scheme marker schemes in their then Titania and her crew are laughing. Dig their graves with Aeslin and Titania should be 3 points in the bag. For general Tournament play in general. I can only suggest you go to enjoy yourself. If you start getting stressed about how your playing you'll end up playing worse, so just go with the flow. Everybody has to start somewhere and most of the people you play will be friendly and help out where they can.
  5. Pandora with Box Opens, Fugue state and Fears given form. 6 SS pool. Barbaros with Malifaux Provides and Fears Given Form 5 x Sorrow. 1 x Insidious Madness Get Pandora in the mix and then just sit there casting Inflict. Possible 7 damage for each failure, not affected by armour and a soulstone will only prevent 1 at a time. If you know your opponents going to spread out, switch the madness or a sorrow out for Lilitu or a Beckoner.

    Alt Rafkin for me. Something a little more evil. And with the others on an alt Sebastian.

    I'd love to see an alternative Doppleganger. Maybe one that's midway through a change. And an alt Widow Weaver. Possible weaving something using her many legs (so looking more spider like).
  8. I'll be there. If you'll have me that is.
  9. Folks, I am pleased to announce the next tournament being held over at Thursday Night Malifaux Vassal facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/637935226371375/?ref=bookmarks ). This will be a 5 round, 50ss, fixed faction with a limited, growing, pool. Round 1 will be Wave 1 models and upgrades only. Round 2 Wave 1 and 2 models and upgrades. All the way up to round 5 which will be all available models and upgrades (including Broken Promises). Each round will last 2 weeks with you being able to play any time within that time period (not just Thursday despite the name of the group). This will mean the tournament will end 1 week before the UK national (18th and 19th November). If you're interested pop over to the facebook page (linked above) and sign up. It is a closed group, but only to stop advertisers etc. The rules pack can be located here ( https://www.dropbox.com/s/gz89fnc348kmbb7/Wave Builder Tournament.pdf?dl=0 ) Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Sean
  10. We have a facebook group for those who like to get regular games in. It started out as a Thursday night thing but has expanded to any night. We also run semi-regular tournaments (with one about to start on Monday 28th). So if you're interested head over to the page https://www.facebook.com/groups/637935226371375/?ref=bookmarks The more the merrier.
  11. Grow lists before master updates

    My general grow list is pretty similar to No. 3 and the other two but runs like this... Lilith - 7 pool with Beckon Malifaux and Rapid Growth Cherub Nekima with True Mother Black Blood Shaman 5 X Terror Tots Keep the shaman someone near the centre and have Nekima and Lilith either side with some tots chopping through people. It might not be ultra competitive but it is fun to play. last game I played with this I ended up with 6 tots, 2 young and 2 mature along with Nekima, the shaman and lilith.
  12. I'f you;re going for a visual theme then I would say Tuco and the Scion of black blood would look great as pirates. Both being fairly good models to play too. Playing Lilith though, it depends entirely on what you want her to do with a crew as to what you put into it. She has so many options and can run with almost anybody. Although you're not interested in a grow list, I still think getting the nephilim box would be good. They are great models both visually and to play.
  13. Thoughts on Team-mates playing each other

    I'd have to go with the others on this one. I think playing a team mate in the first round would be a bad idea. Quite often when travelling with team mates you discuss your first round crew choice with them (if you know the strat and schemes before hand) or your ideas in general for playing. This can mean that you're at a disadvantage. Also, and I know this doesn't happen much if at all, team mates might be inclined to throw a game so one can get a better start or submarine. As to your point of players not coming up against each other. Its highly probable that high ranking players will end up playing against each other in later rounds. I believe this would only come up as an issue if you were playing in a tournament where the majority of players were from the same team. But these days the tourneys are so large that it wouldn't affect it. And personally I look forward to playing my team mates in later rounds (hopefully table 1 last round!)
  14. Tournament advice

    Personally for the first one I'd take Zoraida with spawn mother, McTavish, gupps and wisps. Get a gupp a turn and have two of them start 'from the shadows' in the corners for inspection and claim jump. for the second one I'd take Titania maybe with queens champion and a mature nephilim for head hunter and dig their graves. Whilst Titania clears the stash markers. for the third I'd take Lilith with some waldgeists, bad juju, doppelgänger and Mr Graves. Maybe Belima as well if the points allow. Go on a killing spree. Go for hunting party and maybe show of force.
  15. pandora crew addons

    The wisps can be quite useful. Especally if you take the Poletergiest or Teddy. Having a Wisp copy flurry for a (1) is great fun. I know its only Ca4 but quantity can often outweigh quality in this game. Also, Wisps call can be quite an annoyance. Especially if you're up against a melee centric crew. For other models to take, I find Barbaros is rather good. Challenge is a great way of limiting your opponents actions (or at least their targets) and if you're running a crew with pounces in it (Baby Kade, Lelu & Lilitu) his pushes can come in handy.